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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, August 19th


  • kotlin_heauxkotlin_heaux Posts: 1 New Member

    I think an overarching theme we keep seeing go missing is challenges.

    Bring back the repo man, burglars, getting fired, demoted, the social bunny... and FEARS.

    The randomized NPCs are a serious drawback. Just add more NPCs to each neighborhood and give them the specific jobs or roles that they need to fill. Then add story progression on those NPCs.

    But there should also be events that have semi-permanent effects on a sim. Like if a sim gets cheated on, maybe they should have a non-trusting trait or a jealous trait. similar to how you get traits for aspirations. If a sim gets their lights cut off so many times, maybe they become accustomed to living off less and become freegan. More traits with more consequences and drawbacks would help create obstacles to give simmers something to do and make things fun.

    In sims 2, there were turn ons and turn offs as well as chemistry. In the original sims, there were interests (for conversation) and zodiac signs. Every sim being attracted to every sim shouldn't be the default. One-directional relationships should come back though. There's like no such thing as unrequited love in this game.

    There needs to be more to do that just bars and lounges. More types of locations that aren't rabbit-holes that give you a reason to show up. That's why festivals are so popular.

    Make some of the regular careers to be active careers. The scientist career track was THE MOST fun and that's because it unlocked things like Sixam and made going through the career actually affect gameplay. Criminal, Politician, and Secret Agent could be active. Entertainer career should be active with Get Famous. Tasks were a good start. Maybe even giving the tasks some complexity like the assignments in cottage living could be helpful.
    Even with the part-time jobs, if you're a babysitter you should be transported to a NPC family's house and have tasks assigned as a part of taking care of the kids.
    The Lifeguard job could easily take place at one of the public pool lots.
  • WannabeSimGuruSamWannabeSimGuruSam Posts: 7 New Member
    An Auto-Roofs Function, a Memories Scrapbook (like in the Sims 3, as well as being able to Adjust what is CONSIDERED an ACTUAL Memory), Burglers, Body Hair, More Career Orientated Aspirations, a 4th Trait Slot (I always felt that 3 Traits ONLY for Adult Sims was just too Few for TRUELY Unique and Realistic (at least when it comes to Personalities), the Ability to Install & Use Mods/CC on the Console Versions of the Sims 4, and a Spiral Staircase, I forgot earlier along with the More PJ's & Nighties in Base Game (it is ESPECIALLY Frustrating when trying to dress Toddlers in Sleepwear for Hot Weather (Whether you have the Sims 4 Seasons Expansion or not, since I Tried to do this even BEFORE Seasons came out)). A 500 Sim Limit in Addition to the 100, 250 & Unlimited, would ALSO be Nice.
    That is JUST for the Sims 4 Base Game, for the Other Sims 4 Packs, the things that always BOTHERED Me because they were MISSING ARE: Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion: Dental Treats & Health Treats AND a Bassinet with Paw Prints on it; for the Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack: An Arcane Style Bassinet; for the Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack: An Islander Style Bassinet; The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack: An Pirate Style or Spooky Pumpkin Bassinet; The Sims 4 Get Famous: A Sleeping Pod for Toddlers AND a Futuristic (but NOT Alien) Style Bassinet. Also Toddler Clothing & Toddler Beds being Added to Sims 4 Packs that Came Out BEFORE Toddlers were added to the Sims 4 Base Game.
  • MichalinaMichalina Posts: 2 New Member
    I love the sims series since 2006. It has changed a lot but still has issues.

    I wish we had a lot small pets, as parrots 🦜(brilliant in the sims 3 pets), lizards🦎, turtles🐢, small birds🐦, snakes🐍 etc. We barely 4 rodents in My first pet stuff, we still are enable to feed fish in aquarium 😑

    Babies are still the objects, I hate that they all the same (even skin tones). Family portraits have bugs in rendering babies too. We should be able to take them on walk with baby trolley or more gameplay with other baby objects.

    Emotion system should be more complex. I wish our sims had crushes❤ I really don't like that big part of gameplay is based on changing emotions (for example spirits from University or emotion fruits in Jungle adventure).

    The XXXXXL size of many objects. Why we still don't have they smaller versions? Lots are to small for most of gameplay objects (for example our iconic telescope).
  • simopolissimopolis Posts: 125 Member
    edited August 2021
    Oh, sims team, you have nailed it by asking us, your biggest fans, to help with this! Hopefully we can be as helpful as you have been in creating our favorite game!

    I am a long time simmer having started with sims 1. Now in sims 4, with a masters in social work, an undergrad in design, plus oodles of life experience including having a coder boyfriend, I feel more prepared than ever to lend a thought or two to this growing body of ideas!

    Ideally I would like to rearrange quite a lot. Completely change traits and interests to replace aspirational and whims system so that all traits provide something to strive for and interests provide direction in how sims achieve their personal goals of being their best selves as well as interacting with each other and the world.

    It would be so cool if we were to change the traits system to one that actually had an impact on our sims and the way they behave. I think a lot of people have mentioned a scaled system of conflicting attributes. The way I imagine this working would be to have our sims be able to evolve their strengths and challenges over time based on the activities they engage in. These might look like the following and have sims start out in CAS with 10 points that they can assign amongst the various attributes, which all have 10 or so grades on their scale.
    "Physical" Very Strong…Strong...Medium...Weak...Very Weak
    Determines how fast or slow sims’ needs deteriorate or perhaps their walking speed. Can be improved in game by working out, being active, and eating healthy or reduced by eating junk food, watching tv, napping when not tired, etc.
    "Emotional" Very Calm…Very Calm...Medium...Reactive...Very Reactive:
    Determines how fast or slow emotions deteriorate and/or intensely affect sims. Can be improved by engaging in debuffing actions or reduced by ignoring regulation techniques.
    "Ambition" Very Hardworking…Hardworking...Medium...Lazy...Very Lazy:
    Determines how fast or slow sims’ career performance increases. Can be improved in game by working on career related tasks, working hard or reduced by slacking off at work and avoiding work tasks.
    "Social" Very Outgoing…Outgoing...Medium...Shy...Very Shy:
    Determines how fast or slow sims gain or lose relationship points with other sims or how often interactions succeed. Can be improved in game by socializing, practicing speech, comedy and related skills or reduced by spending time alone.
    "Creative" Very Original…Original...Medium...Boring...Very Boring:
    Determines how much or little sims can sell their creations for and/or what quality they are. Can be improved by engaging in crafting or reduced by avoiding crafting activities.
    "Mental" Very Smart…Smart...Medium...Slow...Very Slow:
    Determines how fast or slow sims learn skills. Can be improved by playing chess, taking classes, reading books or related activities or reduced by slacking off at school, not reading, etc.

    This way I could have my very strong, calm, very shy, original, medium smart sim who gets around fast, is relatively able to work through stress and heartache, has a hard time making friends, makes pretty decent flower arrangements, and is learning how to do so at an average pace.

    Meanwhile this sim should also have some preferences. I LOVE the interests system. Let's expand it!!!
    Colors - impacts satisfaction with furniture and clothing
    Styles - impacts satisfaction with furniture
    Music - impacts what music sims do and don’t enjoy
    TV - impacts what shows sims do and don’t enjoy
    Drinks - impacts what drinks sims do and don’t prefer
    Food - impacts satisfaction with certain meals or foods
    Activities - impacts what activities sims do and don’t enjoy
    Worlds - impacts what worlds sims do and don’t visit
    Lots - impacts which community lots sims do and don’t visit

    Then add an attraction system that is impacted by traits and interests. Sims who share interests can talk about them and gain extra relationship points. Sims who have contrasting interests can debate their interests and lose extra relationship points. Introduce uneven relationships that are impacted by traits. Sims will naturally add positive relationship points towards sims who have high "physical" points and reduce points for sims with low "physical" points. Sims will gain or lose relationship points towards nearby sims who are in positive or negative emotional state. Sims will add automatic relationship points to sims who are worth lots of money and remove relationship points from sims who are unemployed or poor. Sims will add relationship points to the creator after reading, eating, drinking, listening, viewing or otherwise consuming a high quality crafted item, and lose points if it was a poor quality item. Sims will automatically add one sided relationship points if a sim has more skill in something than they have, etc.

    Then add impact of relationships. Sims who have high relationship with mental sims can skills learn from interacting with them. Sims who have high relationships with creative sims will get random gifts of their creations from them. Sims who have high relationships with social sims will be introduced to other sims by them and be liked by them already. Sims who have high relationships with ambition sims will get career performance boosts from interacting with them. Sims who have high relationships with emotional sims can decrease negative emotions quickly from interacting with them. Sims who have high relationships with physical sims become inspired to work out and eat healthy from interacting with them. AND vice versa. Slow sims can sap your skill points. Boring sims can annoyingly ask and be given items your sim has crafted. Shy sims can make other sims avoid you. Lazy sims can kill your work reputation. Reactive sims can put you in a bad mood. Weak sims can inspire your sim to take a nap. Negative relationships with sims can also impact outcomes in opposite manner.

    Meanwhile, add individual bank accounts and storage facilities so our sims can live with other sims without having to share items and finances. Make it so you have to apply and get into private school, and if you do you gain more skills than public school. Make it so you go on interviews for jobs, perhaps even starting at higher level if well-qualified. Set starting funds to 0 so you have to take out a loan to survive, an added challenge of escaping debt is your first goal. Introduce long term rentals so starting sims can afford to live. Allow sims who "make it" to buy commercial and residential lots and rent them out for passive income based on lot worth. Add inheritances based on relationship levels. Add travel costs ($50 to another neighborhood, $500 to another world) and add private jets, helicopters, and cars (even if they just disappear from the lot) which make transport less expensive if you own them. Make it so you have to buy clothing and get emotional effects from doing so. Recalibrate costs, eg: Growing flowers should not be worth that much more than going to work, and a roll of toilet paper should not cost $50. Art should appreciate in value so it's worth buying as an investment. If you complete a collection it should be worth more as a set than if each piece were sold individually. Add items from debug to bb so they cost money.

    Manage Worlds
    NPC roles and jobs should be available to our played sims. Not all sims need to be angel investors, some should be able to work at the Willow Creek Archive as the Librarian or as the Oasis Springs Mail Deliverer. If we marry the bartender from Rattlesnake Juice Bar, they shouldn't lose their job, but keep going as rabbit hole or active career. When we visit lots with other sims, the sims that work there should show up in that role. There should be an option to restrict sims to their own worlds so they don't do walk-bys in other worlds. We should also have the option to turn off townie generation completely. Manage Worlds should have list of NPCs and their roles so they can be easily edited. CAS should allow us to make NPCs. NPCs should have their needs locked when working. Only one NPC should fill each role. EA should have premade NPCs that begin ready-made with lore for each save. If there are no sims living in the world, option to not generate townies for walk-bys or lot visits. An empty world should mean an empty world if you want it to!

    Individual bios and photo albums with optional automatic photo-ops for each milestone/memory. Funerals, bachelor/bachelorette parties, slumber parties, honeymoons, burglars, sneaking out, and more events!

    Thanks so much for your time! I love that you trust us to give input!! I'm sure you'll do amazing things with it!!!
  • 이연송이연송 Posts: 1 New Member
    제가 하고 싶은말을 할수있어서 기뻐요!

    1. 짝사랑 시스템★★★★
    일방적인 사랑의 감정이 생겨났으면 좋겠어요.

    2. 어떠한 사건이 저절로 일어났으면 좋겠어요.
    예를 들어 도둑이 든다거나 청소년들은 시험이 있다거나
    고백을 받는다거나 학교에서나 직장에서나 감정 안좋아진 사람들에 대해 뜬다거나 소소한 일상에서 일어날법한 일들이요.★★★★★

    3. 휴대폰을 눌러서 순간이동하는거 말고 이동할때 차를 타는 모션이나 버스타는모션, 지하철에 들어가는 모션이 있었으면 좋겠어요.★★★

    4. npc들도 승진도 하고 결혼도 하고 지냈으면 좋겠어요.★★

    5. 천장을 다양하게 바꾸고 싶어요.★★★
    화려한 장소를 만들때 흰 천장은 어울리지 않아요.

    6. 심들이 세면대에서 세수했으면 좋겠어요.★★★
    매일 하는 흔한 일인데 없는게 의아했어요.

    7. 수영과 농구, 롤러 이런것 운동으로 기술을 합치지 말고 어느정도 분리 해줬으면 좋겠어요. 운동기술이 높다고 수영, 농구 다 잘하는건 이상해요. 겨울 이야기팩에서는 스키랑 암벽등반이랑 스노보드랑 기술은 분리되어 있더라구요★★★

    8. 사소한 일상 모션 추가가 되었으면 좋겠어요.★★★★
    (1)청소년심이 이불을 뒤집어쓰고 몰래 휴대폰을 한다거나
    (2)이건 꽤 중요한건데 과식하면 뜨는 무들렛이 있어으면 좋겠어요.
    (3) 좋아하는 사람의 얼굴을 자주 물풍선에 띄우면 좋겠어요.
    (4)먹고싶어하는 음식을 떠올린다거나
    (5)청소년 심들은 자주 거울을 들여다본다거나
    (6)어느날 별똥별 떨어진다고 뉴스에서 보도되고 별똥별날이 생기거나 예를 들어 "별똥별보면서 소원빌기" , "좋아하는 사람과 잘되게 해달라고 빌기" 그래서 좋아하는 사람이 나에게 메세지를 하나 한다거나 , "로또에 당첨되게 해달라고 빌기" 이렇게 해서 로또에 당첨되는 확률이 커진다거나 "건강을 위해서 빌기" 
    내가 아플 확률이 낮아진다거나 이런것도 좋아요.

    제가 평소에 많이 생각한것들인데.. 제 글을 읽어주셨다면 감사하고 심즈4는 덕분에 지금도 재밌게 플레이하고 있습니다. 하지만 조금 심들이 로봇같고 삶을 살아가는데 재미가 부족한것 같습니다. 부족한 부분을 채워 주시면 너무 감사한 마음으로 끝까지 심즈시리즈 모두 플레이 하겠습니다.
  • Isa_MenezesIsa_Menezes Posts: 99 Member
    Hi, SimGurus: something like the front desk staff mod [ https://modthesims.info/d/648433/front-desk-staff-mod.html ] should be official in the game... NPCs like that let the game more real. Thank you again for this space.
  • Hcla25239028Hcla25239028 Posts: 22 Member
    Please and more plots that can be used throughout the base game.. Even if they are smaller plots 20x15 maybe 2-4 through the base game as a whole so that we can use them for small homes or apartments, parks , small commercial lots.
  • CerezaCereza Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi sims team! First of all, I really appreciate you open this questionary and gather info from the players. Now here it goes my thoughs:

    1 - Open world: I dont think this is going to be possible, because probably would have to edit the base system, but simmers we really enjoyed the open world in sims 3 and would be amazing to have that. Is very frustrating when you are in in your lot and you only can move a bit in the map.

    2 - In sims 3 there was an option of woohoo with grim reaper. I know this is not important, but it takes so little in add this option to sims 4 and will give simmers a lot of new features and stories, specially in legacies.

    3 - Copy and apply hairtyle / make up / accesories to other outfits: Every style has 5 outfits, so in total we have a lot of different types, and sometimes you want the sim looks identical in hair, make up, accesory to other. Would be so nice to have this option to copy certain hair to another outfit. Like for example copy the hair from everyday to formal outfit 1.

    4 - Teens that looks like real teens: Right now teens and young adult looks basically the same, just teens are a bit thin but if you see it , you could assume is young adult. In sims 3 teenagers where shortes and face's proportions a bit more "child" rather than adult.

    5 - Disabled sims: In the last years EA team made a gorgeous work integrating transexual sims, more colors in skintones and I think maybe now is the moment of deaf, blind or sims with prothesic members. I know there is a lot of simmers that have some discapacity and would like to be represented in game when they make their simselfs.

    6 - Memory sistem like in sims 2: Im not talking about a feeling/sentiment that lasts a few hours/days, im talking about really memory sistem that you can check and see the important events. Also in the premade sims like Goth family, this memory sistem adds a lof of lore, since you can see what they lived before play with them. I remember back in times when players check Olive's memories about woohoo with grim reaper and we were crazy about how she managed to do that. That is interesting.

    7 - Horses and riding horses and driving cars: Really, you gave as a farm world with no horses... =(

    8 - Underwater world: Now that we have sirens, it would be awesome having the chance to travel to siren world. Basically would be like a normal new world but with water.

    9 - Medieval world: You already made the option of "no electricity" so I dont think it would be hard to make a world in where directly moderns objects doesnt exist and sims and environment looks more like medieval time.
  • SineadirlSineadirl Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm very much a family-oriented player so I would love to see more to do with raising kids. Babies are pretty boring at the moment - they should be able to be held away from their cribs, put on play mats, brought for walks in prams etc. There could be baby monitors, changing tables, rocking chairs, cute outfits...

    For kids: bring back the school bus! Also, private school - such a fun feature that I really miss. Since there's already an option to control what kids do at school (i.e work hard, meet friends etc. as well as the scenarios that pop up), it would be fun if they could get detention after school if they slack off! And/or a note home to parents/guardians.

    Teenagers are way too similar to adults - they should be able to get acne, braces and other typical teen features. Height should be added for all Sims. It would be great if we could send teens off to hangout with friends without travelling with them and then lecture/ground them if they miss curfew. I'd love the see the reintroduction of prom as well. Teens should have to study for and sit exams towards the end of their teenhood with the results determining their future prospects.

    Looking forward to seeing any future updates!
  • Lostangele7Lostangele7 Posts: 25 Member
    Hello Sims, thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our opinion on how we would want the game to improve. I see in the rules that there is a bullet point stressing that this is not a content request point. I hear you and I strongly believe that asking for a better story progression is not content request. In my humble opinion the lack of story progression in the sims 4 kills the enthusiasm I sometimes have to go and turn my game on. Because I feel that the sims outside my household are somewhat stuck. Also the lack of cohesion when it faced with the family tree annoys me, it’s like like were are the aunts, cousins, uncles, stepparents and the like. It’s makes playing legacies game so boring when your sims don’t even remember clearly how they are related to certain sims. Also I believe that still having babies as object also kill the progression of the games, because babies are basically useless in the sims 4, they isn’t much of a story to be told there with them. But truly as a family type player I always lament the lack of family play the most it’s as if the sims have nothing to do while being a family,
  • GuybrushThreepwoodGuybrushThreepwood Posts: 26 Member
    I think the game could be improved with improvements to Traits and also to the time-management of the game.

    Some traits could be absorbed into Likes and Dislikes. For example, why is Book Worm a trait but Reading can't be a like/dislike? Now that we have this system I can have a Sim that enjoys exercise and I don't have to give them an Active trait for that. You could take traits like Bookworm, Music Lover, Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Childish, Dance Machine, Neat and Slob and work them into the likes/dislikes instead. The 'hobby' traits in general could be a part of this system.

    Let's use the Lazy trait as an example. Lazy blocks out a lot of other trait choices, some make sense and some do not. I think it's far to say a Lazy Sim won't be adventurous, but you can be a bit of a couch potato and still be Ambitious. You can be a bit Lazy but still be Neat. And you can be Lazy but still enjoy making things. By being able to pick traits that seems to conflict you would have a much more complex Sim, which makes the game more fun and challenging. Maybe a Lazy Sim with a conflicting trait has random bursts of 'get-up-and-go' where they can be super productive for a few hours. If they use this time to make something or clean the house, they get a strong 'accomplished' moodlet which allows them to continue to complete tasks without getting Tense for a day or two. If they don't use the 'get-up-and-go' time productively then they'll fall into a slump, meaning a longer period of time before the next 'get-up-and-go' happens, forcing them to do anything productive will result in the tasks taking much longer and the Tense moodlet being stronger.

    Side note: the introduction of a 'Slacker' trait would be a good way to differentiate between a Sim who doesn't want to progress in a career or do anything too productive, vs a Sim who is Lazy but still wants to try. Maybe some traits could have sub-categories.

    I don't think there are many personality traits that last for life in real people. We're able to change and grow (or regress) depending on what we learn and what we are exposed to. It should be much the same for Sims. If you have a Sim who is Evil, but never perform any Evil actions, maybe they should lose that trait. If you have a Slob Sim but their house is never dirty, perhaps that trait is replaced with Neat. A Sim who loves the Outdoors but never goes outside would eventually be conditioned to prefer indoor activities. A Sim that spends a lot of time on Internet forums could develop the Paranoid trait, etc.

    Some of this would be easier if Lifestyles were part of base game rather than a Snowy Escape exclusive (for example, Vegetarian should be a Lifestyle that is gained through not eating meat, rather than an assigned trait that takes up a slot. Most of the 'lifestyle' traits could fall into this system.)

    I think being able to give Sims five traits instead of three would be a much better balance. One or two of the slots could be reserved for more challenging traits, kind of like the Lot Trait system.

    All of this would encourage more strategy in gameplay and make the game more of a challenge.

    BUT it won't be enjoyable unless there are some adjustments made to how long some of the actions in the game take. Some of this is down to lagging, some of it is down to failings in the multi-tasking system. Sims who talk over their meals take far too long to eat. Entire Sim hours can be wasted waiting for them to put a dog on a leash. My preferred solution to this would be to simply make the days longer, slow down the clock but not the interaction lengths. I'm aware that that's much easier said than done, and maybe not even possible. IRL you could be up, showered, fed and out of the house in an hour, but in the Sims it's more like two or three. A trip to the bar or café ends up needing to be a half-day affair, when IRL you could meet a friend for lunch or a few drinks and be home a couple of hours later. IRL you can do a lot in the gym in an hour, but in the Sims it's more like five.

    Maybe this could be an in-game setting, like age span? Being able to select a 60 second hour, a 120 second hour, a 180 second hour would be a good way to let players determine how much time they want in a Sim day. Longer days would let the game be a more accurate life-simulator. Right now it feels like there are two modes: a Sim with a job, which ends up being eat-sleep-work-repeat (which is true for many real people, except most of us can still fit in the occasional after-work activity without having to be out until 2am), or using money cheats and having a jobless Sim who has time to visit community lots.

    Hope you're all doing well, I know you have a lot to wade through with this thread, so good luck :)
  • dangmaldangmal Posts: 35 Member
    Depth for me comes from detail and meaning, specifically meaningful relationships - family that don't become strangers when they move to University for example. I have three questions related to things that appear (imo) to hold the vastly improved base game from being an even better experience. These are all things that if changed that i think would add real richness and depth to what is already there:

    1. Why does the game force you through create a sim before you can build? sometimes you want to set the canvas for your stories (the world) before you know what story you'll tell.
    2. The ability to build sims that have certain skill levels and financial resources is locked to the create a sim story feature, why not allow us to create families with pre-existing skills, jobs, relationships, finances and memories?
    3. Why cant sims remember who they are related to? and why is the memory system just a screenshot organiser not something that records first kisses, and sad moments like deaths etc?

    i know no wishlists, so i won't say create a world. but imagine giving us that much power back over the stories we tell. Game changing, literally.

    to the devs, you have gotten us to a sturdier base game and there are flashes of inspiration in many of the packs, so thanks!
  • chisnallxchisnallx Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see more indepth relationships with the sims such as coparenting and reactions to cheating such as working on their relationship, taking a break or even separating. Also , the ability to have first loves and first relationships and those relationships impacting their experiences.

    I would love for there to be more events such as funerals , sleepovers and playdates like there was in sims 3 generations.

    I would also like to see more interactions for toddlers, kids and teenagers. Give them more experiences like first day of school , toddlers going to day care like in sims 3 , teenagers getting crushes , going to prom , graduation from high school , moving out for the first time etc.

    Babies need to feel like more than an object , such as changing tables, being able to dress them, not being so generic in their looks.

    For me , I want more indepth family and relationships in game and I felt like you did them well in sims 2 and 3 and have really left out alot of that in sims 4.
  • KajankSimmer2212KajankSimmer2212 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just want babies to be a real life stage and an real person to care for. They should at least be able to leave their bed. Pets should also have more interactions than impulsively jumping in a bush all day. Burglars should be brought back. We also need less wormholes. I would like to see my sims at school, or get into cars when they go places. I also would like for teens to become to be updated to make them for teen like instead of just small adults, or a preteen life stage should be add to encompass the awkwardness of adolescence. Lastly we either need more illnesses or the ones we have need more detail/information added to them.
  • ItsSimsTimeItsSimsTime Posts: 1 New Member
    More depth for me would be not only having my sim feel alive but also the sims that I don't play with too. The sims is a world not just a household.

    I feel if we had unplayed households be able to have families, get married, get promoted, build skills etc, would add much needed variability to the world.
    I want my sims to be invited to their friends/children who have left home - weddings, holiday celebrations, possibly baby showers ;)

    I don't want my sim to be the only one who makes the choices in the relationship. I would like my sim to be proposed to/asked to be boyfriend/girlfriend/just friends too.

    A further example of depth would be let's say my sim goes on a date and the other sim on the date suddenly cuts it short and leaves. My sim receives a text later saying "sorry, wife called, had to leave, lets try this again at another time" or "you weren't my type, don't bother calling me."
    It's a simple example that uses the existing date system but adds variability and sentiments about what could happen on a date.

    Sometimes letting the highs be very high (even beyond reality) and letting the lows be very low - to the point a sims trait/like/dislike changes would add so much to the sims personality and character.
  • KajankSimmer2212KajankSimmer2212 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just want babies to be a real life stage and an real person to care for. Babies should at least be able to leave their cribs and be carried, taken for a stroll, and have the option to be taken with you when you go places.Toddlers and high chairs need to be redone entirely or at least made to where they will stay in them and can be used at restaurants. Pets should also have more interactions than impulsively jumping in a bush all day. Burglars should be brought back. We also need less wormholes. I would like to see my sims at school, or get into cars when they go places. I also would like for teens to become to be updated to make them for teen like instead of just small adults, or a preteen life stage should be add to encompass the awkwardness of adolescence. Lastly we either need more illnesses or the ones we have need more detail/information added to them.
  • InspectorBodoInspectorBodo Posts: 6 New Member
    One more tiny annoyance:
    Sims leaving dirty plates on shelves and half-walls.

    You probably could improve the GUI for inserting half-walls to work more like foundations/platforms as well.
    Oh! And being able to adjust wall height more freely or at least choose different heights for disconnected rooms on one lot.
  • Simmer_HannahSimmer_Hannah Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you for this opportunity to share our thoughts! I’m a bit late to the party but I wanted to share a couple of things I thought of:

    - Make it harder to get a job! Have various criteria to get accepted to careers, not all jobs available at all times, interviews etc.

    - Pop ups with larger consequences that we don’t know before making a choice (change of getting fired, getting promoted, etc.)

    [b]Relationships: [/b]
    - Having the possibility of relationships (both friendly and romantic) to be one sided. Eg. a one sided romantic relationship could give a related sentiment (having a crush, they’re out of your league, feelings of shame or embarrassment, etc.) which could increase the clumsiness of your sim when the person is nearby.

    - The phone call from a parent who asks when your sim will visit them was great, especially how it can affect their relationship. That could be built upon, for example: you plan to host a party, and another sim can call and ask why they weren’t invited, with alternatives that can affect the friendship positively or negatively.

    Again, thank you for this opportunity:)
  • Hcla25239028Hcla25239028 Posts: 22 Member
    If your sims are a biracial couple their children should reflect that and have a warmer skin completion not just one or the other. Better genetic system please .
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 4,209 Member
    In TS2 there was a games stand sims could buy computer games from. I think it would be nice if we had such stands in TS4 that we could buy different merchandise from. Video games, books, magazines, postcards, vegetables, fruit, household items, bakery goods, cakes, clothes, perfumes and lotions, toys, etc. Kind of like the vending machine but without the fighting. It would help to create beautiful looking shops. Also, would be nice to be able to send postcards, letters and gifts to other sims by mail.
  • nnnnatalinnnnatali Posts: 102 Member
    edited August 2021
    English is not my native language, I can say, not very understandable.

    For me, "Depth" is the ability to give more settings to each save, choose a difficulty setting, disable / enable various features.

    1. Protect the city from visiting foreigners (from any other city) / celebrities / stray animals / vampires or vice versa, let them walk the streets and public places. Manage the names, looks, clothes of the newly created homeless citizens that fill the streets. ( For example. I created medieval Windenburg, all townspeople wear historical clothes, I will rebuild all houses and replace all sims in all towns. But the game will create new homeless townspeople in modern outfits - blond-haired with Asian eyes cut in the lightest / darkest skin tone with the hidden abilities of aliens / vampires wearing oversized glasses with snake boots, and they will need to be changed again. ) Set different saves to have different seasons and weather during the season. (For example. In this San Myshuno it is always hot and it never snows and never rains, in this San Myshuno it snows all year round and everyone wears winter clothes, and in this San Myshuno it always rains with thunderstorms. Don't try to guess how it should be, let everyone the player will configure himself in each saved game as he wants.)
    2. For our play houses and sims, we need empty cities surrounded by neutral vegetation without decorations, so that the player can figure out what will stand there: old castles, wooden rural houses, modern eco-houses, bear huts, UFOs for aliens, Indian wigwams, a hipster caravan or a modern multi-storey building. (For example. We have a lot of construction opportunities, but where will I put this futuristic building for a sim from the future? In Oasis Springs, but does an inflatable dragon near a cheap eatery interfere? There is an empty place in Willow Creek, but there are provincial houses behind it, and a railway warehouse across the river? ) And we also need an empty urban area and the opportunity to build urban multi-storey buildings with apartments. (Where do you live? I'm in the apartment. And my Sims are all in the villages with their own houses).
    3. More complex characters are needed - 3 character traits are too few, but this requires more possible character traits.
    4. We need a continuity of skills and rewards for children and adults (For example. My baby got skills and bonuses for achievements, grew up, and everything was reset to zero. The child developed motor skills, grew up and forgot about it).
    5. Parties and family holidays are set up by the player. For which you can choose what they are called, what goals you need to achieve, what clothes visitors wear, etc.
    6. Offline interaction with other game characters or homeless citizens, as well as the ability to enable / disable this for everyone. (For example, in the park, other children will approach the child and invite him to play together. Someone will approach an adult and offer to play chess. Citizens with high musical skills will give concerts on the street. Citizens will create families, get a home phone number for a sim who has the necessary skills or has returned from university, call and offer to quit their current job and become a politician/scientist/cosmonaut, etc.During the conversation, a friend will offer to switch to the same career in which he works. The child will bring a friend from school, and this friend will actively impose himself on local communication, encourage him to acquire new skills, offer to complete a school project together or help with homework. ... And now I don't want to communicate, so I will turn off autonomous actions from the townspeople .)

  • Dbnydb3Dbnydb3 Posts: 3 New Member
    Most of the seating is comfort level 1 which makes most of the seating unusable because sims will choose to sit anywhere else that has a higher comfort level so even if the chair or couch looks great with a particular design I end up not using them. We should be able to upgrade the comfort or at least make some of them a 3 instead of over 20 options all comfort level 1 and only 5 or 6 with a comfort level higher than 1.

    Thanks for the opportunity to give input. I think about this every time I play.
  • HyawehHyaweh Posts: 17 Member
    It's a detail but I'm thinking of it : it is possible to take away the feelings about decoration? It takes over all the others. A sim sad because a death will suddenly be happy because his home is pretty. It's really a problem.
  • 7Nine7Nine Posts: 1 New Member
    What would you expect from it?

    A life simulation game that lets me play differents stories almost every time, where unexpected thing can happen but I still have control. It still maintains a level of utopia you do not have in RL - so that it is the perfect escapismfantasy

    How would this change your current experience of The Sims 4?

    More quirky - not anoying- things need to be happen, rewards would feel rewarding. And I can tweek my game in the option menü to fit my playstyle.

    What specific aspects of the game would you like to see more depth in?

    - The Sims: the characters need more depth. We need more traits, traits, traits and traitslots. Also: Wishes. The Cas menü needs more Relationships option.

    - The Skills: There could be more and some need to be splitt: Fitness should be cardio and weightlifting; Iceskating, Basketball etc Handiness spilt to: elektonics and pluming (maybe that way you can "unlock" the likes? Also it would be nice if children and teens had the same traits but can only max them to a level (exp: kids level 2, Teens level 4 Adults 10 or whatever) Also the higher you get in a level the harder it should be to reach the next.

    - Baby/Toddler/Children: they need more to do and more items that a smaller (one seater for swings for expl). I want to take my Babys and Toddlers to a park and meet other toodler there. In generell would it be nice to meet my familie sims as a familie. (The neglect is brutal!) More activities like the scout activity - I love this one it is so engaging!
    Teenager: They need to be younger! They need fixations for band and movies and books. They need more puberty. There own wardrope (you can even put that in the Tag system, so if someone wants to dress a young adult more childish or an Teen more adult you can just change the tag.)

    Also as a side note: I would love if we split adults and middle age. Then we had young adults for studies, Adults for starting to earn money and having familie. Middle age would be perfect for middlifecrisis, dire need for higher positions in there job, getting ready for retiramente. (in cas there could be some hairstyles that start getting grey), maybe wishing for a new partner etc.

    - Job: Jobs are to easy, I read here that somebody would like a "interview" where you sim has to have specific skills to get the job (or maybe even one of the higher position) and I would LOVE that.
    Also would love more part time jobs.

    - The worlds: I would like more lots in a world to get a lively neighborhood and Sims from other World need to stop visting! I would also love a open neighborhood.

    - The option: Please let me decide how long each phase of live is. Pls let me decide how long a semster at Uni is. I want to decied which death I like, If I would like Vampires/ Aliens and how often. I would love different diffculties, the harder the difficulty the harder it is to earn money and easier to die etc.

    - Misc:
    More Random thinks need to be happen. Children make a random friend in school, bam a Friend is in the Friendlist. My Sim looses his Job. Magic Sims suddenly turn into a Chicken while training magic.
    Relationships: I like the sentiments, but I would wish some would last maybe forever? And they should influence more then the mood.
    Moodlets: They need reajusting. In stength, also if my Sims have a memory those memorys could give different moodlets.
    Pricing: The Princing NEEDS reajustment. Old ugly furnitur cost 3 times more then nice one (especially if one has expentionback). For me there is nothing more rewarding then getting enough money to buy nice stuff. Does not mean that everything "ugly" needs to be super cheap and everything "nice" has to be expensiv, but etm the catalogprices are a MESS.

    Thank you for reading :)
  • BarkkBarkk Posts: 1 New Member
    Game Options page
    Add a page on the Game Options with sliders on how easy (hard) it is to get Promotions, Skill up or money made, basically anything that is an item we do that take time or give reward. This will let anyone decide their own preference and not force me to play with any other style.

    While you at it, just add an Options Page where to toggle many of the hidden features the game has that modders provide access to. This game has been around for long enough to let the users decide their own prefs.

    A lot of players talk about Burglars and hurricanes and meteorites. Not very common in my part of the world, so let the random events be put under a event intensity slider in the Game Options, and/or, tickboxes to toggle all together. But definitely more random events, good and bad.

    Why do My Sim see the friendship level and romance level on other Sims?
    That could definitely be a hidden stat. I only need to know if we have reached the level of friends or not. Also My Sim and the Sim I talk to might not gain the same amount of Friendship or Romance, as I, do from a conversation. Would definitely make relationships more interesting. (Again, could be on/off in the Options Page)
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