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The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Patch Question

PurpleNightOwlPurpleNightOwl Posts: 205 Member
I recently installed all my Sims 2 expansions and stuff packs onto my old laptop to play again. Everything works great, which is good news.
Unfortunately, after installing Family Fun Stuff, I noticed that after creating this big family decked out in Family Fun Stuff outfits, some of the outfits went missing from Create a Sim. I realised that it was the same outfits I'd put my Sims in.
After some research, I discovered that this was a bug that had been fixed in a patch. I'm happy to download and install the patch, but I'm not sure how it works. I've never patched my Sims 2 game before and have never encountered this particular issue. Do I need to install the Family Fun Stuff patch even though I have all the packs installed?
Also, if I install this patch, will it fix the issue? Will the outfits be returned to Create a Sim, or will I have to delete the family or even uninstall and reinstall the pack? I'm worried I'll download the patch and the problem still won't be fixed.
Has anyone else encountered this issue? I know The Sims 2 is an old game now, but I know a lot of people still play it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,404 Member
    Hi :)

    I haven't played the disks in Ages but I would always use the patches as I installed the Expansions/Stuff. I thin that's the only Stuff pack patch.
    I don't know if it will fix it since it already happened but I'd still patch the game and hope.
    Sorry I can't help. :(
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,527 Member
    Yea, I can't remember if the patch fixed existing neighborhoods or not or if I had to reinstall as I remember getting hit with this glitch. I don't remember reinstalling for any glitches though, so it may fix the game. Pity the place where the answer likely was posted got deleted by EA when they took down the BBS.

    But whatever you do, don't delete the family as that will cause you to have to eventually delete the neighborhood due to corruption.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,060 Member
    Patches for TS2 will not fix already played households. But you can find them all (and if using discs you will need them all) over on Mod The Sims site. It's important in TS2 that you install the patch for each EP and Family Stuff and a few others. And also in order.
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