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Vitriol Trilogy (Updated 12/11/21)

SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
Each chapter has its own content warnings- READ THEM CLEARLY before you read the chapter.
Click here to read the in-depth lore
START THE SERIES HERE: Chapter 1- A Dying Art
LATEST CHAPTER 12/11/21: Chapter 16- Dear to Me

Started: 03/05/21 | Completed: 24/05/21 | Chapters: 13
CONTENT WARNING: Each chapter will have its own warnings, but this story will contain upsetting themes.
Áine tutors the young and anxious Morgyn Ember in Untamed Magic, desperate for a successor due to her illness- but others become concerned for the prodigal teenager, and their true reasoning for wanting to learn such powerful magic.
. Chapter 1- A Dying Art
. Chapter 2: Birth of a Spellcaster
. Chapter 3: Imago
. Chapter 4: Matriarch
. Chapter 5: A Window to the Soul
. Chapter 6: A Burning Desire
. Chapter 7: Success and Successor
. Chapter 8: Through the Veil
. Chapter 9: A Mother's Love
. Chapter 10: The Changing of the Guard
. Chapter 11: If it's Power you Crave
. Chapter 12: An Eye for an Eye
. Chapter 13: Dragons' Tears

Started: 06/03/21 | Completed: 12/04/21 | Chapters: 17
CONTENT WARNING: Somewhat more light-hearted than my other work, but this story contains themes of bereavement.
Helen Grisswold gets kicked out of the Magic Realm's academy for dabbling in 'forbidden magic'. After a year's break, she wants to get back into spellcasting in order to get back at the Sages- but perhaps the 'forbidden magic' she dabbled in will change her life in ways she'd never imagined.
You can read the challenge rules here.
. Prologue
. Chapter 1: Reigniting the Spark
. Chapter 2: Catching Up
. Chapter 3: Play with Life
. Chapter 4: Misery and Company
. Chapter 5: An Eternity of Magic
. Chapter 6: Overcoming your Demons
. Chapter 7: Ascension
. Chapter 8: Stepping Down/Stepping Up
. Welcome to the Academy- Introduction
. Part Two Interlude: A Charm-ing Wedding
. Part Two Chapter One: Theodore, Leo, Willow
. Part Two Chapter Two: Helen, Zoe, Jordan
. Part Two Chapter Three: Amanda, Leo, Theodore
. Part Two Chapter Four: Willow, Leo, Zoe
. Part Two Chapter Five: Amanda, Zoe, Jordan, Theo
. Epilogue: Tamed

Started: 03/08/21| Completed: Ongoing | Chapters: Ongoing
CONTENT WARNING: Thematically, this one is the darkest so far and will contain upsetting themes.
Spellcasting has become more mainstream than it has ever been, and certain people feel that the power has been taken from their hands. Whilst they try to take back 'what's theirs', the son of a powerful bloodline family will have to work even harder to maintain the good reputation he's gained after his grandmother tarnished it many years ago. However, protecting those that matter to him may mean putting his morals aside.
. Prologue Part One: Blood Ties
. Prologue Part Two: Away with the Fairies
. Chapter 1- Old Faces
. Chapter 2- Violent, Frustrated Desires
. Chapter 3- Dysfunction
. Chapter 4- A Gift and a Curse
. Chapter 5- In the Jaws of the Lioness
. Chapter 6- The Pursuit of Clarity
. Chapter 7- Do Not Seek Forgiveness
. Chapter 8- Held Accountable
. Chapter 9- Cordially Uninvited
. Chapter 10 Those Left Behind, Part I
. Chapter 11- Those Left Behind, Part II
. Chapter 12- Sanctuary
. Chapter 13- Relocation
. Chapter 14- Sons of Monsters
. Chapter 15- Interior of the Earth
. Chapter 16- Dear to Me
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  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Yeeeees you made a forum thread! As you can tell I am very hyped for this 😁 I didn't get to read during my break but I'll get caught up with the second teaser soon!
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    @_sims_Yimi No rush! And thank you for your support as always /U\
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Going to put my comments here because I keep forgetting to check on blogspot. 🤭
    Oh my, I bet Morgyn has no idea that the kid they saved all those years ago grew up to be Leo. That is so sweet. I hope Leo gets the opportunity to thank them in the future – so much potential for a sweet heart-to-heart 🥰

    Oh, poor Leo. Stepping into a fantasy world because reality makes you miserable is a mood that I know very well. Those blue eyes in the middle of the tree hollow are so so creepy though, holy cow. No, Leo! Don’t go in!- is what I want to say but I would have done the exact same thing in Leo’s place, lol.

    Your Sylvan Glades is so ethereal and pretty 😮 Ironically she told Leo to call her Delphinium, but that doesn’t mean that she actually gave Leo her name. Fae are tricksy like that. Ooooh, so that’s what influenced Leo to become a Mischief spellcaster! It makes a lot of sense, given what I know about Leo already. I wonder what kind of shenanigans being friends with the fae will bring Leo.

    Oops, not visiting for nine whole years, yeah that’s sure to 🎁🎁🎁🎁 anyone off 😅 Guilt-tripping Leo for the rest of his life sounds about right, haha. I wonder if Delphine is all on her own in there, or if there are others like her. There definitely seem to be other “things”, judging from the creepy faces at the edge of the glade 😨 It’s kind of sad that they still can’t call each other friends, despite everything, simply because the risk is too great. Leo is right to be cautious, of course – otherwise he probably wouldn’t have come back the first time around.

    I wonder what she meant by “in the future”? 🤔
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    Thank you for commenting as always, I always appreciate hearing from you < 3
    Morgyn has no idea at all, although that moment will always be one of personal pride for Morgyn- winning their first heated duel, and casting their first ever proper spell! Haha yeah it’s a feeling all us avid SimLit readers know too well.

    Any kid that’d been raised properly likely would have thought twice about going into that tree, but even a eerie tree with creepy eyes and a creepy child’s voice is more welcoming than Leo’s own house.

    I’m so so happy you like the screenshots and that there isn’t too much pink! Yeah you’re right, Delphi isn’t her real name. I spent ages trying to think of a pretty floral name that wasn’t overused : p I haven’t actually thought that far yet about fae shenanigans, but we’ll see! I also am not sure who else (if anyone) lives at the glade, other than the little angry glaring things anyway. That’s the thing though, how long is it before one of them slips up with being tentative? Then it’s a five-star forever holiday in the faerie realm!

    Oh, she means ‘in the future’ mockingly, because he was away for so long she doesn’t believe he’ll be back anytime soon. And Leo left it as open as possible avoiding giving her a timeframe to be on the safe side : p
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Chapter 1
    HAHAHA sure Faba, come swanning in expecting the person that you shut out years ago to treat you nicely now. I feel that pettiness, Leo. I really do. Would have done the same. 🤣 Her apology felt pretty okay up until she decided to threaten Leo going “you need me here” rather than continuing with actual remorse and promising to try and be better. Buh-bye, Leonora. I didn’t mind you in TSAHF but you’ve definitely deserved this. 😂

    I liked the perspective swap between Leo and Louis, and learning what they think about each other. Aww, Leo hasn’t seen Theo for a whole month? Dang, that’s such a long time x.x I hope they keep in regular contact via texting or something – if it were me I would not like not seeing my so for a whole month.

    Helen in Henford! Bunnies! Tiny chickens! Naww, they look so happy there <3 it’s such a stark contrast with their usual life, too. Maybe that’s what they needed. A break. I was very worried about how casually Morgyn decided to use magic there – it’s one thing to admit you’re a spellcaster and show magic to people, but it’s another to cast spells in another person’s home uninvited. Luckily mr. Saunders took it well. The idea of spellcasters helping with crop growth is such a good one! Everyone needs food, and knowing that people won’t go hungry because of spellcasters will warm people up to their influence for sure!

    I like the idea of an eventual Henford-on-Bagley guardian wolf. Oof, Untamed magic is banned after all. Or at least most of it. And Ethren is the one overseeing Morgyn now? LOLOLOL this is going to be a disaster. Actually, I’m very interested to see how this turns out. If Morgyn can handle Ethren of all people, then they can handle anything – this may be the perfect challenge.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    @_sims_Yimi thank you for commenting as always < 3
    Haha yeah, Leonora’s not going to get far expecting Leo to give her a place in his academy when she shut him out so many years ago. It probably seems petty but I probably would have done the same and not let her in : p They do keep in touch, but yeah they haven’t seen each other in a while. Theo isn’t exactly a social bunny so it’s not so bad for him, but it is for hopeless romantic Leo : p I think that needs to be a thing - the ‘Dragon of the Untamed!’…cuddling a bnuuy : p

    Morgyn is a lot better than they were in TSAHF and Untamed, but still prone to be a bit of showing off. Yeah hopefully the spellcasters can be a good influence (well most of them…) Untamed magic is publicly banned, except for under some very particular cirumstances I imagine. I know right, this is going to be a mess and I love it XD
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Finally had a chance to get caught up! 😁

    Chapter 2
    Oh geeze, I suppose this is another example of the truth being coloured completely based on the observer. The exact same event can be described so differently depending on the personal beliefs of the person looking at it, and it’s so easy to assume the worst.

    Ooooooh that is rich, Ethren. Casting shade on the witches’ blood and saying that Untamed magic is dangerous, while it was practical magic that had the whole of spellcaster society in its iron grip a few decades ago. Everything is dangerous when mishandled and helpful when treated properly. You don’t get to pick and choose what is bad and what isn’t based on prejudice. *angry mumbling*

    Oh, Morgyn. Knowing Helen she’s upset that Ethren left out some vital bits of information, not that you let your anger/magic get the better of you in the heat of the moment. Yeeeeeees tell them Helen! Don’t let that thought get even deeper in their head, poor Morgyn.

    Darrel seems to be doing a pretty good job as sage. I wonder if Ethren ever goes to check up on him, to see if his previous practical magic is properly contained too. *grumble grumble* sorry all the potatoes are for Ethren today, I’m still peeved at him 😂

    Ooooh, they hired Karen.. I mean, Esther! She looks so much like a better-than-thou lady yelling for the manager that I just can’t get it out of my head now 🤣 I wonder how happy Leo would truly be to hear that dear mum is at the academy now, too. Something tells me that Leo might not be thrilled.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    edited August 17
    @_sims_Yimi Thank you so much for commenting, I always enjoy hearing your thoughts < 3
    Admittedly I haven't thought about it in much detail, until you mentioned it and it's a good point. I always wonder if Ethren is trying to very subconsciously 'shift the blame' because of how much Esmeralda's actions affected his own school of magic. Or like he possibly feels second-handedly guilty for something that wasn't his fault, but then as we already know I guess Ethren isn't really a guilty-feeling person. He's the sort of person who isn't afraid to speak his mind but that's not always a good thing. 'Everything is dangerous when mishandled and helpful when treated properly.' Yes this is exactly it! And he should know better after what happened with Practical magic anyway. Don't worry, Ethren will be hopefully planning a visit to both Darrel and Leo at some point- and we all know how Leo will feel about someone trying to tell him what to do!

    I think Helen is a bit let-down that she was never told that, but then she understands that Morgyn had absoutely no control over the witches' blood at that point; they didn't even know they had it, and as soon as they came to they felt intensely guilty for what they did to Ethren. I feel like Ethren coming back is going to revive all of those awful memories- both Morgyn's and Aine's. I love that Ethren is your potato target now : P Darrel is doing pretty well with being a Sage, I like to think he's part of what's made Practical so popular since although he's not the smartest guy, he makes it a bit more fun than Simeon did XD Her whole design is completely based on the 'Karen' stereotype, she's not too far off herself XD Yeah the trouble is, the only time Leo and Darrel have ever spoken about it, Leo said his 'whole family' had suffered because of Esmeralda- so Darrel has mistakenly thought that includes Esther, and Darrel has also fallen for her awful facade as well. Fun stuff!
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  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    edited August 20
    New chapter:
    . Chapter 3- Dysfunction
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  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    Another new chapter, and a fairly big revelation.
    . Chapter 4: A Gift and a Curse
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Time to catch up! Woo!

    Chapter 3
    I want to go to that bunny café so bad 😍
    Immy being ordered not to tell anyone about her situation at home and the first thing that her thoughts jump to being that she made Leo angry are very, very telling. No wonder Leo wants to take her away from that household to live with him. She’s probably too young to be allowed to choose, though. Poor kid.
    Oh geez yes anything but the Boo Boo Billy set, that doll looks like the type that will come to life at night and go searching for knives 😨

    Yup, Francis has my instant dislike. You don’t get to look the other way for years and then cry about it for pity points. He doesn’t want to help. If he really wanted to, he would have. He sounds like he just doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of Esther’s heat and is throwing his kids under the bus to avoid it.

    Nawww, Delphi missed Leo and doesn’t want to admit it. The two of them have a strange relationship, but it works. I wonder if the glade is ever visited by anyone other than Leo.

    Woops, Darrel broke the news. Props to him for not firing someone based on rumour alone, though in this case it might end up biting him in the behind.

    Cluckadoodle’s! Is it just me or does the place look strangely familiar? 🤭 lol, Morgyn looks so incredibly out of place in a fastfood restaurant. Bwahaha, maybe they should have gone to Chez Llama 😂 I wonder what kind of interactions Morgyn and Esther are going to have. Should be an interesting pairing, that’s for sure. Morgyn is one of the people that would be able to poke holes in her outward mask and see the person underneath. At least, if Esther is similar to their own mother. Hmm…

    The magic art looks awesome! I love the phoenix 😁

    Chapter 4
    “If we know the history, then we have a better chance of not allowing it to repeat itself.” Wise words from Morgyn there. I hope that their efforts end up bearing fruit – after all there’s a difference between “knowing” and really knowing. Fingers crossed, though!

    Morgyn! Don’t let your proposal time and location depend on giddy teenager girls that want drama! Morgyn! Morgyn! 🤣 oh geez, I would hate getting a proposal in public in front of everyone so much. Especially if I wasn’t expecting it – way to put you on the spot. Gaaaaaaaah 🙈 Looks like Helen liked it, though. Thank goodness 😂 Yay! They’re getting married!

    Magicky swords! They look epic 🤩 Wait, Morgyn’s middle name is Cade? Oooooh, taunting and goading your opponent, yeah that should work to get him motivated. I’d like to think that it was not the fact that Tomax flirted with his wife that drove him over the edge, but the fact that he had dirty fingernails. 🤣

    Omg Morgyn makes for such a cute doggy o.o LOL Morgy the corgi. That’s a very oversized corgi, Helen. Luckily John doesn’t ask questions, haha. Or maybe he’s just used to people being weird.

    Morgyn being able to see Áine’s memory from Esmeralda’s perspective… that’s worrying. Is it because she had witch blood, too? Hmmm… it’s been a while since I read the chapter with Morgyn assaulting Ethren. Was that was Exhaurio does? Drain bits of the other person into yourself? Oh geez, that’s not good. That’s not good at all. And is it just the memories that get drained out, or the personality, too? Hm. I'll have to re-read to be sure 🤔
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    edited August 24
    Thank you so much for commenting as always < 3333
    Yes the bnuuy cafe is adorable! Yeah things are really rough in the Viridis house but Leo doesn’t want to go making brash decisions for his own sister, even though getting her out of there is better she’s really too young to understand what’s going on. Yes the Boo Boo Billy would give any kid nightmares! You’ve read AE so you know who Francis’s situation is based on there. Yeah their friendship is odd but they both do their best to understand the oddities of the fairfolk and humans respectively. I haven’t actually thought about that but then there was that fishing rod earlier so maybe. Yeah Darrel knows he’s got rules to follow but also knows Leo is a very honest person, so he’s struggling to know what the right thing is to do.

    Haha I knew you’d recognise the restaurant XD Don’t worry I have fun plans for Morgyn and Esther and their eventual interaction- the lioness and the dragon, what a fun combination! I’m glad you like the art!

    I feel like Helen and Morgyn have had engagement planned for ages but neither knew when or where was the best place to do so, also getting swamped by work : p I’m glad you like the magic swords and that they don’t look like lightsabers XD

    If we know the history, then we have a better chance of not allowing it to repeat itself.” Wise words from Morgyn there. I hope that their efforts end up bearing fruit – after all there’s a difference between “knowing” and really knowing. Fingers crossed, though! I laughed so hard at your comment there XD 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Tomax and his girlfriend stealing dirty fingernails!

    My friend jokes that Morgyn’s wolf form looks like a shiba inu and calls it Dogewolf XD Such Untamed, very magic, so shapeshift. Yeah IDK if John is oblivious or just used to his weird neighbours!

    It’s a bit complicated, but the way Exhaurio works is that it drains one’s life force into oneself, and the effects that has depends on how much of the life force was absorbed (or how much was given). It doesn’t affect a person’s personality at all in the longterm, but I imagine that in the moment if you were to drain the entirety of someone’s life force you would feel as they do in the moment for a brief period of time.

    Enough of the life force would transfer any of the person’s magical powers (as it did to Morgyn) and also their memories as well. It takes time I imagine for these memories to become clear and not just brain fog- but I imagine over time, the life force becomes so absorbed into a person that those memories become too hazy to be recognisable to the person, like when you have a dream but remember nothing of it. Morgyn being able to finally shapeshift I imagine is a result of how they and Aine’s sort of ‘merging’ is at its peak, if that makes any sense. Which is also why they have memories of Aine’s partner and weirdly for them, Roisin’s birth.

    So even though Esmeralda’s life force has no effect personality wise on Morgyn, it still hurts to know she lives on within them and also that their own mother figure lied to them about not knowing what the spell was. Poor Morgyn can’t catch a break.
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  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    New chapter is up. Don't worry, I'm back to work next Tuesday so from next week onwards I will be back to weekly updates.
    . Chapter 5- In the Jaws of the Lioness
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member

    Chapter 5
    Christmas socks! Don’t worry, Darrel, half of my sock drawer consists of Christmas socks and I love them to death. 😂 You can never ever have too many. Aw, Darrel and Emilia are so good for each other. She recognizes not only that he’s worried about something, but also guesses at what it is and managed to distract him.

    Oh, bug off, Esther. Willow and Simeon are perfectly fine being how they are without being “awe-inspiring” in your opinion. Pfffft. When the world comes to ruin, the powerful are remembered as tyrants that the kind eventually overthrow. Ooooh dear, their lie came to light. That will not be a fun family dinner to attend.

    Turning people green and turning them into gnomes sounds a heck of a lot better than threatening your own children with magic at the dinner table, Esther. They call that abuse. Did you know that? GAH no, don’t get pressured into joining practical anyway – they can totally tell Darrel how she is treating them without bending to her will first 😣 Oof. Something tells me that Esther will be sugary sweet whenever she’s not behind closed doors. They always are.

    Oof. Morgyn’s conversation with Helen was heavy. She did the best she could. Poor Morgyn. Maybe a break and just being away from everything for a while is just what they need. They do say that you can’t start to process and heal until you feel safe, and can slown down. But getting hit with one reveal after another while also juggling lessons and duties at the academy is not exactly a time where you can easily do that.

    Aw, Leo 😭That letter is so sweet. And just what Morgyn needed, maybe. Let's hope they can hold on to those thoughts. LOL elevator music in Darrel’s head 🤣
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    edited August 26
    @_sims_Yimi Always enjoy hearing from you! Thank you < 3
    Darrel and Emilia are both adorable together. I can't imagine them being anything other than adorable together. I imagine they're probably really sugary-sweet together in public (hopefully not in Henford or Agnes will get slap-happy with her handbag : P ) Esther is honestly so full of it. You're the 'matriarch' of a long-running magical bloodline, not a goddess. And even then you're a terrible 'role model' to your children Esther XC And yup, she's probably one of the most awful parents I've ever written to be honest. She's just yet another mother who sees her kids as nothing more than extensions of her own wants. Maybe let the kids do what they want to do and keep your trap shut, Esther!

    Out of randomness, when you put it that way about the 'world come to ruin...tyrants' I'm reminded of that Ozymandias poem. Kinda gives me an idea of where possibly to go with it all because I have a lot of awful ideas coming up X_X Thing is Morgyn isn't the type who can sit at home with little stimulation but don't worry, their family and friends have their back < 3 Helen never knows what to say but her heart is there, same as Darrel. Haha, even the cheeky and sometimes downright rude Leo sometimes has a way with words. And yeah Darrel just has elevator music in his head all of the time : P One of my friends described Darrel as a 'himbo' in this story I'm laughing so much.

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  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Chapter 6
    Bwahaha omg they ran into Agnes 😂 poor Leo, going straight from bliss after so long apart to being whacked with Agnes’s brick handbag 🤣 tarnished with public displays of affection 🤣🤣🤣

    I spent way too long fawning over that cross-stitching pattern Morgyn was making. Do want.

    LOLOL Morgyn is selling charm potions to the Finchwick locals? Aw man, to be a fly on the wall when they all drink that and start flirting with everybody right in front of Agnes 😂 That picture of Morgyn gardening in the morning light is gorgeous! Henford-on-Bagley is already beautiful, but that makes it downright dreamy. I wonder if Morgyn will end up wanting to stay there.

    COWPLANT! Nawwww, they named it Flora. Its tiny version looks so cute. And there’s nothing wrong with missing the person you love, Morgyn. To the contrary – it would be weird if you felt nothing while not around them for a prolonged period of time. I know there’s really strong couples that are apart for months at a time without an issue, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to do that. I’d miss my SO too much.

    Aw, Morgyn’s chat with Obaasan was heartwarming. It’s hard to go on believing in something even if nobody else does, especially if the others look down on you for it or flat-out deny that it exists.

    Oh. My. Word. I did NOT expect the dragon to actually show up! Holy cow it looks amazing! I worried for a moment what was going to happen once Morgyn reached the top of the mountain, but that exceeded my expectations! I wonder how Morgyn will use the wisdom that the dragon has given them. That was epic 🤩

    Omg it almost ate Helen nooooo 😂😂🤣🤣
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    @_sims_Yimi Thank you so so much for your comment as always < 3
    The little dog cross stitch is adorable and probably my favourite along with the ‘this took forever’ one : p I’m glad you like that screenshot! Yeah no idea how the cowplant got there I never planted it, but I thought Morgyn would love it XD

    Yeah, I wanted the scene with Obasaan and Kashikoryu to be the two helping each other out, as opposed to the usual ‘stranger exists purely to help protagonist and that’s it’ route. Morgyn puts faith back in Obasaan by believing and listening to her, and they put faith back in Kashiko-sama as he now knows he has not been forgotten about or lost to time. In return the two give a little of their advice to them as well. The dragon looks amazing doesn’t it? When I saw it on the gallery I knew I had to put it somewhere. To think someone made it just using TOOL and a bunch of different objects! An unnecessary dragon, Snuffy would be proud : p
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    New chapter, and a (hopefully) surprising change of heart.
    . Chapter 7- Do Not Seek Forgiveness
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Chapter 7
    Points for Ethren realising that he was a potato to Morgyn! Less points than he could have earned – it’s still “oh no I pushed their mental state to decline” instead of “I was a total wangrod and completely misjudged Morgyn and was horrible to them because of it”, but it’s something, at least. He does realise that it’s not about him wanting to feel better, but about Morgyn deserving an apology. So many people only apologise in order to make themselves feel better, and so they can sweep things under the rug. I wonder what Ethren will do after that apology – it’s the actions you take afterwards that matter the most, not the “sorry” itself.

    Hol’up, hol’up, hol’up. Loads of students are showing signs of spellcasting stress? From Practical specifically? And Ethren just reminisced about Esmeralda making people cast for her until they overcharged. Ooooh, no. That can’t be good. Logic wants to say it’s a coincidence but my gut is pointing at it with one of those giant lights that they use in police raids.

    Aaaaaah fudge, it really is Esther that’s doing it! Oh no 😣 I wonder how easy it will be to fire Esther… and if she’ll actually go quietly.
    ETHREN 😫 “Every single one of my students is getting sick? Gee blimey, let me hum and haw about it for a full week.” YE FOPDOODLE.

    Oh. Oh good, he did fire her! Okay. Okay. Now for the fallout. Let’s hope that there is none… yeah, that does not sound like there is none. Good that all the children are nowhere near that bonfire, at least not at the moment. I wonder what is going to happen. Esther doesn't strike me as the type of person to just accept things and move on.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    @_sims_Yimi Yimi comments give me +20 serotonin : 3
    'So many people only apologise in order to make themselves feel better' YES THIS!
    Yeah Ethren's realisation here is far from perfect and he's still not admitting to himself that he completely misjudged Morgyn as well. I imagine it took longer than just firing her next day since I imagine they would have had to discuss in detail amongst each other, and probably had to involve whoever is in charge of Ethren possibly, IDK. I feel like if they'd have just fired her the next day she probably would have kicked off about how she wasn't given a fair chance or whatever. Still, all of the students' statements all being more or less the same didn't help Esther's case : P
    Oh yeah, we both know Esther isn't going to quietly accept this at all. We'll have to see how things go. : O
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 874 Member
    This time it's a double update. I had to split it across two chapters.
    Chapter 8- Held Accountable
    Chapter 9- Cordially Uninvited
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,412 Member
    Aaaaah sorry this took me forever to get to!

    Chapter 8
    Wow, Esther. Calling your own husband of X years a pathetic little man is just. Wow. I mean, she’s like that with everyone, but still. I wonder why those two got married originally – if she actually liked him, or just liked that he was a total doormat.

    Ah, fudge. She’s focusing on Darrel and Immy. Darrel can probably take care of himself but Immy really, really shouldn’t return to that house any time in the near future. Esther would hang onto her like a drowning victim clings to driftwood and probably drown little Immy in the process 😣

    Beltane 😍 I wonder what it’s like to speak to ghosts sims-style. On the one hand, I can imagine that it would really mess with your ability to accept and move on from their death. On the other hand, you can move ghosts into your household and in older games you could even have babies with them… right, random tangent there. Sorry. I’ll fix my brain eventually.
    Ooooh, Ethren! Second chance for a real apology. You can do it, Ethren. Aw, second time’s the charm. He’s actually taking responsibility for his actions and vowing to do better. Full points, dreadlock-Santa. Full points. Well, maybe one point less for not classifying an apology as an apology.
    The great thing about apologies is that the person hearing it doesn’t have any obligation to say that it’s okay. How I see it, there’s two sides to an apology. Forgiveness, which you can give after someone shows sincere regret. And trust, that they have to earn back through changed behaviour. You can accept a person’s apology and still want nothing to do with them because the trust is gone. Forgiving someone after an apology is not for them- it’s for you. So you can move on from the hurt. Not so things can go back to how it was before they hurt you. They have to earn that through their actions. Saying “I’m sorry” and immediately expecting things to go back to normal, without changing anything, is not an apology. It’s rugsweeping.

    Dear gods, Esmeralda locked her students in a basement and worked them to death? And Esther is proud of that? Something is very wrong with Esther’s head. I agree with Ethren – Áine not telling Morgyn to protect them sounds about right.

    Naww, the suit and dress both look stunning on them. Both! Wear both! Not at the same time, obviously.

    Chapter 9
    Yup, that’s a beautiful place for a wedding 😍 Awwww, John being so appreciative of magic now and even showing up for their wedding is heartwarming. Amg and he’s even casting himself now! One-of-us! One-of-us!

    Aaaah, fudge. So Esther is both a horrible person AND a wedding crasher in one 😣 Oh! I spot the story title! That can’t bode well. Pffffft, like Leo cares about “tarnishing the family name”. The only thing Leo is worried about is making his family look even worse than you and your deranged mum have already done. In bet Leo could turn her into a gnome. Uggggh, get a hobby, Esther 😆 I hear knitting is good for the soul.

    That phoenix and dragon picture is amazing! I already said this earlier but I love the light effects on Morgyn in the middle 🤩

    OH NO

    Oh noooooooo 😱

    Who is that doggy? Have we seen them before? I don’t think we have… Oh, no, Darrel 😭
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