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The Red Winged Angels


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    Chapter 4.12 – The lie becomes the truth

    Wayne Jones – Toy Piano / Nox Arcana – Distant Memories (Legion of Shadows)
    - 1991 -

    Next morning at the hospital.. the elevator wasn't working, so Natalie had to use the stairs...

    Sara: Good morning, Natalie! Nice to see you!

    Sara: Now lets get to business, how is it going with you Natalie? Have you noticed any changes since you started on the medication?
    Natalie sits down, the doctor looks at Natalie, still with her kind and empathetic eyes.

    Natalie: I, uh...uhh... I don't know yet...

    Sara: What I mean is if you have seen a reduction in your, well, hallucinations?

    Sara was always little reluctant to use the word 'hallucination', as she didn't want to put any stigma on her patients, but sometimes you have to call things by their proper name..

    Natalie: Well, uhmm.. I... uhh...

    Natalie was clearly getting distressed.

    Sara: Did something happen, Natalie?

    Natalie: I.. uhh.. I took the medicine.. just like I was told and... and I went to.. and..

    Natalie: ...and suddenly there was a man there..

    Sara: Where was this man, Natalie?

    Natalie: He sat in my... rocking chair.. and he said nothing.. just stared at me..

    Natalie:Then I must have.. blacked out.. all of a sudden Isaac was home from school and...

    Sara: Did something happen then Natalie?

    I got a... I got a phone call...

    Sara: Who phoned you, Natalie?

    Natalie: It was... uhh.. it was... Elisa phoned me... she said she was.. having a party..

    Sara: Did you go, Natalie?

    Natalie starts talking faster and with enthusiasm.

    Natalie: Yes, of course! I love Elisa, she is my best friend! She loves me too!

    Sara: Did anything happen at the party?

    Natalie: Umm.. not really. Well, she was talking to someone.. but there was nobody there! And when I tried to talk to her, she ignored me!

    Sara: How did that make you feel, Natalie?

    Natalie: Confused.. and scared.. I could not understand why she would invite me up and then ignore me!

    Natalie: So I got angry and told her that her party s.ucked, but she still says she loves me!

    Sara: So there wasn't anyone else at the party?

    Natalie: No.. it was just me, Elisa and Alfred.

    Sara: Alfred? Who is Alfred?

    Natalie gets up from her chair and walks over to Sara, being very enthustiastic about anything that has to do with Elisa and the cabin.

    Natalie: Oh, Alfred... that's her butler! Yes, she has her own butler, how cool is that!?


    Sara: I.. wow, that is really something.. what does she do for a living to afford a butler?

    Sara couldn't help but to think this sounded like something from
    a movie scene... but of course, she kept that thought to herself...

    Natalie: Ummm.. I don't know.... she is just a magician... maybe she sells potions somewhere? She knows how to make them, she has made a lot of them! I am sure they are expensive!

    Natalie: She even made me a potion that made Billy become real!

    Sara: Billy, that's your son, right?

    Natalie got a little worked up by this question...


    Natalie: No, no, Billy is not my son! He's just a kid that... lives with us! He was a plush toy, but she made him real!


    Sara: Natalie.. listen to me... Billy is not a plush toy.. he has never been a plush toy.. Billy... is your son, Natalie...!

    Sara knows about Billy from reading the file from Dr. Spagliori.


    Wha...? No, he is not my son!! The kid is not my son!!

    Natalie was upset. How could she say that!? Wouldn't it be obvious that Billy wasn't her son!??


    Sara: Natalie.. if he is not your son, then whose son is he? Did you adopt him?


    Natalie: No, or well.. kind of.. he came in the mailbox as a plush toy..

    Natalie: I didn't know he was a boy at first, so I just kept him in Isaac and Aaron's room..


    Natalie: But as he got older, he started to move around, but he was still a plush toy... and then we got a letter in the mail from the Philosophical Centre about some gemstones needed to make a potion, but Elisa could also make that potion. She did, and that's when he came to life...

    Sara became a little speechless and didn't know how to respond at first. Natalie was just as deluded as Dr. Spagliori had written.. After seeing this for herself, Sara became concerned for the kids well being and concluded that it was necessary to do an inspection of the home situation...

    Sara: Natalie.. ok, here's the deal. Our time for today is now up I'm afraid, but I suggest until next time you continue to take your medication as prescribed. It is very important to not skip any days, and I will see you again same time next week. I will also make an appointment to have one of our nurses stop by your home once every other day to check up on you and your family. Is that ok by you, Natalie?


    Natalie: Ummm.. ummm, sure... I guess..


    Sara: Splendid, Natalie! I'll see you again same time next week. Take care of yourself and your family, please, Natalie..

    Out in the hallway Natalie already suffered some kind of panic attack as if she saw something..


    Sara witnessed it through the glass door of her office, and rushed out to calm her down..


    Sara: Natalie.. I am sorry you have to go through something like this... You will get a visit from one of our nurses tomorrow already, I'll make sure of it! And please continue to take your medication, I insist, things will get better if you do!


    Sara: I'm going to have to let you go now, Natalie, but I will see you again same time next week.. in the meantime, take care, Natalie...


    After the session was over, Natalie had to go to her shift at the restaurant. The kids were at home doing.. kind of alright. They have done their homework, except for Isaac which seems to be slacking a little. They also, of course, react to their filthy surroundings.

    I hope Natalie will have some sense to clean up a little before the nurse comes tomorrow to check up on her, and of course, that she remembers to take her medicine..


    Well, this evening Natalie remembered what the doctor had said, and took her pill...

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    @Sprottenham I am enjoying "The Lie becomes the Truth"

    Oh that must be a problem having elevators stop working! Poor sims have to deal with what we deal with!

    I do like this session with the doctor! But uh-oh starting out with the lie that she took the medicine just as she was told! :o

    Ahh the discussion about Billy! This is sure to be good! and more revealing to the Doc about Natalie's state of mind!

    Uh-Oh! ''an inspection of the home situation...''

    Yes I expect the kids would react to their surroundings, poor things!

    Oh Awesome thought bubble of Natalie's medication!

    I wonder just how this is going to play out! Looking forward to it!
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    @DivaDoodle Thanks! Yeah, the elevator breaking is a bug in the game, however, it could be realistic, because elavators sometimes breaks in real life too, of course. ;)

    Also, I will try to squeeze in one more update here before the holiday sets in, but if I don't get around to it, merry christmas to everyone reading!

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    @Sprottenham I hope so!

    Merry Christmas to you too! 🎄🎁🎄🎁
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    Chapter 4.13 – Dirty Laundry


    Amund Maarud - Dirty Laundry


    The next morning, the nurse was already there. It was Isaac that had to let him in, because Natalie still wasn't awake. And of course, the first thing he noticed was the filthyness of the surroundings.


    He looked around and immediately concluded that this probably wasn't an optimal place to raise kids. Now he wanted to talk to Natalie, so he sat down on a kitchen chair to wait for her to wake up. He wasn't very happy about how the place looked... uh oh, Natalie..

    Natalie finally woke up so the nurse could introduce himself.


    Preben Muren: Hi, good morning.. you must be Natalie. I am Preben, the nurse from the hospital. I was sent here by Dr. Lovensteen... Your son Isaac was so kind to let me in. So.. how are you now, Natalie?


    Oh, I am fine... I took the medication last night, doctor! And I will take it today too, I just haven't.. it's in the bathroom, in the medicine cabinet.. if you want to see!


    Preben: Oh, I don't have to watch you take the medicine, Natalie.. as long as you take it. I am here because the doctor is a little concerned for your wellbeing and as a routine check.

    Natalie: Oh, but I will show you that I am taking it! It is in the bathroom!

    Nurse Preben follows Natalie into the bathroom as she takes her medicine. He is disgusted also by the state of the bathroom, as it is just as filthy as the living room and kitchen area.


    "Look, doctor! I am taking it now!" Natalie says.

    Preben: That's very good, Natalie, but.. and don't take this the wrong way, but.. have you uhmm... looked at your surroundings, Natalie? I would suggest you try to clean up a little.. not only for yourself, but also your kids....Natalie... it is not at all healthy to live in such conditions...


    Nurse Preben has the neat personality trait and cannot at all stand such filthy surroundings.


    Natalie: Maybe so, but I think that's a litte rude of you to say.. I took the medication. Isn't that why you came here?

    Natalie: I think you should leave now, doctor..


    My work is probably done here for today, but Natalie, I will have to come back on Tuesday, and please, try to clean just a little before then, ok? As a start, maybe.


    Well, Natalie didn't improve much with the cleaning, but she did make sure to buy a treehouse for the kids, complete with a fully grown tree and everything..


    And she continued to take her medicine, once in the morning before breakfast, and once in the evening after work. Now she was carrying it on her all the time, instead of putting it back into the medicine cabinet for each time. "It should make it a little easier for me to remember", she thought.


    Ah yes, doesn't that smell good, Natalie? Fresh, clean clothes. Now I'll give you that, the nurse was probably a little rude for telling you to clean your own home like that, perhaps especially considering what you are struggling with, but at the same time, I agree with him.. it's not really good for you, nor your kids, to live like that.. Now I am curious to see what effect the medication will have on you, now that you seem to be taking it. That's very good, Natalie! Keep it up!


    "Hmm, this oven actually is very dirty... maybe I should clean it..."

    Yes, Natalie..! You are a chef. How can a chef want to cook on such a dirty oven!? If Schmordon Gamsey came to your home, he would give you a scolding out of this world, I am sure!


    Natalie: Go to you room! And stay there!!

    Umm.. well, Natalie still struggled a bit, but she also cleaned a lot more now. Its hard to say if it was because of the words from nurse Preben or if it was the medication working and making her see things more clearly. Either way, a positive development, for sure.


    Natalie was both doing the dishes, and remembering to take her medicine. Ah, things should be improving now...


    The rocking chair was always a good place for Natalie. It calmed her down whenever she would start to feel anxious. As long as it wasn't occupied by someone else, of course...


    I like what I am seeing, Natalie! This is good! I am sure both the doctor and the nurse will be very pleased now! :)


    No, wait, hold on.. where are you going? What are you doing? Your laundry machine is inside... Natalie?


    Natalie.. what the hell? o_O Where are you going??

    Well, now I have seen that, too... she is actually using someone elses laundry basket on their home lot...! Natalie...! That's a clever trick, but seriously....


    Ok, so they have their laundry basket outside, that's a little odd, but I am sure that is only because they had no space inside.. these small shacks belong to people living in the poor quarters of the town..


    Natalie looks very pleased with herself, now that she has gotten rid of the dirty laundry...


    Then she randomly changes clothes and has a small panic attack by the laundry basket.. yeah, you're not fully well yet...


    Here comes the man that lives there. Turns out its a fire fighter by the name of Edvin Hemmingsen.


    Haha, he just greets her. Of course, he probably doesn't know she just dumped her filthy laundry on him..
    "Welcome in to my humble abode" he says.


    "Ah, sorry, can't stay.. I have to go to work" says Natalie. Good for you, then..


    Isaac had for a very long time now wanted to buy a chess table so he could practice playing chess, but since Natalie had barely been at home, he hadn't had much of a chance to ask her to get one... luckily, maybe, he knew where she kept some spare money in her bedroom drawer.. so he snuck in and got some, before he headed to the Solebant consignment store, hoping they had some used ones he could buy...



    The consignment store clerk, which also works as a fire fighter by the looks of it, said that they just got one in the other week. It was heavily used, and the previous owner had "improved" the look of some of the pieces, but other then that, the store clerk of course said that it was in good condition for it's price.


    "I'll take it!" says Isaac, and so he went home with 150 simoleons less in cash, but with a chess table, as he had wanted for such a long time now.


    Of course, he didn't buy chairs for it, so he had to move around and use a couple of the dining table chairs.


    "I should probably go back to the consigment store and buy an easel for Aaron too, so he can finally learn to paint!" says Isaac.

    Aaron has for a long time had a wish to learn painting, but again for the same reasons as Isaac, hasn't gotten around to ask his mom to pay for a course or to buy him an easel yet.. poor kids!


    Natalie has no reaction at all to the new chess table or the chairs that have been moved around. She is just thinking about her medicine and doing dishes..


    Actually, she goes over to use it herself, not questioning anything. I guess when you're used to seeing all kinds of unreal things, a chess table suddenly appearing in your house is probably just within what you would expect.. as long as the chess table isn't moving or talking on its own, everything is just fine, right?


    I hope that everyone reading has the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with their friends and loved ones. The next update may be posted before New Years or early january. It might feature a bit of heavy content.
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    @Sprottenhan I'm glad to see another update!

    Ah good that Nurse Preben came so see the house, hopefully with Natalie's continued meds she will feel better and clean up a bit! I didn't realize how stinky it was in there, until I saw Preben's reaction! lol

    🤣 that is so funny that Natalie went to use Edvin's laundry hamper! He seems like a nice guy, or maybe he didn't notice! That happened once in my game too, when Cabana Boi walked across the street to use Dante's laundry basket! hahahaa! I would love to see happen more often!

    Happy to see Isaac get the chess table he has wanted! that is a great price!

    Yes it would be great to get Aaron an easel for his painting! Does Billy have wishes?

    I enjoyed the update! :)
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    @DivaDoodle Thanks, yeah lets Hope things get better in the house. ;)

    Oh yes the laundry thing surprised me quite a bit, haha. I had forgotten all about the homes of the poorer people being forced to have their hampers outsider. ;)

    Oh Billy hasn't had to many interesting wishes. I think mostly he wished things like playing with Aaron and eventually playing in the treehouse. Only Aaron and Isaac had wishes to buy things and learn skills.

    Thanks for enjoying the update. :)

    (I am away for the holidays so my comments and replies May be sparse)

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    This chapter deals with difficult and unpleasant subject matter.

    Chapter 4.14 – The Unnamed Feeling

    The chapter title is from a Metallica song, however I chose not to use this song here to "soften" this chapter a bit, as that song is pretty raw, and this chapter is probably already heavy enough on the content...

    You say you want it all
    But with the demons in your head
    You can't see straight

    But give me a chance to be the light
    To guide you through and be your eyes

    The darkness in your soul
    Always a part of you
    I'll be by your side
    Just follow me, follow me..

    Follow me
    Don't be afraid
    I will lead you to a better place
    Free from the sorrows away from the let downs
    You will find a home

    In Flames - Follow Me

    Things slowly improved for Natalie now. She has her job back, remembers to take her medication (apart from the occasional slip up, but hey she's only... an angel.. or more correctly, half angel, half human), cleans up more around the house, and is no longer so troubled by hallucinations and anxiety attacks... would she finally begin to understand and acknowledge that Billy is in fact her son, and that how she used to treat her kids was wrong?


    Aaron woke up from having spent his night in the tree hut.


    Of course, slowly improving didn't mean perfect, as there was still some things that needed to be cleaned up..

    And now that Natalie, thanks to the medication, was seeing improvement, Sara at the doctors' office, had started digging to get some answers..

    Sara: So, Natalie.. we haven't talked about Elisa in a long time now.. has she stopped calling you?

    "Yes.. yes, she has.." Natalie answered with a faint voice.


    "It's .. strange kind of.. but... like.. after about a month of taking the medication.. I stopped.. hearing from her.."
    Natalie pauses for a moment.

    "So I thought.. I had to call her myself one day, but I... I looked through the numbers on my phone.. I had no... there was no Elisa on my list! So I thought I must have.. deleted her number by accident... so I dialed the number information service and asked them for Elisa Kittilsen, but.. well, they found a few people by that name.. but none of them lived where Elisa lives... or lived?"


    "So I mean.. this is very hard.. and scary to believe... I so want her to be real, you know... we had such a good connection, I felt.. and.. but now... I still don't know what to believe... is it true that... could I really have made.... have made it all up?..... but how!? How does one do that!???"


    Sara: Well, hallucinations in most people that suffer from it is due to biochemicals in the brain, and again this is usually due to a genetic predisposition, but environmental factors, such as stressful life events, can also be at play.

    Natalie: So... I... my brain is just wrong.. then..?

    Sara: Well, its.. it's gotten a little of course, you can say. I mean, your brain is pretty wonderful.. you are perfectly able of functioning... but.. something has tipped it down a path where it shouldn't be... And your results show that likely it is something external.. have there been any particularly stressful events or periods in your life, Natalie?


    Natalie: I.. ummm...

    Sara: You mentioned to Dr. Spagliori an ex of yours. The father of your two oldest children. How was that relationship, Natalie?

    Natalie: It was... umm.. it wasn't to bad, it was.. I mean, I... I was very young when I... when I first met him, and..


    Natalie: ... I was working at the grocery store downtown.. I was only 17 years old when he first came by as a customer... He wasn't a good looking man, but... there was something about him still... I kept noticing coming by every now and then, and eventually a little more often... until one day, he finally asked me out.. I.. I went with him for a date, but.. and eventually we became friends and I started going to his house..


    Natalie: I didn't really have a... I was without a home... at the time... or, I did have a.. I used to live in... the cabin... because... I..



    Natalie: ...I survived by.. by tending to the beehive and fish... fishing from a nearby pond... so, when he... offered me to live at his place, I... of course, I accepted...


    Natalie: ..and I... I actually did fall in love with him.. and... eventually we married... and... then we got Isaac... it wasn't really... I mean, it was also hard to.. I sometimes still went up to the cabin.. every now and then... and he was always a bit upset with how he said that... how he didn't like it when I.. in his words just... took off and didn't say where I was... where I was going... and we would often get into fights about it...


    Natalie: ... but I felt so... locked up sometimes... he never did... he was always... he is a good man...

    Tears start showing on Natalies face.


    Natalie: He never did anything wrong.. it was... it was.. it was me.... it was my fault...

    Sara: But Natalie.. why did you tell dr. Spagliori that... that he...did what he.. umm, that he wasn't always so nice to you? Was it not true, Natalie?

    Natalie: No, no... it was not true.. I... I... I didn't want to...I.... I...

    Sara: You didn't want to do what, Natalie?

    Natalie: I didn't want to talk about... I don't want to talk about...

    I am sorry, Natalie, but I am going to have to keep asking questions... what is it that you don't want to talk about?

    Natalie: I.... I.... it's.. it is... it was....


    ....... mom.....

    Sara: What is it about you mother, Natalie?


    The room is left in silence as Natalie shuts down, her eyes fixed on the floor and her mind racing. She wants to be anywhere but here.

    Sara: Natalie, what is it about your mother?


    Natalies face changes character. All the suppressed rage starts to build up inside her.

    Sara notices the change in Natalies face. She has seen this before.

    Sara: You can tell it to me, Natalie. I am here for you, and I promise, I will not tell anyone. I have the duty of confidentiality. What you say in here, will stay in here.

    Even though Sara had done this many times before, the next question was always a painful one to ask, but the lid had to be opened... there was no way around it..

    Sara: Did your mother hurt you, Natalie?

    Natalie didn't want to look at Sara. These emotions had nothing to do with Sara, and everything to do with her mother.


    Sara: I see you are angry, Natalie.You can let it all out to me, and I will not take it personally.

    Natalie finally found herself able to look at Sara, her face was one of disgust, anger and hatred. Whom she hated and blamed was not clear, if it was her mother or herself. These feelings were so intense, they had no name. It was all blurred together until black was everything that remained. Every muscle in the body was tense, her fists were clenched and she could no longer feel her own heart beating. She drew back her lips, bared her teeth and just snarled, like an animal. She had no words and her mouth was unable to speak.


    When Natalie finally was able to say something, what came out can't be repeated here, and it ended with Natalie losing herself in crying and tears and repeatedly banging her fists into the table in front of her...

    Natalie still didn't have any words for it, she only knew there was lots of feeling, and that she didn't want to feel this way. She wanted it all to go away, but didn't know how to do it, because it always came back. It didn't matter how many times she would run away, how many times she would curse, yell and scream, it always came back.


    The only one that had ever soothed her properly, was Elisa. Elisa was like a mother to her, but now, thanks to the medication, Elisa was no longer there and Natalie was all alone with everything she felt.


    This was going to be a long road. She had just coughed up a giant wet ball of cardboard, and it was now sitting on the desk in front of her. From here begins the job to analyze this wet ball to make the pieces stand out, and eventually puzzle them all together....


    It was now that therapy and healing could finally begin.

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    @Sprottenham Glad to see that you're back with an update! :)

    Uh Oh! That warning ''This chapter deals with difficult and unpleasant subject matter.'' yikes, shall I proceed or not...Dun dun dun! I grab a coffee, (it might make the blood in my veins turn to steel, if I make it strong enough!) and continue...

    I really like the title "The unnamed feeling" and the very hopeful beginning about the improvement in Natalie!

    Also the first picture is so adorable or Aaron in the treehouse.

    That must be Very strange for poor Natalie that Eliza's number is no longer in her contacts. How upsetting for her.

    I really liked the way you incorporated the pictures, which enlivened Natalie's story that she was telling to Sara.

    She must have felt like the cabin was her Haven.

    Oh well done with Natalie's memory of her Mom shown in black& white!

    Poor thing was a victim of abuse. that is so sad. Fortunately she is in therapy. No wonder she had Eliza.

    oh lawdy a wet ball of cardboard! That is the first I ever heard this! It is very descriptive!

    ''It was now that therapy and healing could finally begin.'' Excellent! I always love a hopeful end of a chapter!

    Good Job on the chapter! I'm so happy for me that it wasn't as hard to read as the warning! Perhaps it was Because you put in the warning? Or was it my strong coffee? and I always love that Hope is at the end!

    Bravo! I'm so happy you're back!
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    @DivaDoodle I hope that coffee wasn't to strong just for my sake! :P

    Ah, well, who knows if it was necessary to have all these warnings here... I don't know, I think this is a difficult topic that should be handled with care... out of respect for those that have actually gone through something like this.. so I hope I have done a good enough job there..

    Also.. I don't know how other people will react to this, people are different.. for some, this is probably nothing.. others might find this awful, so I give a warning to be on the safe side so that people are prepared and not to shocked... And of course, there is also the age of the reader.. I don't know the age of people in general reading this forum, so there is that one too...

    If I had written this story on a personal site or blog, I don't think it would have been to different. Some things will probably have been more fleshed out, and I would not have censored all the curse words, but in general I think the reading experience would have been pretty much the same.


    Thanks about the pictures of Natalies past. I did write a chapter about that too, but only for me to understand fully where she came from, so that one won't be posted anywhere... besides, she has already recounted the most important of happenings. ;)

    The wet ball of cardboard thing.. I don't know, that just showed up as a visual when writing this chapter, and putting myself in Natalies place.. writing this chapter, and a few others, has been an emotional experience for me too..

    My empathy and feelings (yes, feelings! For a made up character!) for the character that is Natalie increased greatly after writing the chapter of her past... Admittedly, I didn't like her in the beginning, because she looked like a terrible mother herself... but then I had to uncover why she was who she was...so I went back in time to figure it out... and then I took a step back after I had written that part, and looked at it like..."Wow!"...and then I felt bad... "This is awful! This is terrible! It's so bad!"...

    Poor, poor thing... :(

    I lost interest in the story for a while, and felt a bit like abandoning it, but not entirely, because I had an idea of where I wanted it to go. So far, this story hasn't gone there, or it is certainly taking a detour! I never intended to write about bad parenting or abuse in the first place.. it just so happened to be..!

    And yeah, though I may not have my rose coloured glasses on.. I don't think I would ever be able to write a story without there being hope. ;)

    I did watch some youtube videos to learn about the horror genre... and apparently in some books there is no hope and everyone dies at the end.. and some people may even be disappointed if everyone doesn't die at the end.. imagine that! Hmm, but as for people dying in this story.. well, I don't know.. you'll just have to wait and see... :open_mouth:

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    @Sprottenham Yes i think you did a good thing with the warning! We never know what can trigger another.

    I feel similarly to you.

    Also about my sims. There are even many I just love to bits, I find something about them endearing. Even the bad ones.

    Ack! Thank you for the warning about a possible death! :o
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    Chapter 4.15 – Sister

    There were crying sleepless centuries...

    Go to sleep, sister
    Go to sleep...

    - Madrugada, Sister


    Jamala – Sister's Lullaby


    Natalie continued to take her medication and go to therapy sessions, and now that the lid was opened she revealed everything to Sara, and slowly learned to understand, deal with and put names to her emotions. Unfortunately, though, the memories of a bad childhood that were still left in Natalies head could not be erased. Another thing also came out of their conversations, that Natalie has a sister, and as far as Natalie could tell, her sister still lived with her mom...
    This concerned Dr. Sara, because if Natalie – who managed to escape – had it this bad, how bad wouldn't her sister have it? And why was she still living at home, with such a mother?


    Yes, isn't it satisfying to do laundry, Natalie. ;)



    Hmm, and it looks like all the brothers are choosing to stay at school after hours... instead of going home. Isaac at the new school building, and Aaron and Billy at the old one. But mom is getting better, so the home situation should be improving.. right? I guess the kids aren't quite convinced yet...


    Isaac was even taking a nap on the couch at school instead of going home...

    ..but what about those still living at home.. maybe I should have a peak into the household of Natalies mother and sister...


    This is the house were Natalie and her sister had their childhood... and where Natalies sister apparently still lives... but nobody is home right now...


    I look for Ingun and I find that she is one of Natalies colleagues at work.. And both of them are at work right now. So.. it seems that Ingun does have some independence.. much unlike the memories that appeared inside Natalies head. I didn't show all of them to you, because some of them were really bad... but Bianka, their so-called mother, would often keep them locked up inside their room or in the house, not allowing them to go anywhere... that alone is a terrible thing for a mother to do. Kids should be allowed to play freely, of course, within safe boundaries, but they should not have to grow up in what is effectively a prison... and that wasn't the worst of it, but.. I really don't want to talk about that right now...

    Alright, now where is the so-called mother.. Bianka...


    She's at the grocery store... This is the same grocery store where Natalie had her first job, and where Natalie met Ragnar..

    Lets follow her around and see what she does...


    Bianka: And then the big llama said to the little llama: I'm going to eat you!
    Bianka: "No, don't eat me big llama! I am so small and weak, and you are so strong! Please don't eat me big llama..."

    I guess she is not quite right in her mind ether, that might explain something.. I don't know what she is doing here...


    It doesn't look like she is there to do any actual shopping.... maybe she is just there to make fun of people.. she's not out to become popular, I see...


    ..then she just bought a simple juice and went into the local spa to drink it.. (The spa is located on the same block as the grocery store..).. Maybe I should check back later when they are both home to learn about their home situation...


    Aaron has gone home now, but Isaac and Billy still hang out at their respective school buildings..


    Natalie is now finished with her shift at work.. but Natalie, if your sister works with you.. and if she is in trouble.. now that things are getting better for you, maybe you should give your sister a hand? Surely, you must have some breaks at work where you can talk, right..? That is, of course, given that your sister is in trouble.. I need to do a home inspection, to figure out the truth of this...

    Well, now that shift is over, what is Ingun doing?


    This is Ingun, Natalies sister, just leaving work.. now, where could she be going..


    She's.. going home... of course, so I follow her there...


    Well, the first thing I notice when I look inside is that their house is filthy with old rotting food in the kitchen, just like it was when Natalie grew up.. no wonder Natalie is or was so bad at cleaning.. it must run in the family...


    Good girl doing chores, eh? Where's your mom at..?


    Well, she just returned home from the spa... what will she do..?


    Oh, right... she just goes to sleep. And for some reason, in Natalies and Ingun's old bedroom..


    In Natalies household Isaac and Billy had made it home, and Natalie was reading a bedtime story for Billy..


    Hahaha, what is this? She just picked up some clean laundry, and now she is really excited while thinking about writing. Do you want to write, Natalie? Maybe I should let you be the Narrator... what do you say? Well, no, I don't think so.. I want to include more perspectives than just yours... you can be a Narrator sometimes, but not always...


    Hey, don't look so mopey, it's alright.. sssh....sshhh.... I am telling your story...

    Natalie: That's not it... I'm having flashbacks.. I need the rocking chair to calm me down..

    Oh, I'm sorry.. I'll leave you alone then..


    "I hate my mom...."


    The next morning Natalie soothes herself with the music box, and Aaron does his homework when he should be heading for school.... Natalie notices and decides to give him a solid warning...


    You are in BIG trouble, young man. You're not doing that again, you hear me? Maybe you should help out a little around the house to get me in a better mood again...

    Aaron finally leaves for school, and Natalie spends the rest of the day doing much needed housework...


    Wow, you think all that can fit into the laundry machine, Natalie?


    Yeah, I think you overloaded it a little to much.. no, it's not the ghost doing that... those times are past.. I hope...


    In Bianka and Ingun's household, Bianka just went out the door, I don't know to where. Ingun seizes the opportunity to call someone now that her mom is out..


    Bianka eventually returns and the rest of the day goes by with Ingun resting on her bed or talking to herself while Bianka is watching TV ...


    When they go to bed, Bianka is sleeping in the same bunk bed as her daughter again..


    Aaron with the night owl trait is still up doing homework..


    Aaron really likes the treehouse, and prefers to sleep there rather than in his bed. As far as he knows, ghosts and goblins can't get to the treehouse...


    Isaac woke up the next morning thinking about the baker's station that all of the kids have been wanting to get for such a long time. Now that Natalies health was improving, thanks to the medication and the still ongoing therapy with Dr. Sara, she had promised to buy them one. She still has a long way to go yet, though. She still has some recurring troublesome thoughts and nightmares...

    "I don't want to die!" she will sometimes say to herself in sleep..


    I check up on the household of Ingun and Bianka.. they just woke up, Ingun stays behind in the room to read on the bed. Bianka goes downstairs to play in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Bianka also has the childish trait, so that is probably where Natalie got it from.


    Preben the nurse drops by Natalies household for what will probably be the last visit to check up on her. She has made a lot of progress now, with things improving in the home for every visit.


    He is very happy to find the home in an almost pristine condition.


    He is a bit of a neat freak, though, and can't resist automatically cleaning up the toys that the kids have left behind.. but he knows that its nothing and perfectly normal for a house with children to have the occasional toy lying around..


    And yeah, he's just being himself, and can't avoid telling Natalie not to skimp on doing dishes...


    "Oh, no problem" says Natalie, "I feel much better now, so I have no issue getting the dishes done"


    He tells Natalie how happy he is that things are looking better, and that this will be his last visit. Then the conversation progresses to vacation plans for the summer, before he has to go.


    Natalie had bought the bakers' station as she promised and placed it outside so that it will be the first thing the kids see when they get home from school.


    Ingun is still in her bedroom reading a book on the bed. She is 37 years old, and still lives with her mom... I don't know, for some people that might be the right choice for their life, but I think it's a little peculiar, maybe... especially considering how it was when you grew up and how Natalie decided to run away... What kind of grip does your momma have on you, Ingun? Obedient little girl doesn't leave her home, and stays quietly in her room...


    Natalie has to spend a couple of hours to soothe herself with the rocking chair again before the kids come home from school.


    Aaron then learns the consequences of being a night owl..


    I check up on the other household again, and it's not until evening that Ingun gets out of bed and finally leaves her room...


    She goes downstairs to find rotten food, a swarm of flies, and a dirty stove. Ew.


    And her mom immediately shows up to belittle her, putting all the blame on her daughter, of course. The dynamic is clear. Poor Ingun, you should get out of there... :/


    Ingun only went downstairs to cook a meal for herself, before going back to her room again to go to sleep... what an exciting day, huh?

    Natalie has made burgers for dinner, and sat down to eat them with Billy.


    Billy: Mommy, I want to learn painting! Can I take a course in painting after school tomorrow?


    Natalie doesn't answer him, just stares blankly ahead. Hello, Natalie... earth calling? Billy continues to talk about music.

    That triggered a response from Natalie. Hmm, but why did you zone out when he asked about painting?


    "I need my rocking chair again" thinks Natalie.

    Alright, I guess we're not getting any answers and I guess Billy will have to wait to learn painting..


    The next morning I go to Ingun's location, and find that she is sitting in a car just outside her home. So she does leave the house! I follow it, to see where she is going..


    Oh, Bianka walks out into the car shortly thereafter. Of course, you can't be going anywhere without you mommy. But Ingun is actually in the drivers' seat here...


    They stop the car here by the gym, and they go off.. And I see that someone forgot their motorbike in the middle of the street...


    Looks like they're going to the gym to get some workout. The gym is located right next to the military base, in fact, it was once part of the military base and the old defense structure of the town from back in the day when people fought with sword and shield... That's why it looks so much like the walls that surround the entire town..


    The gym also has a small café on the first floor for the workout enthusiasts and other gym goers to grab a bite after their work out. Anyway, now you're inside, so.. what are you gonna do?


    Interestingly, they go in opposite directions. Bianka goes upstairs, presumably to work out, and Ingun leaves to go somewhere else. I choose to continue following Ingun.


    Follow that car!



    Well, she just goes back home again.. ok, so you are your momma's private chauffeur now? She's not doing much interesting at home, except for house chores, such as cleaning the toilet...


    Back home I was about to say, Natalie just got out of bed and took her medicine.


    "I feel like a winner today" Natalie thinks, before she goes to do the same thing her sister just did, that is, to clean the toilet. But atleast the toilet Natalie is cleaning is her own...


    While mommy is working out, Ingun practices chess.


    Oh, it looks like Natalie has Ingun in mind too, she is sending her a friendly text message. I wonder what it reads...

    Wow, Ingun got really happy to see a text message from her sister. They must have a good relation.


    Maybe she was reminding her that their shift starts soon, because well, now the sisters have to go to work!


    Ingun works as an ingredients taster, and Natalie works as a Line Chef. Now, this is the interesting part.. I want to follow them at their shift, to learn more about their interactions..


    I will follow these sisters for the next update..

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    Chapter 4.16 – The Zombie Restaurant


    The Cranberries - Zombie

    Another head hangs lowly
    Child is slowly taken
    And the violence caused such silence
    Who are we mistaken?

    But you see, it's not me, it's not my family
    In your head, in your head they are fighting
    With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their guns
    In your head, in your head they are crying

    In your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie
    What's in your head? In your head?
    Zombie, zombie, zombie


    An excerpt from Inguns private journal:

    There's a war in my head
    And I don't know who's on the winning side
    They are fighting, they are fighting..
    They are tearing me apart
    And its like I don't know myself anymore
    Did I ever?

    Now that I have learned that Ingun, Natalies sister, actually also works at the same restaurant, I want to follow them for a shift! Natalie and Ingun must talk when they are at work, maybe.. I suppose it would be weird if they didn't!

    The restaurant employees on the way to work.

    Ramona Velle-Bentsen – Boss/Head chef
    Anne-Kristin Myren-Tarniceriu – Assistant chef/First chef
    Natalie Goth-Asli – Line chef
    Inger Lindvik-Asheim – Line chef
    Ingun Goth-Asli – Ingredients taster
    Atle Nomeland – Vegetable cutter


    Ingun and Natalie are the first ones to enter the kitchen.


    First chef and line chef immediately starts preparing food. Atle the vegetable cutter flirts with Ingun. Ramona the boss is busy with her cellphone...


    "Darn it, these kids!" thinks the only two workers actually doing something... and wait, how are you carrying that bowl there? :P


    Ramona tries to tell Atle to get to work, but he really must be the flirt of the kitchen, because he responds by flirting with Ramona, his boss even!


    "Quit it and get to work!" says Ramona, before turning to Ingun. "Just ignore him, he's acting a fool."


    Ingun compliments Ramona for being smart. Hmm, this kitchen is pretty cramped, I don't think there would be much room here for Natalie and Ingun to discuss more private matters (if they should be interested in doing so.)


    Customers are arriving at the restaurant and ordering food, so Natalie also has to step up.


    Ingun has now moved on to discuss gardening with Ramona. Atle still isn't working very hard..


    Well, I'm probably not figuring out what I want here, but it's pretty obvious who are the most ambitious workers of the kitchen, and who is probably getting the pay rises and promotions...


    "I'll bring this pie out to the restaurant!" says Atle. Oh, good, he's doing something. But Ingun and Ramona is still just talking...


    "Hamburgers are ready!" says Anne-Kristin, and the others are just busy talking and pulling pranks.. and I don't even know where Natalie went...


    She just was just visiting the bathroom, and Inger in the back is mad at Atle for goofing about and pulling pranks..


    Natalie gets a scolding from Inger for the very same reason. Don't pull pranks on Inger, she doesn't like it.


    Ingun thinks about Inger and makes a mean face...


    And then she curses at Atle as well. Ramona gives her a look..surely this behavior must have some consequences... Natalie pretends not to hear what her sister is saying... Maybe you should talk to her, Natalie...


    Your thoughts, Natalie, tell me that you hear every word your sister is saying, so there is no use in pretending...


    "I think I'm gonna need to have a talk with Ingun" Ramona thinks as Ingun tries to umm.. strangle herself...


    Ramona: Ingun... I think we need to talk. Please come with me to my office upstairs!


    Natalie must be very worried about her sister now.

    "Ok, I'll follow you there" says Ingun. Natalie however, is super concerned..


    Ramona: I assume that you understand why I had to call you to come up here, Ingun..

    Ramona wasn't really angry, she was mostly concerned.

    Ramona: First things first, of course.. Atles flirting is inappropriate, and I will talk to him about that later, but those words you shouted at Atle just now.. Ingun, that is way out of line, and I'm going to tell you not to repeat that again in my kitchen.


    Ingun: Hmm..!

    Ingun's eyes were wide open as if what Ramona told her wasn't making any sense.

    Ramona: Ingun.. do you understand what I am saying?


    Ramona: You can't talk to your colleagues like that.. I don't want to hear that again...

    Ingun looks away and doesn't answer.


    Ramona: Ingun.. I'm trying to talk to you... are you ok?


    Ramona: Can you tell me.. what was it that happened down there?


    Ingun: I .. I don't know, I guess I lost it a little bit.. I won't say those words again...

    Ramona: That's good Ingun, but... it's not just that.. I don't know, this isn't easy to say, but me and some of your other colleagues have observed some.. things....

    (Some parts of the rest of this chapter have been censored, because we're plunging off into the deep end again..)

    Ramona: Ingun... are you... are you self harming?

    Ingun: I, uhhh....


    Ramona: There is no denying Ingun. I'm afraid.. we have all seen it.. (...) how are you, Ingun? Is everything ok with you?

    Ramona has always been very ambitious and driven, perhaps a result of growing up in the poor part of town... so she worked hard, and advanced quickly...and later, shortly before Bob Zombie passed away, he handed the restaurant over to her..
    Ramona was also a kind soul with a big heart. So his wasn't easy for her. First it was Natalie and her struggles that came as a shock to everyone. She had been so well functioning in the workplace, nobody had really noticed anything. But with Ingun it was a little different. She was so timid in the beginning when she first started working there, back when old Bob Zombie still ran the restaurant.
    Ramona didn't think much of that at first, she just considered her to be very shy. Though Ingun warmed up and opened up a little eventually, she always seemed very nervous and jumpy. Such as panicking and freaking out if someone accidentally dropped a pan on the floor or if someone closed a cupboard a little too hard.

    Now, the alarm bells started ringing for real in Ramonas head after one shift where she stayed behind in the restaurant after closing to do some paper work when she found (....) in the employee women's bathroom...
    ..and when Ingun in the following days showed up wearing longsleeves at work, even though that was not part of their standard uniform, and temperatures outside were soaring during the height of summer.. and in the kitchen, the temperatures were even worse...

    That's when Ramona began suspecting that Ingun had some trouble...


    Ingun: I'm.. I uh.. I am... I'm fine...


    Meanwhile outside the door, Natalie was there listening intently to every word that was being said, even though she knew she shouldn't be doing that.. but the person sitting in there with Ramona right now, was her sister... and Natalie, in her clear moments, feared for her sister, like she had done ever since the night she ran away.. and especially when it was learned that she was actually harming herself...

    Ramona: Look, Ingun.. I can see it from here.. that is not fine, Ingun.. I'm sorry.. but.. I think you should.. talk to your doctor about this, they can help you!

    Ingun: I, uh...


    Ramona: Please, Ingun. Please, go see a doctor. The shift for tonight is over now, anyway, so.. in the meantime, go home and get some rest. And promise me, you will get an appointment with your doctor. Do we have a deal, Ingun?

    Ingun: I uh... sure, sure, I'll go.. se my doctor.. tomorrow..

    Ramona: Thank you, Ingun! Go home and get some rest now, and I'll see you again tomorrow.

    Ramona was relieved.. well, atleast a little. She didn't want to dismiss Ingun, she wanted to help her and to keep her there, and it wasn't only because the restaurant needed workers. To be honest, Ingun was probably very easily replacable, so that wasn't it... Ramonas heart was just much to big to let anyone go like that...


    After their shift was over Natalie waited outside, because she wanted to talk to Ingun.. She called for her, but she just rushed by to head home without saying a word...

    Some pictures of the town I took that I thought looked nice.
    The Zombie restaurant is the building behind the mausoleum. The school where Aaron and Billy goes is to the left.

    School building to the right in this photo. To the left is the Dreamland Castle, where the king and queen have their residence. The yellow building in the back is The Centre of Law (police station, court house, etc.).

    Just another picture towards downtown and the wealthier parts of town.

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    @Sprottenham yay ! new stories! :)

    Love the music, Jamala – Sister's Lullaby. If it weren't for you my friend, I swear I would never learn new songs! :D

    So glad that Natalie is taking her meds. Oh she has a sister! Yes that is good thinking, Doctor, Sister might be at risk!

    Yes I also find it quite telling when the kids stay playing at school instead of going home...I've had that happen, too.

    omg Bianka locked them in their room, that is terrible!

    So cool that you follow Bianka! ahhh, so she is not quite right in the head...and enjoys being rude?

    Ingun, Natalies sister, is cute. I see she enjoys the twilight hours. and does clean, so that is good to not to let the flies multiply!

    hahaha love the parental warning for not going to school, and it is super great to see Natalie cleaning! hahaha Love the too big laundry load! I don't ever think I've seen that!😁

    It seems like Ingun and Bianka just sort of ignore each other this day.

    That is so cute that Aaron likes to sleep in the treehouse!😍

    Preben looks really happy when he comes to check up on Natalie. so cool that he puts away some toys, lol.

    ''Natalie had bought the bakers' station as she promised and placed it outside so that it will be the first thing the kids see when they get home from school.'' awww sweet!

    Poor Ingun, getting the blame! Yes I agree she needs a better roommate than her mean Mom!

    oh wow that isn't a very exciting outing for Ingun, being the chauffer!

    Great chapeter!

    Oh how cool to see the sisters inside their work! well done! omg this is so fun watching!

    Awww flirting! I'm happy for Ingun! flirty sims are so fun, atta boy Atle! lol

    ''.. and wait, how are you carrying that bowl there? :P '' Oh I need to get some bowls like this so I stop spilling things as I carry them to the table! :D

    omg I just love the crazy fun watching the kitchen staff!

    Uh-oh! OK well now she gets a talking to by her Boss!

    That is really nice that Ramona takes time to ask Ingun how things are going and that they have noticed things about her behavior...and her longs sleeves in the summer. Self harming is so sad!

    Wow, sad family. It end on a nice note of hope, again. I always love that!!!

    Another great chapter!
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    @DivaDoodle Thanks for this comment! Oh, you're not the only one learning about new songs! I had never heard that Jamala song either, but I needed one that fit for sisterhood, sister being close and caring about each other. :P

    Yeah, Inguns relationship with her mother is umm, strange. Natalie had moved out a long time ago when she was only a teenager, yet Ingun still lives there.. and hardly ever leaves the house.. I was surprised to see her drive the car though, but actually even more surprised when she drove it back home! I would think they would both hang out at the gym, but nope, it was just her mom doing that...

    Oh, you think she is cute, that is nice. Yeah, I guess they are both kind of cute (Ingun and Natalie, not their mom...), but what strikes me most about Ingun is how much she looks like her mom, especially with the same hairstyle.. Its like her mom has shaped her completely to be like herself, brainwashed her and taken all control...

    Oh thank you about the kitchen episode especially! That was a bit of a difficult, but interesting, episode to make! Aside from the food making, which they had to do because they were working at a restaurant, and the conversation in Ramonas office, everything else was fully autonomous, the flirting and Inguns foul words, which lead to her being called up into the office.. Ramona couldn't let it slide... so the characters themselves do shape a lot of the story, if not almost everything...


    Even Natalies reaction when Ramona confronted Ingun was something I could not have planned for.. just getting to capture that was so great! It fit so perfectly, sometimes I feel like this is actually the story they want me to tell, like this is some strange kind of magic!

    But yes, self harming is very sad, but Ramona is such a great person with a huge heart! She only wants the best! She is saying things in a straightforward way, but her intentions are pure and very good. She truely and deeply cares about the people and want to help them!

    This story is largely being made "off the seat of my pants", but I am happy Ramona showed up and is there, if it wasn't for her, Natalie wouldn't have gone to the doctor, and I don't know what would have happened then...

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    @Sprottenham oh exactly this --->""but what strikes me most about Ingun is how much she looks like her mom, especially with the same hairstyle.. Its like her mom has shaped her completely to be like herself, brainwashed her and taken all control...''

    Yes I did really love the kitchen work scene. It is always so interesting to me to see different sims in a group setting, to watch their dynamic together! This was especially great because all my kitchen chefs only get to work in a rabbit hole! :D

    I agree with you when the sims reactions just go along so well with the pictures. It is like they are reading the story as you write it! Serendipitous! :)

    I look forward to seeing what happens next!
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    Oh yes, I'm on a roll now, atleast for these days, being able to post updates daily in every other thread of mine. :sunglasses:

    Chapter 4.17 – Return to the cabin


    Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest

    Once home from her shift at the restaurant, Ingun wanted to make some food for herself when her mother came home from the gym.

    Aaron got a phone call from his classmate Lenore, asking if he wanted to hang out. It was late, almost midnight, but Aaron is a night owl and on good terms with Lenore, so of course, he would want to do that.

    Lenores home lies at the opposite end of Purgamentum Road, right next to the Senkapigo Graveyard.

    They talk for a good while, before Lenore decides it's time for her to go inside to do some homework..

    Aaron tells me he wants to use a rocking chair that they apparently have in their house, but Lenore actually never invited him in, and there's no point in him standing out here, so I send him home...


    The next day Natalie wants to invite her sister over for a visit to talk to her and hear how she is doing after last nights incident at the restaurant.... but Ingun declines, and says she does not want to come over...


    Natalie: But Ingun.. I am worried about you, please, why can't you come over?

    "No, I can't" says Ingun, before she abruptly hangs up.

    Now what is Ingun doing that could be so important..

    I found Ingun out in the garden with her mom that is belittling her again..

    Ingun is offended and talks back, she is no longer a kid and shouldn't accept such talk from her mother. Well she never should have, but...

    Then fear strikes her, as if she is awaiting some terrible consequence... I have seen this image before...

    Ingun freaks out, and Bianka walks away. They are outside, so she can't make a scene.... but her face is an ominous one...

    Ingun follows her mom, only to have her turn around and yell at her again..

    Then Ingun goes inside and locks the door so her mom can't enter the house!

    Bianka: Ingun... open the door... you know mommy didn't mean that...

    Hmm, well this is anything but a normal home situation....

    Then Natalie gets a phone call, and it's from a woman that says she is Elisa... But I thought Elisa wasn't real.. and now Natalie was convinced of it too.. yet... there she was on the phone...?


    Natalie: Elisa?? No, this can't be.. you were not..??

    Elisa: What wasn't I, Natalie? Please come up and visit me.. it's been such a long time since I have seen you or heard from you...

    Natalie: But.. this can't be... you're not.. real!

    Elisa: Don't say that again, Natalie... of course I am real!


    Natalie: Hmm.. well, I'm coming over, but I won't be coming alone this time..then I will figure out if you are real or not!

    Elisa: We were always such good friends, Natalie.. what is this? But sure, you can bring another of your friends over if you want, the more the merrier.. ok, see you Natalie...


    Natalie: I'm gonna have to call Dr. Sara about this!

    Natalie looks up Dr. Saras private phone number, and gives her a call...

    Sara: Hi, it's Sara.

    Natalie: It's Natalie! You won't believe what just happened!

    Sara: Natalie! How are you? What happened?

    Natalie: I got a phone call.. from Elisa.. she invited me to her cabin..

    Sara: Oh, I see... well, the.. you have been uh.. taking your medication, right?

    Natalie: Yes, yes.. once in the morning, and once in the evening!

    Sara: Hmm... well, you have been seeing pretty rapid progress lately, so I guess this is just the last hiccup so to speak.. have you seen or heard anything else unusual?

    Natalie: No, no.. I haven't.. but.. can I ask you to join me.. up to visit Elisa? Then we can see.. if she is real or not...

    Sara: Natalie, listen, don't take this the wrong way, but... usually I wouldn't hang out with a client in my spare time, we are not supposed to...

    Natalie:.. but.. I don't want to go there alone.. I need you with me so I can have some proof of whether she is real or not! Please?

    Sara: *sigh* Ok, fine..... if it makes you feel better, I suppose I can go with you.. It's been a long time since I have been up there myself...

    Natalie: Thank you so much, Dr. Sara! Ok, see you in a few!

    And so they both went into the forest. Of course, since Natalie could fly, she was faster than Sara, but she didn't fly off and kept herself right behind her all the way up... she wanted them to arrive at the same time...


    Sara: Ok, now we are *pant pant* here, but I don't think *pant pant* anyone is going to be *pant* home...

    The moment of truth awaits..

    Sara: This is weird Natalie... I could have sworn I heard a voice from inside, but it was a man's voice...

    Natalie: Oh.. that must be Alfred.. the butler I told you about..

    Sara: I can't believe this...


    Natalie does a cheer outside because she already believes she has proven that Elisa exists... but we haven't seen Elisa yet!

    The sound of a door that opens and footsteps is heard.. Sara closes her eyes...

    Sara: I don't want to look, I don't want to look...

    When Sara finally opened her eyes, she freaked out. There WAS an elderly woman there in a long black and beige/green/yellowish dress. Could that be Elisa?? Was she going insane, too? This couldn't be! It just couldn't!

    Natalie and Elisa walked inside, but Sara was a little more hesitant.. "I can't go inside there... this is madness... I don't even want to look at that door..."

    "Oh God.. she's coming out again.. that does it.. I don't want to stay here..."

    Natalie walked outside and saw that Sara was gone..


    Natalie: Where did Sara go?


    Elisa: Oh, your friend, she is obviously scared...I can sense that she is afraid, and naturally, since she doesn't believe in magic, my existance alone causes a great conflict in her mind... she wants to get away from here... she is already on her way home..


    I'll go after her! I want her to see what you can do!

    Natalie.. I will suggest that you leave her for now... If this is enough to scare her, she has seen enough.. I'm not going to show her my magic... I have no need to prove myself to others...

    Natalie: Okay.. hmm... but.. according to her, you were not real.. and.. well, if I took this medication.. this flouzimedsomething.. I don't remember what it was called.. all the hallucinations would go away.. and it is true, because... for a long time now, I haven't seen anything.. so what gives? Sara isn't the only one confused...what am I supposed to believe now?

    Elisa: Ah, yes, I can understand that this is confusing.. I'm not going to call myself an expert in medicine, of course, but those medicines do have something going for them.. in the case of actual hallucinations... but what you have been seeing, I am afraid, are real things..


    Natalie: But how come everything went away when I took the medication? How will you explain that?


    Elisa: Well, it is a bit complicated.. some things were no doubt hallucinations, such as that little girl you sometimes saw... she wasn't real... so the medicine is good for you, and when the doctor says you should take it.. you should... but... and this is the scary part, I'm afraid... the demons, they are not hallucinations.. they are real.. just like you, angel Natalie...


    Natalie: But how come these demons then want to harm me..? I'm not the only angel in town...

    Elisa: True.. but like I told you earlier, there is something in your family that they want... and from their point of view, you are the only one indebted to them... and they want you to pay them back..

    Natalie: Indebted to them?? What are you talking about!? I have never had anything to do with demons before in my life!!

    Elisa: Your sister, Natalie.. she is..


    Natalie: Ingun? Yeah, what about her!? Are you seriously trying to suggest that my very own sister.. that I grew up with is a... is a demon!?

    Elisa: Well, no, and yes... don't you remember how it was always your sister that took the worst blows from your mom back then? And how you could escape, and she was left behind? That was the demons work... Your sister was always weaker than you, and thus easy to possess... The demons used your sister to get a foot in the door, so to speak, to gain access to your family...

    The demons sent one of their own to harm you and your family, but also ended up, in their view, protecting you, and now they want you to return the sacrifice...


    Natalie: But.. well, that.. this is hard to understand... how can YOU look into my past, and why would the demons want access to my family? What excactly do they want?

    Elisa: They are driven by an intense greed and hunger for power and control. And chaos. That is what they ultimately want. To throw everything into chaos.


    Natalie: And they would need me and my family to create chaos?

    Elisa: Not you directly... they would need everyone and everything they can get their hands on.. they already have your sister in their hands... and in that way, also your mother...

    Natalie: What are you saying!?


    Elisa: The demons caused the abuse by affecting your mother through your sister, because she was weak and they could possess her. You, however, were to strong and they couldn't quite control you, even though they certainly could, and still can, make you suffer. So they had to let you run away at the time...


    Natalie: This is just to weird...but if I was so strong then... I should be just as strong now?

    Elisa: True, you should be, but they are slowly chipping away at you, doing every thing they can to weaken your resolve. The medication can help you, but so can I. You see, the medication can take away the hallucinations that the demons are planting in your brain, but it can not take away the demons themselves. And neither can I, I can only keep them at bay.. It is like I told you before, only a pure angel, or something good, but more powerful can defeat a demon..

    Natalie: But I am only half an angel...

    Elisa: ..and your sister is the other half! I will cast another protective spell on you, to keep the demons at bay for a while still, and please, Natalie, next time.. bring your sister with you, if you can... and make sure she goes to see a doctor as well...

    Elisa: Now, follow me inside...


    And so Elisa cast another spell on Natalie.. and Elisa had been practicing, her formula was much more effective now.. it actually turned Natalie into a frozen statue for a short while...



    ....and then Natalie went home, her mind now filled with this new information.. her sister posessed by a demon? Unbelievable! But sure, she knew she was, well, atleast half an angel, and she knew that there was an evil counterpart on the opposite end of the spectrum... and she found it likely that they wanted power and control.. and chaos, sure, but.. No, she wasn't at all sure yet about what Elisa had told her... She would have to discuss this with Sara to get a second opinion....even though she already knew what that opinion would be.. she didn't really have anyone else to talk to about all this... talking to her sister about it was out of the question for now... Either way, it wouldn't hurt to also make sure that Ingun got an appointment at the doctor's office.. demon or not...
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    Chapter 4.18 – Muffins and Pastry.


    Patty Griffin – Making Pies.


    Aaron was super happy about the bakers' table. "I want to bake some muffins and take this to the park tomorrow!"


    So happy that he randomly faints... or maybe he is just afraid of monsters, but Aaron, there are no monsters here, they are only in your imagination... the monsters, atleast..


    Natalie just came home from visiting Elisa in the forest.


    She couldn't help but to be worried about her sister now, whether what Elisa said was true or not, so she would try to convince her to come with her to see Sara next time.


    Billy still wanted to learn painting. He was getting a bit sad about it now. Why wouldn't mommy answer him when he asked about it?


    Aaron was up early the next morning to bake blueberry muffins to take to the Market Place park to sell. Isaac was asleep in Natalie's bed, so he could safely use the kids' oven in his room without fear of waking him up.


    The market place park was just a few blocks away, so he didn't even bother to tell his mom where he was going.


    He placed his little stand by the park bench between the kissing booth and the hopscotch area. He was so eager he was out very early, it was still one hour before the Market would open.


    Eventually some people started to show up. He called for a man that was about to sit down and practice chess. "Blueberry muffins for sale! Only 6 simoleons per piece!"


    The man came over, but wasn't to interested in blueberry muffins, and why would he be, when this woman came over to give him flowers...


    Aaron wasn't to happy about that.. he left his bakers' station behind to take part in an apple eating contest...



    The flower giving lady was enthuastically cheering in the background.


    Billy also wanted to go to the park, so he went there and joined Aaron for the dancefloor.


    Isaac was still asleep and Natalie had just gotten up to do more laundy. With three kids and one adult in the house its a never ending cycle...

    And Ingun, how was she doing?


    She was at home, in a heated debate with the stereo...


    Natalie wanted to call her sister to talk with her, hoping to convince her to come with her to Dr. Sara on monday. Well, she jumped straight at it..


    Natalie: I'm really concerned about you now, Ingun.. I saw what happened at work the other day, and.. I really think you should join me to talk to Dr. Sara this monday... Don't worry, she is super nice and friendly and will be more than happy to see you!


    Natalie: No.. I uhh... have not been talking to Ramona, I.. uhh.. actually, this was Sara's idea to ask you... will you come with me to the doctor's office, Ingun? Please?


    Natalie: Yes.. I understand you like to stay at home, but Ingun.. this is for your own health and well being.. you have some.. unhealthy habits... please consider...


    Natalie: No.. no, the doctor will not make you speak at a podium... where did you get that idea?


    Natalie: Uhh... yeah.. I am sure the doctor has band aids for you, if you should need it.. so.. does this mean I will see you there?

    Natalie: Ok, good.. see you at work tonight...


    Aaron had given up on his blueberry muffins and was heading home..


    Natalie (and Ingun) was just about to start their shift at the restaurant (I will not open it up, but leave it as a rabbit hole for today, I think we have seen what we need to see from the inside).


    Aaron has a wish to make best friends with Lenore, so he invites her over for a visit.


    She must have been nearby, because she was very quick to come over, already discussing the theatre with Billy.


    Aaron comes outside, and they have a conversation for a while. Aaron is perhaps a little awkward, because after a while he randomly goes inside to take a shower, leaving Lenore standing alone outside. This bores her of course, so she goes home. Neither of them has been inside the others home yet, and they didn't become best friends from this short visit...




    "If I can't sell my muffins, then atleast I can eat them..."


    Good news for Natalie. Things had been going a lot better at work for her lately as well, so Ramona had decided to promote her to Pastry Chef (rank 6) and give her a bonus of 1092 simoleons. However, this also meant that, atleast in the work place, the distance between Natalie and Ingun would increase.

    Heh, or maybe not, because shortly after Natalie came home, she got a phone call from Ramona that she wanted to wait a while with the promotion, and she was back to being the Line Chef again at rank 5.. she kept the bonus, though... "Whatever" said Natalie and hung up. As long as she was at rank 5, that was all she needed... and if it wasn't for her sister, she might even have quit the job and looked for another one, because what Natalie wanted was to reach rank 5 in 4 different careers...

    So for Natalie, the promotion wasn't that important, she didn't care to reach the top ranks of the career, but for Ingun, it was different. Inside Ingun was still this little girl, whose biggest dream in life was to master the cooking skill and reach the top of the culinary career, and now Natalie wanted to help her sister achieve this goal... Now that things had improved so much for Natalie, she wanted to make sure that her sister also started going to Dr. Sara...

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    @Spsrottenham Glad to hear you're on a roll!

    oh wow, Ingun couldn't come over because her Mom was making her listen to belittling words!

    Wow that is fear on Ingun's face!

    Yes that is a very ominous face that Bianka pulls. Is she grumpy?

    OMG! lol she locks her Mom out! hahaha

    How cool that the doctor will go with Natalie to see Eliza!

    Yay! Eliza sure seems real to Me!

    omg come On you chicken doctor! get back there and Look!

    ''Elisa: Oh, your friend, she is obviously scared...I can sense that she is afraid, and naturally, since she doesn't believe in magic, my existance alone causes a great conflict in her mind... she wants to get away from here... she is already on her way home..'' so understanding!

    Oh my, poor Ingun is possessed!

    now Natalie needs to help Ingun.

    Oh the bakers stand is so cute!

    And the apple eating contest I don't like because germs! lol

    Dancing in the park is always fun to watch!

    ah Ingun ''She was at home, in a heated debate with the stereo...'' lol well at least she will go with Natalie to the doctors!

    I love how Natalie feels protective of her sister and wants to help her reach her goals!
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    edited January 2022
    @DivaDoodle Haha yeah, but that roll appeared to be relatively short lived, but I was feeling good about myself in that instant, haha! :P

    Hmm, I don't remember Biankas personality traits now, but I don't think she has the grumpy one. I know for a fact that evil is one of them, though, along with childish.

    Of course, Elisa was real, she was real the whole time! The supernatural skeptic (a.k.a. the doctor) was simply wrong there! :P In this world, it works that way, but in reality, as a disclaimer of course, I would agree with the doctor. I do not believe in witches, magic or demonic possessions. And I certainly do not intend to say that there is a link between mental illness and demonic possessions! That's a very medieval way of thinking, and not a good one.. of course, I would expect everyone to get that this is fiction, but now I said it so I won't get sued afterwards! ;)Caution: Contents of hot cup may be hot! :P

    Yep, the bakers stand is nice. I was a little bummed out, though, that nobody really bought anything, and how he decided to abandon it so quickly.. I was hoping for a successful day in the park with plenty of sales. :P

    Haha, I never thought about the apple eating contest being germy, but yes, you are right! Everybody dipping their mouths drooling saliva all over the place in this bathtub of water that stands still there all day.. and if an apple slips, they would all be biting the same apples, too! :P Yup, not very healthy! :P

    Oh yes, I think it is only natural for Natalie to feel that way about her sister and for them to have a strong bond. They grew up in the same home, under the same conditions, and they are the excact same age, so they are possibly even twins!

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    Chapter 4.19 – Kingdom Come

    I'm linking to this version instead of the official video by the artist, because for this purpose I don't like it when artists add an audience cheer to what is obviously not a live recording....
    Imagine Dragons - Demons


    On Monday it was time for Natalies weekly appointment with Dr. Sara. Before going she called up Ingun to make sure that she would come with her. Natalie was pleased that Ingun said she was still up for it.


    Ingun was clearly nervous about going inside the hospital. She didn't like public places with the potential for many people gathering. Natalie had a bit of a struggle to get Ingun to join her inside once they were there..

    When they eventually made it to the doctor's office the person sitting behind the desk wasn't Sara..


    Man behind the desk: Good morning, I am Dr. Piumera, I will substitute for Dr. Lovensteen for today.


    Natalie: Why? What happened to Sara?

    Dr. Piumera: Oh, nothing happened to Sara. One of her kids got sick, so she is staying home to take care of him. I see you have a friend with you today, Natalie..

    Natalie didn't quite believe what Dr. Piumera said. She got a strange feeling from this man, it was as if she had seen his face somewhere before...


    Natalie: Yes, doctor.. this is my sister, Ingun. I think she could.. I wanted her to see Dr. Sara.. I think she could benefit from some.. professional assistance..

    Ingun is wide eyed as if she had never been to a doctor's office before.

    Dr. Piumera:
    I see..

    Dr. Piumera turns to Ingun.


    Dr. Piumera: So, Ingun.. is there anything that I, or perhaps Dr. Sara, can do for you?


    Ingun looked at him with a blank expression on her face. She wasn't quite sure what to answer...

    Natalie: Ingun, maybe you should tell the doctor about.. the, you know.. what you sometimes.. do to yourself...


    Ingun didn't answer, her eyes fell down to the table in front of her. Dr. Piumera started to get an idea of what Natalie was hinting at, but he wanted or needed Ingun to say it herself.. He couldn't offer help based on someone elses words, even if that someone was the person's sister..

    Dr. Piumera:What is it that you sometimes do to yourself, Ingun? If it is difficult to talk about, you can write it or draw it on the papers in front of you.


    Ingun: I... I am not doing it... It is doing it.. to me.. it w-wants to hurt me...

    Dr. Piumera: It..? Is someone else trying to hurt you? Or telling you that you should hurt yourself?

    Ingun: N-no.. it is not telling me.. it is just doing it.. I c-can't stop it from doing it.. I lose control...


    Natalie: Why haven't you talked to anyone about this before!?


    Ingun: I didn't want her to.


    Natalie: What?

    Ingun got up from her chair and walked around the table to face Natalie, her voice suddenly being that of a different person, a stranger.


    Ingun: I said.... I didn't want her to.

    Natalie got up and backed off.


    Natalie: Who are you!? You're not my sister!

    Maybe Elisa was right, and there was a demon inside her sister..

    Dr. Piumera also got up from his chair and turned to Ingun..

    Dr. Piumera: Sister... not now..


    Ingun: Yes, now.. this has taken long enough.. we have to go forward.. now..!


    Natalie: Move forward with what? What are you talking about, Ingun?


    Ingun: This, Natalie! This is what I am talking about! Don't you remember? All the times your mother slapped me instead of you....


    Natalie: I don't know who or what you are, but I want my sister back!

    She slapped her again.



    Natalie: Ingun? What is going on? Why are you doing this?


    Dr. Piumera: That is enough, sister! Enough!


    ????: Fine then.. for now...


    ????: But that does not mean that I am finished with you, Natalie... Elisa is right in everything she has said... except for one thing.. you and your sister stand no chance in beating us.. I already control your sister... and there's nothing you can do about it..


    ????:Come on brother, let's get out of here...




    Natalie managed to put out the fire with the aid of the hospitals sprinkler system, but of course, this event didn't go by unnoticed.. hospital guests and staff had rushed to the fire to help put it out (or maybe just to stand around it screaming in panic...)

    Even Sara had rushed to the office once she heard that it was on fire...

    Sara: Natalie!! What happened Natalie?? I came here as fast as I could!


    Natalie: The demons! They have my sister! They're coming to get me!! They are the ones that set fire to your office when they left!!


    Natalie: I saw them! She transformed herself right in front of my eyes!! The demon is inside my sister!!

    Sara: Wow, wow, wow, Natalie!


    Sara: What are you doing here? Didn't you get the message that your session was postponed until tomorrow?


    Sara: And why in the name of the heavens and all that is holy did you set fire to my office?? Natalie!! What is going on??


    Natalie: It wasn't me!! It was the demons that did it!! You gotta believe me!! I would never set fire to your office!!


    Natalie: I brought my sister here, because I wanted to help her, but then she started acting all strange and she became a demon! I swear! I know this sounds crazy, but I am not making it up!!


    Sara: Natalie... you scare me... you really scare me now...

    You're scared? How do you think I feel!? They got my sister.. you gotta help me, please!!

    Natalie fell to the ground in front of Sara...


    Natalie: Help me.. please..


    Sara: Alright, alright... but Natalie, this fire will still have to be reported.. you could potentially face charges for something like this...

    Natalie: But it wasn't me! I didn't start the fire! It was the demons!

    Sara: Well, I am going to honest with you.. you are lucky the fire was put out and didn't spread.. and as far as I can see, miracurously enough, nothing has been damaged... but..


    Natalie: Look at me, Sara!! Do you see my wings? I am an angel, or atleast half of one! Can you believe in that?

    Sara: Well, yes...


    Natalie: And so you also know what is on the other side of the spectrum from angels? Demons!

    Sara: Well.. I.. I do..


    Natalie: And they did this! I swear! I don't know their names, because I have never seen them before! And probably they weren't even in their true form! But they did this, not me! And they have my sister!


    Sara: This is almost a little to much to take in, but.... I .. I...... but I am only human... I don't know how to help you with that, Natalie...

    A police officer enters the office and introduces herself to Sara.


    Police officer: Officer Hammurabi-Gula, Lagash Police Department. We got a call about a fire at the hospital... were you here when it happened?

    Sara: I was not, but..


    I... I was, officer. I was right here when it started.

    Police officer: You were here when it started? How did the fire start?


    Natalie: Yeah, that's the thing.. There were two of them, two demons.. one man and one woman. And they.. they started the fire..

    Police officer: How did they start the fire?


    Natalie: Umm.. they said they should get out of here and then they..lifted their arms and.. let out these horrible screams, and all of a sudden they were surrounded by fire... and then they disappeared in the fire... kind of..just like that...


    Police officer: That's.. incredible.. Sounds like we're dealing with something powerful here..

    Sara: Wait.. you believe her??

    Police officer: Yes, I do, ma'am....both me and uh..

    Natalie: Natalie.. my name is Natalie..


    Police officer:
    ..Natalie over here are angels, or halfbreed angels, so.. and demons are angels too just on the opposite end of the spectrum. The source of a demons evil is cosmic in nature, and goes beyond simple personality traits.. Their greed and hunger for power is so great, its not just simple megalomania... Looks like we got some new guests in town...


    Police officer:
    Natalie, I'm afraid a matter like this is beyond the scope of what the police can deal with, but.. just to make sure, did they mention any names?


    Natalie: No, no.. they didn't.. they referred to each other only as brother and sister.. And now I am worried about my own sister.. Ingun..because she was.. I brought her here, so that she could talk to Dr. Sara.. but.. then she became.. the demon.. and who I thought was the substitute doctor for Sara.. somehow was a demon as well...

    Police officer: Can you describe how they looked?


    Natalie: Well, the female demon.. looked like my sister, Ingun, only.. her eyes were pure red, and after her transformation she had these pony tails on either side...her hair was completely black.. and she had these big golden earrings... she also wore this special black dress that had a cut out in the shape of a cross, but it was upside down...


    Natalie: The male demon had blonde hair and .. pinkish looking eyes, and.. I think he wore a brown or, no, a black leather jacket with a yellowish brown sweater underneath..


    Police officer: Thank you, we will check it with our register. Ma'am, if anything strange happens from here on, do not hesitate to call the emergency number...


    Police officer: Doctor... I am afraid I am going to have to close this office for public access for now, until forensics has been here and done their job.

    Sara: Oh, that's alright.. I hope you can.. you can figure out who it was...


    Police officer: So do I doctor.. so do I...

    And after this incident, Natalie had to go to her shift at work.. And so did Ingun.. Natalie was terrified of this.. She was hoping that Ingun would be there, and not the demon in the shape of Ingun...


    The usual crew outside the restaurant waiting to enter, Ramona to the left. Natalie had already entered, Ingun was nowhere to be seen..


    I waited outside the restaurant to see if Ingun showed up, and half an hour late to her shift, there she was.. Well, it looks like Ingun, no red eyes and the normal work outfit... so.. well.. let's hope that it is the actual Ingun and not something else in disguise..

    Well, I guess it was, because the shift went alright, with no special incidents, not even burnt food, so.. * looks like the demons have disappeared for now, but from what it sounded like, they certainly have some plan for something chaotic I would assume...

    Translated text from pop-up: Natalie was asked to take something out of the freezer, but then the door slammed shut behind him! It took half an hour before someone heard him shout. The boss asked for an apology and hopes Natalie won't sue.

    * not counting the incident where Natalie was locked inside the freezer for half an hour (and the game not knowing whether Natalie is male or female..) Natalie here is definately female, let there be no doubt.


    Isaac had finished another painting at his after school activity which he brought home and hung up on the wall in his room. The kid has got some imagination. Pretty good for a 12, soon to be 13, year old.

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    @Sprottenham Wel yeah! It's good that you felt good in that moment!!!😊

    ''Caution: Contents of hot cup may be hot! :P'' Hahaha Well I'm glad that Eliza is real!

    Yes sometimes the kids do make sales at the bakers stand, but my kids always abandon it somewhere, lol.

    Ah Ingun you don't like to be around too many people!

    ''Ingun: N-no.. it is not telling me.. it is just doing it.. I c-can't stop it from doing it.. I lose control...'' oh this is hard/scary to read I feel so sorry for her!

    ''Dr. Piumera: Sister... not now..'' What in the entire earth?!!!😲

    OMG so he is a devil of some sort! with all those flames😬

    And leave it to good ol Natalie to put out the fire!!!

    Thank goodness the police officer believes Natalie!

    And maybe just maybe Dr Sara believes as well, or is at least not totally disbelieving.

    Phew, what a very interesting and scary turn of events for Natalie!

    Oh that is funny when the game doesn't know the gender of the sim it's talking about!

    Super great painting that Isaac painted!
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    ''Ingun: N-no.. it is not telling me.. it is just doing it.. I c-can't stop it from doing it.. I lose control...'' oh this is hard/scary to read I feel so sorry for her!

    Oh, maybe that part was a little worse than I thought it was, but yes, you are right, this is both scary and sad! But this is why I appreciate any feedback I can get, because I don't know how others really view stuff, so it is always interesting to see others reactions, especially if they are something I might not have expected!
    ''Dr. Piumera: Sister... not now..'' What in the entire earth?!!!😲

    This reaction I also appreciate.

    Oh yes, I think Dr. Sara is a little bit on the way to believe it all now, but it is her nature to be skeptical. As a doctor, she has been trained that way, in the name of science, skeptical science. ;)

    Thanks for the comment and feedback, I really do appreciate it!

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    Chapter 4.20 – Home, sweet home


    In Flames – Like You Better Dead

    I can be as angry as I want to be
    Just watch me burn
    I think you're way too cold
    Just watch and learn

    I'll never sleep here anymore
    This* house is not my home
    I like you better dead
    I'm better off alone

    * The original lyrics says "My house..", but I changed it to better fit this narrative.


    After her shift, Natalie received a text from Elisa. She wanted Natalie to come up to her cabin as soon as possible. And Natalie was still terrified after the incident at Sara's office, even though Ingun appeared relatively normal during the shift, so she definately wanted to head up there. She was hoping Elisa could have some advice on what to do next about this situation...


    And as she went up there, Natalie couldn't help but feel like something was looming over the town.. she couldn't remember having seen the forest looking this dark before..


    Elisas message had told Natalie to put on her best clothing, so before entering she changed to her formal wear...


    It looks like Elisa wasn't alone this time..

    Natalie: Hi, Elisa.. I came up as fast as I could, as usual... why all these people? I want to talk to you in private.. it's important..


    For some reason when they have a conversation they always end up on the porch outside...

    Elisa: Oh, I just wanted to hold a little feast.. Me and Alfred enjoys a little bit of company up here from to time too, you know... Is anything up, Natalie?

    Natalie: Yes, Elisa.. is there anywhere we can talk alone?

    Elisa: Well, we could always go down in the basement.. please follow me..


    To go down into the basement, they had to walk through a secret door that only Elisa could open... so no one else would be able to follow them there.. Once downstairs, Elisa switched to her everyday wear..


    Natalie: It's about my sister... I.. I took her to the doctor like you said, but.. to make a long story short.. the demons already have her.. I think.. She transformed into this other person and.. the doctor that was there, it wasn't Sara.. that was a demon, too.. and my sister.. or the demon and the doctor demon.. they called each other brother and sister... and then..and then they disappeared into a fire...


    Natalie: The female demon even said that you were right.. except that there was no way we could beat them... What does this mean, Elisa, and what am I supposed to do now?


    Elisa: I'll get straight to the point.. You need to bring your sister to me, as soon as possible! She needs protection! I will do my best, but from what you are saying it may already be to late.. this is worse than I thought.. especially since there are two of them...


    Elisa: Please go home now, Natalie, get some rest, and bring your sister to me first thing in the morning.. do you think you can do that?

    Natalie: I.. I will try. I will call her..I have an appointment with doctor first, but after that.. I will try to bring her up here...


    Elisa: Good, see you tomorrow, Natalie.


    Of course, lets hope its not that bad and that it isn't to late for Ingun.. but even so, if something terrible should happen to Ingun and possibly Natalie, the story won't be over yet, as long as the demons aren't getting to Isaac, Aaron and Billy as well.. Whatever their plan is, they have to be stopped before that happens...


    Natalie just had to check the sink for any demonic activity before taking her medication and going to bed...


    Next morning the kids woke up first. Isaac had just played a shivering teeth prank on Aaron, and Billy was outside playing in the treehouse.
    Natalie woke up in between here and Aaron pulled the same prank on her, but she did not like it.. (A couple of videos showing this is added to the end of this post.)


    It was leisure day for the kids, and Aaron still had a wish to make good friends with Lenore, so he calls her over for a visit.



    Natalie just finished breakfast and calls up her sister Ingun and asks her to come over, so she can take her to the doctors office, leisure day or not! She is still a little afraid or worried, not sure if the person answering the phone will be her sister, or someone else..
    She talks to Ingun about the demons and how Elisa can help. Ingun at first doesn't understand what Natalie is talking about.

    "I am not haunted by d-demons.." Ingun says. "Where do you ... ?"


    But yesterday at the doctors office...

    Ingun: What ..what do you mean?

    When you talked about something taking control of you. And how you slapped me in the face, saying you took the blows for me.

    Ingun: I.. I wasn't with you at the doctors office, I'm sorry.. I g-got nervous and just couldn't.. I just couldn't go..


    Natalie: But.. you were there with me..? Weren't you?

    Ingun: No.. I.. should have been, I'm sorry.. but I just c-couldn't...


    Natalie: But.. who was with me then!?

    Ingun: I don't know...

    Natalie was really confused now. And scared. It was so convincing at first, just like it was Ingun with her, but then.. could it have been the demons that was with her all along just yesterday? She wasn't sure what to believe, but she had to get Ingun,or who she hoped was Ingun, to visit Elisa now...

    Natalie: Ok, that's uhmm.. but will you please come over now? I have an... I have to go up to meet Elisa, and she will protect you.

    Ingun: I'm.. I'm not sure...


    Natalie: Look, Ingun, this is important! I will come right over, and pick you up and we will go there together!

    Ingun: But I..

    Natalie: No buts, I'm coming over!



    So Natalie went over to Ingun and her mothers house.. to her childhood home.... and rang the door bell. Not sure what to expect. It could be her mother opening. It could be Ingun. Or something else. But she had to do it. She had no choice..

    It was her mother that came out, and she was not happy about the visit...


    Bianka: What the $#%& are you doing here!? Get the @#%¤ off my property!


    Natalie: I came here to talk to Ingun, she needs my help you mean old $%#&! Now let me in!

    Family love.. isn't it beatiful..?



    Over my dead body!


    Natalie: I'm not a little girl anymore! Do that one more time, and I'll kick your 🤔🤔🤔🤔! I'm going the $#%£ in!!


    Bianka: Just go on home, Natalie.. Go on home..


    Natalie: No, I'm going i..

    Her sentence got interrupted by a fist to the face.

    Bianka: You're not going anywhere!


    Natalie: $£"@%¤#!!

    Natalie goes into a rage and jumps at her mom. They fight, with all the necessary ows, snarls and bad language..







    Now let me the $%#@# in, or I'll do it again!


    Bianka: You little $¤%! Fine then, you can go in there and take Ingun with you! But don't you dare come back here!



    I think we could need a breather after this, so I jump back to Natalies house where Aaron and Lenore is by the kitchen table. Aaron just made muffins and Lenore is about to do her homework.


    Isaac is upstairs playing with the doll house. Billy is holding a large feast inside the treehouse. The children are blissfully unaware of the drama their mom just found herself in...


    Natalie: Please, Ingun... come with me to the doctors office! The doctor is waiting.


    Ingun: But.. but.. mom..


    Natalie: No buts.. I'll take care of mom for you if she becomes a problem.. please come with me now, sister, I'll take you there.


    Ingun: Ok.. I.. I'll go with you.. if you promise that mom won't touch me..

    Natalie: I.. I promise...

    To be continued...

    The videos:

    Natalie wakes up and is pranked by Isaac.

    Aaron does dishes, Isaac does homework. Billy plays in the treehouse, and Isaac pranks Aaron. Isaac is the biggest prankster of them. ;)

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham Wow what a song! Can you imagine saying such a thing to someone! Wow!

    That is a super dark forest!

    Oh i like the thought of Eliza having secret rooms and secret doors!

    Eliza is very brave to take on and try to protect natalie;s sister, The Deamon!

    ''Natalie just had to check the sink for any demonic activity before taking her medication and going to bed...'' 🤣 I Love this! haha

    Sounds like Ingun isn't aware of when the demon takes control over her. ''Ingun: I.. I wasn't with you at the doctors office, I'm sorry.. I g-got nervous and just couldn't.. I just couldn't go..''

    God I hate her Mom! I wonder if she is the demon sometimes.👿

    HugeArse fight! Natalie is younger and stronger!

    Thankfully the kiddos are unaware and just having fun. And Natalie convinces Ingun to come with her! Yay! I hope they get a chance to visit with Eliza too!

    Cute videos! :)
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