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Friday Highlights July 16 - A Week on The Sims Forums

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 15 EA Community Manager
July 16th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

Another week, another Highlight! I'm excited to kick off the weekend revealing some great discussions and chatting with you all! :)

Meet Tara Stanley and her new puppy Toby, by @mia_noelle97 - from here. Such a cute pic!

  • To start, an interesting challenge by @mcrudd, so you can try something new in the game: "A different 100 baby challenge". Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the creativity of this community? :love:
  • Not sure about you guys, but I just love browsing around to get new ideas for my own builds and lots. While doing so, I stumbled across this stunning creation by @surlybadger, shared here. What a lovely house, congrats! <3
  • Moving on to The Sims Franchise Discussion, think of all The Sims games you have ever played to get ready for @LEGARDEPOURPRE's question: 'Old characters vs new characters?' I tend to play with the exact same characters in each game, simply because I get too attached to them! How about you guys, do you still remember the old ones or rather be innovative and create new faces? Looking forward to seeing your answers! ;)
  • Calling all Sims 3 players to answer this interesting question posted by @waterywatermelon: "Which is your favorite Sims 3 EA-made World?" Mine is definitely Isla Paradiso. The amount of time devoted to that place and the wonderful stories that emerged from playing there... maybe I'll tell you another time. I'm curious to see what's your favorite world in Sims 3. :smiley:
  • And to finish things off for today, a bit of Sims 2: have a look at the lovely "The Jones Family" created by @Lucy_Henley and shared in "What happen in your game today/most recently?" thread. . As someone who hasn't played Sims 2 in a little while, I started to feel a bit nostalgic . :blush:

I hope you find today's Highlights entertaining and enjoyed the picks. You know by now how this works - if you have any recommendations for future Friday Highlights, please send them on!

Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Simming! <3


  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,635 Member
    Congrats to all mentioned !! :smiley:
    Great highlights!! <3
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  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 8,232 Member
  • AuntyCaitlinAuntyCaitlin Posts: 11 New Member
    An awesome highlight! Congrats to all those mentioned.

    And totally agree RE. Isla Paradiso! It is my favourite Sims pack of all time, I loved biking to the store, walking all over the island going swimming, and building houseboats. A pack I will cherish forever - the open-world gameplay and the stories really made it for me! :)
  • MyriadSimsMyriadSims Posts: 854 Member
    I'm so sorry @EA_Mari but I just came in to say that when I read your name I thought of two things: @EA_Mai and Calamari (like the food). In fact, I almost typed @ EA_Calamari.

    Other than that, these are some pretty cool Friday Highlights.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,032 Member
    Oooh you mentioned me! I like Sims 2, 3 and 4 for different reasons. I’m currently playing 3, but Sims 2 is always a good one. It’s much easier to play rotationally for example.
    I don’t usually play with premades as I prefer to start a family from scratch and fully explore their story from the beginning. A lot of my Sims do end up looking similar to each other, with similar traits and wishes/aspirations, but different names… so I’m not playing the exact same characters, but in some ways they could almost be. But the flexibility of the game means that they don’t have the exact same stories. I love being part of the “what happened in your game today” threads because everyone is able to come up with something different.
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    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

  • Babegirl018Babegirl018 Posts: 1 New Member
    Don't care not buying anything else until generations
  • EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 15 EA Community Manager
    Apologies for the late reply, guys.

    @Ellupelluellu - Thank you so much! <3

    @mcrudd - You're very welcome and btw that challenge is amazing!

    @AuntyCaitlin - Thank you :)

    @MyriadSims - no worries, there's a lot of similarities between all those names. Glad you enjoyed the Highlights! ;)

    @Lucy_Henley - absolutely, that's also one of my favourites threads <3
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