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What are some trivial things that annoy you?


  • HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 175 Member
    I wish I could see my sims' individual names from manage households. You can't see their names until you're on the screen that lets you merge/split households, but you can't change the household name from there. I download townies from the gallery to fill out my saves and let MCCC import from tray files, so it's minorly annoying to have to click extra times just to rename a household with their actual last name.
  • foxybillyfoxybilly Posts: 216 Member
    every time I age up a toddler to child I go into CAS to change their outfits etc and I always check them as a teenager to see if I need to change anything before they age up again later - and CAS always gives girls the same eyes (even though neither of their parents have these eyes) thin with large lashes - and it makes them look particularly thick or demented and really riles me as I said none of their family has these eyes...grrrrr - even worse when it gives them wrinkles as well.....
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    Sims fighting then taking a photo together.
  • Olalla1986Olalla1986 Posts: 87 Member
    My sims being targeted outside by random sims to start chatting, sometimes those sims are very far away. The most annoying is the fact that the action to talk doesn’t show up at all and my sim just randomly starts to run somewhere and at first I didn’t know why are they running to this far location. Now I immediately ask them to do something else and it usually cancels the thing, but the design is ridiculous at best. I think townies should target only sims in very close proximity not everybody in the neighborhood. Especially annoying in Britechester while doing degree as it involves a lot of running between buildings.
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,622 Member
    Constant negative 8 hour moodlets when teens return from school. I have no idea what determines whether they get a good, bad or no moodlet, but to me it always seems negative.

    I think my real annoyance is that the game has interesting mechanics, but they always seem to be turned up to number 11.
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  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 975 Member
    It's really difficult to generate or create good-looking male sims, you can get derpy-looking male sims to infinity though. It's definitely time for an overhaul for male sims in face, form and fashion. lol
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 975 Member
    They've lengthened the time it takes to eat a meal again. I LIKED the shorter meal times, hurry up and eat so we can go.
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,891 Member
    This is very small but it bugged me constantly. Why did the devs give sims the ability to turn the tv off, but not the stereo too? I know, to torture us, that's it. :D LittleMsSam is my hero, auto stereo ends the music when a sim leaves the room...excellent.
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  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,271 Member
    Excessive toilet humor and NPCs pranking the public toilets. I'd also like it if we could set the general style of the worlds that we're playing with. Someone who is really into the goth stuff could set the world like that. Those who want the world to look preppy or Sim-next-door could set it that way. Townies, basic housing styles, etc, would be influenced by that setting. That's obviously likely more of a request for a future game.

    About vampires - the bat form has been buggy in my game with the vampires constantly jumping in and out of the form to the point where I might remove it.

    Nightclubs being full of married sims, I get a few being there but when they are nearly all married - no.

    Teen neighborhood lot trait - not producing any teens. I've sent several teens to those who would run into no one in their age group. I finally had to make a club/study group just with teens so that my teenage sim would be able to meet others in his age group. The game will usually have one random sim come home from school a lot but then not generate other sims in the same age group when my sim goes out to a community lot. In one case, I started having a group of teen sims go knocking on the doors of known teens to meet them because they weren't running into each other out in the world or at community lots.
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,872 Member
    The random situation/event outfits that's not even my sims outfits, I wish they would have a toggle to turn it off.
  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 2,348 Member
    edited September 2021
    Npc's dropping themselves into a conversation while your sim is on a date

    If you're not opposed to mods, there is a mod for that.

    JustMeAlb wrote: »
    If I dig a basement under an existing house that has a foundation the ground gets pulled up to the current floor level. I have to get rid of the foundation by lowering the house to the ground, dig the basement, then raise the house back up to its original foundation level and put all the stairs and railings etc. back.

    Are you talking about the terrain being pushed up from the basement? You can click on the basement room and drag it down until the terrain on the ground floor flattens.

    The minor annoyance for me is probably the the celebrities in every world. My sim can't go anywhere without a celebrity, their fans, and paparazzi following.
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  • PeppersPeppers Posts: 76 Member
    > @simgirl1010 said:
    > Townie fashions. And townies in general.

    This right here. I spend so much time in CAS making sure my sims are dressed nicely, just to have half the sims in my town look like they are insane. Island Living made this so much worse, I really hate the fact that so many townies will wear the crazy cas items from this pack no matter in which world you live. Anyone else noticed this? When I own a retail store and I get customers I feel like kicking out half of them because they show up looking all colorful and crazy or half naked thanks to Island Living
  • LynnPlayz1LynnPlayz1 Posts: 511 Member
    Why are porch stairs so darn hard to figure out? 😭
  • inmyeyeinmyeye Posts: 396 Member
    edited September 2021
    Uaexep wrote: »
    My own sims insulting me by eating standing up... in the kitchen, after I worked hard on building their home and their gorgeous dinning area...
    Because they're too lazy to walk that far. Sigh.

    There is a mod for this that still works: "Sit to eat and drink" by Lotharihoe.

    I hate when my sim is having a great conversation with another sim and it's going really well and then my sim walks away right in the middle of the conversation. Why? Because he wants to look at a painting on the wall. The sim he was conversing with is still talking to the empty space where my sim used to be. Total immersion breaking. Why does the environment override everything else?
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  • lexibeelexibee Posts: 107 Member
    Oof, you guys have already mentioned a lot of mine.

    - One that ties into the musical chairs: sims always having to hug or wave at each other (greetings) that take time away from whatever they're already doing (or makes them get up from the table/couch/chair and it takes forever and then they sit in a different spot).
    - Sims not facing each other when they talk (or dance), and just talk over their shoulders...
    - Randomly generated relationships!! I play rotationally and when I get back to a household sometimes they have like 3 new relationships and AT LEAST one is ALWAYS an enemy!! Why??? Sometimes relationships get culled too and it's just 😭 it's so frustrating!
    - Celebrities have pretty much ruined going to public lots since everyone and their mother has to go and fawn over them. Wish they would at least sometimes spawn with a disguise on (especially if it's a regular non-celebrity lot).
    - Can't leave a toddler at home even if another sim is still with them because no one takes care of their needs. I wish needs would stay locked on all sims that did not travel or at LEAST the toddlers...
    - Why can't kids get bikes????
    - Other sims coming into my sim's house and going straight for the fridge. I've put them behind locked doors now.

    And yeah. The situational outfits.. The random townie generation.. The 12 hour dog walks (so I always go for a jog instead).. The calls from sims my sim has never met asking to go on a date (and both of them are already married) and the calls for making a new friend.. And I'm sure there's more but those are just off the top of my head...
  • NightwalkerArkanisNightwalkerArkanis Posts: 154 Member
    edited September 2021
    The biggest one is the random townie generating. This game seems to desperately spawn more and more of them, no matter if they're needed or not. All the active workplaces are filled. All the community lots have their workers. Why are you spawning more? It would be nice if we had a special menu where all community lots (pre-existing and those you create) were listed, and you had the option to create workers for whatever businesses that exists on said lots. But instead, random spawns because someone thought it was a good idea (it could be, if we could turn it on and off). Give us control, EA.

    A small gripe of mine, which I hope a car would deal with: Whenever I send my Sims out via the phone, I get stuck on the screen and cannot do anything as my Sims runs around and causes mayhem while the game loads, and loads and loads and finally reaches the travelling screen. I don't understand why the chosen Sims in question wouldn't just leave the house and disappear. A minor, but annoying thing.

    Sims who just won't leave my romantic couple alone on their date. Going to a bar or a nightclub is basically me asking for people to come bothering me. Next time I send Sims on a date, I will have it take place at the library. Not as many visitors.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    Goofballs pranking toilets and sims feeling the need to dash outside during a thunderstorm.
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