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Which city-related expansion pack do you prefer the most?



  • BariSaxyBariSaxy Posts: 4,598 Member
    edited October 26
    The Sims 1 Hot Date
    Hot Date and Nightlife were great additions IMO because they added new types of community lots. IIRC TS1 didn't even have community lots before Hot Date. Both packs added restaurants to their respective games. Sadly, the later games' "night in the city" packs did not, and have charged us for them separately. =/

    Can't deny that Bridgeport looks really nice, though and I have enjoyed playing in it.

    Ultimately I vote for Hot Date, for how much it expanded the original The Sims.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 12,290 Member
    Tough choice

    TS4 City Living because San Myshuno is beautiful
    TS2 Apartment Life because Apartments and Social classes were good features
    TS2 Nightlife because I like the nightclub experience.
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