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Simming Tips: Ad Hoc Tips, Tricks, Workarounds, Overviews, Curious Details, & More.

KyreRoenKyreRoen Posts: 297 Member
To make this intro short and sweet--I play TS4 for copious amounts of time, and with enough attention to detail to notice curious details and mechanics, stress-test them, and figure out how to reproduce the results I desire. Once I've done that, I'll then note them down, and once I've enough relative content, I'll compile them to share, going in as much detail as I can (where needed).

I've been posting these dossiers on Reddit, and felt it would be worthwhile to post them here as well so the information can reach more simmers. Now that I'm all caught up between both, I'll post any future ones simultaneously.

Enjoy. Hope they help to better your playthroughs in some way, and calm seas and fair winds on your simming journey.

Topics Index

Simming Tips:
  1. The Kleptomaniac's Bible (Basegame)
  2. Matching Aliens with their disguises (Get To Work/MCCC)
  3. Mixin' Music (Get Famous)
  4. Clearing Out Neighbourhood Action Plans (N.A.P.'s) (Eco Lifestyle)
  5. Often Forgotten Phone Functionality (Basegame/Get Together/Seasons)
  6. Fun with Voodoo Dolls (Basegame/Get Together/Island Living/Vampires)
  7. The Two Deadliest In-Game Items (Jungle Adventure/Seasons)
  8. What Can (and Cannot) Kill Vampires? (Vampires)
  9. Of Bats and Vampires (Vampires)
  10. Extraneous Build Considerations (Basegame/Island Living)
  11. Where The Wall Things Are (Misc. Packs)
  12. Eclectic Emulations (Basegame/City Living/Discover University/Eco Lifestyle/Get Famous/Jungle Adventure/Realm Of Magic/Spooky Stuff/Vampires)
  13. Occults Within Occults (Basegame/Get Famous/Get To Work/Vampires)

Curious Details:
  1. Vacation Brochures (Misc. Packs)
  2. Omiscan Myths: Origin, Death, and Regeneration (Jungle Adventure)
  3. Wading Around (Cats & Dogs/Get To Work)
  4. Strangerville Story Tidbits (Strangerville)
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    Simming Tips #1: The Kleptomaniac's Bible (Basegame)

    The kleptomaniac swiping ability has a few restrictions:
    1. Sims have a 360-degree view of the events around them.
    2. Sims can only see within 10 tiles from their position.
    3. Anything stolen 11 or more tiles away (even if you are 10 tiles, as long as the item is past 10 tiles) is fine. (Good rule of thumb is to just not steal within a room with a sim in it, unless it's a sufficiently large room).
    4. Sims cannot see anything stolen through a window (even wall height), behind any walls (tallest or 2nd tallest height), behind the picket fence [Will update as other fences are tested].
    5. The above rules do not pertain to babies and pets. One can steal from right beside them and not get caught.
    6. The higher the Mischief skill, the more expensive the items that can be stolen.
    7. The energised moodlet from a successful steal (or the embarrassed one from getting caught) acts as the cooldown for stealing.
    8. The Shameless reward trait prevents theft failure when caught (as well as preventing the embarrassed moodlet), but does not prevent the reputation loss.
    9. The objects that can be stolen (at level 10 mischief) are as follows (not an exhaustive list):
    • Awards and trophies
    • Bar stools
    • Books (including tomes)
    • Candles
    • Cat wands
    • Certain career unlocks
    • Certain décor items (including hanging and wall décor)
    • Certain misc. surfaces
    • Certain statues and sculptures (even large ones)
    • Clocks
    • Collectibles
    • Computer chairs
    • Computers
    • Dining chairs
    • DJ Booths
    • Earbuds
    • Gaming consoles
    • Any Instrument (except the microphone)
    • Living chairs
    • Loveseats
    • Mounted fish
    • Omiscan artifacts (not the totems)
    • Paintings
    • Pet beds
    • Radios (not the smart speaker)
    • Sim-made paintings
    • Smaller posters
    • Sofas
    • Some misc. electronics
    • Table lamps
    • TV's (not Tiny Living)
    Note: Certain objects within listed categories cannot be stolen, and certain ones in unlisted categories can. Never hurts to check the items within a target location.
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    Simming Tips #2: Matching Aliens With Their Disguises (Get To Work/MCCC)
    This is our test alien sim.
    This is her disguise.
    Note the differences in facial structures and bodies.
    Step 1: Save your alien to your library (if they haven't been already).
    Step 2: Go into the library and add your alien's doppelganger to the household.
    Step 3: Make one of the two into a human whilst in their disguise (MCCC > Sim Commands > Occult Commands > Human-ize Sim)
    She doesn't exactly look like her usual self today.
    Step 4: Select your human sim and go to MCCC > MC CAS > Copy/Paste > "Copy Face", "Copy Physique", and/or "Copy Body Appearance".
    Step 5: Select your alien sim (whilst in alien form) and go to MCCC> MC CAS > Copy/Paste > "Paste Face", "Paste Physique", and/or "Paste Body Appearance"
    Do not leave alien form until step 6 is done.
    I can see the family resemblance.
    Step 6: Go into CAS, then hit the checkmark (if you went into disguise right away, it wouldn't save the new face and/or body structure).
    Now that she looks more like herself, she's free to go be jealous of everyone else.
    Note: This can be done for a human form to look more like the alien form, just switch the two in each step.

    If You want both forms to match exactly:
    Let's welcome back our test sim and her alien form.
    Our other alien form actress had to go to her other job. She works with bees, I think...she said something about "Pollination".
    Our goal now is to make it so that no matter the form, both look the same.
    Step 1: Save the human doppelganger to your library.
    Step 2: Save and reload the game. (This is required for the new household to show up in MCCC).
    Step 3: Use MCCC > MC CAS > Copy/Paste > Paste Tray sim > "Any Saved Sim" or "My Sims" > [Household With Your Human Sim] on the alien form, check off what you'd like to copy over, and hit "Paste Sim Now!"
    Do not leave alien form until step 4 is done.
    Our makeup artists are literal wizards.
    Step 4: Go into CAS (without changing forms), and hit the checkmark.
    I think our human form actress may be out of a job.
    At this point "Disguise Self" is just "Disguise Voice".
    Now they look the same, but won't sound the same (depending on the form).

    • You can alter your alien to look like any sim you've previously saved to your library (using the above method), and even have both forms look the same, just remember to go to CAS once to save the form you've altered (if you want to do both, you'll need to go into CAS once after each).
    "Hi, I'm here for the job."
    "What job?"
    "Being you."
    • Make sure to keep copies of your sim's original forms (alien and human) in order to revert back if needed.
    • Any leftover differences between the copied sim and your alien can be smoothed out by using the Copy feature on the sim themself, then pasting it over to your alien.
    • Any weight/fitness slider changes done to your alien, will apply to their disguise.

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    Simming Tips #3: Mixin' Music (Get Famous)

    Get Famous is one of my three favourite packs (tied with Vampires for 1st place). The perk/quirk system is up there with Vampires' powers/weakness system, trying its own thing (which works well for the theme), rather than being a pale imitation.

    Alongside the perks/quirks, the fame system has woven its way into every fabric of past and future packs, as easy as simply "doing a thing" in order to gain the attention of other sims. Within the pack itself, one can hit the big screen head-on to shoot to the top, or get out there on the web and talk to oneself whilst maintaining eye contact with a camera in order to pay the rent and gain a following. For those more anti-social, the drones offer a good alternative, simply allowing voyeurs on the internet to watch as one goes about one's day, no commentary needed. However, there is one lesser-used aspect of the pack that also accrues fame, money, and even some simple recognition: music mixing.

    The 'Mix Master Music Station' can be found under the "Electronics" Category, in the "Audio" section, or under "Activities and Skills", in the "Creative" section. It retails for $1,500. All one needs for the interactions related to this object are:
    • The music station
    • A phone
    Step 1: Before beelining for the station to burn one's first track, one must go into one's game menu > Game Options > Audio, and make sure one's "Music" volume is on anything but zero. Yes...the music on the station is tied to the game's BGM. Without this step, all one's sim will be doing, is bopping their head along to silence indefinitely.
    • The action is set to continue on until actively cancelled by the player (or, I suppose, until something more pressing does so) in order to allow for time to remix as one would like.
    • As for why it's tied to the BGM, it's likely due to the inconsistency of the "object music" volume- ranging from "Did you hear something?" to "Look's like it's time to call the cops on the neighbors again", whereas the BGM's volume is tied directly to that one slider in the audio menu. This also allows for one to note the nuances of the different remix options as they're added into the current track.
    Step 2: Produce a track. Select one of the various track options (more unlock per level of the max 5 in the Media Production skill).
    • Each one is a different song, split into the various parts (instrumental and vocal) in the "remix" section.
    • One's sim steadily gains Media Production skill whilst producing a track, even if just standing there, bopping to the beat.
    Step 3: Remix the track. Select whatever one would like to add into the song currently playing.
    • Each option presented is a single part of the prior selected song.
    • The circles beside each act as a "fill-in" selection, like on a multiple-choice test, letting one know what parts are currently in play (none are, to start with).
    • More options open up as one levels the Media Production skill, going from 3 to 7 or so by level 5.
    Step 4: Burn the track. This will give one the options to create a title, as well as a description (such as with videos or books), and creates a CD in one's inventory.
    • The quality of a song seems random. Whilst level may influence the possibility of achieving an "Outstanding" rating, one can simply re-burn the same track with just one remix option chosen and end up with an "Outstanding" rating at some point.
    • All further functionality can be accessed from the CD or the music station.
    • The tracks do not stack in one's inventory, but can be stored in the box/chest from Eco/DU (as with most things).
    Step 5: Choose a method of release.
    • "Release Track" (from the CD) releases the track to 'Simify', a freelance music service which grants royalties, as well as a chance of being noticed by one of 3 music labels: Dinky Beats, New Tastemakers, and Maxis Music Machine. Note that one must be near the music station to release it. There is a cooldown of 8 hours between releases.
    • "Send Copy to Label..." takes the latter portion of the aforementioned "Release Track" option, and narrows it down to one label. Note that one can still "Release Track" after sending a copy to a label.
    Step 6: Within 4 hours (with some variability) a label should contact one's sim through the phone, offering a chance to sign with them.
    Don't be surprised if the person calling is Mortimer Goth.
    • Once signed, all tracks released whilst under contract will be released under the label, rather than directly to Simify.
    • Dinky Beats is the easiest to sign with, and grants a grace period of 3 days per track release. New Tastemakers and Maxis Music Machine are both much harder to sign with (even if all copies sent to them are "Outstanding"), and grant 2 days per track release.
    • There is no way to leave a label without simply allowing the grace period to run out.
    • Signing with a label comes with a sign-on bonus upon confirmation.
    • If a label does not contact one's sim within a few hours of release/sending a copy, they will instead send a letter of rejection in the mail (due to a bug, all rejection letters come from Dinky Beats).
    • The grace period resets per release, so sims can release as many tracks as one likes with no limitations (outside of the release cooldown, which is a few hours).
    • To check the amount of tracks released, as well as the days remaining on the counter, one can go to one's sim's phone > "Work" > "Check in with label".
    • Whether releasing to Simify or under a label, each one grants fame. More fame is gained for releasing under a label, than for releasing under Simify. There is still a cooldown of 8 hours between releases, regardless of label or no.
    • Regardless of method of release (under a label or Simify), one will usually see more than $200 per track (if releasing an "Outstanding" track).
    • The max I noticed from Simify was around $500+.
    • DB's max was around $765.
    • MMM's max was $1,043.
    • NTM's max was $790+.
    -These numbers swung wildly during testing, from DB being on-par with Simify, to NTM and MMM doing the same. One track went up on the second day of royalties, rather than down.

    -My conclusion is that MMM might grant the highest royalties, with NTM coming in second, DB for third, and Simify for fourth, but generally there seemed to be no real difference when taking into account that their "max" royalties were edge-cases.

    Other features:
    • Tracks remain in one's inventory, even once released, and allow one to play one's track on most audio devices ("Play Track..." on the chosen device).
    • If one's song is released, it has a chance of playing on the radio (on any lot), causing the sim who created it to autonomously move closer to the radio to listen to it (If in the same room). To indicate that it's playing, an uncancellable action will appear with a progress bar. Note that the song being played may not have the same remix options selected as one had originally chosen for it.
    Aw yeah, that's my, seriously, I made that.
    This also grants a happy moodlet from hearing one's song being played.
    Ah narcissism...
    Indeed, it seems that making a career out of mixing music may be viable financially (if one's good with making a variable amount per day), but making a name from the endeavour is much less viable, as there is no cooldown for vlogging releases (and extra options for gaining fame), whilst there is for this (and no extra options for gaining fame). Short-term, it's a great starter on the road to 'Global Superstar'. Long-term, its siblings (Acting and Vlogging) do more for a sim in the fame-gaining department.
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    Simming Tips #4: Clearing Out Neighbourhood Action Plans (N.A.P.'s) (Eco Lifestyle)

    Ever see the effects of one of Eco Lifestyle's N.A.P.s, but could swear up and down that you don't have the corresponding one on in your neighborhood?

    Go into the game options > Pack Settings > Eco Lifestyle, and it should have two options: one to turn off NPC voting, and one for turning off the gameplay completely. If you've been playing with the former on, then what you're seeing are NAP's from other neighborhoods, which you cannot control/repeal without living there.

    Want to get rid of them, but keep the option to vote for them if you so choose?
    Step 1: Uncheck the NPC voting option in your settings.
    Step 2: turn testingcheats on.
    Step 3: Go to manage worlds, and for each neighborhood (each cluster of homes within one world) you must take control of a household, and shift+click the mailbox of said household's home, then repeal each NAP one at a time.
    Step 4: Rinse and repeat for all neighborhoods within a world, then do the same for the other worlds and theirs.
    Step 5: For neighborhoods with only commercial venues (and Magnolia Promenade), you'll need to make one of the buildings into a residential lot, move a household in, repeal the NAP's, then evict the household, change the lot back, and delete the mailbox.

    • Glimmerbrook and Forgotten Hollow count as one neighborhood each.
    • Basegame Parks also count as solo neighborhoods (they can have their own trio of NAPs, even with no one living there).
    • Strangerville isn't affected by NAP's, nor are destination worlds.
    • It is unknown if they can affect special lots (bluffs, chalet, magic realm), so if you want to be thorough, you can change those (using Zerbu's Venue Changes Mod), repeal, then change them back. Otherwise, you can just do the main neighborhoods, play a bit, and if you see anything weird, go ahead and deep clean.
    • If you have multiple saves, you'll need to either do them all (only those you've played since installing Eco), or move your households to new saves with the setting off.
    • Speaking of the above point--once NPC voting is turned off, it's off for all saves, even new ones (I've not had to turn it off for each one separately).
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    Simming Tips #5: Often Forgotten Phone Functionality (Basegame/Get Together/Seasons)

    1 - In the general phone UI, you can both "Silence Phone" and "Change Phone Cover Colour".
    • "Change Phone Cover Colour" provides 19 different colours and patterns for your sim's outer phone UI, as well as that of the model phone your sim pulls out during calls and such.
    • "Silence Phone" silences the ringer sound for calls your sim gets. It does not (unfortunately) block them.
    2 - Aside from the usual texts, sims have the option to send emotional texts (Get Together). Depending on the emotion of the text sent, recipients may (not everyone replies) invite your sim out afterwards to a corresponding place:
    • Energised = Gym (to burn off some energy).
    • Playful = Park, Chalet Gardens, or Ancient Ruins (I'm not sure about this one. Maybe it's just a light date).
    • Angry = Pool (to "cool off").
    • Flirty = Bar, Lounge, or The Bluffs (grabbing drinks) (The Bluffs was the rarest outcome in my testing).
    • Sad = Recipient Sim's home (to "console" your sim).
    3 - Under the "Household" category, one can "Purchase Gifts", which brings up a small ordering menu with an assortment of gadgets, knick-knacks, toys, etc. (Seasons).
    4 - Under the "Work" category, one can "Register With Ministry Of Labour", allowing an unemployed sim to be granted a custom title and job description, which will show up if asked about career ("...[Insert Sim name here] is a [insert title here]").
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    Simming Tips #6: Fun with Voodoo Dolls (Basegame/Get Together/Island Living/Vampires)

    So you've fished up, fabricated (Level 3 Mischief and Eco Lifestyle), or ordered (Level 3 Mischief) a voodoo what?

    Well, there's the default stuff:
    • Summon bound sim to lot (they will bypass knocking and barge into your home if used from there).
    • Add a +2 moodlet to a bound sim:
      • -Playful for "frolic".
      • -Angry for "poke".
      • -Flirty for "cuddle" (level 2 Charisma).
      • -Dazed for "soak" (level 5 Mischief).
      • -Uncomfortable for "tickle" (level 3 Mischief)
    • Unbind them after the bound sim dies.
    "Cool, but is that it?"
    "Actually, no."
    • Vampires can turn voodoo into a free "Uber-Eats" by binding at least two sims, then summoning them whenever the thirst bar is low. Since there's a cooldown per sim regarding feedings, this means your vampire can rotate between victims, and have one for breakfast and one for dinner/supper. I recommend finding a sim that gives your vampire the "Divine Drink" moodlet (which is both rare and random), that way your vampire gets two happy buffs per feeding.
      I always give my delivery-people tips...the tips of my fangs.
    • Speaking of vampires and voodoo: After using a 3rd-ranked 'Influence Emotion' burst of playfulness on a sim, why not give them a good "frolic" with the voodoo doll? (This works with a burst of anger and "poke", as well). If that doesn't do the trick, it'll at least get them so close to the edge--
      --all it'll take is just one extra chuckle.
    • If a sim is about to be reaped by Grim (and your sim has level 5 Mischief) your sim can save them by "toying with death". This requires an unbound voodoo doll to be in your sim's inventory, and the interaction (found on the doll itself) needs to be spammed before Grim is about to reap the sim's soul (don't stop until he stops looking at his tablet and queues into the next animation). If successful, he will bring the sim back to life.
      Can't let death put away my toys...I'm not done playing with them.
    • If you're done toying with a sim, and it's time to let them go, you don't have to wait for their death if you have 'Get Together' or 'Island Living'. Simply light the bonfire from either pack, then click "Burn Voodoo Doll..." (on the fire itself) and select the one bound to the target sim (hover over the dolls in the picker menu to see which sim is bound to which). This will destroy the doll, and free the relative sim. If the sim is in the same area, they'll also spontaneously combust for a few seconds, but won't die from it.
      The word "yeet" comes to mind.
      Burning sensation? There's a cream for that.
      You're free! Free I say! to burn. But seriously, get lost before I change my mind *Readies Zazatototl Death Totem with uncommon refined gem* (Jungle Adventure).
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    Simming Tips #7: The Two Deadliest In-Game Items (Jungle Adventure/Seasons)
    Pictured: Pure, unfettered decay, suffering, and death.
    Tired of fire, drowning, and Pufferfish Nigiri?
    Well, should you have access to Seasons and/or Jungle Adventure, the deadliest items in The Sims 4 are just a grind away from holding a sim's life in yours.

    Let's start with the most straightforward of the two (very few bells and whistles):
    1 - The Death-scented flower arrangement (Seasons)

    Upon reaching level 9 of Flower Arranging, a sim can scent an arrangement using the Death Flower. These can be obtained by:
    • Grafting (orchid+Pomegranate)
    • Shopping in the Magic Realm ($1,200)
    • Purchasing a 'Rare Plants' Packet (Lvl 10 Gardening).
    Once crafted, a sim can then gift it to another ("Give Flower Arrangement Gift" interaction), causing them to age up one lifestage per flower gifted. If the sim is an elder when gifted the arrangement, it's an instant death sentence.
    • Vampires will age up if gifted this, but they stop at elderhood, due to an immunity to dying of old age.
    • The scented arrangements can be cloned and copy-pastoed.
    This encompasses both "Decay" and "Death".
    Next, let's talk about the most fun (for sadists) of the two:
    2 - The Zazatototl Death Totem (Jungle Adventure)

    This requires:
    • A vacation to Selvadorada.
    • A common, uncommon, or rare crystal.
    • Either lvl 7 Archaeology and an archaeology table, or the "Send to Jeweler for Refinement" interaction ($25). This is for the crystal you'll want to use.
    • Patience and determination.
    The relics of the Omiscan gods (Zazatototl, Totecallama, and Balampalsoh) come in 2 forms: Wooden and Golden.
    • The wooden relics are made up of a top piece, each corresponding to one of the three gods, and a base piece, each corresponding to one of three elements: "Chaos", "Watcher", or "Death". This relic type breaks after a few uses.
    • The golden relics are found with both parts already put together. This relic type never breaks, but is very rare.
    Both types can be found by fishing, searching treasure chests, through text adventures, and in the temples of the Belomisia Jungle. Be sure to stock up on supplies and/or bring highly-skilled sims, as both will take perseverance to find and (in the case of the wooden ones) put together.

    Once either a golden Zazatototl Death Relic has been found, or a Zazatototl Top and Death Base have been put together, slot in the refined crystal of your choice. The name doesn't matter, only the rarity.
    • Common crystals will grant the Relic the power to cast an electrocution curse upon the target sim, which lasts for 3 days. If the sim survives one shock, they will be shocked again at intervals (without needing to re-cast). It usually doesn't take many of these for it to be fatal, and can also kill vampires. Note that some victims can be lucky enough to outlive the curse. Simply re-cast and see if "lightning strikes twice" (so to speak).
    • Uncommon crystals will grant the power to cast a "spontaneous combustion" curse upon the target sim. Should they fail to extinguish themself or be extinguished, they will burn to death. Should they be extinguished, they will re-ignite at intervals for 3 days. This can kill vampires as well.
    • Rare crystals will grant the power to cast a poison curse upon the target. This will cause them to belch a vile green gas, put them in a dazed state, cause large, colourful spots all about their body, and will kill them within 3 days from the casting day and time. If not within the active household, this sim will have to be watched for the duration of the 3 days, as the cooldown glitches out if they zone away (This makes it more sinister, as it means you'll literally watch as they suffer and die).
    • The rare crystal (unlike the others) does not kill vampires. They will suffer the effects, but will be cured on the third day.
    • The Relics and bases can neither be cloned, nor copy-pastoed. You won't ever need more than one with a golden relic, but will have to find multiple tops and bases for wooden relics if you want to go on a world-wide killing spree.
    This encompasses both "Suffering" and "Death".
    Final Note:
    Whilst the flower arrangement has no cure (it fast-forwards the process of aging, rather than murdering a sim), the relics do. Other than surviving the sudden "attacks" they bring on in the common and uncommon stages, one can also buy, or have a native Selvadoradan craft the poison antidote for the rare stage, or have the Statue of Madre Cosecha cure any curses.
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    Simming Tips #8: What Can (and Cannot) Kill Vampires? (Vampires)

    Fun Fact: Vampires are immune to under half of the confirmed in-game deaths (thus far).

    They cannot die of:
    • Pufferfish (City Living) - Might get nauseous if they have Withered Stomach, but that's it.
    • Poison Darts (Jungle Adventure) - They are cured after it reaches the last stage
    • Spider Bites (Jungle Adventure) - Same as above.
    • Poison Curse (Jungle Adventure) - Same as above.
    • Starvation (Basegame/Vampires) - They don't die of thirst (which replaces hunger) in this iteration.
    Temperature (they're intrinsically immune to temperature changes):
    • Sauna Overheating (Spa Day).
    • Extreme Cold (Seasons)
    • Extreme Heat (Seasons).
    Aging (Eternal youth from young-adulthood):
    • Old Age (Basegame) - Once a vampire, they cease to age.
    • Death-Scented Flowers (Seasons) - they will age up due to the flower's effects, but not past elderhood.
    Exhaustion/Drowning (Due to the changes in their needs):
    • Elder Overexertion (Basegame) - Black Widows beware.
    • Research Machine Overuse (Discover University) - You can abuse the machine indefinitely with only bad moodlets and an irritating clicking sound.
    • Pools (Basegame)
    • Ocean (Island Living)
    • Eaten By Fish In Koi Pond (Get Famous) - Functionally the same as drowning.
    Emotions (Another intrinsic immunity):
    • Hysteria (Basegame)
    • Mortification (Basegame)
    • Rage (Basegame)
      Presumably it's related to (at least 2/3) the simulation of cardiac arrest (and/or asphyxiation) in these deaths, which vampires have never had a problem with (in any media thus far).

    They can die of:
    • Immolation (Most packs)
    • Fire Flies (Jungle Adventure) - Causes a sim to catch on fire.
    • Spontaneous Combustion Curse (Jungle Adventure) - 3 straight days of randomly catching on fire.
    • Rocketship (Basegame, Get To Work, City Living) - Reported to cause immolation death.
    • Rock Wall - "Fire Challenge" (Fitness Stuff) - Apparently failure is not an option you want to strive for.
    • Electronics (Any Pack) - Can cause this with low handiness skill/bad mood.
    • Robotics Workshop (Discover University) - Can cause this (frequently) without the robo-arm.
    • Lightning (Seasons) - 2 strikes (Just like any other sim).
    • Lightning Bugs (Jungle Adventure) - Same effect as if electrocuted by anything else.
    • Electrocution Curse (Jungle Adventure) - Random electrocutions for 3 days straight (should one survive that long).
    • Direct Sunlight (Seasons/Basegame) - If not immune, or if "Thin-Skinned".
    • Sunlight Drowning (Any Pack) - Burning in sunlight drains vampiric energy, leading to drowning if swimming at the same time (It is the only activity (thus far) to overrule Death By Sunlight).
    Impact Trauma (Vampires still have spines):
    • Murphy Bed Failure (Tiny Living) - Thank god we don't have foldable/stowaway coffins.
    • Crushed By Vending Machine (Snowy Escape) - Takes about 3 crushing failures for a vending machine to kill.
    • Rock-Climbing Failure (Snowy Escape) - Takes low skill, no prep, and is least rare when climbing the 'Croft Icefall'.
    Ingestion (Of the vampire, themself):
    • Cowplant (Basegame) - The first cake is a miserable lie. The second is an invitation to the Cowplant's stomach.
    • The Mother (Strangerville) - Attempting to fight alone once will give you a severe beating. The second time she'll just eat you.
    • Swarm Of Flies (Eco Lifestyle) - Unknown if they devour your sim, or suffocate them. This death is extremely rare, and only occur on lots with the "Reduce and Recycle" trait. "Bonding With" or "Clearing Out" the flies when they swarm the trash bins can end badly for a sim.
    Insta-Ghost (Vampires also have ghosts):
    • Wishing Well (Romantic Garden) - "Wish For Youth" (Fatal outcome) - I mean one reason to wish for youth is for more time. You've plenty of time now that you're dead.
    • 3 Drinks Of 'Beetlejuice' In A Row (Eco Lifestyle) - Made from "Beetle Nuggets" and lvl 10 mixology, 3 is the magic number.
    • Ghost Serum Glitch (Get To Work) - It doesn't happen all of the time, but sometimes the serum doesn't wear off...
    Cannot Confirm:
    • Rabid Rodent Disease (My First Pet Stuff).
    • Anything in 'Journey To Batuu'.
    • Red Spectres (Paranormal)
    • Rabbits (Cottage Living)
    • Evil Chicken (Cottage Living)
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    Simming Tips #9: Of Bats And Vampires (Vampires)

    This pack was so thorough, I could argue that outside of a few extras, some reminders, and what I'm about to divulge, the game tells you everything you need to know, and will repeat it if you need. If you're looking for the "Beginner's Guide To People With Incredibly Sharp Canines", I would like to direct you to 3 places:
    • The Computer - Simply search for info about vampires, read the notifications, and move on to #2.
    • The Encyclopedia Vampirica - This 4 volume series of vampiric lore tells you practically everything (and some fluff) in the notifications that pop up, all whilst teaching you to make plasma packs, garlic crafts, and bar drinks that'll either help or deter vampires.
    • Vlad - Yes, that call he makes the first time you pop up a fledgling fresh off of CAS (or as a sim in-transition after a bit of "wrist action" with another vampire) is not only helpful in learning vampire lore (as in gaining the skill), but also informs you of some vampiric mechanics as well. He'll even send over a few packs (if you're a vampire) to start you off. He then calls 3 more times (once a night), each time upping your lore skill, as well as giving more mechanics info. The final call is just to congratulate you and ask if you want him to pop over for training (good for those "homebody" vampires).
    Note: The top option is what you want. The bottom option tells him to take his tidbits elsewhere.

    Now for the main event:
    1- Infinite Potential - The leveling and power system for vampires is and was the best occult system around. It worked with the sheer customisability of the lifestate, and made the grind worthwhile and flexible in its operation. Should one want to cheese the system, however, there are two ways to do so: "Search for Information on Vampires" and the "Ultimate Vampire Tome". Both of these methods work indefinitely, meaning that should you so desire, you can rank up to (and past) Grand Master, obtaining all of the powers you like.

    2 - What Is Dead May Never Die...At Least By Normal Means - Vampires are immune to just under half of the current in-game deaths. I have documented what can (and cannot) kill them here. Suffice it to say that it takes a spectacle to kill a vampire...but that just means fate will have to try harder.

    3 - Dark Form? What Dark Form? - Vampires are the only occult (thus far) to not only have an alternate form that can be un/linked in CAS (with a multitude of checkbox options using the 3 dots), but can also be deleted. Simply go into said form, then click the X in the corner of the portrait. When next generated, the dark form will perfectly match the normal form.

    • Changing into one's dark form also counts towards the "Wear Costumes" holiday tradition.
    • Born vampires' dark forms are based upon their parents' (the genetics carry over, just like their normal form).
    4 - I See Garlic Breath... - Vampires are the only lifestate that can see a stench emanating from garlic, be it planted or hung. This stench is similar to that of spoilt food. This rings true, even for "Garlic Immune" vampires.
    Pictured on the left: The view of any sim but a vampire. Pictured on the right: Condensed misery.
    5a - Look Who's Coming To Dinner - The 'Vampire Nexus' lot trait makes it so you can make anywhere your "Forgotten Hollow away from Forgotten Hollow" (minus everything that makes FH unique) by drawing vampires to the neighborhood, and your door. Granted, you may not see more than one or two here and there, but it works. Alternatively, you could just befriend a bunch of vampires, then watch them turn up at your door one by one.

    5b - Aww, it's a...bat? - With the 'On a Dark Ley Line' lot trait, any sim couple (of any species) can add a little biter to the family. With regards to Aliens, Spellcasters, and Merfolk, I found that if the alien was only one half of the couple (the other being mortal), then the hybrid would just be a brightly-coloured vampire (since hybrids were never truly aliens). For every other occult, I found that this lot trait created hybrid vampire-[Insert occult here]s with missing functionality from one or both sides of the Vamily. Oh, and you'll also get a sweet vampire baby bassinet.
    Spell-Vamp with no spellbook or charge meter.
    Mer-Vamp with no mermaid tail, powers menu, or hydration.
    5c - Government Assistance - Unlike signing up for actual government assistance, the 'Registered Vampire Lair' lot is a one-second sign-up for the Vampire Council to send anything from garlic crafts (readymade) to the Encyclopedia Vampirica. I myself have seen plasma fruit seeds, plasma packs, etc. It doesn't come everyday, but it does come...unlike actual government assistance.
    It's like an eternal stimulus check.
    6 - War Ready - Vampires, when enraged, change into their dark form autonomously, then seek out the nearest mortal to feed on (even if at full thirst). The same occurs when at critical low thirst. Talk about "intimidation tactics".

    7 - Intervention Time - Only at "best friends" status can a sim "offer to cure" a vampire (with the cure in their inventory). This will provide the vampire with a happy moodlet when cured, rather than the sad one from being "slain" through combat. We love you and want what's best for you.

    8 - Keep an umbrella handy - With Seasons, vampires began using umbrellas autonomously to block out the sun (only if they aren't immune). If a vampire does not have one on-hand, they will burn (so buy an umbrella stand and pick out your favourite). Sometimes they will burn even with it open - in this case, all that has to be done is for the vampire to close and re-open it (it's a bug).

    9 - Like Fine Wine - "Divine Drink" is a secondary (somewhat rare) happy moodlet that can appear alongside the "Sanguinary Satisfaction" one. This is derived from random sims, and the selection thereof has no discernible reason or rhyme to it (thus far). Also, a sim that gives the moodlet in one save, may not in another.
    It's a compliment.
    Fang-lickin' good.
    10 - A Drain On Resources - Vampires can use their targeted powers on any sim they set their sights on, but there are some caveats:
    • Grim is off-limits - Should one try to cast anything but 'Emotional Influence' or 'Alluring Visage' on The Reaper, one will be met with greyed out options and a message that he is "controlled by forces you cannot meddle with" (something along those lines). Should you try and bite him...
      That...actually makes sense.
    • Sims can resist being bitten - This grants them a 2-hour reprieve from being targeted again. I've found this happens more often when low on vampire energy, if you have 'Day Phobia' (and whilst it's daytime), daytime (in general), a bad mood, or bad luck.
    • It's in the blood - If an infected sim (Strangerville) is bitten, the vampire will contract the infection.
    • Servos are immune to 'Deprive Needs' - Literally every need is locked out of being deprived by the ability. Sure, the animation plays, but there's no effect.
    • Plantsims cannot be drained of "Water" - The "Water" need takes the place of Bladder for Plantsims, but casting "Deprive Bladder" does nothing to affect it.
    • Mermaids can be drained of hydration - "Hydration" takes the place of Hygiene for merfolk, and (surprisingly) it can be drained by casting "Deprive Hygiene".
    • Vampires can cancel out certain deprivations - Vampires with 'Odorless' cannot be targeted for "Deprive Hygiene". Similarly, "Deprive Energy" and "Deprive Bladder" also cannot be cast on a vampire (Vampiric Energy is tied to powers, weaknesses, and sunlight). One can drain a vampire's thirst, however. Also, vampires cannot drink from another vampire (in case you hadn't already attempted it).

    11 - Much Ado About Powers:
    • 'Eternally Welcome' works the same as the lock/unlock function (save for locking/unlocking the door for specific sims), but can be used even off of the active sim's home lot. When used on the door considered to be the "front door" of the home (the one you can knock at), it opens up the home for exploration (the same as knocking, but much cooler), even if no one lives there. Can anyone say "squatter's rights"?
    • Sims react in surprise to sims talking to themselves whilst 'Cast Hallucination' is active. Your sim will even stop to laugh at it.
    • Bat Form and Mist Form can teleport to any location, so long as there's a place to stand. This includes the insides of rooves, flat rooves, and areas with no door/ladder/stairs. (Same is true with Transportalate and Medi-portation, though the latter was the only one capable of it until Snowy Escape).
      So this is what the inside of a roof looks like.
    • The "Sit" Command makes a sim kneel down (like when playing with toys or interacting with a younger sim), though it is a "hit or miss" (usually a miss) on if it works. The "Workout" Command causes a sim to utilise the closest workout method available, and can push an elder sim to overexertion, but not beyond that (you'll have to push them off that cliff, yourself).
    • Rank 3 of 'Vampiric Strength' grants sims the ability to crush crystals and metals/minerals into elements (like the Alien 'Transmutation', but more straightforward).
    • 'Vampiric Charm' doesn't just make it easier to romance sims, but when initially hit with it, sims of the caster's preferred gender (of-age and who also have a preference for the caster's gender) will initiate flirting with the caster. This can be used to bypass the "Attempt Introduction" phase with celebrities.
    • 'Vampiric Slumber' makes it impossible to awaken a vampire, save for by fire, or by their own volition. This means you can watch tv and blast the radio, and the sim will still be snoring away.
    • When a sim has been wiped by 'Drain Life Spirit', every relationship they have drops to "strangers" level, even with the caster (easier than divorce, and with none of the emotional baggage). However, once they have been drained, the option appears to 'Restore Life Spirit', which does not return their relationships (as one might imagine), but instead grants a long confident moodlet, as well as increased immunity to vampiric abilities and biting for the next few days (save for Emotional Influence).
    • Vampires with 'Supernatural Speed' can go places super-fast whilst holding a toddler.
    • 'Dampened Emotions' rank 2+ diminishes the effect of other emotions. I don't just mean it blocks them with the "fine" moodlet, but that it lessens their strength as well.
    • 'Emotional Influence' rank 3 can pretty much kill a sim with embarrassment, anger, or playfulness. If it does not, it won't take much more to do it (Hint).

    12 - Weakness Schmeekness:
    • Vampires with the 'Withered Stomach' weakness can still drink...anything, really. They cannot, however, eat Plasma Salad.
    • Vampires with the 'Sleep Of The Undead' weakness can still sleep in tents.
    • Other vampires won't lose relationship with a vampire that has the 'Uncontrollable Hissing' weakness.

    13 - Solar Eclipse:
    • Vampires are governed largely by moodlets, in regards to their cooldowns. Should you decide to forego sunlight immunity, a 'Sunlight Reversal Cocktail' grants a 4-hour resistance to the sun (and replenishes your energy, like a solar battery). However, if coupled with additional energised moodlets (such as a bath/shower and a quick workout look-up on the computer), it can do up to 12 hours of sunlight resistance. By the time it wears off, it's sundown.
    • Speaking of sundown, beware of the season, as sometimes sundown does not come at 6-7pm, but as late as 9pm in some cases.
    • Speaking of sundown (again), the 'Child of The Moon' power grants a moodlet that acts as an indicator for when it's safe to go out.

    Bonus Tracks:
    • Your sire matters...well, their rank does, anyway. A Grand Master sire will get you to around 3/4 of the way to "Minor" rank, and the rest of the ranks (sire-wise) taper down by nearly 1/4 each.
    • Whilst recognised as such in gallery photos and the UI button for the needs panel, babies, toddlers, and children are not functionally considered vampires until they reach teenhood. This means they subsist on normal foods, do not burn in the sunlight, have no (alterable) dark form, and cannot digest plasma.
    • Vampire children inherit aesthetic traits from their parents' dark forms, affecting their own.
    • Related to children, the 'Bearcula' vampire bat stuffed animal has a unique property:
      That's not a window he's sitting in front of...
    • The "Carefree" reward trait does away with the tense debuffs caused by both 'Guilty Drinker' and 'Day Phobia'. Despite this, vampires will still be less likely to succeed in casting targeted abilities (and biting) during the day, and will lose energy at rank 2+ of 'Day Phobia'. The trait effectively wipes away any ill effects from 'Guilty Drinker'.
    • Speaking of reward traits, the traits that affect tiredness and hunger do nothing for vampires.
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    Simming Tips #10: Extraneous Build Considerations (Basegame/Island Living)

    The items of interest below have no real heavy impact on your builds, and their functional contributions range from middling to none.

    1 - Bed Upgrades - The age-old practice of upgrading from one bed to the next was done away with when Maxis introduced the ability to upgrade one's existing bed. With this came 2 upgrades:
    • Mattress Firmness: Has a chance of sims awakening in a happy mood.
    • Massage Controls: Nearly halves the necessary sleeping time for sims to reach full energy.
    The latter of the two becomes less potent the more expensive the bed is, but for the most part all beds are on par with one another (or nearly so) once upgraded with Mattress Controls (source and credits).
    Slept like a baby, and didn't even need Cordelia's bed to do so.

    2 - Library Skill Books - There's a legendary debug bookshelf that holds within it untold knowledge. This bookshelf resides within the 'Willow Creek Archive' library, as well as the Library Escape (the upgraded version of the former, that resides in each player's gallery). It cannot be cloned, doesn't change colour, and looks just like a basegame bookshelf. The difference is that this version holds most of the basegame (as well as one JA and one 'Vampires') skill books.
    Behold...infinite wisdom in a light wood tone.
    When placed in a library, all other bookshelves will spawn the same books, allowing your sim (and the community) to learn marketable skills, free of charge. To duplicate it, the shelf must be walled off in a secluded room, then the room must be saved to your library. Simply plop it down in a basement or the library proper, and reap the benefits.

    3 - Sandboxes - Ever wanted to build a sandbox on yours or a community lot? ...No? Well I'll tell you how, anyway.
    First you'll need sand. The terrain paint sands work just like those of the desert and beach areas within certain worlds.
    It's like hopscotch, but the chalk is really grainy, and gets in your sandals.
    The available ones are (from left to right, skipping the first square):
    • Sun-Kissed Sands (BG)
    • Just Desert (BG)
    • Just Beachy (BG)
    • Sand Castle Dream (BG)
    • Putter's Pit (BG)
    • Scorched Earth (BG)
    • Illusion Of Sand (IL)
    • Rough Sand (IL)
    Next, you'll need 6 full squares of the stuff (3x2). Doesn't matter if it's one type, or similar to the picture above.
    Building sandcastles is a grown-up's game.
    Lastly you'll need a fence around your sandbox area, but sims will need to be able to get in and out. Luckily (or "unluckily" if you were hoping to protect your precious "granular masterpiece") there are 5 fences in the game which allow for easy traversal (from left to right):
    • Smooth Keeper (BG)
    • Illusion of Fence (SV)
    • Fence for Window Shopping (GTW)
    • Curved Iron Fence (BG)
    • Wrought Iron Fence (BG)
    You've got the makings of Ft. Knox right there.

    4 - Mermaid Playground - Mermaids, just like everyone else, can swim around just fine in any-sized pool, but should you decide to stop torturing the poor fish-people, a 7-8x10 pool gives them complete freedom of motion to make themselves dizzy by swimming around and around without touching the edges.
    Now to build a basement with windows alongside it, then a fence around the perimeter of the pool.

    5 - Door Direction - See that door you're about to put down? Do you think it'll look better opening into the room or out? The direction of the arrows is opposite to the way the door(s) open(s).
    You're either in...or you're out. You can just go to build mode if you change your mind later.

    6 - Chimney Smoke - Want some vfx style points? Get yourself a fireplace, then put a chimney on the roof (roof decor). If it's unsightly, just surround it with half-walls. The result is smoke emanating from the chimney each time the fireplace is lit.
    You may be wondering, "But who'll be looking up there?" You will, now that you know about it. Enjoy.
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    That's it for now. I'll update the reserves later, then add more tips as they present themselves to me. Feel free to add anything you've noticed, would like to refute, etc (relative to the information posted in this thread).

    Calm seas and fair winds.
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    Curious Details #1: Vacation Brochures (Misc. Packs)

    I'm sure most people know that each destination world has a brochure attached, detailing the various activities one can partake in whilst vacationing. This was added to the residential worlds as well during the pre-Snowy Escape patch.

    Here are all of the brochures...sans Cottage Living. (open in new tab to zoom):
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    Curious Details #2: Omiscan Myths: Origin, Death, and Regeneration (Jungle Adventure)

    The Ancient Omiscan civilization of the Belomisia Jungle is a fascinating subject of study. Utilising the jungle's natural formations, they created marvels of stonework architecture, from the Baths to the Temple, and everything in-between.

    Alongside their ingenuity, hints of ancient magic can be found--the temple guardians who walk the grounds as skeletal surveyors, the blessings and curses granted to sims as they revel in the finding of actual treasure, and the relics (golden or wood-made) which harness the power of the gods to inflict worldly pleasures or otherwordly suffering upon one's targets.

    Truly, even amidst their ruins, one can find that their culture lives on where they no longer do.

    One such bit of their culture is that of their religion - etched upon the stonework - symbolising a thousand (or so) words within each picture. Below are the Omiscan myths of Origin, Death, and Regeneration as deciphered by archaeologists (in the most logical order):
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    "Nothing stinks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you are wrong." :p
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    Simming Tips #11: Where The Wall Things Are (Misc. Packs)


    You either tolerate them or resent them for Maxis taking the colour wheel and Create-a-style out for milk, then returning with them instead.

    You tell yourself Maxis will go back out to find them. You beg Maxis to put up posters around town. You demand they be returned to you. Yet deep in your heart of hearts you know what really happened on that trip out to "get milk".

    --Swatches are here to stay.

    So you make do with what you have (or mod it around the world and back), but one irritating aspect of the little blighter is when something else is hidden just beyond the first swatch. When what should be a palette-swap turns out to be something you could've used in that one build, or something that might've made you stop and take notice, had it been its own item.

    Come with me as we take a trip beyond the first swatch, and I'll show you where the wall things are.

    Paintings and Posters (From left to right, top to bottom):
    • Symbols of the Watery Moon (Lunar New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig) - $5
    • Winsome Growth Chart - $20
    • Bembe Maraj's Hand-Woven Tapestry (Caribbean update)- $440
    • Study of The Human Form (Level 3 Painter career) - $575
    • I Otter Be A Pop Star (Level 5 of the Entertainer career - Comedy branch) - $1,030
    • Chronos Magazine (Framed Collector's Edition Issue) (Level 9 Business career - Investor branch) - $1,455
    • Art In a Box - $1,075
    • Mystery Poser Antique Portrait - $640
    • Portrait of a Marriage - $4,000
    • La Vida En Color - Mural (Hispanic update) - $5 (I'm not kidding...)
    Get To Work:
    • Sims in Uniform Calendar - $20 (The guy in the middle didn't get the memo).
    • Classic Cakes Decal - $120
    Get Together:
    • Antiqued History - $250
    • Bring The Funk - $765
    • The Angry Gnome - $850 (You could pay $850...or - and hear me out on this - you could just wait until Harvestfest and kick a gnome. There you go, multiple angry gnomes (and they're free)).
    City Living:
    • Street Art Prints - City Collection - $280
    • Posters With a Cause (Level 8 of the Politics career - Organiser branch) - $250
    • FuzzRead Article (Rare Print Edition) (Social Media career - Public Relations branch) - $320
    • M.A.P. - $260
    Cats and Dogs:
    • 6 Days of Pets - $50
    • Sun Beam Scribble - $275
    • The Tragedy of the Saint Bernard, and Other Tales from the Isle - $1,590
    • Old Brindleton - A Series - $3,500
    • Freezer-Style Festivities - $5
    • Decal-orations - $5
    • Panels Of Perfection - $200
    Get Famous:
    • Alchone Desperados Poster - $240
    • Wall Graffiti - $350 (Just open up your wall to the public and you'll get one of these for free...)
    • "This Old Thing?" Conversation Piece - $415
    • Utopian Wall Mural By Claude X - $450 (It's like a larger-than-life "celebu-serum" trip).
    Discover University:
    • "Hey I Like That Too" Poster - $20 (Where have I seen some of these before...?)
    • Power-Sip Promotional Poster - $200 (It's just as expensive as the follow-up hospital bill from drinking one of these).
    Snowy Escape:
    • Party-Starting Posters - $5
    • "I did the thing!" Posters - $10 ($10?! What print shop are they copyright-infringing these at?)
    • Wall Murals by a Very Talented Artist - $20 (Judging by the price tag, they're not only talented, but also business-challenged).
    • Onsen-Style Informative Plaque - $200
    • Hanging Painted Scroll - $240
    • Vintage Cold Press Watercolour Paintings - $320
    Dine Out:
    • Catch Of The Day Chalkboards - $315
    • Sunny Side Up Prints - $450
    • The Calm Collection - $685
    • Shrubbery Tapestry - $475
    • Count Vladislaus Straud I - $2,890 (Who exactly is paying a couple-weeks' rent to have Vlad looking down on them?)
    • Ancient Family Portraits - $715
    • Moonlit Rose in the Garden - $695
    • Guitar Necking Wall Decal - $5
    • Super Wicked Rad Bad Cool Posters - $25 (Who names these things?)
    • Kids Art Doodles - $200 (Paying $200 for someone else's kids' art...).
    • StrangerVille National Base Posters - $25
    • Storytelling Paintings - $200
    Realm Of Magic:
    • The Science of Magic Print Series - $200
    • Spellcaster Scheduler - $200
    Cool Kitchen:
    • The Modern Simtemporary - $310
    Movie Hangout:
    • Songs Of Simisouri - Top Arrangement - $355
    • Songs of Simisouri - Bottom Arrangement - $425
    Kids' Room Stuff:
    • Bosley Bot Big Bod - $80
    • Pop & Locke Posters - $85
    • Wind Voidcritter Decal - $95
    • Earth Voidcritter Decal - $95
    • Fire Voidcritter Decal - $95
    • Void Voidcritter Decal - $95
    • Water Voidcritter Decal - $95
    • Plenty O' Paintings - $380 (Well, I've just learnt the word "Pentaptych")
    • Triptych Limerick - $460
    Backyard Stuff:
    • Feelin' Froggy - Wall Decal - $25
    • Waxing Perennial - $250
    Vintage Glamour:
    • Starlet Shores - $475
    Bowling Stuff:
    • Pin-up Art - $200
    • Peak Performance - $375 (But why though...?)
    Fitness Stuff:
    • Naturewatch - $200
    • My First Framed Art Set - $200
    Tiny Living:
    • Simple and Clean Art - $200
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    Simming Tips #12: Eclectic Emulations (Basegame/City Living/Discover University/Eco Lifestyle/Get Famous/Jungle Adventure/Realm Of Magic/Spooky Stuff/Vampires)

    The Sims 4 is a fantastic outlet for a creative mind and a vivid imagination. Case-in-point, there are quite a few combinations of objects that can emulate items we don't (or can't) have in-game, as well as alternative ways to utilise build objects to create functionality where there is none. Today I'll be listing a few simple item combinations that utilise some objects that are rarely used (by me), and a few that are used often, but can be used in more innovative ways.

    We'll start off with Water Collecting Wells.

    You'll need:
    • A Well:
      • Whispering Wishing Well (Romantic Garden) - $7,775 (Activities and Skills > Outdoor Activities)
      • Retired Wishing Well (Get Together) - $775 (Decorations > Sculptures)
      • A Well Run Dry (Get Famous) - $350 (Decorations > Misc.)
    • Scrapper's Dew Collector (Eco Lifestyle) - $560/$1,260 (Lab-Pro X2) (Activities and Skills > Outdoor Activities/Appliances > Misc.)
    Next, just size down the dew collector to its smallest, and chuck it into the well.
    Well, well, well...what have we here?
    I don't think he's amused...or maybe he is...let's toss in a coin and find out.
    The point here is to have the functionality of the dew collector, whilst still looking low-tech (lower than even the simple dew collector). Sure, you can still see it if you look close enough, but just pretend it's a funnel for...some reason.

    Also, the Well from Romantic Garden has additional functionality on off-the-grid lots, allowing you to "Gather Water" from it at intervals.

    Fire Pit

    You'll need:
    • Medieval Brazier Floor Lamp (Get Famous) - $450 ( Lighting > Floor Lamps)
    • Any Low Fence.
    Ever wanted to build a fire/conversation pit, but couldn't find that live object from Cats & Dogs (the seating area out by the lounge), and didn't want to deal with actual fire (the bonfires or campfires)? Simply place the Brazier on a tile, create a 1x1 platform underneath it, and use the up/down arrows to sink it into the floor. Surround it with a low fence of some sort (and some chairs), and you're all set!
    It'll make your home about as "warm" as staring at the 'Yule Log' channel.

    Junk Box Storage

    You'll need:
    • Box o' Junk (City Living) - $0 (Debug search)
    • Sticker Storage Box (Eco Lifestyle) - $65 (Storage > Misc.)
    The Sticker Storage Box is a space-saver when it comes to inventory clutter for sims. Like the 'ICYA Chest' from Discover University, it can store almost anything one can live-drag (even objects with their own inventories). Sure, it's a nice, neat cardboard box to put in your storage spaces, but what if you wanted something more cluttered? I was browsing Ravasheen's cc when I found their junk box storage--the snowglobe-filled box one usually finds in San Myshuno. Thing is, this box actually exists in debug, but an idea came to mind: what if I could make the same cc, but without cc?
    I heard you like cardboard know where this is going.
    The Sticker Storage Box, when sized down to its minimum, fits in with the other clutter already inside of the Box o' Junk, effectively making it a storage box too. Just put it in the center of the box whilst on the floor, and move it up by 3 intervals using MoveObjects and Ctrl+9.

    Mom's Dresser

    You'll need:
    • A wide dresser (Storage > Dresser)
    • The Studded Mirror (Jungle Adventure) - $700 (Decorations > Mirrors)
    • The Ornate Beauty - $240 (Storage > Misc.)
    My mom had one of those wide dressers with the huge mirror attached to the back. The thing was a pain to take apart and move, but it's a furniture style that is nostalgic for me. Another thing I'd often seen associated with this dresser style, was the jewelry box.
    I swear I can smell gentle perfumes, and feel the tenderness and love.
    Here, I decided to use the Highback's Haughty Dresser (Cats and Dogs - $765). Whilst the Ornate Beauty must be Ctrl+9'ed onto the dresser, it looks just like a jewelry box at its minimum size, and fits without floating (plus it works without sim activation). Though it needs MOO, the mirror slots right in behind, doesn't look out of place (even whilst clipping), and functions just fine.

    Storage Cabinets

    You'll need:
    • Cabinets (Surfaces > Cabinets)
    • ICYA - Chest (Discover University) - $130
    • The Ornate Beauty - $240 (Storage > Misc.)
    • Buyer Beware - $240
    • Unadorned Omiscan Treasure Chest/Gilded Omiscan Treasure Chest (Jungle Adventure) - $1,000/$1,500

    Along my re-sizing and re-purposing journey, I realised I'd never thought about cabinets all that much. You put 'em together on a wall, make an entertainment centre, pantry, or kitchen accent with them, and move on. They can't be stolen, opened, or even woohooed on/in. The oft-used (but entirely forgotten) companion piece to the counter needed some love, and so I down-sized a bunch of chests and made them into extra storage for my sims.
    You could say the making of these cabinets was...properly handled.
    Using the Ornate Beauty, I turned two to the sides and used them as pull-handles. The Buyer Beware was useful as a lock. The ICYA - Chest made for makeshift drawer/cubby handles. The Omiscan chest (on its side) makes two handles per one. Below, you can see the layout underneath the cabinets.
    Hiding more chests than Princess Cordelia's boyfriends.

    Galaxy Mobile

    You'll need:
    • Portable Galaxy Lightshow (Get To Work) - $350 (Electronics > Misc.)
    • A Bassinet:
      • Rock-a-bye Bassinet - $150 (Kids > Kids' Furniture)
      • Nanoo Nanoo Bassinet - $150 (Get To Work)
      • Antique Spellcaster Bassinet - $150 (Realm Of Magic)
      • Ancient Bassinet - $300 (Vampires)
    Forget "pink or blue?", "Which bassinet matches the decor?" is the real question here.
    The galaxy lightshow has no use to me. None. I've tried coming up with reasons to have it as a lamp by my sims' bed, but the constant grasshopper-esque noise would drive me nuts. To be honest, were I less aware of it, the sound could almost be soothing, and the galaxy hologram is really cool, too. Then the idea dawned on me: make it a mobile for babies. Not only would it be out of sight (and sound) and out of mind, but the baby has nothing to do but lay there and enjoy the wonders of simulated space until they fall asleep or need attention. Win-win!

    I do recommend sizing it to its minimum, then clipping it into the head/canopy of the crib, with just enough sticking out to activate it as-needed.

    Paranormal Stuff Kit

    You'll need:
    • The Hover Lamp (Get To Work) - $150 (Lighting > Table Lamps - Debug)
    • Any round, dining table (Surfaces > Dining Tables)
    • Cauldron O' Spirits Light Show (Spooky Stuff) - $460 (Electronics/Decorations > Misc.)
    How to scam superstitious folks whilst on a budget.
    No, I do not have Paranormal Stuff (not yet, anyway), but I had a eureka moment one day whilst trying to figure out what to do with this useless lightshow, and set out to create my own paranormal experience.
    • Step 1: Size down the lightshow to its minimum and raise with Ctrl+9 until poking out of the hover lamp on the dining table, then move back down by one interval (Ctrl+0).
    • Step 2: Move the lamp off of the table, and replace with another object on the center slot (this'll prevent the lamp from slotting to it). Bring the lamp back to the center, then move it down by one interval and size it down by one or two steps (depends on which size you'd prefer for your "crystal ball").
    • Step 3: Get rid of the object taking up the center slot, then activate on the lamp's hover function. Click the cauldron's rim, and activate the lightshow.
    Now you've a poor man's séance table and will get a happy moodlet by being around the "spirits". Whether you keep the hover function on to make it look more "mystical" or not, is up to you.
    Coming up next on "Ghetto Medium"... "Using sugar instead of salt: how to ward off pet ghosts for less than a simoleon".

    Rooved Shed

    You'll need:
    • Any Awning (Build Items > Wall Sculptures)
    • Half walls
    Short and cluttered. A perfect metaphor for a sim's life.
    The problem with a shed in TS4 is that if the wall height for the building is tall, any building made (even detached from the main structure) will be the same. The remedy for this is to use half-walls, which allows for a shorter structure, without any changes to the rest of the lot's walls. Sadly, there's a second problem: roofing. Half walls don't yet have compatibility for rooves, so I had to improvise using MoveObjects and 2 easy steps:
    • Step 1: Page up by one and draw a wall across the center of the shed.
    • Step 2: Place two copies of your chosen awning (one on either side of the wall), adjust their placement as needed, then remove the wall.
    There will, undoubtedly, be a gap, but unfortunately I haven't found a solution to that that doesn't involve the top of the shed having a ceiling (which appears at the normal height, above the shed).

    Mannequin Labor

    You'll need:
    • A mannequin (Get To Work) - $350
    One-time payment, work from open to close, no sick days, and never age. Don't tell the corporations.
    "I'm a bit nervous...any words of encouragement?" "..." "Thanks, that's helpful."
    Ever built a community lot and felt like it'd benefit from having a receptionist or any other employee one cannot hire? Well mannequins are not only cheap, but can take on any role, simply by dressing them as whatever is needed. The problem with this is that they can only be clothed and posed in live mode, and only on a lot the sim owns (residential or owned business). Make the lot a residential, move a sim in, alter the mannequins as needed, then evict and change the lot to the desired type. Makes for a great bit of set long as you have other living sims around (otherwise it makes for a great horror movie set).

    (Update: Beware the use of mannequins on lots you want to download/redownload. Trying to place lots with them in causes crashing currently. The AHQ report is here.)
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    Wow just found this!! Thank yooooooou for sharing this!!! Ts4 is so complex and no one even knows it!😆 but most impressively I can't get over your attention to detail!!😱
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
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    Appreciate all of the bookmarks and compliments :)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 1,285 Member
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    I'm definitely going to use the well, thanks @KyreRoen , these are so creative!

    I finally worked out a way to get my apartment dwellers to move house from one apartment to the other in a way that makes sense to me. In case anyone else would find it helpful here it is:
    Put all the belongings they would realistically bring into household inventory. (furniture, decor, electronics, collectibles, plants in pots)
    Leave in place the things that they wouldn't realistically bring. (plumbing, counters and cabinets, appliances, plants in large planters or the ground)
    Instead of using the normal move options, go out to Manage Worlds and evict them. This will leave in place everything they didn't put in their household inventory.
    Then go to Manage Households and move them into their new home from there. Everything they packed in their household inventory will move with them, but not the counters and plumbing!
    And then when a new family moves into the vacated house/apartment, they can buy it "furnished" at an affordable price, and it will have counters and plumbing already there, you know, like a normal house/apartment would.

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

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    I'm definitely going to use the well, thanks @KyreRoen , these are so creative!

    I finally worked out a way to get my apartment dwellers to move house from one apartment to the other in a way that makes sense to me. In case anyone else would find it helpful here it is:
    Put all the belongings they would realistically bring into household inventory. (furniture, decor, electronics, collectibles, plants in pots)
    Leave in place the things that they wouldn't realistically bring. (plumbing, counters and cabinets, appliances, plants in large planters or the ground)
    Instead of using the normal move options, go out to Manage Worlds and evict them. This will leave in place everything they didn't put in their household inventory.
    Then go to Manage Households and move them into their new home from there. Everything they packed in their household inventory will move with them, but not the counters and plumbing!
    And then when a new family moves into the vacated house/apartment, they can buy it "furnished" at an affordable price, and it will have counters and plumbing already there, you know, like a normal house/apartment would.
    Thank you for the sentiment.

    Appreciated insight, though perhaps that information might be better suited to this thread:, given its consistent visibility and community curation.
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    Curious Details #3: Wading Around (Cats & Dogs/Get To Work)

    Back in June of 2018, the Sims Team added the ability to wade in water (walk into it, pretty much) around pre-Island Living worlds. This was in an attempt to test the viability of making those worlds' waters swimmable. Not long after, this was patched out, but I've found two spots left unpatched:

    Daschund's Creek (Cavalier Cove, Brindleton Bay) (Cats & Dogs)
    This is accessible to "wade" in from the point shown in the first image, all the way upstream to the waterfall beside the lot from which the creek is named.

    Ignore the suffering sim on the bottom-right. He's suffering for science.
    Magnolia Promenade Bayou (Get To Work)

    Not sure why one would want to wade in this, but you do you.
    • Despite Servos not being in the game around the time of this patch, their durability degrades at 3x speed whilst wading.
    • Wading doesn't replenish hygiene.
    • Wading replenishes hydration for merfolk, but only by 1x.
    • Unlike the above, a Plantsim's water need is not replenished through wading.
    • No, one cannot place down portable objects in the water.
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    Curious Details #4: Strangerville Story Tidbits (Strangerville)

    Strangerville's story is pretty simple: "Redacted is acting up and causing Redacted, so now Redacted needs to be stopped." If you've already played through the quest, the blanks are pretty easy to fill in.

    SPOILERS AHEAD (though it's hard to really call them "spoilers" (in my opinion), as they don't really spell out the root of the mystery in bright, neon lettering).
    Here's the thing though- Aside from all of the story bits told to you through "Talk about Strangerville", "Share Conspiracy Theories", visual storytelling, and getting info from the Curio shop, scientists, and military personnel, there are two other places overlooked if playing it straight:
    1. The household bios.
    2. The Strangerville Archives.
    The Bios
    Within the bios for Cahill and Roswell, there are some minor interesting tidbits, and the bio for Sigworth may not have much to tell, but if just starting the quest (and the obvious lab in the distance doesn't smack you in the face), it and the Roswell bio pretty much point the compass there.

    The Archives
    "But I already visited the Archives and got a piece of evidence". If that's what you're thinking, and not "I kept reading the Archives' info over and over and got 7 pieces of info", then have I got news for you! Turns out that other than the usual "evidence", there are excerpts one can glean - in the notifications - that give some more backstory to it all:

    With all of this terrifying weirdness going on, I'm sure glad we now have satellite-uplink plumbing to clear out the "panicked poop".
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    Simming Tips #13: Occults Within Occults (Basegame/Get Famous/Get To Work/Vampires)

    It's been 8 years (give or take), and within the realm of playable lifestates, we have:
    • Ghosts
    • Aliens
    • Vampires
    • Those Green Things
    • Mehfolk
    • Glorified Magicians
    • Servos
    • Skele-tons of disappointment
    I just have to ask, Maxis:
    Where have all the lifestates gone? I can't rely on mods.
    Where's the occult-based expansion pack to fight the rising odds?
    Isn't there a Faerie upon the lamp of a Genie?
    The full moon rises with no Werewolf cry and I dream of Mummies.
    (Belts out) I need a Plantsim! Holdin' out for an Imaginary Friend.
    It's been 2 years since the last occult, and when will this waiting end?

    Well, dear occult-loving comrades, we'll just have to do it ourselves. The name of the game is "repurposing". If one can turn a nightclub into a cinema, or Don Lothario into a loyal house-husband, then one can quite easily create new occults from existing ones.

    1 - Aliens: Androids/Gynoids

    "Simdroids" are pretty easy to create, and offer a lot of freedom with regards to looks. Sure, one can also use a normal sim for this, but aliens' voices, as well as their powers and disguise ability add more to the pseudo-occult.

    Starting off with skintones, the unnatural blueish white can be made closer to chalk-white by sliding all the way to the right.
    The ears can be normalised using "detail edit".
    Some neon-esque tattoos can help to add that "futuristic" flair, and the platinum hair is just my choice for more sterility in the colour palette.
    7 neon tattoos from Get To Work, and one from Jungle Adventure.
    Traits, preferences, and aspiration all come together to act as a "behaviour module", but very much depend on what one wants the droid to do/be like.
    • A domestic droid may be more into handiness, cooking, and baking, with traits such as: Foodie (so they can be inspired by cooking shows), good (so they can regulate the moods of others), neat (so they clean autonomously).
    • A partner droid may prefer dancing, singing, and other activities that can either be done together, or that their owner sim likes, with traits such as: romantic (for the flirty moods and actions), active (to energise and work out with their owner sim), and loves the outdoors (to prompt for more outdoor excursions, rather than be stuck at home).
    These are just two ideas of many. In terms of aspirations, it again depends on what the droid's main purpose(s) will be, though one that one may consider cheating to completion is the "Freelance Botanist", in order to make one's droid fireproof.
    Once out of CAS, the next step is to set them up for play through the use of satisfaction cheats: Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points [insert number here].

    Then scroll through the Rewards Store for traits to make one's sim a more convincing droid:
    • Forever Full - Droids have no need to eat.
    • Seldom Sleepy/Never Weary, Antiseptic/Forever Fresh - If one would still like to be able to have some level of needs-based gameplay (just less so), then the weaker needs-based reward traits will do, whilst still giving off a "more than just a sim" vibe.
      • Simdroids may either have to recharge at intervals, or have a inexhaustible battery.
      • They may have a coating that slows dirt buildup, or be entirely self-cleaning.
    • Steel Bladder - They may have to change coolant every now and then (or whatever liquid one would like), but not "relieve themselves" as often as a normal sim.
    • Savant, Morning Sim, Night Owl, Speed Reader - With a computer for a brain, they learn much faster.
    • Waterproof - Can be used to excuse the fact that they don't degrade like Servos do in water.
    • Iceproof, Heatproof - Internal temperature regulation, which excuses the need to use the bathroom, despite no need to eat.
    A couple of handy additions to any simdroid would be:
    • The computer glasses from Discover University (which would allow them to access a few computational interactions at any time). This can be found in debug if no other sim can craft them.
    • Any way of resetting one's age (Age Away Serum, Eternal Youth Potion, Wish for Youth, etc) would help to sell the illusion of static aging, if one doesn't have access to (or would prefer not to use) MCCC or cheats.
    Booted up and ready to ensla- I mean serve.

    2 - Ghosts: Genie/D'jinn

    Ghosts make for fantastic d'jinn, given their ethereal visages, immunity to death, and their ability to possess objects.

    Moreso than with simdroids, the appearance of a d'jinn is pretty much up in the air for interpretation.
    My example simply utilizes the Disney-esque look through flowy bottoms (here, I use the male skirt from the recent basegame update), a man-bun from City Living, and a pointy beard from basegame. Do whatever makes you happy (though grey eyes look the most like glowing eyes, if it helps).
    The main points of contention are the traits and abilities.

    The best traits can be Outgoing (to make new friends/wishers), Perfectionist (Better quality craftables, which can serve as wish fulfillments), and Kleptomaniac (After all, wishes aren't free). Honestly, though, any of the three can be swapped out for Good, Evil, or anything else that may serve your own version.

    For magical versatility, the best kinds of ghosts are either normal sims with Selvadoradan relics, or spellcasters (with/out Selvadoradan relics).

    Rather than list out spells that can work for those wanting to play the "everyday helper" sort of d'jinn (pretty much all of them work for that), I'll list out those that work for those who'd like to put the Wishing Well (Romantic Garden) out of business:
    • Infatuate/Strangeify - Love (Either they get new love, or lose all chance at it).
    • Dedeathify/Despairio - Life (Either life is given, or hope is taken).
    • Rite Of Ascension/Minionize - Promotion (Why work when you can use magic to solve all of your problems? Now whose problems, is the question--Yours...or mine?)
    • Copypasto/Burgliate - Simoleons (Give a man an extra expensive item, and you'll solve his debt problems. Take his only expensive item, and you'll solve your furnishing ones).
    • Copypasto (Potion of Youth)/Morphiate - Youth (More time is given either way, but whether they'll enjoy it in human form...who can say?)
    • Duplicato/Deliriate - Skill (Many hands make light work, and more time for study. Less cognitive ability makes for the best lesson of all: never trust a d'jinn).
    • Delicioso,Floralorial,Scruberoo,Repairio,Herbio/Furio,Burgliate,Despairio - Happiness (Sometimes you want to give...sometimes you want to take...)

    Should one opt for a human ghost instead, the Selvadoradan relics can take the place of spells:
    • Balampalsoh Chaos Relic - Love (Romance...friendships...same thing. Plus, the latter makes it easier to get the former).
    • Balampalsoh Death Relic - Youth (One can't age if one's technically dead).
    • Balampalsoh Watcher Relic - Simoleons (Money, money, money).
    • Totecallama Death Relic - Skill (Having an undead assistant can apparently be quite the boon to skills and chores).
    • Zazatototl Watcher Relic - Happiness (To enjoy happiness, one must first work through crushing sadness).
    • Zazatototl Chaos Relic - Promotion (When one's health begins to fail, working hard through it may yet aid in working hard after recovery).
    • Zazatototl Death Relic - Life (Asking for help can lead to great life lessons).

    3 - Vampires: Werewolves

    Werewolves (until they arrive officially) are off-shoots of vampires (CAS-wise).

    Earth-toned, unnatural skin, golden eyes, cascading cheek marks, darkened linings around the eyes, and enraged brows really sell the animalistic visage, with top-and-bottom fangs and lightly pointed ears helping it along.
    Yes, to be honest, it does seem more like a man with an animal spirit (no, not Bravestarr), but there's no better that can be done without CC, and it does what it needs to.

    Powers-wise, anything that is self-enhancing can work to emulate the usual wolven gamut:
    • Vampire Creation (For the bite that grants the curse).
    • Garlic Immunity (Despite the heightened smell of werewolves, it's fitting that children of the earth and wilds aren't affected adversely by its bounty).
    • Vampiric Strength (Werewolves are often shown to be able to take and dish out more than even the strongest man).
    • Child of The Moon (This one's obvious, but the fact that the lunar cycle affect's a werewolf's transformation would translate here to instead granting them extra benefits, given it neither hinders nor forces their change).
    • Sun Resistance (Whilst werewolves are children of the moon, the only thing the sun does (usually) is change them back. Here, it should do nothing at all).
    • Supernatural Speed (In lieu of an all-fours run, we'll instead boost the capabilities of their two legs to work double-time).
    • Tamed Thirst (This is more story-based. If one's sim is in control of themself, then this applies).
    • Uncontrollable Hissing (If either at-odds with oneself, or simply reveling in the more primal side of one's nature, it'll at times cause one to act with a bit less "decorum").
    • Withered Stomach (In lieu of raw meat/food, one has to get ones bestial fix elsewhere. Be it from the earth (fish, frogs, fruits) or live (sims, medical plasma).
    • Sloppy Drinker (Who can blame one if one just wants to "wolf it down"? Spillage is a right, not a privilege).
    • Guilty Drinker (For the more squeamish or empathetic werewolf, eating live just won't do).
    • Fitful Sleep (It's hard to get a good night's sleep when something's roaming around deep down inside).
    • Undead Aura (Maybe it's the way one smells, the little leafy bits caught in the hair from a night out, the over-eager stare, a facial tick or two...whatever it is, people know there's
    • Eternal Sadness (For those who never asked to be this way, and would kill to get back to normalcy, it can be soul-crushing to feel trapped in one's own skin at times, fighting something that wants so badly to wear it instead).

    4 - Vampires: Zombies

    Zombies and vampires are like Peanut butter and Jelly- They aren't the same, but yet have many of the same functions.
    • Predators toward mortals.
    • Undead (in most cases).
    • Pale as all get out.
    • Turns through a bite (usually).
    • Hard to kill.
    What better occult to LARP as a zombie, than the only other "undead" in the game?

    The looks, in this case, do matter:
    • The palest unnatural skintone (slider moved all the way to the right).
    • Gray, graying, white, or black hair (at least if we're being stereotypical).
    • Sunken under-eyes (think "nigh-skeleton").
    • Jagged teeth (Come to think of it, I'd rather be bitten by precise needles, than jagged molars).
    • Small veins on either cheek (It's a nice touch as the skin thins out enough to start seeing the veins underneath).
    • Pure white eyes, or black sclera with red irises (Walking Dead or iZombie?)
    If you add stiches from Get Famous instead of the veins (and grey-ish skin), you can make Frankenstein's Monster.
    The outfit and stockings I'm using are from Spooky Stuff
    Traits aren't hugely important here, but aspiration-wise I went for 'Vampire Family', given the main drive for a zombie is often just to feed, which leads to more zombies. Our "zombies" have a normal sim's level of intelligence, so they can make the choice to do either (plus feeding and turning are two different things UI-wise).

    Powers-wise, zombies don't really have much going for them. In most cases, it's how people deal with them and the world they leave in their wake, that gets the highlight. In fringe cases wherein zombies are more intelligent and/or super-powered, it tends to be kind of...unnatural. Still, the general consensus seems to be:
    • Vampire Creation (For the bite, once again).
    • Vampiric Strength (Most zombies seem at least somewhat stronger than a normal person, given the lack of fatigue, as well as the driving hunger).
    • Vampiric Slumber (Sleep like the dead. Actually, do zombies sleep?)
    Beyond that, I really couldn't tell you. They eat. Constantly. I've seldom seen a zombie do otherwise.
    • Uncontrollable Hissing (It's less the sound, and more the spittle that comes with it. I mean if everyone around you is food, who can blame you for licking your chops a bit? Apparently everyone within range can).
    • Sloppy Drinker (Ah the refined dining etiquette of the modern zombie. Watch as he chokes down his severed finger. Gaze in awe as she tears at the severed leg, sending chunks flying this way and that. Sigh contentedly as you realise that you are the main course, and that there's a bit of you in every corner).
    • Sleep Of The Undead (A coffin costs an arm and a leg. Might as well make good use of it after eating said arm and leg).
    Challenge mode:
    • Insatiable Thirst (Combined with Sloppy Drinker, you'll spend most of your daylight hours hunting down food).
    • Undead Aura (Makes the whole "creating a zombie family" thing a bit more difficult).

    5 - Vampires: That One Creepy Doll

    I once played Sims 3. All throughout, I've never once played with Imaginary Friends. Why in the world would someone come up with that thing? What sick, twisted mind decided it wasn't nightmare fuel to have some toy come alive and appear in places, then can only be seen by the kids? Well, since I can't reasonably make a faerie (the hoversuit is bulky and covers everything), and Plantsims are out of the question (unless I were about to make a green spellcaster with only those two plant spells, or create a Poison-Ivy-esque vampire), I guess we'll have to make do...

    So...I may have come up with 3 variants for you:
    The "Porcelain Doll"
    The "Raggedy Ann"
    The "Voodoo Doll"
    Look, I could make them less creepy, but at least it's visible and you can run from it...though you won't get far. The idea here is that sims now have this one friend who whispers in their ear, telling them to do bad things. It gets angry if they refuse, and it always starts out harmless enough...

    The Porcelain Doll has white skin (preferably neutral tone, slid to the right), as well as pure white eyes and cracks on either cheek.

    The Raggedy Ann has symmetrical stitching on either cheek, as well as black sclera with blue irises.

    The Voodoo Doll has pure black eyes, no brows, and symmetrical stitching.

    Powers-wise, the haunted doll stereotype is generally inhabited by some evil spirit with the power of manipulation and suffering.
    • Cast Hallucination (Those who don't like them are generally driven mad or given bad dreams and hallucinations).
    • Eternally Welcome (H-How did that doll get in here...?)
    • Command (Especially in the case of the Voodoo Doll, the binding of another to its will allows it to control them).
    • Manipulate Life Spirit (One by one their playmates' friends and family disappear. Soon they'll be alone and can play forever).
    • Irresistible Slumber (Their companionship is not without its merit- Energy taken, for time spent together).
    • Mesmerise (Those who oppose their friends tend to seem somewhat...sluggish...I wonder why).
    • Deprive Needs (Suffering follows those who don't want to play).
    • Mist Form (Remember what I said about running...).
    • Influence Emotion (For the Voodoo Doll, this mimics the ability of the one in-game).
    • Day Phobia (Is it the sun they fear, gazing down at their misdeeds, or is it the burning that it brings for them?)
    • Thin-Skinned (Fire is a pretty good cleanser. Even better is when the fire happens from within).
    • Undead Aura (Nothing beats the hairs standing on end, warning one to "stay away").
    "What about fangs", you ask?
    Sweet dreams.
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