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What are some trivial things that annoy you?


  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,522 Member
    My sims are mopping puddles outside again.
  • BoyMom22BoyMom22 Posts: 7 New Member
    Toddlers not being able to interact with extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc).
    Only being able to walk one dog at a time.
    That one friend that constantly wants to come over.
    Not being able to have dogs guard the farm animals
    Sims just blatantly not doing anything queued (could be a glitch)
    The kitchen sink becoming nonexistent when it's time to do dishes
    Washing machine/dryers not automatically starting
    Toddler bed selection
    Pets rarely interaction with each other
    Family tree doesn't acknowledge adopted children

    I'm sure there's more...
  • BoyMom22BoyMom22 Posts: 7 New Member
    > @Heathertibb said:
    > I've noticed that getting your parent sims to complete actions for their toddlers can be very difficult at times. The toddler needs to be taken care of and sometimes I feel the game makes it impossible to do so!

    Toddlers are so difficult! I think it's punishment for begging to have them lol
  • BoyMom22BoyMom22 Posts: 7 New Member
    > @halloweenchild said:
    > The fact that sims don't wait for meals when another member in the household is cooking, they'll always try to grab leftovers or quick meals unless I intervene and stop them from getting upset over a "subpar" meal. XO

  • ThriorThrior Posts: 311 Member
    Daravi wrote: »
    I've already mention it somewhere, maybe here too, then I'm very sorry for the repeat. The most annoying thing for me is when my sims go out, arrived at the location and want to order something at the bar or foodstore, then everytime, and I mean really every single time, the bartender and merchant left their position immediately and shut the door and left the location, even before my sim arrived the position. Then the task is cancelled and I have to repeat with clicking through the menues. Other guests leave too immediately, together in a group. That npc behaviour makes me crazy, it's like the other sims are mobbing my played sim.

    @Daravi Oh yeah, I've been playing a homeless challenge again and this has become very noticeable and highly irritating. Like my sim just wants to order those freaking free chips to eat but the bartender decides to run away and then I have to wait for another one to appear. Wouldn't be an issue if she could grab that bowl of chips herself but nope, can only make drinks. I'm playing with some really strict rules too so she kinda relies on bartenders/vendors. Them constantly running away is starting to feel like they deliberately want to troll her lol.
    I'm uncertain I can call it annoying, because mostly it makes me grin. But the Sim who ends up placing the trash on the floor is immediately grousing about the trash on the floor! It's like, Dude, you just put it there yourself, don't yell at your hubby/kid/neighbor/etc. . And please don't be kicking the dog. :open_mouth:

    @GalacticGal I find that amusing too. Especially when observing my Evil sim visiting others. He tends to go kick the trashcans, then gets upset about the mess like "Who would do this?!!"... well you did, stupid. And then he usually starts meticulously cleaning up the place.
    (Reminds me... I have the repair function made autonomous with MCCC and the same sim also tends to break dollhouses, then repairs them immediately after. He's kind of failing at this whole 'being a nuisance' thing.)

  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,183 Member
    I started playing on the premade off-the-grid lot in Sulani and cheese and crackers my sims will NOT stop constantly combing/digging the beach. Idk if it's a new glitch with autonomy, something to do with a pack I recently bought or what but along with canceling actions/commands abruptly it is soooo annoy annoying.

    Also, picked the private dwelling lot trait and I still got sims coming into my house acting like they live there.
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 172 Member
    This is probably just me having OCD, lol, but I wish that we could organize our libraries. Like, I’d like to look at my library & see my copies of a family & their houses altogether, then another set, etc. Idk if that makes any sense, lol.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,921 Member
    As a British person I don't like how the houses in Henford on Bagley have mail boxes... This isn't America :s I've never seen a British house with a mailbox in my life
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 574 Member
    Those stupid idle animations that vampires and spellcasters do in CAS
  • GoldilockGoldilock Posts: 79 Member
    Trying to get a gold medal on an event and not having the required interaction option available, like "play the violin around the campfire 😂"or "have an adult sim make a toast"
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,934 Member
    Family members who won't use their assigned computer.
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  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 792 Member
    edited January 14
    That I can't use a wood-fired stove as a heat source as well as cooking source so I have to do something as asinine as have a wood-fired cookstove, PLUS a fireplace or woodstove for heat, in one small hunting/fishing cabin. At least the stoves that function off the grid, should be dual purpose for heat and cooking, and some cooking function should exist for fireplaces or heating-purposed woodstoves too.
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,219 Member
    I have the Eco Lifestyle environment settings turned off but my world keeps getting polluted air until I turn the setting on, then back off.
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  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,005 Member
    3AM every day when your world goes through simulation lag just so the pregnant women in the world can give birth and the Sims that are about to age up end up aging up. You set your game to super fast forward as your Sim sleeps but once 3AM comes around you'll just see that clock start glitching out and you gotta wait until it's over. It never lasts more than a few seconds, but it's annoying as all sin.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 5,332 Member
    Coming back home from a night out at 3 am in the morning and finding the rest of the household up and about with varying levels of energy instead of fast asleep.

    This has always bothered me to!
  • spongegirl38spongegirl38 Posts: 15 Member
    I can't let my Sims have something nice like the ice cream maker, because when they make ice cream, all they want after that is ice cream and nothing else! For breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    My Sim constantly wanting to use the observatory. I got it for the father because he is a genius and a scientist, but oh no they all want to use it every hour of the day it seems.

    Getting up at 3am to make breakfast-bit early-and they will invariably make mac and cheese. Who eats mac and cheese for breakfast?

    Totally love the Sims though!
  • Manileno88Manileno88 Posts: 17 Member
    The exaggerated walk of angry Sims is annoying.
  • spongegirl38spongegirl38 Posts: 15 Member
    > @Manileno88 said:
    > The exaggerated walk of angry Sims is annoying.

    Oh yes. Especially the teens when they're in that funny mood!
  • Manileno88Manileno88 Posts: 17 Member
    The maximum number of Sims in a lot is also annoying. It makes concerts impossible.
  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 249 Member
    The coolers from Outdoor Retreat, you can't store any food you've cooked in them. It has annoyed me that when cooking on a grill you can only good one huge size meal and if you don't have a fridge you pretty much have to leave the rest to rot. When I got Outdoor Retreat I was hoping I could put the extra in a cooler, but those appear to be just glorified sitting objects that dispense yogurt and cereal. Or am I doing something wrong?
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  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 249 Member
    Actually took me a while to figure why my sim's Hunger need wasn't satisfied for very long when eating leftovers. Had both leftover meals and brownies in the fridge, so when I click Get Leftovers and let the sim decide which one to take ... (forehead smack)
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  • luvdasims55luvdasims55 Posts: 8,861 Member
    JustMeAlb wrote: »
    Actually took me a while to figure why my sim's Hunger need wasn't satisfied for very long when eating leftovers. Had both leftover meals and brownies in the fridge, so when I click Get Leftovers and let the sim decide which one to take ... (forehead smack)

    Gotta love those "brownies". ;)
  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 604 Member
    Manileno88 wrote: »
    The maximum number of Sims in a lot is also annoying. It makes concerts impossible.

    Oh my gosh this one drives me crazy! Recently I found a setting in MCCC that I think let me increase it. Life saver haha
  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 249 Member
    Being Hypercharged (struck multiple times by lightening) and "Bring the Lightening" is so much more lame than it sounds. Can only strike the ground, landed bolts right between a townie's feet several times with no real effect.
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  • BlueOvaleBlueOvale Posts: 739 Member
    I love and hate the High Maintenance trait. I wish there was more to it than just getting randomly angry or tense. My sim shouldn't have to surrender to her uncomforts, she should be more pro-active and actually do some maintenance. Small interactions that would prevent or cure her negative moodlets would be nice. Some high maintenance people live well with it, and are rewarded with a better than average appearance even. But we don't have that.
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