Multiple Agatha Crumplebottoms and Agnes Crumplebottoms

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I have two Agatha Crumplebottoms in my game. Is this a glitch?

ETA: Just checked my household management and I've got SIX Agatha Crumplebottoms and FIVE Agnes Crumplebottoms!

ETA2: It keeps rising. Now I have SEVEN Agathas and SEVEN Agneses!

ETA3: Bug report here:

ETA4: Ok I have figured out what is going on (but not why). Every time my sim purchases something from the garden shop, a new Agatha or Agnes is created by the game to tend the store. I had 7 Agneses in my game, then I sent my sim to buy something from the garden shop (Agnes was tending it) and straight afterwards I checked manage worlds and there are now 8 Agneses in my game.

ETA5 *POSSIBLE SOLUTION*: I believe I've figured out what setting in MCCC has been causing this issue in my game!

If you go to:
MC Command Center > MCCC settings > MC career

There are options to set the employment percentage for different life stages. I had the adult employment range set for 0,0% and the elder employment range set to 0,0% and with those settings, I've been getting multiple Agathas, Agneses and also multiple mayors. But I tried restoring those settings to default (adult employment rate 70,80% and elder employment rate 40,50%) and I'm no longer getting duplicates!

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