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Council Troubles
This story starts ages ago, as you will learn,
but we join it on Wildwind Family land in the Upper Northwest Territory.

Alexa and Alissa Wildwind are the current residents, and have spent the last few months
minding their own business, and with little concern regarding the outside world.


Marcus called yesterday … Wondering why we skipped the Council Call, yet again.

He mentioned there were rumors, and a lot of talk about the Wildwind seat on the Council
being empty … Or more precisely, absent you.

I miss seeing Marcus … We were all friends when at the Academy.
I miss going to the Gatherings, and seeing a lot of people.
The food, the fun … I know it is a lot of business for you,
but I want to go.


You’re more than welcome to go without me.
No offense, but it isn’t you they are concerned about … Even Marcus.

It’s not a good time right now.
My absence is my message, and all the Wildwind Family has to say to the Council.

I don’t understand your skepticism and opposition to the Council.
The Wildwind Family created the Order and the Council for goodness sakes.

It’s not the Council that troubles me, as much as it is Angel.
She has her sway with many Houses on the Council, and the desire to meddle in
affairs that are none of the Order’s business.

I’m sure her lapdog, Marcus, told you about their plans in Bridgeport.
She’s stirring up trouble with the Vampires, and to gain favor, power, and profit from the Humans.


Yeah, Marcus mentioned something about Angel and her desires in Bridgeport,
but it all seemed to make sense to me.

From what I understand, the Vampire Community in Bridgeport is growing unchecked.
The humans are becoming concerned, and Angel is more interested in ensuring their safety.

Why wouldn’t we want to be engaged with the conditions there?
It is my understanding that Wildwinds have always been purveyors of White Magic
and opposed to those who practice the Dark Arts.

How can we ignore the innocent people of Bridgeport and their security?
Why are you so eager to turn a blind eye towards the concerns of the Council?

This isn’t Lore Studies at the Academy Alissa, you are on Wildwind land, and part of this Family.
You may not be a Blooded Heir, but don’t forget your Ordeal and Confirmation.

Your Magic and abilities are tied to some distant relative, you never knew existed.
You recognized your skills, you have worked hard to earn your place among us, and in this Family.

But … Never forget there is a reason you don’t know where your Magic comes from.
That reason is because your ancestor that possessed the gift, hid it from everyone
and was never recognized by the Order.

Who do you think they were hiding from?
It wasn’t the other Mages or other Occults, it was the Humans they could not cross paths with.


That was all long ago, and the innocent people of Bridgeport probably don’t even know any of it.

Now, the Vampires are running rampant in the streets, terrifying the populous.
Born of the Dark Arts, they cast a shadow on the world around them.

Humanity should not suffer simply because their ancestors made mistakes.


Don’t be so naïve Alissa …
And never be swayed by the fairytale about the Innocence, or Goodness of Humanity.
It’s just a lie they tell themselves as they plot and scheme
in hopes of building what they believe to be a better society.

The Humans were nowhere to be found during the Second Blight.
They did not pick sides during the Fairy Wars, nor did they stand to defend the Innocent and Good.

It was the Vampires that were our Allies in our struggles during the Rise of the Dark Genie,
while your precious, innocent Humans, were burning our kind at the stake, oblivious to their own peril.
Constantina Wildwind created the Order, and the Council, to negotiate Peace during the Dark Ages.
That Peace was between the Mages and the other factions, Occult and Humans alike.

The Order and the Council do not have an open license to meddle in the affairs of other communities.
There are no Mages currently in jeopardy, or at risk, in Bridgeport.
It’s none of our business.

Angel desires Power above all, and will put us all at jeopardy to gain it.
However … Without an artifact, or my support among the Houses, she will never raise an Army.

She can get her way to some degree if I go to Council,
because I only need to be present for the vote to occur.
I will not give her that opportunity, and my message to her is clear.

The Wildwind Family, our Tradition, and our Good Standing among the other Occults …
Will not be at the mercy of her folly … Ever!

To Be Continued …

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    Promises and Secrets


    Gloria, so good to hear from you …
    Tell me your family is still doing fine.

    Glad to hear that, but I know why you are calling.
    I know I said we could help you out, and many Houses in the Order are ready to get involved.
    However, I still cannot move on with our plans until I get a Consent Vote from the Council.

    Uh-Huh … Like we talked about before.
    Normally there is nothing to it, a simple debate, some posturing by the Council Members,
    a vote is held, and we move right along with any measure that is passed.

    For some reason … Not entirely clear to me at the moment,
    Alexa Wildwind has decided to throw a wrench in the works.
    She irritates the tar out of me sometimes … Arrogant, and riding the prestige of her Family name.

    But don’t worry, because I still have things under control here.
    I am meeting with the Council’s Parliamentarian shortly, and we will figure something out.


    Angel Continues:
    Like I said ... Don’t worry, help is on the way.
    I had no problem convincing some of the Council that the situation in Bridgeport was worth the trouble.
    I can only imagine the difficulties you are dealing with at the time being.

    Your children go to school there, and the parks are beautiful this time of year.
    There is no reason you should have to lock yourselves inside every evening at dusk just to feel safe.
    The Order has helped in these situations before,
    and this is the kind of thing we do to support better relations between our kind.

    I am eager to let you know how my conversation with Lincoln turns out.
    I have been over the by-laws, but I am positive he knows more than I do.

    Hang in there … I promise you I am working on it here.


    I have to be honest with you Angel ...
    As Council Parliamentarian, this is only a courtesy with me stopping by.

    I am comfortable providing you with any information you need regarding the rules and procedures,
    but it in no way should be misconstrued as support for whatever it is you may be planning.

    My position requires that I try to keep any bias I have in check.


    Oh no, no Lincoln … I am not pandering for support at the moment,
    I have just arrived at an impasse, and I don’t have all the information I need to get around it.

    I have exhausted all the options others have suggested,
    and I just want to make sure I am not overlooking a viable possibility.

    As Parliamentarian, I am sure you know that Alexa Wildwind has not answered the Council Call in months.
    I would be okay if she just wanted to object, or if she wants to stay home and send a proxy in her place.
    What I find difficult to accept, is that she will not fulfil her obligation and appear in Council.

    Surely there has to be something in the by-laws that can force her to appear.


    I don’t mean to be too curt or blunt about the matter …
    But do you not think that may be a bit optimistic on your part?
    Alexa is a Wildwind, and that makes a difference.

    Come on Angel … You’re a smart woman.
    Surely it didn’t escape your notice, or fail to strike you as being odd
    when you found out that a Consent Vote from the Council requires a Windwind
    to either be present in Council Chambers, or to have sent an official Proxy in their stead.

    When you are dealing with a Wildwind, and this Order of ours …
    You have to remember that we owe it all to them.


    I went to the Academy like everyone else, and I know my Ancient Lore.
    At the same time, I am about sick and tired of hearing how special the Wildwinds are.

    This isn’t the Dark Ages anymore.
    We aren’t at war with the Dragons, or other magical beasts.
    The Dark Genie was taken care of more than two centuries ago.

    We have issues we need to deal with now.
    Real threats, and things that need our attention.
    There is a dark storm brewing in Bridgeport as we speak, and the Order sits idlily by.

    If the Wildwinds are so great, and Alexa is so awesome ...
    Then why can’t she show up and make her case before the Council, instead of hiding in the hills?
    People in Bridgeport are suffering and need our assistance.


    Angel Continues:
    I called you here because I think I found a solution to my problem
    and just need to know exactly how to do it.

    Going through the by-laws I noticed where a Special Emergency Session of the Council can be called.
    There is no designation, other than being a Council Member and Blooded Heir
    as far as who can call a Special Emergency Session.

    It also states that the Council Guard can compel the Houses to comply or attend,
    as well as provide for security during travel to the Session.

    What I need to know, is what constitutes an Emergency?
    It’s not defined in the by-laws.
    I also need to know what the Council Guard can do to compel a House to attend.
    That’s not covered in the by-laws either.



    You have certainly done your research …
    and the answers to your questions aren’t difficult to come by.

    First let me say that there is no actual definition as to what constitutes an Emergency.
    Furthermore, the Council has been rather liberal with what they allowed as one in the past.
    I’ve seen a property dispute between two families qualify,
    and well before spells were being cast in hostility over the matter.

    Secondly … What the Council Guard can do to compel a House to attend
    is strictly at the discretion of the of the senior guard sent to compel them.

    But … Before you get excited about this discovery and clarification of benchmarks,
    I have to let you know that it isn’t going to work.
    You’re still thinking about Alexa Wildwind … And that is a whole different ball of wax so to say.


    Well, maybe … And then maybe not.
    I may be a Mercer and not a Wildwind, but I am a Blooded Heir the same as Alexa.
    I have some pull in the Council Chambers, and some good relations with the Council Guard.

    It’s quite possible that Alexa won’t be able to avoid the inevitable.
    Personally, I won’t mind one bit seeing her frog-marched into the Council Chamber.

    Not that I want things to go that way, but she is utterly incorrigible.
    If it comes to a test of wills, she will find out I am going to stand up for what I believe
    the same as she does.


    Perhaps you didn’t hear me correctly, but I said it wasn’t going to work …
    I didn’t say that it might not work.

    You are smart, talented as a Mage, and have represented your family well in the Council.
    Still … You are not Alexa Wildwind, and again, that makes a difference.
    Listen to me before you get frustrated, and try to understand.

    I hate to inform you, but unlike anywhere else, neither the Order,
    nor the Council Guard have any jurisdiction on Wildwind land.
    There is nothing they can do to her to make her come to Council.

    There is a reason for that, and one they don’t teach you in Ancient Lore.
    The Wildwind Estates are where all the Order’s dirty little secrets are hidden away.
    Everything we have, came with a price, and more than any other, the Wildwinds paid that price.

    While you were finger painting and picking your nose …
    Alexa was walking with Horace Wildwind along the banks of Crimson Creek.
    He was pointing out where the bodies were buried …
    And you can bet good money Alexa knows where the shovel is hanging today.

    You gained your abilities as a teen, and have done excellent in your studies.
    Alexa started her journey as not only a Mage, but as a leader, in the cradle the day she was born.

    Be careful who you choose as your enemies …
    There are things about the Wildwinds, and the Order, you just don’t know.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Peasants and Pitchforks


    There’s my precious little sugar thief, Bellisma …

    Ms Sandra at Nightcare said you were on your best behavior while we were working last night.
    You really need to stop that, or you are just going to ruin the Hemlock reputation around here.

    I know the sun has come up, but we’ll give your father a few more minutes to catch up.
    There’s no telling what kind of mischief he has been up to,
    and I have a few places in need to go this morning.


    Well how fortuitous is this …
    Both of my favorite young ladies in the world, right here before me.

    How did Sandra say things went at Night care last night …
    No more biting incidents I take it?

    Sorry about the time … I know you were working too, but Beau and I needed more time
    to get back from Grimm’s Ferry.

    These nights are starting to wear on me.


    Well talk to Elvira … You didn’t hire on with the outfit as a truckdriver.
    I know she has been grumpy lately, but suck it up, and put on your man pants.

    I don’t know what has gotten into her anyways.
    I work at the warehouse too,
    and I was under the impression things would be running a little smoother by now.


    To tell you the truth, it’s not really a ‘What’ that is giving us problems …
    It’s a ‘Who’ at the core of Elvira’s current troubles.

    Paul … Paul Stansbury, that’s the man, more than anyone else.
    He outbid her on the Cannery property, totally unreasonable bid on his part …
    a good 30 percent over market value.

    The old Cannery would have been perfect for Elvira.
    It would have been an excellent cover for her Import Business.
    Now … Beau and I are driving to Grimm’s Ferry every night instead.


    Still … those are Elvira’s problems.
    Even though we are all in this together,
    it seems as though our current misery, is simply a consequence of her failures.

    We didn't move to Bridgeport to keep back-seating to the whims of others.
    There were times when a nice little visit to folks like Mr Stansbury, would clear things up.

    If he couldn’t figure out how to get along with our kind,
    there would be a U-Haul in his driveway, or even worse.


    Look … My rear end has been glued to seat of a big truck for the last 4 hours.
    You don’t need to convince me that maybe we should be investigating other options.

    Beau is fed up with things as well.
    We have had time to talk while on the road,
    and thought we had come up with what could be a better answer for us.

    There was a fire at the Stutter place down by the base of the bridge, on the Metro side ...
    Ruined the living quarters, but the structure is still sound.

    We have some money, and were thinking about buying the property.
    Turn it into a Rave Club, and you could work it with us.
    More quality time for us, and a chance to get out from under the Old World politics.

    Elvira wouldn’t be pleased, but she has little to bargain with right now.
    There is enough of our kind here now, and other young folks who just want to irritate their parents.


    So yeah, great idea … What’s the hold-up on that Daddy Warbucks?
    Do you need me to break the cookie jar, and scrape my egg money out, to start the ball rolling?

    If I had a dime for every plan you and Beau have come up with over the years,
    we wouldn’t have to work.


    Things aren’t that easy Morrigan …
    If we didn’t want to work at making things better, and more reliable here in Bridgeport,
    We could do the same as our kind did in Darkhollow.

    We could treat the townsfolk as cattle, milk them dry, and move on in two to three years.

    Of course there are risks associated with that as well …
    Most clearly, the angry mob of peasants with pitchforks scenario.
    We have little Bel now … I don’t want to keep moving around.

    Beau and I are already getting some pushback on the club idea.
    Some soccer mom on the hill across the bridge ...
    I think her name is Gloria, filed an injunction with the zoning committee.

    Some garbage about a Community Center instead …
    She’s just busting our chops.


    You know the old saying about when push comes to shove …
    Well, I think we are well past the pushing part, and heading full steam into the shoving part.

    What … With Hans, Marcella and their two kids, moving in from out West …
    picking up that apartment on the North Side …
    And Jessica’s family coming in … Maybe folks should get a clue.

    We are doing what we can to stay out of each other’s way here ...
    We can make things work.

    Oh, please … I am wasting my breath.
    Give me that umbrella, I have things I need to do this morning.
    It’s your turn to watch Bel anyway, and you won’t be needing that.


    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Oh, when was that Shelly?
    Hmm … It had to be when Paul and I were still at University.

    He was still driving that cream colored Opel, and I hated that car.
    He thought it was all that and then some, simply because it was European.
    He would start carrying on with his friends about foreign cars …
    and I would start making jokes about it coming over on the Mayflower.


    You crack me up Gloria, but I remember my time at University.
    Mark had a motorcycle, scared me to death, but we had fun back then.

    I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I am completely jealous.
    I know, shame on me, but your relationship with Paul is still safe at the moment ...
    He is handsome though.

    What I envy is this place y’all have.
    It’s beautiful, and your view of the city …
    It couldn’t get any better ... Almost framed by every window across the back here.

    Must have cost y’all a fortune.


    Well, you know Paul is in Real Estate.
    We got in here while the market was good.
    The house is a bit old, but nothing a little remodeling here and there won’t fix.

    The only thing that worries me, is the problem we spoke about at lunch the other day.
    Those vile creatures are going to ruin the property values around here.
    We could lose a chunk of equity, not necessarly with this property alone,
    but Paul is invested heavily in commercial properties as well.

    The Docks used to show a lot more promise.
    Paul even played darts at Waylan’s every now and again, up until recently.
    It is a terrible little grungy place, but I went for the music.

    That horrid Elvira bought the warehouse across the street from Waylan’s.
    Now … Paul and his buddies play darts in the basement here.
    We don’t even cross the bridge after dark.


    Oh, don’t I know what you mean.
    Just last week Mark was having car troubles.
    His clunker spent two days in the shop, and he had to use the Subway.

    He doesn’t get off until after dark, and I was worried to death about him making it home.
    Mark said some of those creatures were on the Subway with him Wednesday night.
    I about had a stroke when he told me.


    Oh Shelly, please tell me he’s okay.
    Nothing happened to him did it?

    I mean even if he looks okay, you have to be careful.
    They have their ways … I even heard they can hypnotize people.

    Keep a close eye on him.
    That’s just terrible, and exactly what I have been working on taking care of.


    Gloria … I don’t think anything actually happened to Mark.
    He was Tri-State Wrestling Champion in High School,
    And went to University on a scholarship.

    When he told me, it scared me to death, but he’s a big guy …
    You’ve met him.

    But hey … You mentioned you were working on our problem.
    What's up with that?
    Come on, give me the details …
    Mark and I are still planning on having children and I don’t want to have to move again


    Well let me tell you about this Shelly.

    So a few months back, Paul and I went to that Supernatural Summit ...
    The one the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs held in North Foster.
    I know, it sounds like a crazy thing to do, call it morbid curiosity.

    We actually met this lovely woman from one of the Occult groups.
    Get this … Her name is Angel, how appropriate.
    Anyway … As it turns out, she is one of these big-wigs with this group
    of magic users called the Distinguished Order of Mages.

    At first, I didn’t know what to think,
    but when I hinted at the idea we might be having a problem with the Vampires …
    She opened right up, and we talked for hours.

    Right now, as we speak, she is doing her best to help us get some support from her Order.
    Where I am sure our SBA is prepared and can handle things …
    It certainly won’t hurt having those folks on our side.


    Oh thank you ...Thank you Gloria.
    You are just something else, and I don’t know what we would do without you.

    If you can possibly get us some help, I just don’t care where it comes from.
    Something has to be done, and you are my hero.

    Look … I have had a lovely chat this afternoon,
    and I am sure Mark and I will be by sometime this weekend.
    You keep working on things, and you can fill us both in when we come by.

    Again … I just cannot thank you enough.


    Marcy aka *Shelly*:
    Hello, Linda … This is Special Agent Hansen, Chief of Field Operations, Bridgeport.

    Yeah, I got your memo concerning Director Trommel requesting a briefing
    with Special Agent Ramsey in regards to our progress with Operation Blindside.

    Look, my hands are full at the moment, but you can let Casper know
    that I don’t have a problem sending Doug by in the morning to take care of that.


    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
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    Playing House


    We’re going to skip the formalities here Director Trommel.
    What am I doing here this morning …
    Better yet what am I doing in Bridgeport babysitting Special Agent Hansen?

    Marcy is capable in her position, and doesn’t need me playing husband.
    any second-year Agent off the Farm could cover that.

    If this is about Surdine … I covered that in the debriefing.
    You guys here at headquarters botched the intel on that one.

    One target, simple tag and bag operation.
    That’s generally no problem, but add a mage to the mix and things get sketchy.

    Furthermore … Y’all never indicated she wasn’t going to be alone.
    Alexa Wildwind would have been one thing, but when you add Lincoln …
    the Council’s Parliamentarian to the equation, we weren’t authorized for that.

    I made a call … It was my operation.


    Slow down Doug, and don’t get ahead of yourself.
    You have to remember I was Special Ops long before I got stuck behind this desk
    with my name painted on the door outside.

    You’re on the ground in Bridgeport, because that’s where I want you.
    We don’t have enough room for any more mistakes.

    What happened in Surdine was unfortunate, but not a career ender for you.
    However … We had to go back to the drawing board as far as Alexa Wildwind is concerned.

    That operation was fumbled on our end, not yours.


    Well that’s great Casper … You can take the flag in your jacket.
    That still doesn’t explain what I am doing, playing perspective daddy and little league coach ...
    Why I am in Bridgeport … Much less running Hansen’s errands.

    I mean seriously, don’t get me wrong, Hansen is a looker,
    Even funny sometimes …
    And I have been shacked up with worse in the past.

    But … You’re going to have to read me in on this one.
    I am not seeing what I need to know in the tea leaves.


    Geeze Doug … It’s a textbook Gumfort Scenario.
    Drive a wedge between Alexa and the Order, and alienate her with her people.
    Apply pressure with external concerns, great enough she cannot ignore them.

    She’ll have to reach out …
    And when she does, the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs in Bridgeport
    is a reasonable place she would attempt to make contact.

    We build a little rapport with the Asset,
    getting amazing results since we are the problem anyway.
    We can trade a few favors, let that balance sheet run …
    Get her to a point she feels she owes us, and we backdoor our way in to her plans.


    But why is that important, and what does that have to do with me being on this operation?

    I mean I couldn’t care less if you suits want to play footsie,
    or cloak and dagger with Alexa Wildwind.
    Give me a target, because I just don’t see the urgency in any of this.

    [Censored] Casper … I kick in doors, zip-tie little Johnny when he is playing with the wrong toys,
    and drag his [censored] to a dark room in middle of nowhere,
    so your people can express to him the necessity of leaving [censored] alone.

    I don’t play house, pretend I like the Bridgeport Bears …
    And if that Paul Stansbury tells me one more time about his wrestling moves
    at the State Championships …

    Holy [censored-censored] Casper …
    I’m going blow the Operation right there, and choke him out in front of the neighbors.


    Sorry Doug, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.
    It’s bigger than you think, and serious business.

    What I need from you, and why you are there,
    has everything to do with Special Agent Hansen.

    I need you to keep your eyes on her, because we cannot afford any mistakes on this one.
    Make a hole for her, clear her path at all times.
    She is good, very good at her job, but she is green.

    She’s not like me and you Doug, her jacket is clean.
    If this operation goes South on us,
    we’re going to need someone to pin it on.

    She can take the hit …
    Probably still be fine with the Bureau.
    She may end up in Alaska, but either of us would be worse off.


    UH-Yeah, right … You’re a funny guy Casper.

    I don’t know how they did things back when you were in Spec-Ops,
    But when you are working an Asset,
    You don’t tell them to trust you, then talk about throwing someone under the bus
    In the same breath.

    You could have hung me out to dry after Surdine.
    I’m glad that’s not the way things went, and I owe you one.
    But intel was at fault there, and I am not seeing you bringing a lot of intel to the table.

    Maybe you have been behind that desk too long.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
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    I know that you have helped me for years now.
    Your family took me in, saw that I got the training I needed to advance in my Magic.
    Not only that, but your family paid my tuition at the Academy,
    and even when I didn’t know if I could ever pass the courses.

    You’ve always made sure I have known there is a place for me here,
    when my true family turned their backs on me.
    Wildwind Estates is lovely … The gardens, the land, and the people.
    I have always felt welcome here regardless.

    I know I am difficult at times, always wanting my way …
    and I don’t want you to ever think that I am not grateful for the opportunities
    your family has allowed me.


    Oh, come on Alissa ... I’ve always known you appreciated being here.
    At times, your joy and spirit are the things that make this place tolerable for me.

    You’ve had the opportunity to explore your gifts here …
    where I have had mostly obligations, expectations, and the constant reminder
    that the eyes of the Order are on me as a Wildwind.

    After your Ordeal and Confirmation, you pledged your fealty to this Family,
    and that is something I take seriously.

    I have excluded you from certain things in the past,
    but that is my fault, and jealousy of your position and innocence.
    That’s going to change now ... More of necessity than desire.

    We have been friends since you were first brought here ...
    And you have always been my escape from my duties.
    We cut class together, had our little adventures …
    Drove the staff crazy at times, dabbling in all sorts of mischief.

    Come with me …
    There’s something I need to show you.


    This is what you want to show me …
    A couple of old guitars, and duffle bags?


    Please tell me that we aren’t going hiking in the Himalayas.
    I’ve learned how to dive in the islands, you have always pushed me to excel in my physical training …
    But my desire to get out and about, doesn’t mean I want to be a Sherpa in Nepal.


    Haha … You’re not as far off as you may think.
    China, yes ... Nepal, not so much.

    You and I will be leaving for China in the morning.
    Don’t worry about anything, because I have already made arrangements.
    Don’t think about objecting, because you don’t really have a choice in the matter.

    You have been pestering me about wanting to get out of here for a while …
    Your wish is granted, and I’m not even a Genie.

    I need to see someone in China … Family business, but we will have time for a little adventure.
    There are a few more things we need to discuss with you though.



    Your going to China with me, is a turning point as far as your responsibilities in the Family.
    I have thought about this for a while, and really see no other choice I am comfortable with.

    You are well aware that Family and Order business has often taken me away from here.
    You have always been good about covering things back here …
    Especially since my parents passed away.

    You have made sure that my wishes and instructions for the other members,
    recruits and staff, were well understood and followed through with.

    Regardless of how you have viewed your own position in this Family,
    you have always been being groomed as my Proxy should I ever require one.

    The Wildwinds have had a tradition of letting the women of the Family be the politicians.
    The men have always been more than capable of the task, as well as
    talented Mages and stalwart warriors … But a female face and tone in Council Chambers,
    tends to be a bit more palatable to some, when untethered support is necessary.


    Alexa Continues:
    Even with Constantina Wildwind, in the Dark Ages …
    And not taking away from her skills as a negotiator, politician, talented Mage, and dedicated mother …
    Her ideas and ambitions were as much Jarod's as her own.

    Only a Wildwind through Ordeal and Marriage …
    She has been recorded in the annals of time as the paramount figure in this Family.
    She is credited with the establishment of the Order, and the path to Peace among the factions.

    Jarod died on a nameless hill, in a forgotten battle …
    And he is remembered with a six by nine gold placard in the Family Mausoleum.

    As you are prepared as my Proxy, understand this …
    You are not a servant of this Family, but with your dedicated service, and fealty …
    You will most likely be called upon to carry the full weight of this Family, and our obligations
    in situations and times to come.

    It is a burden, and you will lose some of your innocence,
    as the casual affairs of everyday life here at the Estates, slowly give way to greater concerns.
    Our upcoming trip to China is where that will start,
    and where the truth of some matters will be revealed.

    At all times, even if you doubt yourself, understand that I trust you.
    You will find out that being a Wildwind doesn’t make you perfect,
    and we have made more than our share of mistakes … But you must persevere and march on.


    You’ve always been strong and hard to understand Alexa …
    But you’re starting to scare me now.

    I remember my Ordeal and Confirmation.
    I understand that pledge could mean I would be called upon at some time.

    But Proxy ... I never could have imagined that.
    That’s not me … That’s not who I am.

    Surely there is someone else … Jason or Carrissa,
    they have both been with the Family much longer than I have.

    I cannot do it … What if I have to go to Council?
    I can’t stand in front of them, representing this Family …
    I’ll pass out from the stress.

    I am not you Alexa.


    Well, if it helps you out any … And you find yourself in that situation,
    all I can tell you is what my mother taught me.

    I believe her words were …
    ‘Just remember to breathe sweetheart, because you really don’t have a choice’.


    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Legends or Lies


    I can just tell you have had a wonderful time on this trip.
    We’ve had plenty of time to take in the sights, poke around a few ruins,
    and the food has truly been enjoyable.

    It’s important that you met a lot of people, learned their culture,
    and made some real contacts on the ground here.
    As you will learn, you will often find out that good relationships with real people in real places,
    can be the lifeblood of reliable information.

    You don’t have to work people over to find out what is important to them, just listen to them.
    Be good, treat them with respect, and they will open their homes and hearts to you.


    Alexa Continues:
    We are leaving for home late tomorrow, and I had mentioned some business I need to take of.
    This is where I am going to need your help ... Nothing risky, and it will be like acting.

    I am going to meet a young man at the Martial Arts Academy this morning in the Training Yard.
    Lincoln has already spoken to him, and indicated the man was nervous about the whole ordeal.
    I just need to get some information from him, and to help put his mind at rest.
    You know … We talked about this on the way over here.

    What I don’t need, is a lot of people paying attention to our conversation.
    Like I mentioned, he could be upset, or maybe even angry … I don’t know.

    I am going to need you to make a bit of a scene,
    and do your best to keep wandering eyes and ears on you.
    Spar with a few of the new friends you have made, you are good in the Arts.
    Maybe even call in a ranked challenger to spice things up.

    You don’t have to overdo everything, just have fun, and make it worth watching.


    Zahn Su:
    I told your man on the phone that I don't know anything about what you want.
    I know who you are, but I just don’t know how I can help you.

    I don’t want to have anything to do with any of this.
    My family and I are just poor dirt farmers, and not mixed up in grand schemes.

    I don’t know what you want from me.


    You’re going to have to relax Su.
    I am not here to get you mixed up in anything, and I just need a little information.

    You spoke with Lincoln from the Order and you know what this about.
    There is nothing either of us can do now that will change what has happened.
    You don’t owe me anything, and I don’t want to cause you any more grief.

    I just need to ask you what you know about Dr Jenkins form the University in Carver,
    and the events that might have happened leading up to him finding the talisman.


    Zahn Su:
    That’s just it Ms Wildwind … I don’t know anything about this talisman.
    I saw the professor around the Forbidden City, he was here for a long time,
    but so did a lot of other people.

    I don’t know anything about the story Mr Lincoln told me on the phone,
    and I don’t even know what a talisman is.

    What Dr Jenkins found looked like some kind of old necklace.
    I had never seen it before, the rest of the story Mr Lincoln told me is freaking me out.

    I don’t know what this has to do with me, or my family ...
    The necklace didn’t even look Chinese.


    That’s because the Talisman of the Blood Dragon isn’t Chinese.
    Bear with me here, and I can clear things up … The things you don’t seem to know.

    I am sure you studied Ancient History at some time during school, and that you have heard of the Dark Ages.
    It was during that time that Mages, and our ancestors, did some terrible things.

    My Ancestors exploited their abilities and created powerful artifacts.
    Some did it for Power, and some did it for money, or even simply prestige.
    These were dangerous objects, that led to wars, and granted the people who possessed them
    with Power that could be abused, and wreak havoc on the People … Any People.

    When Constantina Wildwind negotiated Peace between the Occults of all kinds, and humans,
    she collected most of these artifacts, to remove them from use.
    Some artifacts were small and could easily be destroyed.
    But … Some Mages had been dealing with powers and Magic they didn’t even understand at that time.
    As a result, they had created artifacts that were so powerful ...
    there would be no telling what would happen if they were destroyed.

    That’s where your family comes in Su …
    Your ancestors were given the Talisman of the Blood Dragon to guard.

    I just need to know if Dr Jenkins ever contacted anyone in your family
    asking about the talisman.
    When you saw him around town, did he have any old ledgers, or possibly a map?



    Zahn Su:
    Oh Ms Wildwind … What you are saying is starting to make more sense.
    I still don’t completely understand, but I have heard a story like that before.

    Long ago, my family was prosperous and well respected in these lands.
    They had money, trained warriors, and excelled in the Arts.
    Up until the fall of the Xi Zang Dinasty, they were unchallenged by most.
    If your ancestor was going to trust the safekeeping of something like that,
    my family, at that time, would have been an option.

    I’ve even heard stories over the years, passed down by our older relatives.
    They aren’t exactly like what you mentioned, but close enough.

    Like I said, we lost our fortune in the wars over the years, but we managed to keep the land.
    We farm now … Some of my relatives have enlisted in the service over time, but we aren’t warriors.
    We always thought the stories were just made up … Kind of like a fairytale you tell children.

    Your ancestor should have never trusted my family.
    We work hard, raise good people, but we aren’t any kind of guardians ...
    And now we have brought shame on ourselves, failed you and your family.

    How could this have ever happened?



    Ah Su … It’s not your fault any more than it is mine.
    That’s also why I came to speak with you.

    In the hands of Humans, the artifacts are almost useless.
    Some Occults have their own, but Mages are required to use the ones Constantina had.
    That being the case, when she scattered them across the world,
    she left them under the protection of Human families like yours.

    Time passes, things change, and after a while, some things are forgotten.
    My family was concerned about this at one point, but felt some things
    that have been forgotten, just need to stay forgotten.

    We failed our duties as well, and I cannot blame you for our lack of oversight.
    I just need to know about Dr Jenkins …
    And I wanted to clear some things up for you.


    Zahn Su:
    Professor Jenkins spoke to anyone that he came across, but not always about his work.
    He was a friendly man, and often had dinners with the people in town.

    I kind of think I understand what you are asking.
    He never spoke to anyone in my family about the talisman.
    I also have to say that he enjoyed fishing just about as much as searching around the ruins.

    He had books … Lot’s of books, and even some maps.
    but they didn’t seem to be the kind you described.

    He was here for six months exploring around.
    If he had a map to the talisman, and it took him six months to find it …
    Then he doesn’t know how to read a map.

    This land has been through many changes since the Ancient Times.
    I’m not saying that it is what happened, but it is possible
    he simply found something that like you say, had been lost and forgotten.

    Sorry I don’t have any better answers for you, but thanks for talking with me.
    I’m still shocked that the old family stories were true.

    To Be Continued …

    This Su Can Play the Guitar ... Enjoy!

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Sorry About the Lag In My Story
    Since my Sims were spending a good deal of time in China, and Alexa has enough Simoleons ...
    She upgraded the entire Basecamp.


    Including more comfortable accommodations for everyone.
    All-In One facilities (upgraded to self-cleaning) to get rid of stinky explorers.



    Not suggesting that she doesn't claim the private room when visiting ...
    But she added a bar and some more accessories to the common areas.


    Nobody seems to be complaining about anything though.
    I'm going to head back in game ... The other explorers are starting to show up at the end of their day.



    Have A Lovely Day ...
    Happy Simming!


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    Relentless Dreams


    Okay Beau, let me get this straight ...
    Paul Stansbury crushed Elvira’s plans with the Cannery, then Gloria sends another message
    busting up the idea you and Wogan came up with concerning the Stutter property …
    and the two of y’all aren’t kicking in some white-bread [censored] door before dragging them into the yard?

    No, no … That would be too easy.
    Instead, you think we can invest even more money into a dump closer to the docks.
    I’m all for fire-bombing the Stanbury residence … Kerosine is cheaper.

    Settle down Morrigan … Wogan, do something with your little minx.
    No really, just come see the place, and keep an open mind.

    Wogan and I talked about it.
    We don’t want to keep travelling the same old road of feuding with the humans.
    We want their money, and [censored] the Stansbury’s … There are plenty of others around.


    Oh, so this is supposed to impress me?
    No … I really get the curb appeal, if you’re a wharf rat or rabid skunk.

    Look … A few lawn chairs.
    Maybe Bel can open a lemonade stand right here.
    You don’t need a liquor license to sell lemonade.


    Stop being such a hard-[censored] …
    If I had known all you were going to do is gripe about the place,
    Beau and I could have crossed the bridge, thrown Gloria in the trunk,
    and listened to her [censored] for a few hours.

    Don’t worry about the looks, think about the potential.
    Everything you don’t like about the place, we can fix.


    Oh my God, seriously Wogan …
    I think there is something dead over there in the corner,
    or maybe that chick orders her perfume online from Target.

    I would throw up, but there is no telling what the bathrooms are like.


    So it’s not the fanciest place in town, and we aren’t the richest people in town.
    It’s big though, and we can make this place work for us.

    There are people here tonight, and it’s a weeknight.
    Think about getting out from under Elvira’s hand and garbage.
    You have an art degree … Beau knows another lady from Grimm’s Ferry that can help.

    The place may stink, but we can tear up all the flooring.
    Geeze, I am no Picasso, but we can paint the bathrooms.


    Okay, so let’s say you and Beau get me really liquored up …
    You slip me a rufie of adolescent blood and growth hormone,
    and convince me not to stab you in the heart myself …

    How much is this going to set us back?
    Where the [censored] is Beau getting his part of the money?

    This better be good, or I’m selling your organs on Ebay tonight.


    Well … Beau is getting a final asking price right now.
    We should be able to cover it … At least our half.

    Beau said he’ll get the money for his half, and hasn't mentioned robbing banks … yet.



    Sweet deal brother … He’s looking to get out from under it pretty bad.
    We bargained a little, and I got him to settle for 150k solid …
    That’s with a transfer of the liquor license as well ... Assuming we pass the background check.

    That’s 50k more than the Stutter place, but we have twice the space here.
    I know you have your end, and I’m only 25k short on mine.
    I’ll come up with it, and we can do this.

    Cruise around, you and Morrigan talk to a few folks.
    The ones I talked to seemed a little excited about the place changing hands.
    Talk about fresh blood … Just the management kind for now … Haha!

    We won’t have to worry about Elvira and all that mess any longer, if this goes our way …
    And they aren’t changing the zoning restrictions on this place



    You go ahead and line up that extra money you need …
    I’ll work on Morrigan … She just doesn’t know she loves the place yet.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Oh no, Angel … Whatever favor you may curry with the Council,
    does not extend to these chambers.

    This is the Hall of Records, my domain, and a place of research and study.
    Unless you are here to join the other students, I suggest you save your breath,
    and go back to a place where you are more suited.

    I'm not in the mood for your politics.


    How typical of you Lincoln … Hiding behind your books and position.
    I will not be treated like an outsider in this hall, or anywhere else the Order has privileges.

    We spoke the other day, and I still have not seen any support from you as far solving my dilemma
    with the Alexa Wildwind, and her failure to appear in Council Chambers.

    Furthermore … I found out, through my own sources, that you were with her in Surdine.
    What were the two of you doing at the Library in Surdine?

    Tell me now … I am not some flunky.
    You are her stooge, and are protecting her …
    I have had enough of your pompous posturing, and I want answers.


    Sweetie … Starting some kind of silly feud with Alexa Wildwind was your first mistake …
    Wanting to add me to your list of enemies, is just plain ignorant.

    You are [censored] right I was with Alexa in Surdine …
    And the fact you don’t have a clue what we were doing there,
    is just a sign of how far behind the ball you actually are.

    As for being her stooge … let me tell you something.
    Unlike you, I am more than 150 years old, and this is not my first walk around the block.
    I prosecute my duties as Council Parliamentarian with respect and honesty,
    but there are also times when I act as a Mage, like any other Mage in this Order …
    I do what I think is best for all of us, and even when it includes helping out a friend.

    Having me as a friend, would serve you better,
    but if you don’t want to pursue that, then that is fine with me.


    Don’t be coy with me grandpa … You still haven’t answered my questions.

    I want to know what the two of you were doing in Surdine.
    I want to know why you won’t help me.
    I want to know why Alexa feels she needs to run off and hide in China,
    instead of simply doing her duty and showing up here in the Council Chamber.

    I have obligations, and have made promises to bring my concerns to resolution.
    One way or another, I have to keep applying pressure until these things are resolved.

    I may not be 150 years old … But the writing in on the wall.
    You help me, or I’ll see you are removed as Parliamentarian …
    And that’s just a start to the storm I will rain down on you.


    If Alexa was actually hiding in China, you wouldn’t know she was there.
    You want to know what we were doing Surdine … Fine!

    You may have paid enough attention in your studies to remember that
    Constantina built the Library in Surdine at the end of the Dark Ages.
    You also may remember Peace during that time, came with the acknowledgement
    that Mages had played a great part in facilitating the unrest that caused the Dark Ages in the first place.

    When Constantina negotiated Peace with the other Factions,
    she took responsibility for those abuses, and she collected artifacts that had no
    business being loose in the world, if the Peace was going to endure.

    She carefully cataloged them in her Manuscripts,
    before she dispersed the ones too powerful to destroy, scattering them across the world,
    in unlikely places, and with the hope they would never be found or abused again.

    First … One of those artifacts was found by a Professor Jenkins in China.
    Then there had been unusual activities at the Library of Surdine.
    It is common rumor that Constantina most likely hid her Manuscripts at the Library in Surdine,
    which of course was true.

    Alexa and I went to the Library and retrieved the Manuscripts,
    before relocating them to a currently undisclosed, and safer place to be kept.
    The Manuscripts are not property of the Order, and I am not required to tell you where they currently are.

    And … If you want to threaten me with removal from my position as Parliamentarian …
    Then Knock Yourself Out!

    Just remember that I am also a Historian and Records Keeper.
    I know where all your Family’s secrets are buried.


    On second thought … Perhaps I have been too hasty.

    I never considered the idea that Alexa was being anything other than difficult.
    She has always been guarded in her ways and thoughts …
    She only trusts a few people in the Order, and treats the rest of us like subjects.

    That still doesn’t get me any closer to solving my dilemma in Bridgeport.
    If you are her friend, and you want to cultivate that same kind of relationship with others in the Order,
    here and now … Then help me out and talk to her.


    I’ll talk to her, but there are no guarantees.
    Meanwhile … You just need to stop this divide you are fostering with Alexa.

    It will lead you nowhere you want to go.
    It makes us, and the Order, vulnerable to outside interference.
    There are already people watching her every move.

    She is careful, informed, and has the wherewithal to ask the right people for help when she needs it.
    Her concerns are not your concerns,
    and she has a much different vision when it comes to her duty.

    In short … The power you want … She has!

    She is not reckless or fleeting with it either.
    She considers the long-term consequences of her actions, and respects the path
    her ancestors so plainly laid out before her.

    Believe me when I say that you don’t want the burden she carries,
    because I seriously doubt you could carry it with the grace she does.

    She’s not standing here squabbling with you about her minor desires …
    She’s in China, taking care of business that could threaten us all.


    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Against Better Judgement



    What’s your deal Special Agent Ramsey …
    Is everything some kind of competition with you?

    I know you are a tough guy, and you don’t have to prove it all the time.
    Physical training is part of our required routine,
    but doing your best to leave me in your dust is simply uncalled for.

    Uh, yeah … I am really not comfortable talking about this with you, Chief Hansen.

    The last I checked, playing nursemaid to your insecurities,
    wasn’t part of my current assignment.

    Don’t blame me for putting out some effort when it is due ...
    I’m just handling things …
    And waving your finger in my face isn’t going to make a difference.


    Handling things like what, Doug?

    I have read your jacket … You have way more time with the Bureau than I do.
    Frankly … I don’t even know why you were assigned to this detail.

    You may be upset they dropped you here, but maybe this assignment is
    important enough to warrant your involvement.
    [Censored], it’s my first big assignment,
    and maybe they just have you watching over me.

    In any case … Talk to me Doug.
    Share your thoughts about the operation, or what’s bothering you.
    If there are things I need to know ... Well, tell me.

    I noticed Director Trommel asked for you in the debriefing
    Blindside is the name of the operation …
    but that doesn’t mean you need to blindside me.


    Look … I said I wasn’t comfortable talking about it, Chief …
    but if you are going to drag it out of me,
    it's a lot more simple than you think.

    Have you looked at yourself lately …
    Did you not have a mother that warned you about guys like me?

    For Christ’s sake Marcy … I’m a dude.
    I am not running next to, or behind you, when you are looking like that.

    [Censored-Censored], this [censored] pretend married life [censored] blows.
    If I wanted to hang out with a hottie, and not get any …
    I would be married … No Joke!

    Now come on … Let’s get cleaned up, and leave this all here.
    We are supposed to be at the Stansbury’s this evening.

    Put your mission hat on … I’m just handling things ...
    Quite poorly I should add.


    Aw, Geeze Marcy … Did you forget our talk this morning?

    I go to catch a few salmon to bring for dinner, and tell you I will meet you here.
    You find the skimpiest bikini in the tri-state area …
    And show up wearing next to nothing under that top.

    You’re trying to irritate me … I just know you are now.
    I’m going to have to take a week off and go to a no-tell motel in Tijuana …
    just to get my head back in the game.

    Give a dude a break, boss.


    Oh … You blew it Sherlock.
    Now, I know you just want this body something fierce.

    I’m just helping you sell our cover story as a happy couple.
    Young, passionate … And eager to embrace the challenges the world has to offer.

    I think you have it in you, Special Agent Ramsey …
    Or shall I say Mark.

    The fact you aren’t actually getting any of this …
    Aw, too bad, so sad … Welcome to married life.





    Hey, Gloria … This Angel with the Order.
    Look, I am sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner, but I am still working on things.

    Nothing seems to be going well on this end.
    The workaround I thought I had in the by-laws didn’t pan out.

    I am still putting pressure on the Council’s Parliamentarian,
    but that isn’t helping much either.


    You have got to be kidding me, and what seems to be the problem?

    You said this was the kind of thing the people in your organization were looking for.
    We have already started working on things here ...
    You promised us your support.

    Paul already bought the Cannery out from under that ring-leader Elvira …
    And a few other ladies and I, squashed an attempt for some more of those creatures
    to purchase property and start a nightclub.

    We cannot rewind any of that.
    I trusted you … And you are letting me down.



    I really don’t know what to say.
    There are just complications here that I had not expected.

    We still have support in the Council …
    It’s just a minor detail I had not expected, and that I am finding difficult to get around.

    I know you are committed, as am I.
    That’s why I thought it was important to touch base with you,
    although I still don’t have the best news.


    Forget the best news … As far as I can tell, you have no news.
    I don’t mean to be rude, but you promised this wouldn’t be a problem.

    Our neck is on the line here.
    Our future, money … [Censored], our whole community is at risk.

    I don’t know why we should have trusted you at all.
    Now it looks like you aren’t going to be able to follow-through.
    We are going to have to handle this ourselves I guess.


    Well … Those aren’t the only options we have …
    And that’s another reason I called.

    Let me run something by you and see what you think.
    Where the Council’s Parliamentarian didn’t necessarily give me the answers I wanted …
    He did give me an idea.

    He mentioned a circumstance where he himself helped out a friend …
    As a Mage, and not associated directly with his position in the Order.

    I made a commitment to you and others in your community.
    I actually feel as passionate about your circumstances as you do.
    If I am looking to build trust and a better working relationship with your kind …
    Then I need to do whatever I can to hold up my end of the deal.

    I’ll talk to some of the Council members, and gather some people I know feel the same way I do.
    We won’t worry about a Consent Vote from the Council.

    You can plan on hearing from me soon …
    And I’ll let you know when I will be stopping by to work on some plans with you and Paul …
    Considering that is still something you would welcome.


    That sounds fine … But more as a necessity than anything else.
    I want to have faith in you …
    I want to learn more about your people and your culture.

    You’ll have to excuse me … This is all so disappointing.

    Perhaps I am overreacting and there has been no serious blowback here ... Yet anyways.
    But … I am lining up people on this side of our agreement as well.
    We have a lot invested in the actions, and a lot to lose.

    Contact me when you have more solid plans, and we will be okay for a little while I assume.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    @CravenLestat ... Hey There Sweetie <3 ... Hope all is well with you.

    It's about that time of the year.

    I already have a goose hunt lined up for the weekend of Halloween ... Up on the Arkansas Flyway, outside of Stuttgart.
    The great outdoors, and freezing my rear-end off spending a few mornings getting nasty laying in the mud,
    is just screaming my name ... Can't wait ... :D

    Good luck in all your endeavors, and it's good still seeing you around.

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    Tell Me What You Really Think


    That deal for the Cannery that you put me in contact with, was definitely prosperous for me.
    The commission alone was enough to cover my bills for a while.

    I have to thank you *Mark* … And I don’t want to seem too greedy …
    But, are there any more leads you have … And who was the buyer on the Cannery deal?

    I am all in the mix with Gloria’s ambitions to hinder the progression of Vampires in Bridgeport …
    But if there is more money to be made, I will put that on hold.


    Well Paul, I wouldn’t be getting too excited about that just yet.
    The contractor I put you into contact with on that deal, does a lot of government work.
    Lord knows what they want to do with the Cannery property …
    Maybe a small shipyard, Coast Guard Post, or whatever.

    For all we know, Homeland Security could want it to build a Detention Center.
    That’s the government for you, and I am glad you made out well in the deal.

    They got more money than God, and spend it like a crack [censored].
    Don’t you know I wish I could just print some more cash, when my checkbook gets thin.


    In any case … I am glad things worked out across the board on that deal.
    We killed two birds with one stone … And I made a small fortune in the process.

    I’m sure that Elvira is chewing her fingernails off losing that opportunity.
    Gloria is tickled to death about that … And it is just giving her more steam.

    She hasn’t worked things out with that Representative from the Distinguished Order of Mages yet …
    But that’s not slowing her down either.

    She and few other ladies in the community, bogged down another property
    deal some of those Vamps were working on.
    She keeps this up, and I am going to have to buy her a cape or something.
    Gloria is committed, and may as well be her own little army at the moment.

    Let’s go throw some lunch together for the ladies.


    Hey, thanks for bringing the salmon, and you caught some beauties.
    I added a bit of my secret seasoning, but fresh fish always beats that junk you get at the store.

    What are you making over there anyway …
    I never knew you had skills behind the bar.


    [Censored] Paul … The wrestling scholarship may have paid my tuition in college,
    but my spending money came from slinging drinks.

    I also took a few months after school to do a little traveling … See the world.
    I learned how to make this drink while backpacking in Singapore.

    Y’all are going to want to be careful with it …
    It’ll knock your pants off … Hahaha!


    I am so glad you and *Mark* seem to get along.
    You both did an excellent job on lunch, and this drink is something else.

    *Shelly* and *Mark* seem like such a nice couple, and I’m glad you introduced us.
    She is fun, and always interested in listening to my rants about the Vampires.

    With a little work, I think I can get her to join my cause.
    With little support coming from Angel, it will be nice having more numbers on the ground here.


    Did I hear you and Paul talking about that lady Angel from the Order?
    Come on, tell me about her.

    She has to be interesting … And I want to meet her at some time.
    I have always been kind of fascinated by the idea that magic users could manipulate
    the powers all around us, that none of us can seem to access.

    The opportunity to talk to her …
    Well, I just don’t know what I would do, and I hope I wouldn’t embarrass you.


    I wouldn’t get too excited about Gloria’s contact in Angel.
    She really hasn’t impressed me much at all, as of yet.

    She is supposed to be some high-up leader in the Order,
    but cannot seem to get much done.

    Don’t worry *Shelly* … You wouldn’t embarrass me any.
    You have more going on than she does in my opinion.


    Ugh, *Mark* … You just don’t know how frustrating this whole ordeal is.

    I have to thank you for sending that deal Paul’s way,
    but we are still losing ground to those vile creatures.

    As Paul mentioned, Angel with the Order has not helped much, and I don’t know if I should trust her.
    It’s possible it could have been a bad idea approaching her in the first place …

    I don’t know what else I can do.


    Oh Gloria … Don’t be so hard on yourself, or this Angel.
    In some cases, these things just take a little time.

    I know you are eager to act, but there are big stakes in all of this.
    Having the support of another Occult faction can only help your cause.

    Like *Shelly*, I am eager to meet this contact of yours when the opportunity comes around.
    Keep in mind that we are breaking new ground in the spirit of cooperation with them.

    If you get too frustrated, talk to *Shelly*, and we will help you out.
    It’s important that we stay on track, and gain support wherever possible.

    Well, for the time being, I have a better idea.

    The Diner across town has some excellent key lime pie.
    I am more than a bit tipsy, and good sugar high, would top things off well.

    Let’s all change and head over there for a bite.


    You know, you’re actually not a bad dancer.
    You also did a good number boosting Gloria’s mood.

    Great job staying on mission.
    If you keep all this up, I might just have to rethink the idea of giving you a hard time.

    It’s great having someone with your experience on the team.


    You don’t need to sell it so hard boss …
    These two clowns are gravy as far as field operations are concerned.

    If we can manage to keep them in the mix, and Gloria from losing her nerve …
    We have nothing to worry about.

    I have to admit that you were a bit distracting today.
    Luckily, this operation could [censored] near run itself.



    You listen to me Elvira …
    I came here to have some pie with my husband and friends,
    but that doesn’t mean I won’t take the opportunity to speak my mind with you.

    I don’t know why you haven’t gotten the message yet.
    We are going to do everything within our power to see that you and your kind,
    understand that you are not welcome in this community.


    Oh please, you meddling do-gooder …
    Shut up with your incessant whining.

    Your husband managed to tank my bid on the property at the docks ...
    And that set me back considerably.
    Not only did it damage my ambitions in town, but had a negative affect with my personnel as well.

    You have no idea the trouble you are trying to start with me.
    Furthermore, your pathetic squeaky voice, accomplishes little more than give me a splitting headache.


    You think it is my voice you need to worry about …
    Well, let me make something clear to you.

    You are not welcome here, and I’ll give you that message any way that I can.
    You need to take your kind, and get out of our town.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Vision Statement


    Well I see you have actually done it …
    I wasn’t aware I was paying you enough to branch out on your own.

    It’s bad enough Paul Stansbury broke the deal on the Cannery.
    Now I have lost two of my best, and most trusted partners.

    I know the runs to Grimm’s Ferry were wearing on you …
    but now I suppose it isn’t going to make much difference if I turn things around.

    In any case … That’s not why I came by.
    I mean a few free drinks and a night on the town would do me wonders …
    But it looks like there might be bigger problems in store for us.


    Look Elvira … Beau, Morrigan and I talked about this for a long time.
    We don’t always agree on things, but we agreed on this.

    You coming here talking about trouble is what we are trying to get away from.
    We don’t want your trouble, and we want to set down some roots here in Bridgeport.

    Beau and I left you high and dry, without much recourse, and I understand that.
    Listen to us though … We have concerns as well.

    Let’s take this upstairs where it isn’t as public.


    Let me make this simple for you Elvira.

    I have worked for you a long time, and in all that time I learned
    that in a life of crime, trouble always finds you.

    I am no coward, and I have paid my dues.
    I just want to start something new, and give this city a chance.


    That’s exactly what I came here to talk about.
    Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you want …
    The world isn’t required to play along with your aspirations and dreams.

    You and Wogan have already seen trouble with that crazy woman Gloria Stansbury.
    She assaulted me outside the diner the other evening and gave what could be considered
    a fair warning, she and her kind are not giving up.

    Her husband is the one that cut me out of the Cannery deal.
    I don’t take either of them as being all that bright, and there may be bigger things at play.
    They are marshalling resources, with outside help …
    And they intend to run us out of town.


    Well, who exactly do you mean by ‘us’?
    Sure Gloria tried to derail our plans, but there are opportunities here in Bridgeport.

    If we start a fight now, we are just going to follow that same path that leads
    us back to the same place we always find ourselves.

    So some soccer mom gets drunk and loses her mind with you …
    That doesn’t mean there is some great conspiracy.
    We’re going to get the same flak anywhere we go.

    Wogan, Morrigan and I are doing what we can to choose a better path.


    The three of us know we are rolling the dice and taking a gamble on this one, Beau.

    Still Elvira, even with all her recent mishaps, has been at this longer than we have.
    It’s always puzzled me why the Cannery bid by Paul Stansbury was so high …
    It doesn’t make sense.

    If we are going to make an honest stab at things around here, we need to hear her out.
    We are outsiders in Bridgeport, and we cannot alienate our own kind, no matter our ambitions.


    Wogan Continues:
    And You Elvira … You have lorded over us for decades.
    We have been solid, but it seems your options are always limited.

    What do you expect us to do?
    I thought that us opening the club was a good sign towards the idea
    that we are interested in breaking away from the Old World [censored].

    I have a family and a little one.
    Geeze, Beau has found a lady he likes as well.
    I don’t want to be running with the hounds at my back, just because we didn’t make a better effort
    to try and identify a better way to play their game.


    Oh for [censored] sake Morrigan … Talk some sense into these two.

    I know your family, and knew you before you were a Hemlock.
    I know your parents, and this is not how you were raised.
    You’ve always had little tolerance for taking [censored] off anyone …

    What has happened to you?
    If we don’t come together and face this head on … We are going to lose.


    What’s happened to me … Bel happened to me.
    It’s not just about me anymore.

    Look, the guys can tell you that I haven’t necessarily been behind this whole idea all along.
    But … Now I am listening to them, and they are making the effort.
    I am proud of both of them … And we may still fail.
    I’m am going to give this new direction all I have though.

    I would love to nail [censored] like the Stanbury’s to a cross and set them on fire.
    That hasn’t changed … But if at all possible, that’s not how I am raising Bel.


    I knew it was going to be difficult coming here and talking with you,
    But I seriously had no idea that you all would just ignore the possible threats we have on us.

    When you start figuring out that I am not as crazy as you may think …
    Let’s just all hope that it isn’t too late.

    Meanwhile … I’m Elvira Slayer.
    The name speaks for itself.


    You may recognize this song from the Darkwave Radio Station
    in Sims 3 ... But this isn't in Simmish.


    *Nice security gate down by the street … Keypad for the home alarm inside the front door.
    Such modern convivences make people careless *


    *All that tends to lead to a false sense of security ...
    Especially when you truly don’t know your enemy*


    *Look at them there just enjoying their slumber … So innocent*


    *Oh sweet Gloria and precious Paul …
    You want to make a statement,
    I’m about to show you how to make a proper statement,*

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    Meeting of the Minds


    Ah, Miranda … So good to see you again, and glad you could make it.

    Welcome to Wildwind Estates.
    I hope Lincoln hasn’t been working you too hard.


    Wow … Wildwind Estates, and the place of legends.
    My mother would be freaking out if she knew I was here.

    Of course she would pinching me the whole time as well …
    Telling me to mind my manners, make sure to use the correct fork, and try not to embarrass her.
    The countryside is beautiful, and I saw the Manor on the way out here … Just Fabulous!

    So much history … Oh, I’m rabbling, and I’m sure you have better things to do.


    Not at all sweetie …
    Your passion for history is what makes you perfect as Lincoln’s apprentice …
    and I might add, quite valuable to my interests lately.

    But let’s not get into business just yet.
    I want to learn what you found out about the talisman,
    but go ahead and take a moment to breathe.

    Everything is informal around here,
    which is one of the reasons I prefer the Bunkhouse to the Manor myself.
    I’ll show you to your room, where you can change into something a bit more comfortable.
    Just relax and take in the sights while we wait for the others to arrive,


    Well, I think you are going to be a bit relieved when I share what I have found so far.
    I’m also so excited I am about to bust.

    I can wait until we can all cover it together, if needs be …
    And the idea of wandering around this place is not unattractive at all.
    I’ll get settled in and make myself at home.

    Thanks, thanks a lot for deciding to meet out here.
    I just cannot tell you … Oh, I’m being silly, let me get out of these travel clothes
    and into something comfortable.


    It’s good to see you Darren.
    It seems like it has been ages since the Academy.

    I’m glad you could make it.
    I’m also kind of glad your brother wasn’t invited … Haha.


    Well the stories of the Wicked Witch of Wildwind locking you in the tower, must not be true.
    You look great Alissa, and this is obviously not the big house.
    It certainly looks comfortable though, and it looks like you have the resources I require.


    Nah, we don’t stay in Wildwind Manor.
    It still has a full staff, and Alexa conducts official business up there,
    but she won’t spend the night.

    I don’t know if it is her parents passing, or just the place in general.
    I have to admit that it is spooky at times.
    So much history, so many pictures of dead people hanging on the walls.
    Every time I go up there, I feel like I am in a sanctuary or something.

    Her father built this place for her when she left for Academy.
    It’s a place he told her she could come home to when she wanted to just relax.

    They spent a lot of time together here, and she is quite fond of it.


    I may be disappointed we are not staying at the Manor,
    but like I said, it looks like you have everything I need here.

    As requested, I’ll use your gear, with a guest login.
    Alexa said something about flying under the radar as far as letting anyone know what’s going on.

    I’ll set things up and then take a look around the place, if that’s okay.


    Oh you better believe there is going to be a little bit more to it than that mister.
    You’re at the Bunkhouse now … And there is no staff here.

    I know your tiny little fingers are used to pecking away on your keyboard,
    but here … You’re going to have to catch your dinner.

    There’s plenty of time for business, but here, you’ll be learning new things all day.
    For starters … You better learn how to fish, or you might just go hungry.

    Oh, by the way … Before you get all sassy with me,
    I learned Sim-Fu in China, and I can kick your [censored] now … Hehehehe!


    Uh, wait … You’re Renee?
    Alexa told me you were coming, and told me what you have been doing,
    but you really don’t strike me as the skilled covert operative everyone seems to put you as.

    It's great having you here, but you caught me by surprise …
    Not what I expected.


    I don’t know what you are talking about sweetheart.
    I’m just a kind, unassuming spinster minding her own business.
    Whatever nonsense anyone has told you about me, is probably just an overstatement.

    Just Kidding, and in all seriousness, it’s just a tool of the trade.
    In my line of work, it often plays better to simply blend into the crowd.

    However, I heard you have learned a little Sim-Fu,
    and I’ll meet you on the mat anytime, if you don’t think I can handle it.


    It’s great you were able to make it Renee,
    and Lincoln mentioned you had fresh real time intel from Bridgeport.
    Of course we are all going to want to discuss that,
    and I cannot thank you enough for what you have been doing.

    Let’s hold off on that for the moment, and we’ll get to business later.
    You just got here, and there is a good bit of daylight left.


    Well thank goodness for daylight …
    Bridgeport is town that almost doesn’t get started until dark.

    I have been waking up at noon, and gathering intel until dawn for far too long.
    In fact … I’m pretty sure I am currently vitamin D deficient.
    The fresh air and beautiful landscapes out here will certainly be a pleasant change.


    Well thanks again, and we are glad to have you.
    No offense … We are huggers here, don’t beat me up or anything.

    Alissa will show you to your room, where you can change.
    I’m going out back to make sure Lincoln hasn’t drowned Darren in the pond yet.
    I know Lincoln is going to be glad to see you too.


    I was able to handle what I went after in China, but nothing was conclusive.
    Zahn Su was clear that no one had contacted the family about the artifact,
    but was also clear that his family wouldn’t have really known what to tell them if anyone had contacted them.
    They thought the Talisman of the Blood Dragon was just a silly family story.

    Anyway, we’ll cover that at another time.
    I asked you to come for another reason as well.

    I want you to start the official business of bringing in Alissa as my Proxy.
    If anything happens to me, the Wildwind Family will need a representative on the Council.
    Should that happen, she’s going to need your help, and I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t concerned.

    We managed things in Surdine okay, but it didn’t feel right.
    I know people are watching me, but I don’t know who is behind it.



    Uh, are you sure about this Alexa?
    Alissa is young, and she is not like you.

    Surely Jason or Carissa could handle it.
    They are already staying in Wildwind Manor, and have been with the family much longer.

    I know you and Alissa have been tight since you met as teenagers,
    but we are talking about the Wildwind Family and their pull with the Council.


    You see Lincoln … That’s kind of the point in choosing Alissa.

    More than the others, Alissa understands her debt to this Family.
    She understands me, and the way I have carried my ancestor’s vision.
    Secondly … She doesn’t want the position … Which makes her perfect for it.

    I know that, because I know how that feels.
    Standing up and doing your duty, scared to death you are going to make a mistake.
    That breeds caution over ambition, and she is smarter than she gives herself credit for.

    What she lacks in confidence, is what she is going to need from you.
    The same way you took me to the side, told me the old stories, guided me to treasures they hid.
    Your face in the Chamber, smiling, when I was so nervous I couldn’t remember what I needed to say.

    You have to promise me Lincoln …
    If something happens to me, you’ll take care of her the same way you would me.
    I know the promise you made my father … I’m asking you to extend it to her.

    I am not asking you as Alexa … I am asking you as Alexa Wildwind.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    @lisasc360 ... Hey, Thanks.
    I have to say it is a surprise that I had not expected.

    I hope all is well with you and the Mister.
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    @lisasc360 ... Hey, Thanks.
    I have to say it is a surprise that I had not expected.

    I hope all is well with you and the Mister.
    Have A Lovely Day.
    Happy Simming!

    You're welcome... :)

    I have been following your story and handing out Awesome's after reading your updates... :)
    Everything is good with us... :)
    Thank you! You also have a nice day as well... :)
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    @BlackSand First off, congratulations on the Friday highlights - I didn't read them until tonight :) . I came to take a sneak peak of your story and gave you some awesomes. You take beautiful screenshots and the story seems interesting :) .
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    Waterproof Wireless


    Okay Doug, I’m going to give you hint …

    This is where you are supposed to tell me that you have actually heard something,
    from either Paul or Gloria, since you got our Assets liquored up on Singapore Slings …
    Which ended up as a cage match between our Primary and Secondary concerns on this operation.

    I just know that you and Paul have been chatting all morning,
    and Gloria is still trying to get over a good weekend bender … Right?


    Uh, no … And that is kind of like, not funny boss.
    We might want to go to the conference room for this discussion.

    You start acting like this is going to fall on me ...
    Well, there’s some things you need to know.


    DOUG, No Joke … Just tell me you have made contact with the Assets since Saturday.
    I attempted contact with Gloria several times, even did a few drive-bys, and I got nothing.

    If you don’t have anything … We have two missing contacts, and a reason to be worried.


    Remember on Saturday morning when I said I was handling things, and mentioned the way you looked …
    Well, that was a lie and not really what was bothering me.
    I had the debriefing with Director Trommel, and called him out on my assignment here.

    Long story short … You’re the Donkey in ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ in this story,
    should things go sideways with this operation … That doesn’t sit well with me to start with.

    I just stayed on mission … Kept your confidence up.
    I made sure Gloria contacted you if she started questioning things.
    But it was all mission … And I fumbled, thinking about crud I shouldn’t have been.

    We need to locate Paul and Gloria, and before Headquarters gets wind of this.
    I mean I am not ready to stick you out there on a limb by yourself, but the brass will.


    Well for goodness sakes Doug, I’m glad you said something now …
    But you should have given me a heads-up before now.

    You did a great job working Gloria and me into a complacent satisfaction ... Maybe too good.
    I thought things were all gravy, and might have double checked
    if I had been aware of the entire situation.

    We better think of something quick.


    Chief Hansen … Excuse me but I overheard a bit of what you were saying in the bullpen.
    I have an idea on maybe a way to find your two missing persons.
    Let’s at least ping their cell phones and see if we can get a location.

    There’s a chance this can all be nothing, and it’s worth a shot.


    That’s really not a bad idea Agent Martin.
    Beats the idea of driving around in circles waiting for one of them to show up.

    The problem is, it’s not entirely legal without a warrant,
    and we don’t have a warrant.


    Well you know I am a trained Agent, and I kind of know that …
    But here’s the good part … My brother-in –law works for Wildlife and Fisheries.

    You may be wondering how that makes a difference.
    Federal and State Game Wardens are some of the lucky law enforcement officers
    that don’t need a warrant to conduct a search.

    In fact, I got the numbers off the posted contact list, and he’s pinging them now.


    It was kind of quick, but Lawrence’s brother-in-law pinged the phones
    and got a consistent steady signal from a nearby location.

    I was going to say that your Assets were most likely on a boat,
    but Monty was close enough to the location that I told him to swing by and put eyes on it.

    I don’t know what else to say, but the cell phone signals are about
    15 yards in the water off the dead-end road out by the docks.


    Please tell me you are certified to dive.
    There are sharks out there.

    We can flip a quarter … Heads you get wet, tails I stay dry.
    Come-on, be a sport Agent Kindle.


    I have to say that I am not seeing how this is not going to be a complete disaster.

    Can either of you also explain to me how the phones are still sending a signal anyway.
    It doesn’t make sense if they are underwater.


    There’s no telling Chief.

    Maybe they have some of those fancy waterproof phone covers.
    They could have been jet-skiing and lost their phones.


    Heather is correct boss.
    I use one of those phone cases myself.

    There’s absolutely no reason to think the phones are sealed in duct tape and strapped to a bomb
    that will turn Agent Ramsey into shark bait.


    I have good news, and not so good news.
    The good news … I found the phones, and I didn’t find the Stanbury’s

    The not so good news … I found the phones, but I didn’t find the Stansbury’s.
    It’s only bad because the phones were in a watertight bag with a brick and a note.

    The note said, ‘Fat Chance Loser … Keep Looking!’


    That’s no good news Doug, and just verification our Assets have been compromised.
    This is terrible in every way.

    It’s my first big assignment, and I lost my contacts.
    Who knows what they went through?
    I have a primary suspect, but nothing concrete to pursue.


    Slow down Chief Hansen, and we might have already played our hand too far here.

    I have been at this a while longer than any of you.
    The phones in the bag with a note, aren’t necessarily totally bad for the Stansbury’s …
    At least not yet.

    They are incentive to flush out people like us.
    Let’s say someone took them … And suspects something more is at play.
    This is how they get us out in the open with the ongoing Operation.

    This is what they would want us to do.
    If we go kicking in doors, rounding up suspects and whatnot … They have us dead to rights.
    Chances are the Stansbury’s wouldn’t be somewhere easy to find ...
    And any suspect wouldn’t say anything that would help us.

    It’s a smart move …
    We better hope whoever put the phones there, isn’t still watching.

    To Be Continued …

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

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    @BlackSand First off, congratulations on the Friday highlights - I didn't read them until tonight :) . I came to take a sneak peak of your story and gave you some awesomes. You take beautiful screenshots and the story seems interesting :) .

    Thanks For Stopping @meerkattime
    I appreciate the kind comments as well.
    I do try to pay attention to my sets and screenshots.

    The story seems to wander around, but that has more to do with the style than anything else.
    I wanted to tell a story ... Without actually telling it.

    It is done entirely in dialog with no narration.
    Everything is in the point of view of the person talking and in regards to who they are talking to.
    Furthermore ... They may not always be forthright about everything, depending on who they are talking to.

    Best description ... We are just going to discover things as we go ... :D
    You have a lovely evening ... and Happy Simming!


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner


    Well there you two sleepyheads are …
    I was beginning to wonder if the two of you were ever going to wake up.

    You’ll have to excuse me, I’m kind of new at this type of thing.
    It’s quite possible I got the dosage a bit wrong with the chloroform.

    But anyway … You’re awake now … Tell me what you think.


    Tell you what we think about what?
    Where the [censored] are we, and what’s going on?

    Look, I may have been a bit harsh the last time we met, but I’m at a loss now.
    Oh My God, is that the ocean … I don’t see the city.


    I am from the newly formed Prize Committee,
    and I am just so glad to inform you and your husband Paul,
    that you just won a free and expense paid trip to … Well, Nowhere.
    I’m not even sure if this place actually has a name.

    I hope you enjoy your stay and the accommodations …
    Mainly because it is sort of a one-way ticket.


    I looked around a little and you have got to be kidding me.
    We didn’t win anything, and this place is not a vacation resort.

    I want to know how we got here, and where the [censored] are my clothes?
    If you don’t start answering questions, then I’m calling the cops.


    Sweetie … There isn’t another friendly soul for at least 250 miles ...
    much less a cell phone tower, which wouldn’t matter because you don’t have a phone.

    I have a nice ship parked on the other side of the reef …
    And when I am done talking to the two of you this morning,
    well, I’m just going to let the two of y’all get settled in for what may be a rather long stay here.

    You messed with my business, your wife messed with my friends, and then assaulted me in public.
    Normally that is bad enough, but then she got crazy and started talking garbage
    about how me and my kind are not welcome in her community.

    Well, that’s fine … Welcome to your new community.
    There’s a nice little produce garden over there, some fresh water, and plenty of fish.
    If you don’t like fish, you might want to stretch out that package
    of Bar-S hotdogs I left you in the fridge.


    Seriously, you have got to be kidding me.

    Okay … Point made, but this is all kinds of illegal.
    You kidnapped us, crossed state lines, and you are racking up some serious charges.

    Maybe we can discuss things, and come to an understanding.
    Perhaps we can work something out, and I can see if I can reverse the deal on the Cannery.
    You are cruising for big trouble though, and this isn’t just monkey business anymore.


    Listen here, Pudding … I’m Elvira Slayer.
    I run a crime syndicate, and I’m not in jail.

    More importantly … You should be thankful.
    I discussed some things with a few former employees,
    and they convinced me to try a different approach when handling little messes
    like the one the two of you have created.

    A year ago, I would have just gutted you and left you for the maggots to clean up.
    Or even worse, turned you, dropped you in the desert …
    and started taking bets on whether the thirst or the sun killed you first.

    But … I have turned over a new leaf, and I’m trying something different.
    Still, what you and your woman have done … That’s not going unanswered.


    I'd love to stay and chat, but I have business to take care of.
    The solar panels should be enough to run the fridge, and the propane tank for the stove is full.
    I’ll send someone to fill it up in 6 months … Considering the idea that I don’t forget you are here.

    If a bunch of native pigmies show up and want to share the island …
    I suggest you make a better attempt at trying to get along with them.



    To Be Continued …

    The Covid Blows ... Grab Your Bikini and Head for the Cross

    Thanks for stopping by and checking the story out.
    Happy Simming!

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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