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Mission achieved .... My cow farm <3

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,756 Member
Link to invisible animal shed

Hi all I am so happy. I have my cow farm <3


It was a long process with lots of ups and downs that you can see in this thread ;)

But in the end I made a working invisible animal shed. You can download it here if you wish too <3

So how did I make this working cow farm. Well here it goes.

Step 1
First I placed some random maxis animal sheds without move objects on. I marked with the terrain tool where the end of the cow will be in the shed.

Step 2
I deleted the maxis animal sheds

Step 3
I placed one of my invisible sheds, since it has no gridlines I focused on where I put it, go into live mode and click on purchase cow. The cow then appears, then I go back in build mode and use the alt key to shift it into place where I have marked it will stand. Repeated that 8 times. I also then placed gates at all the spots the shed is, you can't see it in this pic though ;)

Step 4
I deleted the lines I made and call all my cows out. Let the fun begin :D (oops lines still in this pic :D , but delete them hahahaha)

I hope that if any of you out there would like either a llama farm or cow farm, that this will help you :)
Happy simming all <3

edited to add the very talented KyriaT's version of the invisible animal shed <3
It cuts our this whole big rigmaroll you have to do above, now you can just place them and make it invisible with the pink swatch ;)

Oh my gosh Simmers, you are going to love this post <3

I was contacted by the very talented @KyriaT_sim


She is going to change our lives forever :) She has made some changes to our invisible shed that is going to make simming with it so much easier. You now can place it and then use the colour swatch to make it invisible, no more guessing on where you want to place it ;) Here it is when I tested it out in my game, How cool is this !!!!!!


She has very kindly shared her package with me to share with you all. I have uploaded it to my media fire (no changes all credit to KyriaT) and will share it on the first post and the other cow farm thread as well, Its amazing work <3

Here it is for us all, its truly very talented work she did here ;)
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