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When did you start playing to The Sims ?


When did you start playing to The Sims ?

When did you start playing to The Sims ? 236 votes

2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
Bluegaylecanitbemanpisceschick75crazygrl32084Kc71886grevilliablueNighteyesEgoGame13AlexaiWrenryAyradysslisamwittEarcatTheSpotted_CSimburianSusanaLeotePuddinroyUaexephaneulCynna 111 votes
2002 - 2003
icmnfrshjenpow01Rflong7haloujaIsb917AnmirlaloubyloulouBariSaxySorak4WaytoomanyUIDsScobreDoodlyDoofuslunaoddityStrawberryYogurtEricasFreePlayMortimerGothCharlotta11haisinSimmingalCalico45 28 votes
2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
CK213BreeSashaGalacticGalncisGibbs02maggiemae8135mlmeadowsbestfrienemies14johnny33emereChampandGirliesnoepjes1210BlueOvaleLiELFTaraIris94calipossMantleJackalwheelochDuskregnizecsonHeronyx 31 votes
2006 - 2008 (Packs developed by The Sims Studio)
LeGardePourpreFigwitCororonMizzila1297SvineprutterwaterywatermelonAngelEb95Astrosillyangel0906KelvinSimsLovinLycanBreazonaheauxfinitytemporalgodSallycutecatTARDISgradecaconions 17 votes
2009 - 2010 : The Sims 3 era
RochertValeahverkay123pinkrobinSprottenhamLogicallyironicRandgrithBerrypichu 8 votes
2011 - 2013 (Premium content added to TS3 Store)
lisasc360Felicitybenson2006mariajane216CAPTAIN_NXR7OnverserKatNipRedShoe7SERVERFRAVeeDubelissaaaaGoldenkiwwibookwormsimmer25 13 votes
2014 - 2016 : The Sims 4 era
ZiafarlogionMageKnightEmolgaKimmerrongtudjuuuImagebearSimcity_TrainsJDubtx81 8 votes
2017 - 2018 (Toddler patch and TS4 for console)
kaiwrysimsSeashoreLiviaAngeliqueAdelaidecody6268MZsimmer_Jake24xfruitfetishxBoneethug 8 votes
2019 - 2020 (The Sims 4 rebranding)
AyKooChaoGrimlyFiendishmightyspriteBookBearThunderbolt_4983DragonmasterleoJustMeAlbhymnhehim 8 votes
2021 and later
LynnPlayz1Ava_da_simmerRepulsive_Parfait_16DramaticJedi5 4 votes


  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,049 Member
    edited August 2021
    2006 - 2008 (Packs developed by The Sims Studio)
    I began playing with The Sims 2 when SP1 Family Fun Stuff was released in 2006.

    It was my favorite Stuff Pack

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  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 817 Member
    2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
    I think this is when I started. It was 2004 or 2003 anyway.
    I began playing with The Sims Bustin' Out and The Urbz on GameCube. :smile:
  • TARDISgradeTARDISgrade Posts: 190 Member
    2006 - 2008 (Packs developed by The Sims Studio)
    I started playing TS2 around 2008-2009 I think. Soon afterwards I got TS3, then stopped playing around 2012 because my PC broke and I got a Mac instead.
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  • LinzzLinzz Posts: 316 Member
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    I was shown the game at a friends house in 8th grade. The next weekend I bought the game and been playing on and off snice. :)
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,632 Member
    2011 - 2013 (Premium content added to TS3 Store)
    I never heard of the Sims games until 2011.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,193 Member
    edited August 2021
    2011 - 2013 (Premium content added to TS3 Store)
    Sims 3, around 2011 :) My first the Sims game (excluding MySims) was the Sims 3 Pets on the 3DS, it was a lot of fun and is still the best "mobile" sims game by a long shot imo
  • SeashoreLiviaSeashoreLivia Posts: 801 Member
    2017 - 2018 (Toddler patch and TS4 for console)
    I started in January 2017 after watching Zoe and Alfie play the sims 4 on youtube.
  • IsharellIsharell Posts: 984 Member
    edited August 2021
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    double post
  • IsharellIsharell Posts: 984 Member
    edited August 2021
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    Isharell wrote: »
    I started playing with Sims 1. I think I was introduced to it by my then boss (who played constantly at work because she was so bored), or else I read about it in a video gaming magazine. Continued with Sims 1 thru most of Sims 2, then switched to Sims 2. I waited 'cause I was still having fun with 1 and I figured I'd wait till a) the prices went down on 2, and b) they had enough packs for me to not feel I'd downgraded. Played Sims Castaway (loved it!), Sims Pet Story (meh), and Sims Medieval (oh, if only we could have built our own buildings and raised families properly...). Skipped Sims 3 because I like having multiple worlds/universes and they kept saying "one world". Also, I really really disliked how the sims looked in that one. Kept playing Sims 2 till I got sick of 25+ minute wait screens, not only to start up but also to move between houses or locations. Went Simsless for a few years, bought Sims 4 back in 2015 and played for a month or so. I remember I was about to buy Spa Day when my job went crazy and I didn't have a single brain cell to spare for years. I actually forgot I had the game! Got back into it in the spring of last year, and have since bought a bunch of packs (love those 50% off sales).

    I am happily back to Simming!

    edited to add when/where I heard of the game - why is it now in a quote box?
  • crimsonnclover324crimsonnclover324 Posts: 58 Member
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    I started playing the Sims as my "mommy downtime" after my son was born in 2000. It gave me time to myself, enough amusement that I didn't feel like I was missing out on things and I really enjoyed how unique the game play was. You could literally be a new Sim every day! I was hooked; I've never looked back and still play each franchise version at least once a month - even Medieval and Pirates!! The Sims 4 is the one I play most currently. Occasionally, I will put on the plumbob headband I made for a Halloween costume a few years ago just to make my family laugh.
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  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,003 Member
    2002 - 2003
    I was really young when I started with the Sims 1, and before I played I watched my mom and a cousin play. It was one of my first PC games, so I may have actually started earlier. Probably did, but I wasn't that cognizant of the time back then.

    Anyway, I played before 2 came out, but I did not start 2 until a little into it's life cycle from what I remember. I did not really have any control over when I got games back then.

    The short of it is that Sims 1 was one of my first games and I have been with the series since the absolute beginning.
  • MoonlightGrahamMoonlightGraham Posts: 719 Member
    edited August 2021
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    I started with The Sims, which came out when I was in high school. I didn't get into it all that much then, and I set it aside. I don't recall what made me think about The Sims again this spring, but I did...and before long I was back on Team Sims. So, I could have just as easily been the first vote in the 2021 category.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 21,568 Member
    2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
    I began in August of 2005. So, instead of merely a Base game, I had already available to me University and just a couple of months later Nightlife came out. My addiction was swift.
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  • hymnhehimhymnhehim Posts: 518 Member
    2019 - 2020 (The Sims 4 rebranding)
    I'm pretty late to The Sims games. My parents have been playing since the first game I think, but I really started getting into it December 2020-January 2021.
    Hey, I'm Milo (he/him)! I love The Sims 4, and I've been playing it since December of 2020. My Sims bestie and forums bestie is Gonnawin1111, aka V.
  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 708 Member
    2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
    Sims 2, basegame when it came out, at the behest of my then-girlfriend (and now ex-wife; we divorced in 2009.) The bug didn't really bite at first; 2004 was a spectacular year for gaming, and I spent most of the fall of '04 and all of '05 addicted to Rome: Total War.

    But when I got a new computer in 2006, I installed Sims 2 and a couple of expansions on it. That neighborhood would occupy my hard drive all the way until I replaced the old machine with a new one in the fall of 2010. I put easily a thousand and possibly 2,000 hours into it over those four years.
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  • MZsimmerMZsimmer Posts: 21 Member
    2017 - 2018 (Toddler patch and TS4 for console)
    I’ve been watching The Sims 3 and 4 videos on YouTube since I was young, then my twin sister got it for her birthday and played a lot with it, she let me play sometimes too and I realised it was even funnier that it looked like, so I got it too! I absolutely loved to build houses and then play with Cats and Dogs, I think it’s the pack that gave me the most fun :D
  • ghamrick75ghamrick75 Posts: 134 Member
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    Started playing when the first Sims game when it first came out. That would have been right after college graduation.
    Have some "fun" stories on that.

    Played Sim City before that.

    Stopped playing during Sims 2 (due to being on a Mac for work related stuff) and didn't get Sims 3 until after I had bought Sims 4 (due to not owning a PC for over a decade).

    Tried playing one of the Sims games on console and didn't care for it due to the controls. Suffered through at least one Sims knockoff on console that I otherwise enjoyed besides the controls on it.
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,754 Member
    2011 - 2013 (Premium content added to TS3 Store)

    Twenty Thirteen.

    Before that I was either party-ing or playing the occasional quest or FPS game with a group of other geeks after college or after work.
    I began playing a sims mobile version first. Two, actually. One was Medieval.

    Due to my line of work the only thing that sparked my interest was character creation in (simulation) games. I learned that a PC version called The Sims 3 was also available, which I believed to be -for reasons I won't share today- an adult version of the mobile game...So a guy is interested and gets a starter bundle on sale.
    The pc version proved to be something entirely different to what I had in mind and I soon realized that this was the most overwhelming game I ever played. Then again, I haven't played a huge amount of computer games. I su.ck. I really do.

    I remember creating a sim who looked a bit like me and moved him into an apartment. He met a girl at a bar, got her to move in with him on the first night (as you would) make them do woohoo for their first time ( and my first time in a sims game) and BINGO!..baby in the house.

    So that's where things got tricky. In the Sims 3 babies are like these little cocoon things that can be thrown just about anywhere in the world. This baby was everywhere in that tiny apartment except for where I wanted it to be: GONE.
    Meanwhile appliances began to malfunction, the relationship between my sim and his girl went south as they were starving and completely broke. However, it was The Incessantly Crying Cocoon that eventually caused me to reach my breaking point. I didn't get The Sims. It was too hard. I hated it.
    At that point in the game (all this was one long, confusing session) I switched it off and didn't look back for months. What a terrible and stupid game. It wasn't for me.

    Then one fine day I thought about that guy and that girl and the little pink cocoon baby. And I was wondering how they were getting on. I wondered if they were like those Tamagotchi pets kids got back in the day and if they were dead? And if not dead, was there a way to get my guy to live alone again? I was only a beginner simmer after all. I got curious, so I switched it back on.

    They weren't dead. I was kinda glad about that. And thanks to the magic of the Intranet I also found a way to move the girl and the cocoon out of my guy's apartment.

    You're better off with your mommy little one. Goodbye. <3

    That's when I eased into The Sims and I must say I'm still enjoying this darn franchise.

  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 1,842 Member
    2011 - 2013 (Premium content added to TS3 Store)
    I don't actually remember the date, but I'm pretty sure it was 2011-ish when I played Sims 3 for a few weeks (and only because it came free with a video card, I think). I didn't enjoy it much, so I quit. Beyond that, it was sometime in early-mid 2019 when I got Sims 4 (also free due to a promo). I'm fairly shocked that I'm still playing it.
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  • HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 218 Member
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    I know I played with the Sims way back then, but now looking back I can't clearly remember my playstyle. I know I had Making Magic and possibly the vacation pack. I enjoyed it enough to upgrade to Sims 2; I remember being so excited when University came out for it. I took a break and didn't play 3 as I was starting college myself, but I picked up 4 last year during lockdown.
  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 342 Member
    2002 - 2003
    Wow! I'm actually shocked by the amount of OG Simmers on this forum. I thought this forum would be dominated by new people who started with TS4
  • johnny33johnny33 Posts: 79 Member
    edited August 2021
    2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
    Started with Sims 2 and loved it immediately. I've played other Sims entries which were pretty fun in their own way. Probably my favorite game franchise and I'm actually thinking about getting a Sims tattoo :D
  • SallycutecatSallycutecat Posts: 261 Member
    2006 - 2008 (Packs developed by The Sims Studio)
    I started with the first Sims after Sims 2 was out. I switched to Sims 2 shortly after Sims 3 was out. I started Sims 3 around late 2010 or early 2011. Played for a couple of years, then stoped altogether. I heard about Sims 4 shortly before it was released and got it as soon as it was available where I live.
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  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,289 Member
    2004 - 2005 : The Sims 2 era
    I think I played tutorials earlier but that's the era that I think I really started. I played both TS1 and TS2 around the same time interchangeably. I was then a bit late to start TS3 but played it intensively several times with a few breaks.
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  • jackofallgames07jackofallgames07 Posts: 12 New Member
    2000 - 2001 : The Sims era
    May 2000 :) For my birthday :D
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