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New Farming Challenge

Farming Challenge
By jentasticsims

This is my version of the farming challenge that was originally posted for the Sims 3. I’ve made a lot of changes to suit the Sims 4 and now that we have the Cottage Living pack, this challenge will be a lot easier to start. I will be recording this challenge on my YouTube channel here:


I will also post here in the forum.

For this challenge I will be using all the packs except the Paranormal pack as I don’t have that one. But the main packs I’m using are:
-Base game
-Cottage Living
-Eco Lifestyle (for dumpsters, bug boxes and off the grid stuff)
-Laundry Day (purely for laundry, wash line and tub)
-Seasons (extra garden features and bees)
-Nifty Knitting (if you want the country life feel)
-City Living or Jungle Adventure (for the market table)

You can find the trashed house here:

If you use the house that I used, you will also need these packs:
-Cottage Living
-Eco Lifestyle
-City Living
-Get together
-Jungle Adventure
-Journey to Batuu
-Vampires and
-Spooky Stuff

At the start:
You start the game with either an elder and a teen or a teen and a child (I will be using the latter), $500 simoleons (use the cheat for money: control + shift + C > testingcheats true > money 500) and a run-down house and yard. The house can only have what would be permanent to it such as cupboards and fireplaces. The bathroom fixtures have been torn out because this is a challenge, right? I left the kitchen sink in the cupboards so if you have water, you can use it.

These are general rules to go by. Of course, you can make it harder or easier if you want. It’s your game after all. It’s supposed to be fun. But feel free to add anything to this challenge.
-No cheats, except for subtracting money
-You can’t have a job, not even freelance or odd jobs. We are living off our farm.
-No university in the first generation
-no traveling outside of the world you live in for the first generation (example: Henford-On-Bagley). You can travel to the different sections of the world.
-Turn off autonomy. At least for the first generation.
-I will be using long lifespan, but you can use whatever one you want
-You can’t steal or sell stolen items
-You must take the elder or child with you if you travel, except for school
-Make sure to pay bills or get your stuff repossessed
-Teen and child must go to school and reach an A before they age up
-Length of season is up to you. I will be using a 2-week cycle (winters are long otherwise)
-You can only make money by selling at a market table or what cash found in the dumpster
-No Plopsy until the second generation
-Teen/adult must do all the repairs, cooking, cleaning and gardening. Child can water garden only and elder does not do any work. They can tell stories or teach though
-You cannot fix the house (wallpaper, flooring or decorating (except what you find in the dumpster) until the yard is cleaned
-You can only clean up 10 things per week. Pick the same day each week to do it so you don’t loose track. You cannot collect money from the things you clean up unless it’s from lightning.
-You can only go to the dump once a week. Again, pick the same day every week. You can use anything you find in the dump for yourself, to recycle or to have on hand for the repo person but you cannot sell anything that cannot go on the market table.
-You cannot go to another world to recycle or go to market
-You can sell anything you have made, collected or farmed on a market table
-You cannot mark up the price of for-sale items on the market table until the next generation and only one mark-up step per generation.
-You cannot fix burnt items from the dump as you would need the career to get the machine to do it.
-You may purchase items to reduce bills (example: rain collector and wind turbine)
-Once your teen becomes an adult, they may marry and must produce an heir for the next generation
-Once the child has grown up, they may marry and move out or stay, but there must be room in the household.
-Pets are allowed

Final Goal
-Clean and landscape the yard to look nice
-Have a profitable working farm
-Have $100,000 in funds

Have fun playing!


  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Farming Challenge Ep 1- intro and starting out

    Join Vivian and Trinity Bell as they embark on this fun farming challenge to turn this run down yard into a prosperous farm.
    I hope you enjoy this series!

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,909 Member
    @artistju - Wonderful intro to the video, and started watching your video. That must have taken a lot of work to "trash" that house. Good luck to Vivian and Trinity. Looking forward to seeing more :)
  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Thank You @SoulGal7! Yes it was a lot of work but worth it for the challenge, Thanks for watching
  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Episode 2

    Surviving alone on an abandoned farm has many challenges. Vivian and Trinity find some valuable items in the dumpster, but their hopes are dashed when the bills are overdue.

  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Episode 3

    Vivian and Trinity try hard to keep up with school. Not being able to sleep properly is taking it's tole on them.

  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Episode 4

    Vivian and Trinity struggle to survive, but it's hard for a teen and a child to do this on their own.

  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    Episode 5

    Vivian and Trinity face one challenge after another. Is their homestead a safe place for both of them to live?

  • artistjuartistju Posts: 64 Member
    There will be a bit of a story gap between episode 5 and 6 because, although I filmed episode 6, the sound did not record and I just can't remember what happened enough to do a voice over so I will record the next episode from where I left off in the game. I don't think a lot happened in the silent episode.
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