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Which university-related expansion pack do you love most?

Which university-related expansion pack do you love most? 52 votes

The Sims 2 University
icmnfrshRflong7imhappyTheSpotted_CIsb917maggiemae8135alanmichael1barracuda1574KennziKaigejohnny33duhboy2u2Devalaousannaliese39OldeseadoggeMDianaSimsEricasFreePlaywheelochEllupelluelluIsharellSallycutecat 23 votes
The Sims 3 University Life
mikepapaycikpisceschick75AcaciaCEJApparentlyAwesomeTeeSeabenson2006waterywatermelonAstroBreazonaStrawberryYogurtizecsonafternoonbaboonCalico45SnowBnuuy 14 votes
The Sims 4 Discover University
haneulelelunicyOnversertexxx78netney52xDKxShadowHawkVeeDubSkyrryx 8 votes
uh... I can't decide, so I am going to go with eenie-meenie-minie-mo...
I love them all!!! Big Sims Fan Here!!!
PlayerSinger2010simgirl1010 2 votes
I hate them all!!! The university experience is just not my cup of tea.
SeashoreLivia 1 vote
I am a university/college student, and I like playing with my Sims in university.
zagboorules 1 vote
I am a university/college student, and I like playing The Sims without university.
I like the most realistic version, because I can relate to my Sims better.
carpe_diem 1 vote
I like the wackiest version, because I want craziest experiences that I probably would never do in real life.
EnkiSchmidtRandgrith 2 votes


  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,807 Member
    I like the wackiest version, because I want craziest experiences that I probably would never do in real life.
    This sums up what I do with my sims at college.

    I only played the Sims 2 and Sims 4 university EPs. Sims 4 has bicycles and robotics, which are the main selling point to me, so technically Discover University wins over University Life. Still, for actual uni gameplay I think I still prefer Sims 2. It is better integrated into rotational play and I can see my sims' current study progress without needing a mod.
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  • afternoonbaboonafternoonbaboon Posts: 252 Member
    edited August 31
    The Sims 3 University Life
    TS3 Uni was so much fun. The trailer ACTUALLY was a good representation of what came with the pack, and the gameplay you get to experience. I miss ping pong, graffiti, juice kegs, SOCCER, and cliques. Getting extra trait slots for graduating Uni, was a HUGE motivation to finish school. Especially since my PC back in the day couldn't handle mods.

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  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 1,601 Member
    The Sims 3 University Life
    I am saying 3's because I felt it had the most impact on my Sims' lives outside of school, but I really liked 2's as well. I very much understand the feeling of university life being a sectioned off from normal life, so I never minded that, and they were interesting for a change of pace.

    I don't hate 4's DU. It is solid enough beyond the pathing problems. However, I do have a bone to pick with the grading system. 3's could be finicky, too, and 4's is fairly realistic, but I hate having to guess about my Sims' performance. There should never be a case where my Sim attended all classes/did homework but ended up with an unexpected D in one class and As in all the others because I happened not to notice (s)he was habitually late to one in particular. Yes, realistic, but even when you micromanage you have to be incredibly observant just in case something does happen. A very simple UI keeping me updated on the individual grades or progress bar could have fix this. Not to mention, I still find it kind of odd to have usual neighborhood foot traffic on campus. What are all my 5 star celebrities doing hanging around the dorms?

    I suppose my main problem with DU in particular is it sometimes feels unfair in ways the other Uni EPs weren't, especially when you are doing larger households. I find it the most realistic, but that doesn't by necessity make it the most fun.
  • waterywatermelonwaterywatermelon Posts: 413 Member
    The Sims 3 University Life
    Calico45 wrote: »
    What are all my 5 star celebrities doing hanging around the dorms?

    They are showing off their skills and knowledge and abilities to the students so that the students can become talented celebrities like them.
  • johnny33johnny33 Posts: 79 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    I liked how you got more want slots in the Sims 2, felt like a big sim achievement that they went to college. Would have been cool if they added more wish slots for the Sims 3 as well instead of getting more traits.
  • SallycutecatSallycutecat Posts: 200 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    I had University for Sims 2 and 4 so can only compare those two. I found Sims 2 University to be more fun. While I don't regret buying Discover University, I've found the university experience is too much work. That's all my Sims have time to do and no time for fun. There are things I prefer in Discover University like being able to live off campus and study part time and the student organisations. Sims 2 University had more focus on the fun dorm life, than the work itself which made the game so much more fun. University is my favourite pack from Sims 2.
  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 449 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    I love Discover University in 4, and just about all of my main-rotation sims have degrees...

    ...but Sims 2 University was a masterclass in the art of integrating college life into broader gameplay. The Young Adult life stage meant something special in that game.
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  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 148 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    I chose Sims 2 as I loved moving my Sims ready for college into a household and moving the whole household into the dorm so they experienced college and graduated together! Because I was able to play them as a household there was always drama, flirting, and helping each other out with homework and studying going on. I remember Lilith autonomously started flirting with her sister's boyfriend and they then started fighting in the dorm! Some of my sims would meet their future spouse and fall in live during college. Although it can happen in Sims 4 it is frustrating as can only play one sim at a time and it is difficult to play rotationally in college because of the way it is set up. I really miss the way Sims 2 did it! As a result I rarely play college in Sims 4, although I know I need to try again
  • waterywatermelonwaterywatermelon Posts: 413 Member
    The Sims 3 University Life
    @maggiemae8135 I think The Sims 4's concept of university has taken a lot from The Sims 3 than The Sims 2. In The Sims 3, you select one Sim or several Sims that you want to be enrolled at university. You pay the fees, and then you are set. Then, you spend the time on the campus, and afterwards, you are allowed to return to the home base. It is structured very similarly to World Adventures.

    The Sims 4 playstyle is very similar to The Sims 3 playstyle, in which your main focus in on one Sim, and that's it. Unlike the Sims 3, in which you can easily switch Sims in a household and control those Sims by the minutiae, the Sims 4 does allow you to switch control of Sims in a household, but you also sacrifice direct control. This forces you to only control 1 Sim at a time.

    Yeah, I agree. It really sucks.

    But, that's The Sims 4.

    I am just hoping for a new The Sims game... but if that The Sims game involves online and multi-player, I will pass.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,792 Member
    The Sims 4 Discover University
    I liked playing through Sims 4 University, tried to play Sims 3 University but I was bored within 5 minutes of booting into the world
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,153 Member

    Final Option: I work in a University and I’m sick to the back teeth of students. I have no desire to find them moping around in my game as well. 😂

    The reason I bought Sims 4 Uni is because I wanted to play with a secret society and build robots. Mostly build robots. That secret society is …hmm🤔…..how can I put this… The Get Together Club system does the job perfectly alright.

    I never played with Sims 2 Uni, but I do own Sims 3 Uni and I like that one, especially The Big Mean Science Machine and getting arrested for street art / vandalism. In Uni 4 there is 0 consequence for teepeeing that statue. I do however like the fact that in Uni 4 a sim is able to live off campus. It makes sense. I mean why would anyone want to live in dorms?

    Anyways, Universities are pointless. Just don’t tell anyone. 😝
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,824 Member
    The Sims 3 University Life
    I dont see nancy landgraab in sims 3 university so thats a plus, i like the group science project that can create global hivemind or put everyone to sleep, hundreds of premade university students that looks like a real student dressed according their social group, is a place where i usually find spouse for my sims as well.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,463 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    The TS2 version as it's simple and direct, adequate for gaming purposes. All the majors make sense and are directly connected to career opportunities. For those who like the secret society idea they are present and believable. Having been involved with the college/university scene in one way or another since 1967, am a university graduate, and have returned to it since last year, so speak as an 'insider'.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,991 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    No other options to me. BUT I do like DU <3
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  • haneulhaneul Posts: 964 Member
    The Sims 4 Discover University
    I hated that you had to live on campus in 2 and 3, so I never managed to get any students to graduate in 2 or 3. It just got too boring for me and the way I play.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,098 Member
    The Sims 4 Discover University
    But i don't like how long it takes to get a degree...
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 578 Member
    The Sims 2 University
    Sims 2 University for me. I love the on campus lifestyle (I stick my Sims in a dorm immediately). This allows them to focus on skills, class assignments, term papers, and social life. My Sims usually find their future spouse and other friends while there. I barely played the University pack for 3 so I can't compare that one. With Sims 4 DU, I could not figure out if my Sim ever got accepted to Uni so I just eventually gave up.
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