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The Red Winged Angels


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    Chapter 3.13 – The Scribble on the Wall


    Parks, Squares and Alleys - Crayons


    And so time went on, the dry season passed and the rainy season was introduced by this.. well, dry and quiet night, but surely the rain would come soon. And it a little less than 6 months time, Aaron would have had his 6th birthday and be old enough to have his first day at school. Exciting times!

    In recent news Arsil Hanson, a local inventor, had come up with the idea of sleeping mats for pre-school children, and finally they were on sale in stores. No more confining cribs for the little ones. Natalie was a bit skeptical of this new invention, though, and would still prefer to put Aaron in his crib. "I feel it's safer there", she thought. "I don't want him to get out on his own at night and try to walk down the stairs. I'm afraid he could fall and hurt himself".

    Next morning...whats on your mind now, Natalie?

    Natalie: Oh, Aaron.. what do you have there? Can mommy take a look?
    Aaron: I got candy!

    Natalie: Haha.. thanks, Aaron!

    Aaron: That was mine, mommy! My candy, give it back!

    Natalie: No, Aaron. Mommy's got it now! Mmmm, this was some good candy!
    Aaron: You're mean, mommy!

    Natalie: You didn't need that candy anyway, Aaron.. it's not good for your teeth.

    Natalie: Here comes the claw, Aaron! It's the dangerous claw, raagh!

    This is so.. random.
    Natalie: That teddy bear hasn't been moving for a long time now.. so I guess whatever had possessed him has left.. maybe..

    Øyvind Svarstad (via text message): Hey, Natalie! I'm having a party tonight, and you are invited!

    Natalie: Awesome! A party! I'm going!
    At the same time Isaac just came home from his after-school activity at the art club.

    Isaac: Hi, mom!
    Natalie: See you later, Isaac!
    Isaac: Where are you going? ... mom?

    Natalie saw no time to answer as she rushed out the door. She would never turn down a party invitation.

    Øyvind Svarstad is a human, living in the poorer area on the east side of town. The homes in the poorer areas are typically just some tiny wooden shacks.

    Here is Natalie in a group conversation with Torfinn Gran to the left, and Avigail Pammy-Vasquez to the right. Avigail is the mother of Ragnar and the grandmother of Isaac and Aaron. Avigail is inappropriate, and insults Torfinns home.

    Øyvind decides to flirt with Natalie, but Natalie does not seem to be to interested.

    The drawback of living in these shacks is especially felt during rainy season...

    After Øyvind said the party was over and it was time to leave, Natalie delighted herself with the thought that there are poorer people in town than her.

    The following day when Natalie was at work Aaron had been playing in the toy chest because he had found a box of crayons at lying at the bottom amongst the other toys.

    Aaron had also mastered something new. His walk is a little stumbly and awkward, but it was about time he learned to do that! No more being stuck upstairs!

    Uh oh. What do you think mommy will say when she gets home from work?

    Aaron: I think I should hide in here...

    Mommy's home...

    Natalie: Huh? What's that on the wall there?
    Babysitter: Oh, this little one was scribbling around with some crayons.
    Natalie: Oh, that's beatiful! Lovely artwork!
    Natalie: Oh..

    Natalie: Uhh... wait a minute? Are those scribbles on the wall?

    Natalie: Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow.. I'm to tired to deal with that now..

    Natalie: You're going into the crib, young man! We will talk about those scribbles you made on the wall tomorrow.

    Natalie: Now Aaron you're going to tell mommy about those scribbles on the wall, hmm?
    Aaron: I wanted to make you a drawing, mommy!
    Natalie: That's sweet, but not on the wall.. mommy doesn't like drawings on the wall.
    Aaron: I want to be like Isaac! He has drawings on the wall!
    Natalie: Isaac has painted on canvas. That is very different!
    Aaron: What is canvas?
    Natalie: It's what paintings are painted on. When you start school next year, you can paint on canvas too!
    Aaron: I want to paint on canvas!
    Natalie: Aww, mommy's little one.

    Isaac now wanted to make best friends with his cousin, Isabella Pammy-Vasquez, so he had invited her over.
    Natalie: Oh, look how you have grown, Isabella! I remember when you were just a little baby girl!

    Natalie: I remember how worried we were when your mom was pregnant that you were stillborn! Ultrasound showed no movement at all! We thought we had to take you straight from the womb and to the grave!

    Hmm, is that something you should say to the kids, Natalie? That's a little.. grotesque.
    Natalie: But one of the nurses working at the hospital was also a witch, and uhhh.... she cast a spell on your mom or something, and you came out alright!

    I don't know, Natalie.. there's something about your stories that are a little strange.. are you sure you're not just making this up?

    Natalie: Oh, I remember how fond your mommy was of you when you were born! She always said you were here little shiny diamond!

    Shortly thereafter it was time for Natalie to head to work for her Saturday evening shift at the Zombie Restaurant.

    After she had left, Isaac began retell one of the many stories he heard from his mom as best as he could. These stories always revolve around the same topic; some newborn baby girl and her home situation when growing up.. strangely enough! And typically something about witches and/or unicorns taking someone or something away.. someone has a vivid imagination... Isabel was nonetheless listening with keen interest, and eventually fullfilled Isaacs wish by thinking of him as one of her best friends.



    Placing the clothes line under the boys bedroom wasn't such a bad idea, the clothes did actually dry even during rainy season (it just took a little longer time due to the high humidity). But Natalie found it very impractical as she always had to rush inside quickly after picking them up, to prevent them from getting wet again from the rain. So for this reason, she had long wanted to buy a tumble drier, and with the last pay raise, that was definately possible. She even had enough cash now to begin planning a new bedroom. As Aaron was soon old enough to start school, she thought it was time for the boys to get seperate rooms.

    Sunday evening Isaac got a call from Samira Mørch-Engebakken asking if they could hangout. Now it seems that the people of Lagash have gotten a bit sloppy with closing their front doors, because even at the Mørch-Engebakken household, the door is wide open.

    Samira wants to play the dragon, but Samira's mom, Line, does not agree.
    Line: Do your homework, Samira!

    Everyone is telling different stories around town...
    Line: ..and then they got married, and lived happily ever after!

    Isaac: Have you heard about the witch living in the forest?

    Line: Don't they teach you anything in school nowadays? Witches don't exist, everybody knows that!

    Said the angel thats married to a werewolf!

    And meanwhile, some news from the town, Friederich, Natalies grandfather, had now moved in with his new lover, Ingebjørg Skullerud-Goth.

    "Aaron will have his birthday at the end of rainy season, and I want to hold a party for him. I suppose I should clean up the house a little bit beforehand... and probably get rid of this broken dollhouse, too... I don't want to have people asking any questions..."

    And next door, romance is blooming between Ragnar (Isaac and Aarons father) and Ina.

    Isaac had visited the household because he wanted to make friends with Ina. He didn't get to much contact with his father, though.

    The evening before Aarons 6th birthday, Natalie was tired and in a bad mood when she came home from work, shouting profanities at the baby sitter. Her moods are a little unstable sometimes.


    The next update will be about Aarons birthday, where we will get to meet some more of his family members...

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    @Sprottenham omg that first pic is scary looking!

    Natalie stealing candy, and poor Aaron never knew he had any candy until it was taken from him! :D

    I see that Isaac wants to play in a costume chest!

    I'm so glad to see Aaron walking down the stairs and drawing on the walls!

    omg :o @ Natalie's conversation with Isabella! :D

    I love all the story telling around town! :)

    Oh! I didn't know we could wash the crayons off the wall! I wonder if sims who have a maid will wash them off, interesting!

    :) I enjoyed the update!
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    @DivaDoodle Thanks for enjoying this update once more. ;)

    About the first image for this chapter, it was a bit of a last minute decision to include, and it is not an image I made fully myself. The original image is a screenshot from a 1997/1998 action/adventure game called "Shadowman". The scariest, creepiest game I have every played.. probably because its the only game of the type I have ever played. ;) (I got it as a bithday gift.. typically I would be more into racing games, or more chill games like Sim City or, well, The Sims...) Link to original creepy image found at

    And yeah, that conversation Natalie had with Isabel, I was thinking that was a bit "over the top" maybe, but.. Its in line with the type of character Natalie eventually became... and there was the gravestone in her speech bubble, so it felt natural to have her say that..

    (If it is a problem for the forum I will be more than happy to go back and censor her comment.)

    Oh, well, sims can clean up graffiti, so I thought it would be just natural that they could also clean up crayons drawings.

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    @Sprottenham Oh that does sound like a scary game! Even the name Shadow Man, is creepy!

    No I don't think that conversation was over the top for Isabel and Natalie or the forum, I have seen more over the top than that for sure, get by.

    Ah I didn't even know they can clean up graffiti, that is good to know on both accounts! :)

    Looking forward to more! :)
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    @DivaDoodle Well, leave it to me to worry unecessarily about things in regards to forum guidelines and other things, but thanks for the supportive message. :)

    Also, it wasn't supposed to take this long before posting this chapter, but I got umm.. distracted.. <_<... >_>


    Chapter 3.14 - Aaron's birthday party

    Metallica – Enter Sandman

    Say your prayers, little one
    Don't forget, my son
    To include everyone

    I tuck you in, warm within
    Keep you free from sin
    Till the Sandman he comes

    Sleep with one eye open
    Gripping your pillow tight

    Exit light
    Enter night
    Take my hand
    We're off to Never, Neverland

    Something's wrong, shut the light
    Heavy thoughts tonight
    And they aren't of Snow White

    Dreams of war, dreams of liars
    Dreams of dragon's fire
    And of things that will bite

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    Pray the Lord my soul to keep
    If I die before I wake
    Pray the Lord my soul to take

    Hush little baby, don't say a word
    And never mind that noise you heard
    It's just the beasts under your bed
    In your closet, in your head

    Exit light
    Enter night
    Grain of sand

    Exit light
    Enter night
    Take my hand
    We're off to Never, Neverland
    - 1989 -

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the lord my soul to keep
    If I die, before I wake
    I pray the lord my soul to take...


    Isaac was the first to get out of bed at four in the morning. No clue as to what could be so exciting to make him wake up this early.


    He wasn't fully rested, so he decided to spend the rest of the morning in momma's rocking chair.


    At ten minutes to six, Aaron was the next to wake up. Even Aaron looks excited. Well, he should know it's his birthday.


    Well, his excitement soon wore off once he realized he was hungry. Typical.


    Now I just wish that both Natalie and the babysitter could have let him sleep on the sleeping mat. Then this wouldn't have happened. He broke out of his bed again... like so many times before.
    From his perspective, though, it is very understandable. First of all, he is just about to turn six years old and still sleeping in a crib. Secondly, that crib must not be a pleasant place for him at all, given all the times he has been left there, alone, hungry and filthy from an unchanged diaper. So, in a way, I can't blame him.... but this will be the last time you will have to do that Aaron, because tonight you are going to sleep in a proper bed for the first time!


    Which brings me to just that.. this is Aaron's birthday gift.. his own room!
    Of course, it was still a bit empty looking as Natalie hadn't gotten around to furnishing it properly, but it had the essentials. A bed and two lamps for light. Furnishing would have to come later, because this home expansion had made her a little short on cash once more, but certainly the investment was worth it, she thought.


    Once Aaron was up, he would naturally start the day by playing on his favorite toy, the xylophone. Maybe one day he will be a musician, only time will tell.


    Isaac's reaction to his brothers new room was a blank one, a little bit like the room itself, but it was what it was.


    Natalie was of course the last to wake up at 11 minutes to ten. Isaac had already gone to school, and Aaron had been alone (and hungry) for a couple of hours.


    A little later, shortly before the party was scheduled to start..

    Natalie: You smelly, filthy rotten little child... this will be the last time I will change your diaper!

    You are right on the second half, but I really don't think you should be talking to children like that... what you should be saying are pleasant things like, you know, happy birthday Aaron...


    And look who showed up uninvited.. Ragnar is even the first guest to arrive! I kind of wasn't expecting that, even if he lives next door, given his absence from both of his sons lives all this time..


    He even shows excitement to be there....Natalie doesn't pay him any attention though.


    And Natalies mother, Bianka, was the second guest to arrive. It looks like she didn't bother to put on her formal wear, but that isn't very surprising. She never paid much respect to any of her daughters...


    Though I am surprised to see Ingun there, Natalies younger sister. Ingun, when she is her usual self, is typically very reclusive and quiet. "Hi, m-m-mom" she says, but mom is looking kind of sour...


    Ina Hammurabi, Ragnars new female company, was the fourth guest to arrive. She was only invited because Isaac had started to like her.


    "Hi, Natalie!" says Ina, happy to be invited.
    And then something happens to Ingun. Sometimes its as if a switch is flicked inside of her, and she can become quite the handful. And this handful doesn't like her mom.

    Ingun: Boo! Don't come any closer to me, you mean old #$%#@!

    Bianka shows no response. She knows that this behaviour will go away after a while if she just ignores it long enough, and if it gets to much of nuisance, she has her methods...


    Bianka: What are you doing here, Ragnar? Pretending to be a family man that finally cares about your son, is that it? Or should I tell everyone the truth about why Natalie had to leave you in the middle of the night?


    Ragnar: Don't talk to me about your delusions! It wasn't me that she had to leave in the middle of the night... and secondly, don't you dare lecture me about parenting! know a thing or two about you and what kind of parent you were, or should I say, weren't!


    Ragnar and Bianka clearly have a thorn in the side for each other...


    And there is Eva, Natalies grandmother, eyeing the birthday cake as she enters. Unfortunately, or luckily, for her this is not an apple cake.....


    Natalies mother, Bianka, is not very popular. And Eva decides to lay it at her grand-daughter. I'm not going to retell what she said in its entirety, because a lot of it probably breaks the forum guidelines..


    Eva: You're pathetic, Ingun! I'm surprised you're here, instead of sitting at home all day! What, did momma finally let you out of your room? You're even worse than Natalie! What did I do to end up with such £%#@&amp; grandchildren!?

    What a glorious family... happy birthday, Aaron... it's starting to feel like a mistake to have invited them over...


    Natalies grandfather and Eva's ex-husband Friederich just entered. Has he come to save the day? From what I have seen so far, I am not keeping my hopes up..


    Now I don't know what happened over here, but the snarling sound she just made doesn't sound good.


    And this, my dear friends, is Natalies mother.. she is truely a beatiful person...


    Aside from the kids, Ina is probably the most likeable person in the room. She is the only one that has given any attention to Aaron thus far.


    Friederich just discovered that Eva is also at the party...


    That is probably the worst looking face I have seen you display so far, Natalie! What is going on here!?


    And just in time for the candle blowing comes Matityahu, one of Natalies uncles with a.. empty hand of nothing.

    Matityahu: Well, I had made a delicious apple pie, but an angry unicorn blocked my path and wouldn't let me pass unless I gave it to him...

    Right. This has probably nothing to do with why you came so late to the party. Nothing at all, I would assume...

    Matityahu: No, its true.. I swear! It was a giant angry unic-

    Spare me.... well, you haven't really missed out on much at this party so far anyway... You came just in time for the most important part..


    Now lets see how many people are cheering for Aaron's birthday. Two people, Ragnar and Ina, that's how many.


    Matityahu hasn't let up with the unicorn story, and tries to imitate how it supposedly threatened him. Friederich is still terrified that Eva is there, and Ingun just flat out decides to leave. Probably couldn't stand her grandmothers insults anymore. Lovely.


    Oh, well.. happy birthday Aaron! Best of wishes.. and best of luck with your rather special family...


    Well, hello there, monsieur! Aaron inherited the night owl trait from his father, Ragnar.


    And then Ina laughs evilly for some reason...


    No way, you're evil, too? Isn't anyone around here nice!? What is this evil force that seems to have corrupted this town? There must be something...


    Yeah, maybe you're better off enjoying your cake in the sofa, as opposed to over in the kitchen with all those lunatics...


    I guess he's had enough already. He wasn't really that tired, but immediately after finishing his cake, he decided to go to bed.


    Sleep tight and uhh.. yeah, just gotta do the mandatory check for monsters under the bed first, of course. The monsters aren't under the bed, Aaron.... they're downstairs!


    I promise you, that there is only your imagination..


    Aaron: Well, I'm not sleeping in there...


    Did I tell you about the one time I went deep into the forest to hide that creepy teddy bear, Aaron?

    Natalie: I went there after dark, late at night, and I could swear I saw the glowing eyes of a unicorn amidst the trees!


    Natalie: They say a dangerous, evil witch lives in that forest! And if you see her, or her unicorn, never look them in the eye if you want to get out of there in one piece!

    Really, Natalie? Whats up with you guys and making up these stories.. of witches and unicorns? You think he's going to want to sleep in his room now?


    Of course not, he just asked Natalie to read him a bedtime story. And he wants to sleep downstairs in mommy's bed alongside Isaac. Of course, that bed doesn't have monsters under it!


    Momma can use the rocking chair...


    Well, this picture says a lot, I guess. Ina is all head over heels about Ragnar, whereas Eva feels sick to her stomach at the sight of Friederich.. beatiful.


    I suppose Aarons birthday party is over now. Eva said something about not finding a place to walk before randomly leaving, Natalie is outside playing tag with Friederich, and the three remaning guests inside all at the same time changed from their formal to their everyday wear just like that.


    And finally the guests decided it was time to leave. Matityahu still thinking about unicorns. Maybe he didn't make up what he said and his story is true? Do they really exist...?


    Finally when all this madness had left the building, Natalie found some time to enjoy a piece of the birthday cake, as well.


    And Aaron having aged up from child to toddler marks the end of chapter three. Good night! ;)

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    @Sprottenham That was quite a long distraction! I hope it was pleasant! you and your stories were missed and I am so happy you have a new update here! :)

    Such nice words to that song, I had no idea!

    Was Aaron Standing without hold on, in his crib? Oh I love this little escape artist! :)

    That is nice for Ragnar to show up for his sons birthday! Oh and Natalie's Mom with her expressions, and 'nice' talk! ;) ''Ragnar and Bianka clearly have a thorn in the side for each other.'' yep!

    haha I love the invisible plate of food Matityahu brings!

    Aww Aaron ages up in a little tux! hehe too cute!

    No way would I ever sleep in a bed that had a monster hand come out from under it! :o

    Oh good, sleeping with Isaac is a much better idea!

    I'm glad little Aaron had a good aging up and got to have cake, even if the guests seem to be a bit evil.

    Great chapter! :) Good to see you back!
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    @DivaDoodle Thanks that is very kind of you to say!

    Was Aaron Standing without hold on, in his crib? <-- I am not sure if understand your question, but he managed to figure a way to unlock the crib so he could walk out. ;)

    I will soon post the next chapter, just have to get to upload all the images first (there is a lot of them).

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    @Sprottenham, sorry I meant to write ''holding on''. Was Aaron Standing without holding on to the crib's rails, in his crib?
    It's just that I have never seen it, always having my little ones ion the napping mats.

    Great to gear about the upcoming update! :)
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    4.1 - The Rainbow Gemstones


    Kent – Dom som försvann

    Jag har bränt mina skivor
    Eldat upp dina brev
    Och askan ligger i drivor
    Solstickepojken han ler

    Han bönar och ber

    Tänd eld på dina tankar
    Med dina svarta tysta tårar
    Och vi vet och du vet
    allt tar 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
    Långsamt genom rummet
    går hon ut

    Kent - Those who disappeared

    I have burnt my records
    Set fire to your letters
    And the ashes lie in drifts
    The matchstick boy, he laughs

    He pleads and prays

    Set fire to your thoughts
    With your black silent tears
    And we know, and you know
    Everything comes to an end
    Slowly through the room
    She walks out

    Now, Aaron wouldn't start school immediately after his birthday, but have his first school day towards the end of the dry season, or in mid-august, as it usually is called. So he does have some days to simply enjoy the dry season before he starts.


    Good morning Aaron! Momma went to bed very late last night, so she will be sleeping for a good while still. Which means that you will have the house "to yourself" for some hours, that is, as long as you can avoid waking up mom.


    Oh yes, grab the last piece of left over cake for breakfast. Well, it is yours, so have at it!


    Isaac is almost 10 and a half years old, 4 and half years older than you, so he is not so lucky. He has to go to school.


    I think mommy should get an easier time and be a little happier now that her second youngest son can be more self-sufficient and even help out around the house.


    Natalie woke-up at almost half past two this "morning".... Good day, Natalie! Rise and shine...


    And Natalie does one of the things Natalie does best. Playing around with kids toys...


    Now that Aaron had gotten older, he had become a bit of a caretaker for Billy. They had always had a close relationship when both of them were toddlers, due to their shared experience of being so poorly looked after by their own biological mother... and how none of them have never really had the experience of having their father nearby. It has always been worse for Billy, though, because to Natalie he has most of the time been treated like a toy, rather than a child...
    The way she would nurture Billy looked a lot more like a little girl playing with her toy doll, rather than an actual mother taking care of a child...

    And what happens to a kid if you leave it alone in the dark for to long? Their imagination starts running, and the faintest sound becomes an omen of something terrible. An unseen monster lurking in the dark; hiding under the bed, in the closet, or waiting tenaciously for you outside your bedroom door when you want to go downstairs to use the toilet at night...


    Aaron: I just hope there aren't any monsters under mama's bed..


    Aaron: Monsters! I knew it! I can't believe I slept in there!!




    Natalie:Hrmmph! He's sitting there playing with that stupid plush toy thing he got from.. I don't even remember who gave it to him, some stupid distant relative..

    Oh, these children and their imagination. That's just one of Natalies weird stories again. She has completely denied and repressed that she was the one that gave birth to Billy five summers ago...


    "Oh, that toy, he came to me as a package in the mailbox" is what she would tell herself. And she had contemplated getting rid of him, but didn't dare to go there..

    ....did she really want to give birth to a child she had not planned for, and that came from her one off affair with her boss at work? She was in on it then, because she thought it was a good way to get a promotion to fulfill her lifetime wish a little faster.. and instead she got this.. a ruined reputation in her former workplace and a child she never wanted....


    Natalie: Get out of the way Aaron, I need to take a shower!


    Aaron: I want to host a tea party for the teddy bear, but I there is not enough space where I want to do it..

    Sigh.. well, then you're just going to have to find another space.. there is enough room, stop being so darn stupid... :P


    Well, he figured it out..


    Well, that was a new one. I guess Aaron and the toilet (?) won't become best friends any time soon!


    Natalie: I need to use the toilet, but there he is blocking my path again playing with that silly toy..


    Aaron, go do something sensible such as improving your skills instead of playing with that stupid toy everywhere, or I will take it from you!


    Later in the evening, Aaron was playing tag with mama in the backyard.


    Natalie: Tag! You're it!


    Aaron: Mom.. can we buy a dollhouse?


    Natalie: Hmm...


    Aaron: Please, mommy, please.


    Natalie: Ok, Aaron.. we can go to Sir Duncan's Treasures and get one tomorrow.. now, let's go inside and get something to eat. It's getting late.


    Just don't take me to the swimming pool, mom.


    Aaron: I'm afraid I will drown and die if I go there.

    Hmm. That was random. Anyway...
    Sir Duncan's Treasures is a toy store (with some other kids related items) on the second floor up from the Misterious Bookstore downtown, just across the river.

    So, the next day they went there, like momma had promised.


    Oh, come on.. smile a little! You're going to the toy store kids, not a funeral!


    Hmm.. so this is where we can buy a dollhouse?


    Natalie: Follow me, Aaron. The toy store is upstairs.


    Aaron: Wooow, look at all those toys. Do they have doll houses here, mommy?


    Natalie: Yes, the dollhouses are over there to our left. You can pick one of them, and we will go downstairs to pay.


    Aaron: Oooh, thanks mom! You're the greatest!


    Aaron: I want this one with the blue roof! Can I have it mom?


    Natalie: Of course, Aaron. Now let momma carry it downstairs, so we can pay for it and take it home.

    After taking the dollhouse home, Natalie had to go to work. When Isaac came home from school, he decided to share one of those weird stories with Aaron.


    Isaac: So there was this little baby girl that was born many many years ago.

    Isaac: And she had two parents, and they were both married to each other.

    Isaac: And they loved each other very much, but they loved their baby daughter even more.

    Hmm, this is a bit different than usual.. I guess you're mixing up your mom's stories with others you have heard around town. Or imagining things. Like wishful thinking, maybe.


    But then one night, a unicorn came to their house.

    Oh no, here it comes..

    Isaac: And he ate all the leaves from their garden trees!

    Really? Was that it? Well, ok then.. :P


    Then the boys play tag with each other outside.


    And as they were doing so, it was time for Billy to age up. He was now six years old, and soon of age to begin school.. of course Natalie never thought about having a birthday party for him, because even if she was childish, she wasn't childish enough to throw parties for her toys...


    ..but she would have to acknowledge that he was getting older...


    Aaron continued playing tag with Billy.


    Natalie had done her best to instill in her children the same weird stories that she had come to believe in, which left in particular Isaac very confused. "Mommy says he is just a toy, but he is just like me and Aaron. He is kind of stupid, though and he doesn't talk very well".


    Not so strange, because everything Billy knew, he had to learn by himself, and his exposure to anyone but Aaron and Natalie was extremely limited. No one ever taught him to walk, talk or use the potty...

    Isaac didn't understand Billy. He thought he was weird, and that Natalie probably had adopted him from somewhere.


    Aaron: Once upon time there was a little baby girl...


    .. and she got a teddy bear as a gift from a far away grandmother.


    Aaron: And the baby girl loved the gift very much. It was the best gift she had ever gotten.

    Hmm.... but why are these stories almost always about a baby girl? Who is that baby girl you're always talking about!?


    Aaron has the night owl trait, and had spent the entire night playing tag with Billy outside, and didn't go to bed until daybreak. So when everyone else was up and ready, Aaron was still in bed, sound asleep...

    Natalie hadn't bothered to buy a bed for Billy, but he had tried his best to make one out of the dirty clothes lying around, which their certainly was no shortage of in this home..

    And poor Billy would still sometimes think of himself as only a "toy" that was unable to take care of himself, which typically rendered him immobile whenever he was in his "mental toy state". He had become so brainwashed, literally, that in his world, he sometimes became this toy his mother always had told him he was...


    And finally Aaron woke up, at almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon..

    Billy saw Aaron as his best friend because he was the only one that seemed to care for him when he was in his toy state, and so he would always follow him around, sometimes to Aarons annoyance. Aaron was what had kept him alive by sharing his bottle of milk with him everytime his mom had forgotten about him...


    Aaron: Get out of here, Billy! I want to take a shower, you don't have to follow me everywhere!


    Then I let the day and night pass whilst rotating through a few other households in town to fix some minor issues. When I return to Natalies household the next morning, I find Aaron outside the Solebant second hand store. To his left is Samira Mørch-Engebakken, an angel-werewolf hybrid.


    Mom was still in bed sleeping, and Isaac was just about to go home from a nearby graveyard after pretending to be an austronaut visiting a different planet.


    Inside the second hand store Samiras parents, Line (angel) and Eric (werewolf) Mørch-Engebakken is having an argument about whether or not they should buy the family a dog. Eric, the werewolf, really wanted one, but Line put her foot down and said no. There was enough fur in the house already, they didn't need more in her opinion.


    Samira hopefully hears none of her parents arguing when she is outside doing her homework.


    Then Aaron realizes he is hungry, and heads home. His thought bubble indicates he wants attention from either mom or dad.

    (Well, you know where the refrigerator is.. you can help yourself this time!)


    Just the other day I had my five year anniversary at the Zombie Restaurant, and they gave me a hefty bonus! Now I can buy something expensive, but I am not sure what to buy. Do you have any ideas Aaron?


    Aaron: Congratulations on that bonus, mom! They must really like the food you're making!


    Aaron, Aaron.. you just wasted a brilliant chance of wishing for something expensive! Don't you want anything.. furniture for your room? Toys? Really?


    Aaron hasn't even once played with the dollhouse he himself wished to get.. but Natalie has sure found it! Let's just hope she won't end up destroying this one too some time down the road..


    Aaron is most of the time to caught up with taking care of Billy to have time to care about much else...


    Hmm, I wasn't expecting to see that. Isaac had gone to bed much earlier than Aaron, so he woke up fully rested basically in the middle of the night to go to Aarons room and play with Billy.


    He spent the rest of the night.. resting in the rocking chair.


    The day before Aarons first day of school was leisure day, so everyone had the day off.

    Natalie had received a letter in the mail that day from the Philosophical Center. They had somehow heard about Billy and his close relationship with Aaron, and thus wanted him to find some rainbow gemstones to make an elixir to "bring him to life" as they called it.


    Aaron didn't know where to find a rainbow gemstone, but he had noticed a few strange rocks lying about on the neighbours lot, so he went there to pick them up.
    Aaron did not know what type of stones they were, so he went inside and gave them to mom.


    Aaron: Mom, I found these two stones outside.. are the rainbow gemstones?

    Natalie: Hmm, probably not. They look like space rocks to me.


    Aaron: Do you know where I can find rainbow gemstones, then mom?

    Natalie: Sorry, Aaron. I can't be of much help there.. maybe someone at the Philosophical Centre can help you with that. I suggest you go there and ask.

    Aaron: Ok, can we go there mom?


    Sure, I'll take you there.

    Picture: The Philosophical Centre.


    Dr. Tristam P. Calami:
    Hi miss, how can we help you?


    Natalie: We received a letter today about my other s... about Billy, my son Aarons little plush toy, and were told to locate some rainbow gemstones to make him come alive. You wouldn't happen to know where we can find something like that?


    Dr. Tristam: Aahh, you must be Natalie Goth, young Aarons mother. You can call us Dr. Tristam.

    He pauses for a while as if thinking up what to say next.

    Dr. Tristam:Well, to answer your question.. not really. We are in the process of mapping gemstones all over town, but so far we have not located any rainbow gemstones.


    Natalie: And yet you would ask my son to find one and bring it to you... if you can't find it, what makes you think he will? He's just a kid, he hasn't even started school yet!


    Dr. Tristam: We can understand your questioning Miss Goth, and surely we will be more than happy to aid him in the search. We have something for you.. if you would follow us into the next room.


    Dr. Tristam: It may not look like much, but the small item on the table behind us could help you. We call it a collection helper. On it, we have installed a map of the entire town and surrounding areas, and using our very own Finders Technology, it will point you in the direction of any collectible type of object you choose, such as rocks and stones.


    Natalie: So it will tell me where to find rainbow gemstones?


    Dr. Tristam: Well, not excactly. We haven't been able to fine tune it to that level yet. It can only point you to where stones are, but to find out if it is the stone you seek, you will unfortunately have to go there yourself. But rest assured, we are looking into it!


    Natalie: But you must have some inkling of where they are most likely to be?


    Dr. Tristam: Yeah, uhmm.. you are probably better off starting maybe around the Forest of Illusion by the Deathfish Pond, and then moving up towards Harlequin Forest and possibly around the cliffs up there. That is as far as we have come. If those rainbow gems are anywhere to be found, it must be up there somewhere.


    Dr. Tristam: That is as much as we can tell you for the time being..


    Natalie: Ok, well, we might go up there and have a look later, and if we find a stone we will bring it here.


    Dr. Tristam: Splendid, Miss Goth! But don't forget to pick up the collection helper on the way out.


    Alright, come along Aaron! We're going home! You're going to start school tomorrow, and we will probably have a long week ahead of us if we are going to find those gemstones...

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham Oh that's nice to have some time before school starts for Aaron. Poor Isaac had to go, I wonder if that is why his face is sad or maybe a bit envious.

    Ah! the mysterious Billy! absolutely brilliant! *claps* This is the child of her affair with her boss, if I remember correctly.

    Oh the horrible monsters under the bed! And on the double bed?! Noooo! That is so scary and it happens so frequently! Yikes! Poor Aaron.

    oh I love how Natalie never gets dressed and plays tag outside in her sleep wear! haha

    That was darling coming back and Isaac had been exploring the different planet in his space suit, at the graveyard!😁

    Your toy store is so cute! It's so nice that Natalie has made enough money to buy Aaron a doll house! I bet she wants to play with it too!

    haha love Isaac's fairy tale.

    Yay Billy aged up! So Isaac does think Billy is just like himself and Aaron, only Natalie thinks he is a toy. (usually)

    omg lol 'Natalie hadn't bothered to buy a bed for Billy, but he had tried his best to make one out of the dirty clothes lying around, which their certainly was no shortage of in this home..'' so sad but looks so cute and funny.

    This next part is very sad, poor Billy. ''sometimes think of himself as only a "toy" that was unable to take care of himself, which typically rendered him immobile whenever he was in his "mental toy state". He had become so brainwashed, literally, that in his world, he sometimes became this toy his mother always had told him he was.''😥

    Oh cool Natalie got the letter about the rainbow gem! (very exciting for me, I haven't done this in years and years!)
    Cool! I love how persistent Natalie is, asking all the questions to the proprietor! and now they have the collection helper!🤗

    I loved your update, Sprottenham! It's so imaginative and just so fun to read! 😊🤩
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 844 Member
    edited October 2021
    @DivaDoodle Yeah, could be Isaac was a bit sad about going to school, but it will soon be Aarons turn.. and I don't really feel to bad about having kids go to school.. that is something everyone has to do. ;)

    Billy wasn't really supposed to be a mysterious or a confusing character, but umm.. Well, this is the first (and probably only..) time I am including an imaginary friend into a story. Ok, so kids can have imaginary friends, fine, but the part where they can become real.. doesn't make sense to me. So Billy would have to have been a real kid the whole time, hence this odd, sad and far out part of the story... Yes, Billy story is really sad, strange and tragic, but it is what made the most sense to me..

    Haha, well, Natalie is a bit of a special character, but I find that sims in general prefer to walk around in their underwear a bit more often than uh, normal people. ;)

    But yeah, Billy has been a kid the whole time.. so a lot of these strange things really comes from Natalies mind...

    I am happy that you find this story to be entertaining, because I was worried about this part with Billy. That it would be to confusing and that it would put people off, but like I said, it was the only way I could sort of make sense of it..

    Natalie still has the idea though that Billy looks like a toll doy, but maybe finding the gemstones to have the potion made will make even her see Billy as the kid he actually is...

    *edit: And yes, you are correct in your memory. Billy was born from the affair that Natalie had with Bård at her former workplace in the political career. So if it wasn't for that, there wouldn't have been any Billy, so the sims actions do impact the story, its not all my writing. So if something weird happens, its them. Its not me, its their fault. ;);)

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    Chapter 4.2 – First day at school


    Metallica - Invisible Kid

    This is Billys song...

    Invisible kid
    Never see what he did
    Got stuck where he hid
    Fallen through the grid

    Invisible kid
    Got a place of his own
    Where he'll never be known
    Inward he's grown

    Invisible kid
    Locked away in his brain
    From the shame and the pain
    World down the drain



    Aaron woke up this morning, both excited and a little nervous about his first day at school.

    At the breakfast table, Aaron has plenty of questions for his brother.


    Aaron: Is it true that everyone on the first day will have to make something out of papier-mâché?

    Isaac doesn't answer him, he is to busy eating.


    Aaron: Will we learn how to read and write on the first day? How do you know how to read?


    Isaac: Noo, you do not learn anything on the first day! You mostly just sing songs and play! That's what we did anyway!


    Isaac: And then you will meet your teacher for the first time, and he will have a big brown suitcase! Teachers always have big brown suitcases!


    Aaron: I'm scared of teachers. Will they yell at me and tell me to sit still at my desk?


    Isaac: Teachers aren't dangerous! They won't yell at you, and you can always make them happy by giving them flowers!


    Aaron is assigned to the old school building closest to his home, whereas as his brother is assigned to the new school on the opposite end of town. Lenore, another kid also having her first school day, is already on her way to enter the building.

    While Aaron and Isaac is at school, Natalie wakes up to a late breakfast... She could hear her own voice talking as if she was sitting right beside herself, even smell the foul stench of old ice cream on the table.... though neither her nor the kids had a preference for ice cream...


    Natalies voice: It will be okay, Natalie. It will be okay. There are band aids in the bathroom. There should be. Don't worry, Natalie. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine...


    Natalie wasn't fine. She felt anxious as the amount of dirty laundry she didn't want to to think about pushed its way to the forefront....


    At school Aaron was having a good time playing in the sand box. School was easy on the newcomers, of course, so they got a lot of playtime.


    Aaron found another one of those space rocks in the school yard. Not very useful..


    Aaron and Lenore had great fun playing with the spring riders.


    Aaron is home after his first day of school. "I want to talk to dad", he thinks. "Tell him everything about my first school day. It wasn't as scary as I thought".


    Aaron also wants to impress the teacher, so he immediately goes for his homework. School wasn't that easy on them, but the homework was very simple. Just practicing the letters of the alphabet for now. Isaac is a little more carefree, choosing to play with his toys instead.


    For Aaron it is work before play, for Isaac, play before work.


    Billy was happy when Aaron finally came home from school, and initiated a friendly pillow fight.

    Billy: Take that, Aaron! Hahaha!


    Aaron: Last week momma got a letter in the mail that said if we go to the forest and find some stones, we can make you alive.


    Billy: What are you talking about, Aaron? I am already alive! Can't you see..?

    There was a lot of things Billy didn't understand, and this was one of them, because he was pretty sure he was alive...atleast sometimes... Billy didn't have a name for his "toy state", for him this had become the norm. It was the world that he knew, and how he thought things should be...

    As Billy had gotten older, being near Aaron would always invigorate him and bring out his playful side..


    Billy: Tag! You're it, you old garbage can!

    Then they played tag the rest of the afternoon until bedtime..


    The next morning:


    Billy: Good morning Aaron, my bestest best friend of all the bester friends!


    Aaron: Once upon a time, there were two best friends, and they wanted to be best friends until they died!


    Aaron: But then an evil genie came and cast a spell on them to stop them from being friends!


    Aaron (almost sings when he talks about this part): But from a country faaar far away came the most beatiful fairy queen, she was very lovely and pretty!

    Aaron: And she cast the evil genie away to the dark and scary place he came from!


    Isaac (thinking): I don't know what it is, but there is something about Billy... He is not quite like us, I think maybe he is a ghost..


    And then it was off to school again for the boys.. Isaac has the longest way, so he must really hurry up..


    Mom Natalie was inside playing with the kids toys. 35 years old, but only 5 at heart..


    Lenore was also on her way to school.. and the festival food stand clerks were hurrying to their stands..


    Ah, there are more kids using the school, most of them are teenagers. I sort of know who they are when I check their names....these teenagers are actually of the third fourth generation since I started watching this town... The teenagers have their own classroom and a separate schedual during school hours. They have breaks in between classes at different times to avoid conflict between the younger and the older students.


    "These giant teenagers make me nervous" Aaron thinks. "I hope they are nice..."


    Then shortly after entering the school and their classroom younger ones leave..

    Oh, yes of course, I forgot that today is excursion day, and the kids are going to one of the mausoleums in town.. again...


    Someone should probably give the school bus driver som better directions.. I don't know why she would park all the way up there by the old Colosseum...


    Aaron thinks it is safest to sit on the front seat next to his teacher, Kornephoros. "Teacher's pet! Teacher's pet!" he can hear some of the other kids shout from the back of the bus..


    Isaac and the kids from the new school building are also with them for the excursion... and I see they are visiting the Aeterna Tormenta catacombs in the poorer parts of town.. I am sure that could be a bone chilling experience..


    It's kind of dark down there... dark, cold and moist.. who knows what could be hiding just around the corner!


    Aaron really enjoyed the trip to the catacombs.. so many old skulls, bones and delightful screams of tormented souls from the otherworld... what a perfect way to spend a sunny summers day!


    It's funny the bus driver actually drives past Aaron and Isaac's home on the way between the catacombs and school.. Isaac notices and tries to contact the bus driver..

    Isaac: Hey, bus lady.. we can go off here! That's our home!


    Bus lady listens and lets them out, just on opposite sides of the road, of course..


    "Hi, mom." Aaron says after walking in the door, eager to talk about his experience in the catacombs. Mom doesn't answer Aaron, she just continues to play with the toys, so Aaron goes to do his homework... but there is another one there to greet him..


    Billy: Hi Aaron!


    Billy: I think we should get out of the house some.. lets go to the theatre!

    Aaron: A.. vowel... B.. conso uhhh.. consonant... C...consonant.... ugghh... I hate this homework already..


    Billy: Or just get out of the house and do something... what do you say, Aaron?


    Aaron: I have an idea.. we can go to the forest and look for those gemstones we need to make you alive..


    Aaron:..then we can get out of the house, just like you want!


    Aaron: But of course, there can be dangerous things in the forest.. so we have to be careful.. and don't tell mom we're going there!

    Billy: Ok, I support you in everything you do, my most bestest friend, but I think you must go there alone! I can't follow you to the forest...



    So Aaron went alone, far up into the forest.. It was evening, and already starting to get dark..

    Aaron: Hmm, I see no gemstones here.. might as well just finish my homework..


    Aaron: a - small a - vowel, A - big A - vowel, b - small b - vow..uhh.. consonant...

    So he sat down by the Deathfish Pond to complete his alphabet lesson.. not noticing that there is a cottage behind him..


    Aaron: I'm getting tired.. time to go home.. there were no gemstones here.. I'm gonna ask mom tomorrow, maybe she can help..


    The next morning Aaron woke up to the sound of rain hammering against his window, a sure sign that autumn was already here..


    Billy: Good morning Aaron.. did you find any gemstones last night?

    Aaron: No.. I don't think there were any.. I'm going to ask mom later after school if she can help me to find some..


    Natalie (thinking): Hmm, maybe I should go look for those gemstones.. I am wondering why they would be so interested in Billy over at The Philosophical Centre, though. I guess it must be some important research thing...


    Natalie: The gemstone finder tells me there are some near the Forest of Illusion, so I think I will make that my starting point..


    Natalie: I can't explain it, but I have a strange feeling there is someone else with me in the taxi and not just the taxi driver...


    Natalie: Hmm, these stones look like they could be important for something, but these are not the stones I am looking for..


    Natalie: No wonder this place is called the Forest of Illusion.. This is a typical place to get lost and confused and eventually start seeing things that aren't real... I see no gemstones, though..


    Natalie: Well, the gemstone finder did say that there should be some gemstones at the northern edge of this forest, just in the direction of the old abandoned cottage..


    Natalie: Hmm, interesting... there are still bees in the beehive.. I hope somebody lives here now to care for them..


    Natalie: Ok, that's eerie.. that looks like a coffin.. placed there almost as if it is guarding the back entrance to this cottage.. I don't think this was here before... but I should be close to some gemstones now, according to the finder...


    Natalie: Oh, there it is! Just around the corner.. wow, how shiny it is!


    Natalie: Hmm, I don't think this is a rainbow gemstone, though.. nah, it's just an emerald..


    Natalie: Oh, here is another one.. hmm, that doesn't quite look like a rainbow gemstone either.. only a tanzanite..


    Natalie: Now I wonder if someone else lives here now.. only one way to find out.. I'm gonna have to brave it, and knock on the door..


    Natalie walks up to the door and knocks it three times, and almost immediately this elderly woman comes out..

    Elisa:Hi, Natalie. I am Elisa, nice to see you here again. I have been expecting you. Come on in.

    Natalie doesn't even have to introduce herself before Elisa knows her name, and then some..

    Natalie: How do you know my name? Have we met bef..?

    Elisa (interrupting):We have never been formally introduced, but yes, kind of... You didn't see me, but I let you stay in my house back then. Poor child, I know where and what you've come from...


    Elisa: Anyway, I understand now that you have been sent here again looking for Rainbow Gemstones.. but believe me when I say.. I have been looking for them around here for decades, and never found any.. Really, I believe someone has made a trap for you...


    Natalie: But... so I have been lied to.. but Dr. Tristam at the Philosophical Centre said that I should find them so that we can bring the plush toy my son is communicating with to life..


    Elisa: Yes, you have been lied to. There is no Dr. Tristam that works at the Philosophical Centre..


    Natalie: ..but I was there, and I saw him, and I talked to him.. how do you know about all this, and how can you be sure it is right?


    Elisa: Lets just say I read about it all in a book.. now, follow me inside, I have something to show you..


    Elisa: This, Natalie, to my left, is an alchemy station. I use it to make potions, and with it, I can make a potion to make Billy come alive.


    Natalie: I am amazed! I can't believe what I am hearing and seeing! Last time I was here, it was all empty... but now, it is just like the home of a witch from the fairy tales! So it IS true! You are the forest witch!!!

    Elisa: It wasn't empty. Like I said, I was here, even then, I just kept myself hidden.. and I prefer to use Magician, thank you.

    Natalie: Oh, I'm sorry.. so you can make the potion we need to make Billy come alive?


    Elisa: Oh, yes, I can.. but I must warn you, Natalie. You are in trouble, in great danger in fact. When you felt on the taxi ride up here that someone was with you, you were right. Someone, or should I say, something, was with you. And it is with us here too, right now. I can sense it.


    Natalie: Well, that's umm.. creepy.. how am I in danger? Will it hurt my children?


    Elisa: You.. well, no.. it is not really interested in your children.. Now, I don't want to say to much, and I may already have.. just be careful who you talk to from here on, Natalie.. not everyone is going to be who or what they say they are...

    Elisa knew that the part about not being interested in her children was a bit of a lie, the truth was that it certainly had some plans.... but she didn't want to upset Natalie to much.

    Natalie: Ok, ok.. I'll keep my eyes and ears open..

    Elisa: Excactly, now come back to me three days before this year ends, and I shall have the potion ready for you.. now, take care of yourself, Natalie...


    And so Natalie left the cabin, and headed home for the night.. the autumn forest was a beatiful sight with its fiery red, orange and yellow coloured trees.. Natalie almost thought she could smell it burning, even though it had just rained and everything was soaking wet...


    ???: Occidit, et angelus pariter pythonissam!

    ????: Adolebitque angelus! Ure sata pythonissam! Adolebitque!

    To be continued...
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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottebham oh I see what you mean about Billy, now. Yes the other way of thinking is very different indeed. When I was little I did think one of my dolls really was 'real', but she didn't want to let people see, and I thought she might come to life at night if she ever felt like she wanted to play with some of my other toys.
    One day at story time the children's librarian read us the story of The Velveteen Rabbit, where the little plush toy wants to become real through the love of the boy whose toy he was. I remember thinking "I knew it was true!'' hahaha

    Oh yes I really do like the story so much. It is always so interesting to learn about Natalie's mind, she really is a special character. I have read some stories where the imaginary friends are seemingly just like real people, before, gosh there was one that was such a good story, and the 2 imaginary friend dolls somehow got switched! But this idea you have with Natalie, I haven't seen before so it is very compelling! I always want More! And for her to now help Aaron try to locate the rainbow gem, is really touching.

    hahaha ''so the sims actions do impact the story, its not all my writing. So if something weird happens, its them. Its not me, its their fault. ;)'' OMG yes! All the time! It's their autonomous lives I always like the very best when playing, it is so much fun to just go with it, and write it in the story! :)

    Great choice of music, Invisible Kid! so apropos for Billy!

    Oh little Aaron is getting a bit anxious about his first day of school. Understandable for the little guy!

    AhH! :open_mouth: so cool to see that Natalie is talking to herself sitting right beside her! (Did you do that or did the game do that? Is doppelgänger-ism spreading?

    I'm glad Aaron had a good first day at school. Oh so work before play for him, and Isaac likes his fun bar filled up first, before tackling his homework. It so nice when they do things differently!

    Nice to see the other kids and teens in the town. Oh Aaron gets nervous about the big kids and too many of them.

    That colosseum looks great btw!
    oh my! your mausoleum is fantastic! how totally creepy to see it go beneath the earth, like catacombs!

    omg Who is that sitting with Natalie in the taxi, on the way to look for gems?! :#

    What?! Natalie has been lied to! There is no Dr. Tristam!? and Elisa read about Natalie in a book?!!! Holy Moley!😯

    eeeek! ''just be careful who you talk to from here on, Natalie.. not everyone is going to be who or what they say they are...'' ooo that entity! scary! 😲

    That is cool Elisa will make the potion for Natalie!

    eeeek! what the heck!!! :# The burning, what is that? a burning person? and the magical words! Wow!

    ACH! a cliff hanger!!! Now I have to wait!😬

    This is so good! please get back Soon to continue!!!

    I really enjoyed the update Sprottenham! Are you secretly one of the brothers Grimm? ;)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 844 Member
    edited October 2021
    @DivaDoodle Oh, there is some different thinking here, indeed. I had a couple of teddy bears that were my favorites as a kid, but I can't remember thinking that they were real real sort of.. So yeah, the idea of having an imaginary friend or any toy come real is sort of alien to me (as far as I remember). I had though, made up a couple of "monsters", but they weren't super scary, more just.. odd. :P Kind of like a comical duo, in a way.. one tall and one short even! ;) The short one was sort of like a walking lump of brain... and the tall one was just red and blue partly see through rectangles with a half circle for a head! :P

    "And for her to now help Aaron try to locate the rainbow gem, is really touching." <-- Oh, thats cute. I didn't think that part would be touching. I mean, Natalie is not a perfect person by any means, but I have never seen her as being truely evil. She is good at the core, I think.

    Yeah, its fun to watch sometimes what sims do on their own, but not everything for this story is fully autonomous, but I use their actions to build an image of the characters, and let them act from there.

    " so cool to see that Natalie is talking to herself sitting right beside her! (Did you do that or did the game do that?" <-- Hmm, well I don't want to reveal to much (I want the reader to be able to figure things out on their own), but Natalie doesn't have a doppelgänger..

    I drop some hints and clues along the way, but is hard for me to know what people actually pick up on, so I hope that things aren't to confusing. You're supposed to wonder a bit, but not be completely unable to figure it out. ;)

    Thanks about the colosseum, though I would rather have it be a little more circular, instead of square, but I the constructors ended up with a square version to be able to fill the inside space with seats and all that. The colossoeum functions as the towns sports stadium.

    "omg Who is that sitting with Natalie in the taxi, on the way to look for gems?! " <-- Sorry, can't tell. ;)

    Haha, I love your reactons at the end, so amusing. :P You should get the answers eventually, but I can't give it all away at once.

    "I really enjoyed the update Sprottenham! Are you secretly one of the brothers Grimm? " Haha, not that I know of.. but I have always enjoyed creating a bit of mystery for people. :P Watching people solve a riddle that I made is the most fun thing ever!

    Thanks for this wonderful comment. ;)

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham Wow your monsters as a child! :o:D Very creative!

    Oh, I don't see Natalie as evil at all, just childish with a penchant to do things which are pleasing to her, mostly. but now also doing some more nice things for her kids. So it was touching to me to see her say yes to the new dollhouse and now want to help with the rainbow gem. I feel she is doing this part for herself as well.

    Yes fun to make hints and clues! I hope I can figure it all out, this town is already bizarre with talking teddy bears and the frequent fairy stories that sometimes might end up being a clue. It is hard to tell with Natalie what is real and what isn't because her mind is pretty whacko! ;) So far I have to rely on Aaron and Isaac to know what is real and what isn't! :)

    Good job! :)
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    Chapter 4.3 - The Potion


    Lacuna Coil - Spellbound.

    Burning here, in the room
    Feeling that the walls are moving closer
    Silent scene the dark takes me
    Leads me to the ending of another day
    I'm haunted

    Tell me who you are. I am spellbound
    You cannot have this control on me
    Everywhere I go I am spellbound
    I will break the spell you put on me

    Velvet drapes, glowing candles
    Silent whispers of
    (words inside) of my head
    The night that comes, it waits for me
    Lift me to the ending of another day
    I'm haunted....



    The next morning Natalies mind was full of thoughts about the strangeness of the past days. The now fake letter from the Philosophical Centre, the search for gemstones to make Billy "alive", and there actually being a witch.. sorry, magician, in the forest, and the warning she gave about Natalie being in some great danger.

    What was all this about, and what would happen once they used the potion she had made? Maybe using that potion wouldn't be such a good idea... what if this potion didn't make Billy "come alive", but instead would turn him into this evil that she warned about? But then why would she then make the potion and warn about it at the same time? Natalie was confused and felt she needed to consult someone else that might be able to make some sense out of all this...



    Maybe the nuns could give her some insight. After all, they were scholars in many mysterious things and if they didn't immediately know it, she was sure they had some old books or documents in their library that could, perhaps, cast a little bit of light on what all this was about..


    Teresa Mater: Good day, sister. Welcome to our little nunnery. Come on inside and tell me, what can I do for you?


    Natalie: Well, there have been some strange things going on.. to keep it short, we got a letter from the Philosphical Centre about some gemstones we needed to find, to make this... to make Billy, one of..uh, a plush toy that lives with me and that has become the best friend of my son, Aaron, to come alive..


    Natalie: I went looking for these gemstones, but found none. Instead, I found an old magician living in the forest.. and she told me, she would make a potion to make Billy alive.. but she also said something that worries me... that I am in great danger because something is after me.. I am really confused about all this.. what is this that could be after me, and what should I do?


    Teresa: Hmm.. well, first things first, you do not need to worry much about making Billy alive. He is already alive... The potion works in a way as both an "age-up" potion that will end his plush toy state permanently. There is some controversy regarding this, because the plush toy state can only be observed by those closest to the kid, but it is a real thing. Plush toy children are usually the result of an extra-marital affair...

    "Extra-marital affair?" Natalie thought. "But I have never been married...". That bit left Natalie confused. She didn't understand that it wasn't her that was having the extra-marital affair. It was Bård, her former boss in the political career, because back then he was married to Josefine... but atleast this explained for Natalie why Billy sometimes didn't have the appearance of a real kid..

    Teresa: Anyway, these plush toy children may on occasion have some limited magical ability, and they are usually quite protective about who they see as their best friend.... but as long as everything is alright at home, they are usually pretty harmless...


    Teresa:This does remind me, though, about a case I read about in one of our books, from many years ago. A man lost his house in a fire after an incident where he claimed a teddy bear had followed him around and summoned a ghost that set his house on fire... It later came out that this man had been negligent, if not downright abusive, towards his own children. Tell me, Natalie, you haven't seen any ghosts lately?


    Natalie: N-n-no, m'am.. I have not seen any ghosts..


    Teresa: Hmm, ok.. I'll believe you.


    Teresa: Secondly, I suppose the magician you are talking about is Elisa. We are very familiar with Elisa, she has lived in that forest for hundreds of years. She knows what she is talking about. When she warns you, I'm afraid to say, something serious is going on.


    Natalie: That is excactly what worries me..


    Teresa: I see.. I must ask you some questions. Not counting ghosts, have you seen, heard, felt, smelled or otherwise sensed something out of the ordinary lately?


    Natalie: Hmm, not so much, really. Not until the same afternoon I went looking for the gemstones, anyway. Then I felt like someone was following me, and I was being watched. And it was just as if someone was sitting next to me in the taxi ride on the way to the forest.. yet, there was nobody there. Atleast not that I could see.


    And as I left the magician's house to go back home, it was a smell outside, just as if something had been burning recently. Even though it was raining and I hadn't seen any fire nor smoke.


    Teresa: Oh, I see. Well, a burning smell can be very serious. If it wasn't caused by an actual fire by natural means, that is usually a strong indication that a demon is nearby. If that is the case, then you truely are in danger, my friend!


    Teresa: A demon and it's fire can only be contained by the Gods Themselves or by the most powerful and purest of Angels, but never put out as long as the demon is present. Me and my sisters will surely pray for you and your family in tonights mass, and wish you the best of luck. I am really sorry to say this, Natalie, but I think you are going to need all the help, prayers and luck you can get your hands on.
    Though Natalie is an angel, she is not a pure angel, as her red wing colour depicts. Her mother, Bianka, is a pure angel, atleast by genetics, but her father, Torkil, is a regular human. Thus, Natalies angelic powers will not be strong enough to battle a demon and keep it at bay. And given the poor relationship with her mother, likely, there would be no help to gather there..


    Teresa: Now, follow me to the library.. you're going to need something special...


    Teresa: On the tables behind me are some Holy Items that should help keep your home safe and the demons away.


    Teresa: The bible you must keep on your night stand, and read a verse every night. The cross, I would recommend to keep near the entrance of your home. And once a day, preferrably around noon, I highly recommend to fill the chalice with holy oils from the box next to it, and keep it at a central point in your home. If you run out of holy oils, please come back here, and I will supply you with more.


    Teresa: Unfortunately, there is no guarantuee that this will work. It depends on the strength and the purity of the demon. One can only hope that it is a lesser, hybrid demon you are dealing with as then you may just be able to keep it at bay.


    Teresa:Now, take these items that I give to you, and do as I said. We will pray for you tonight, and I will also send a letter to our brothers at the monastery and have them do the same. Best of luck, Natalie, and take care.



    So, Natalie left the nunnery and went home with the new information and the items in her inventory... just in time for her to go to work at the Zombie Restaurant, so doing what Teresa told her to do, would have to wait..


    Let's just hope she remembers, and that it works..



    And at the same time as mom Natalie starts her shift at work, Aaron exits school with the best grades possible! What a brilliant kid! Of course, Aaron does not yet know about his mothers visit to Elisa or the nunnery, as they yet haven't had a chance to talk.


    And boy how time flies, Natalie just had her 6th anniversary working at the Zombie Restaurant! Now she better get home and do what Teresa said..


    Natalie (thinking): Now what was it that Teresa told me.. keep the cross on the bedstand..? No, by the door, of course!


    Then the bible on the bedside..


    and that chalice somewhere in the centre of the house, and fill it with oils daily.. I am not convinced this is going to work, but I am willing to try.. I don't want anything bad to happen to me..


    Natalie: Next I should probably buy a bedstand to put the bible on.. and a small table for the cross by the door...


    Isaac notices the cross and thinks it's a strange item to put by the door.


    Then the year went on, and three days before it was about to end, it was time for Natalie to take another trip up into the forest...


    She ordered a taxi to go there, and a limo showed up!
    "Surely, this can't be right", she thought, asking the driver over the intercom what was going on.. but the driver only replied that she came from the taxi company, and this was the car that was ordered to this address...


    Natalie thought this was very strange.. and just like last time, she got a feeling she wasn't alone, but there was someone else there.. in addition to herself and the taxi driver.

    Natalie:And I am your only passenger, right?


    Taxi driver: What do you mean?

    Natalie: I mean.. you didn't pick up anyone else before driving to my address?

    Taxi driver: No, ma'am, you are the only passenger.



    Natalie: Hi, Elisa. Here I am, just like we agreed upon.


    Elisa: Good to see you again, Natalie. Come on in. The potion is ready and waiting for you.


    Elisa: It wasn't easy to make, but I have it right here. It sits there on the table to my left. Let me get it for you.


    Natalie: Oh thank you, you are most kind. Now I just hope this plush toy won't turn out to be anything scary like a demon or something...


    Elisa: Ah, no.. Billy is not a demon, far from it.. but just like last time, Natalie, something has followed you here.. and it may very well be a demon..


    Elisa: And for that reason, it is crucial you do what the nun told you to keep them at bay if you want to visit me again... I don't want demons to be lurking around my house.. ..oh, and please say hi to my great grandsons for me...


    Natalie: How do you know what the nun s..?
    Elisa: Anyway, here is the potion. I wrapped it in this box for you. It should work, but just to make sure.. use it carefully!


    Natalie: Thank you, Elisa.. but, how did you know about my visit to the nuns and what did you say about your great grandsons??


    Elisa: I think you should go now, Natalie. Goodbye, Natalie.



    And on the way back.. what came and picked her up again was just a normal taxi.. where's the logic? Natalie really couldn't figure this part out... so she asked the taxi driver again..

    Natalie: How come you sent me a taxi this time, when I got a limo on the way up?


    Taxi driver: What are you talking about, lady? This is a taxi company.. we don't have any limos!

    Natalie: But... I rode a limo on the way up here!

    Taxi driver:
    No.. I'm pretty sure you didn't.. I drove you up here, you and your sunburnt friend.. in a taxi..

    My.. sunburnt friend? But I came here alone..! Didn't I?

    Taxi driver: I'll drop you off at your home address, ma'am...


    After this, Natalie had to go for another shift at work.. meanwhile, she pondered once more about the strangeness of it all.. Sunburnt friend!? What in the heavenly clouds was that supposed to mean? Was it really a demon the taxi driver saw riding with her!? And how come she had the experience of riding there in a limo!? Granted, she did have the feeling that someone was there with her in the limo.. even though she couldn't see anyone there.. Maybe she was starting to lose her mind completely this time.. these things just didn't add up..


    And the kids? Oh, no worries, Isaac, Aaron and Billy were safely at home with their teenage babysitter..

    The next morning Natalie wanted to talk to Aaron about what had happened the last few days.


    Natalie: You know all those old stories about there being a witch in the forest?

    Uh huh..

    Natalie: Well, they are true! I went there some days ago, looking for those gemstones.. and it brought me up to the old cottage, and that's where she lived.


    Natalie: She told me all about how we have been tricked, and that the gemstones do not exist. But she also said she could help out with making a potion to make Billy come alive.


    Natalie: And I have the potion right here. Do you want to make Billy alive, Aaron?


    Aaron: I don't know mom, he says he is alive already..


    Natalie: Hmm, yeah.. but I think it will be better for him to take it anyway, to get out of his plush toy form, so that he can go to school and make other friends, too.


    Aaron: Will you promise that nothing bad will happen to him if we try this?


    Natalie: I promise, nothing bad will happen!


    Aaron: Ok.. so how do we do it?


    Natalie: I am not quite sure.. but I think you must give him the potion.... The witch gave me the potion wrapped in this box.. I will give it to you, so you can give it to him and see what happens.


    Aaron accepts the box and opens it to reveal a bottle of a light amber colored liquid. Aaron and Billy walks downstairs, before Aaron hesitantly hands the bottle over to Billy, who drinks from the bottle..


    Aaron: Here is the bottle with the potion that will make you alive. Mommy got it from the forest witch.. just be careful now, Billy...



    Billy: Oooh, I think it works, Aaron! I can see bubbles!


    Aaron: Are you alive now Billy? How does it feel?

    Billy: I don't know, it feels just the same..


    Billy so far didn't feel any different, and sat down to play with the toys..


    Natalie had to rush of to her shift at the restaurant and didn't have much time to interact with Billy, now that he had "become real". Aaron was hoping she would bring some good left over food home for supper. Natalie couldn't promise anything, it all depended on how busy the restaurant was.

    For Billy the difference eventually becomes clear. It is as if he has just been let out of a cage that used to trap him, and he feels a lot more free now. Almost like a curse has been lifted from him...


    Billy decides to ask Isaac for a water balloon fight, and Isaac is happy that Billy has began to act more like a normal kid and finally wants to play with him.


    Isaac: Sure, Billy! Lets go out and play!


    Eventually Aaron joined them outside to do his homework...


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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham omg Poor Natalie! those are awful concerns to have.

    Especially ''what if this potion didn't make Billy "come alive", but instead would turn him into this evil that she warned about?'' :o

    Oh I do like that nun outfit!

    ''Plush toy children are usually the result of an extra-marital affair...'' So That's where they come from!

    Holey Moley! Natalie has to suffer the consequence of her former Boss having the extra-marital affair! I wonder if he got any consequences for that, like a ghost or scary doll

    ''but as long as everything is alright at home, they are usually pretty harmless...'' oh my.

    uh-oh the smoke smell indicates a demon. :#

    Oh I like all those holy objects the Nun is offering, and she offers to replenish the oils. reminds me of the Ukrainian church we would visit, it always smelled so good because of all the incense (they used little chunks of frankincense and myrrh).

    Oh the kids are Elisa's great grandsons. Interesting! I am more surprised by that than Natalie is about her knowing what the Nun said! lol ...Oh good Natalie asked! but was not answered.

    ''I drove you up here, you and your sunburnt friend.. in a taxi..'' :# 👹

    Oh YAY Billy becomes real! I can't wait to see Natalie's reaction to him. When she leaves for work there isn't time, she doesn't look at him but to Aaron who is speaking to her.

    Great update! :)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 844 Member
    edited October 2021
    @DivaDoodle Thanks again for reading and commenting on this big little story!

    I like to see your reactions, because this story has only existed in my head for so long. ;)
    Holey Moley! Natalie has to suffer the consequence of her former Boss having the extra-marital affair! I wonder if he got any consequences for that, like a ghost or scary doll

    Ah, most likely. I haven't focused on him and his household, but no doubt there have been trouble there. Josefine divorced him because of this so now he lives alone, and likely he was haunted by something, too...

    The nun costume is from here: Yes, that side is awful with its ads and stuff, but...

    The idea about the nuns, and a lot of this city comes from my visit to Rome some years ago (hence the Colosseum..). And a bit from watching Game of Thrones. ;) Anyway, Rome has a lot of cathedrals, and I walked around all of them that I could find, very fascinating. There wasn't to much smell of incense in them, though, except for maybe one.

    And there was cathedral I visited, unfortunately I don't remember its name now, but there like "mini cathedrals" inside the cathedral, and I walked up all the way to the front of the main cathedral, and to the left was a door to one of these mini-cathedrals, and I think it was another door to walk through again after that. And then I was in this little place, just like a small cathedral, with seats and everything that goes with. It was very ornamented, but everything inside was painted black and I felt this sadness that I didn't know where came from. So I just had to sit down there for a while, as if I was grieving, but I didn't know why. It was if I was in a shrine mourning someone important. It still gives me goosebumps to think about. On the way out I got eye contact and a smile from a nun that was there, as if we had just shared a secret, but I still don't know what that place was about...

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham ''...and likely he was haunted by something, too...'' :o OK young man, now you have me very curious about what the former Boss was haunted about or with! If I had been playing or watching those two in a game of mine, I would be very curious to find out all about the guy who was acting in such a manner with his wife right there!!! I mean who does that? lol inquiring minds! and I tend to love spying on the 'Abby Normals' ;)

    I don't remember any incense in Rome, it is usually the Russian orthodox churches I have visited that have that. Sometimes the priest with long embroidered robes and a great big beard will walk among the parishioners holding a lantern looking thing with colored glass and a gold chain and it has incense in it, and the priest will be saying prayers in Russian, it is really a beautiful ceremony. Some of the churches were so old there weren't even pews/benches for the parishioners to sit at, it's standing room only, and the wooden floor creaks when you walk on it.
    I have not seen a mini cathedral inside a big church...was it maybe a special room to have a funeral? I wish you knew to tell me!!! how interesting. Especially the way it made you feel! Those feelings that are felt in certain places are very interesting indeed, It reminds me of what one of our family friend told me about seeing the 'Room of pearls'. These 'pearls' are sometimes left after a yogi master or Buddhist monk, dies and after cremation, these pearls/relics are found and saved and Cherished. Anyway some of these pearls were actually in our country, and the Dalai Lama had been there to pay his respects. Just as our friend was entering the door of the room where these were being kept, he was overcome with a tremendous overwhelming bliss type feeling that made his knees buckle, and tears of joy fell from his eyes.

    There is so many mysterious and wonderful things it would be fascinating to learn more about.

    Here is an example pic of the 'Pearls' or 'Relics' as they are referred to by the Buddhists. These particular ones I just googled are Buddhist relics from His Holiness Supreme Patriarch of Thailand in Wat Khung Taphao (photograph by Tevaprapas Makklay)

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    @DivaDoodle Right, ok, well now I thought I had to answer your question properly, but to figure out if he was haunted or not, I felt it necessary to do a bit of time travel, because I hadn't really watched this part before, and doing so, resulted in a completely new chapter...

    So, this one is for you!
    And about the room in the cathedral, yeah, I wish I knew what it was too. I have searched google many times, but never found an answer.. But I think most likely it could be that someone was buried there, probably an old pope (?) or someone else important.

    Its interesting about those pearls too. And though I can't consider myself to be religous, the concept of religion is very interesting. There are many things we don't know, and what if there actually is something more out there? But I feel I cannot conclude, so.. its hard to not believe in anything, but part of me still thinks thats an option until I see evidence of something else...

    Chapter 3.1b – Bård and Josefine


    "Once I had a dream... and this is it..."
    Its time to turn back time
    Follow the pale moonlight...
    ..and fly to a dream, far across the sea...
    Open the chest once more, dark chest of wonders...

    This night will hurt you like never before...
    Old loves, they die hard
    Old lies, they die harder...

    Nightwish – Romanticide
    God love and rest my soul
    With this sundown never ending
    The feel is gone yet you ain't gonna see me fail
    I am the decadence of your world
    I am an eider covered in oil
    Happy hunting, you double-faced carnivore

    This chapter is perhaps not an "official" chapter, and it goes back in time to shortly after Aaron had aged up to a toddler... The beginning overlaps in time with Chapter 3.1 – Where's Natalie?

    Even though it was the night before Leisure Day, Josefine was hard at work doing upgrades on the fire truck.

    Josefine was an ambitious woman, and spent a lot of time over at the fire station. Perhaps a little to much...

    And Natalie? Oh, she was still over at Bård and Josefines house, and something was in the making...

    Natalie was really proud of herself this time, as she left Bård and Josefines bedroom with her head up high...

    After having spent most of Leisure Day working overtime, Josefine eventually went home to find an unpleasant surprise. She had been suspecting that something was going on as Bård wasn't as eager in the relationship as he used to be...

    And when she walked into the living room to find Natalie there hanging out, her suspicions were confirmed..

    And even worse, Bård didn't appear to have any shame at all...

    Josefine was naturally furious at Bård and Natalie and didn't hesitate to speak her mind.

    She called Natalie all kinds of nasty words...

    Josefine: You f***** s**** c****! What the f**** is wrong with you!? F***** around just to get a promotion, is that what you're doing!? Get the f***** out of here before I break your f***** face!!

    Natalie had no choice after this, but to leave.. even someone like Natalie would have to understand that she had just messed up big time!

    And poor Josefine was now left with a broken heart and what appeared to be a completely shattered future... how could they!?


    There was only one thing to be done... Revenge.


    Josefine: AARRRGGH!!!!
    Hell hath no fury...

    Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd,
    Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd
    The actual quote from the 1697 play "The Mourning Bride" by William Congreve, according to Wikipedia. ;)

    Josefine: Invoco te, Surtur, Daemon Ignis!
    Josefine: Egredere 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 nitido gladio tuo, et imple haec tersus ursos Divino Furore tuo! Bård Josdal, Natalie Goth, ne requiescant!

    So she picked up the now cursed teddy bear, and put it in front of Bårds bed...

    Before she went outside to rest in the sun, waiting until night fell to place the last teddy bear...


    She picked it up, and brought it to a house that we may have seen before...


    She walked over to glance at the mailbox for a while, still muttering the occasional curse under her breath...

    Before she put the bear down by the front door...


    At home, Bård had gone to sleep in the extra bed that Josefine now had claimed to be hers, because he still wanted to be near her. He actually had hopes of fixing the relationship, though it was all doomed by now...
    He slept well, dreaming sweet dreams of his political career...

    ..until he was awaken by a ghostly figure standing by his bedside...


    Ghostly figure: Wake up, Bård, and stop dreaming... You have just made a grave mistake...

    Ghostly figure: Consider yourself lucky you didn't wake up dead... That would be all. For now...

    The next day Josefine went to work at the fire station as usual, and was adviced by one of her colleagues that also happened to be a nun, about the only thing to do now.. she had to break up, and move out.

    It was going to be tough, but eventually she had settled for a decision. She had to do it, there was no way she could have any kind of future with this man after what had happened...

    She was determined and steadfast on her way home, but once she made it inside and saw Bård heading up the staircase, the emotions got the better of her.

    She found herself unable to do it right of the bat, but after spending the afternoon doing her best to relax and gather strength in the hot tub, she was ready.

    This was it. There was no turning back.

    "We're through! I'm breaking up!"
    The moment was laden with tension, but her voice was clear and to the point.

    Bård tried to pretend he had no idea why she would say such a thing, but that only made her more sure about her decision. "We're through, Bård! I'm leaving!"

    As Bård walked out of the hallway pretending not to care, she picked up the phone and called her mother, Jacqueline Hammurabi-Josdal. She told her all about the break-up, and that she was coming to stay for a while, until she could get herself sorted out and find a new place to stay. Her bag was already packed...

    Her mother Jacqueline lived in this house with her youngest daughter, Ina. Ina, a fresh high school graduate, had recently celebrated her 18th birthday and was now a young adult. She was still living with her mom, but was on the lookout for her own place to stay. Ina would later move in with, and become the girlfriend of Ragnar, the father of Isaac and Aaron.

    The next morning, Jacqueline woke up to make breakfast for her daughters, and called them downstairs to eat.

    Ina was still very young and hadn't found herself a man yet, but had big thoughts of settling down and getting married one day.

    Josefine, that had just suffered a break-up just hours ago, didn't share her sisters thoughts and feelings at all. She thought that she could do with getting away from Lagash for a while to "find herself again" as she called it. It didn't matter where it was, anywhere would do.
    Their mother was more caught up with her stylist career. She had always valued beauty and looking good.


    Bård was still plagued by the ghostly hauntings for a good year or so, never really getting any sleep or much of a peaceful moment.

    Consequentially, just like with what happened to Natalie, his work results kept dropping, so he eventually found himself right at the bottom of his political career. Back to square one.

    Josefine kept her job at the fire station where she to this day still spends most of her time. She eventually moved in with and married Matias Aske, and they are at present happily married. She made sure to find one with the unflirty personality trait this time, much unlike the flirtatious Bård... (Bård also has the terrible heartbreaker life time wish...)
    Matias Hammurabi-Aske sleeping in his bed at home, while Josefine is at the fire station.

    And Bård? Well, he is still polishing the podiums for the other politicians at the Dreamland Parliament Assembly and lives alone in the same house, though he is no longer haunted by the ghost. Eventually he found a new girlfriend in a human called Ann-Karin Michalsen that also works at the fire station.
    So there is still hope for a happy ending, just not excactly like everyone had thought at first.. but then again, thats life, isn't it?
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    This is the official next update.

    Chapter 4.4 - Billy the kid


    Madrugada - Sail Away

    All I see is my newfound friend
    And all the things she grants me
    Freedom is not among those things
    And freedom is by no means free


    Natalie had just finished her shift at the Zombie Restaurant and was heading home. She had not spoken to Billy since after he drank the potion.


    She goes for a shower and changes to her sleepwear, as usual... "It is so comfortable to wear", she says. Then she goes out in the yard to talk to Billy.

    Natalie: Hey Billy, how do you feel now that you have drunk the potion? Did it taste like flowers?


    Billy: Oh, ma'am, it didn't taste like flowers.. It was more like soda, it was very sweet. Do you like flowers?

    Ma'am? How impersonal.. he is your kid, Natalie! What have you trained him into?

    Natalie: Not really.. I never cared much about flowers, and you can call me Natalie from now on.

    Billy: Will I get a big bed like Aaron?

    Natalie: Oh, sure, it is a little late now, but I will go out shopping for one tomorrow. I will ask Aaron if you can borrow his bed for the night. Don't worry about Aaron, he can sleep alongside me in my bed.

    Billy: Oh, you are so kind, miss Natalie.

    So Billy went to sleep in Aarons bed and Natalie read a bedtime story for Aaron. No demons were present and everything was good.


    Natalie had her faults and troubles and was far from the perfect mother, but she did love her sons after all.. or so the story goes..

    It was the middle of rainy season and a new year had begun. And of course, now that Natalie was convinced Billy would not return to his plush state, she sent him off to go to school just like everyone else. Life has become very different for Billy, now after drinking the potion. Lets just hope he will cope with all these changes and that the other kids at school will welcome him. So many new things, he was already excited to have used both a bed and a real toilet for the first time! Poor kid..

    Lenore (in the blue jacket, thinking to herself): Hmm, there's a new kid here. I haven't seen him before.. He doesn't have angel wings like most of the rest of us.. and he's got funny looking clothes. And blue hair. Who has blue hair?? What a weirdo!

    At home Natalie was practicing to improve her food making skills for the job. Since things seemed to be going so well in the household for the time being, it would appear that she had forgotten all about what Teresa told her about the chalice and the holy oils. They had no other purpose here now, but to stand on the table collecting dust..

    Well, things were mostly alright. Natalie had a strange experience again when she sat down to eat her lunch...


    Natalies voice: Don't tell anyone, Natalie, or the police will come and get you, and they will lock you up. Do you want that, Natalie? No, you don't want that.. you don't want that...


    Billy is just finished with his first day at school, and is very fast to get home. Lenore is eyeing him as he leaves. Aaron is staying behind, because he has joined the boy scouts.

    "Maybe I should join the boy scouts, too." Billy thinks. With Natalie at work, and Isaac at the art club, Billy had the house to himself. Billy wants to do what Aaron does, and is a little uncomfortable being all alone.


    All the boys were tired and went to bed early, as they stayed up pretty late last night, Billy in his new bed. When Natalie was out shopping, she did try to find a lamp and bed stand for Billy that matched Aarons, but especially finding a matching lamp proved to be very difficult. The one shown here was the only one they had left of its kind at the store, but at least its the same model!


    Well, in spite of Natalie being a little forgetful with the religious rituals (yeah, I'll call it that), the situation in the home seemed pleaseant and peaceful! Well, if you ignore the occasional mess of smelly clothes and spoiled left over food, I mean. So maybe the holy items and Teresas blessings worked. Leftover sushi? Well, I wouldn't eat that...


    ..and the boys are off to school again. Hurry up, Billy! Don't be late! Today is excursion day and you're going to the Theatre!


    "Come along, Billy" says Aaron "we are going to the Theatre!". Of course, Billy had never been to the theatre, nor had he gone on an excursion before, so he wasn't really sure what to expect. But he had no choice, so a little nervously, he tagged along.

    And it seems the bus to the theatre departs from the new school building at the edge of town.. a little far to go for the kids attending the old school building. Bus driver.. couldn't you just drive by and make a stop at the old school as well on your route?

    Bus driver: No, I can't. The town council can't afford it, they have to save money!
    That's a logic I can't quite understand.. you almost drive by there anyway.. and its just one extra stop! Really...

    The kids finally making it to the Dreamland Theatre building..

    Inside the lobby of the theatre building.

    Billy, Aaron and Isaac really enjoyed the visit to the theatre. They learned quite a lot about the history of music and theatre in Dreamland, and got a quite rockin' perfomance by the local hair metal band "Nuclear Rabbit".

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham ''So, this one is for you!'' Owow! Bård and Josefine! wheee! Thank you! that is awfully nice!
    Yes I think understand what you're saying.
    ''what if there actually is something more out there?'' made me think of the word Universe, uni=one, verse= poem/song/mantra. So the whole of 'everything' is One.

    And that makes me think 'what if there is something more out there in there?'' The whole 'go within' thing. ?

    I do feel spiritual, though not religious. I think there have been more evolved beings, ones with greater consciousness, the great masters. and I love to sometimes read about the different religions, dead sea scrolls and other fascinating and moving writings.
    So I tend to think we might be all one, and all the parts, all of us, our consciousness (cosmic consciousness from 'out there' too if they are there) make a magnificent supreme whole.

    maybe. ;) who knows?

    The video wasn't available but I did like the writings/lyrics, in italics.

    Oh LOL that stride of pride is so funny!😁

    Poor Josephine, awful to be losing a love that way.

    And Bård's smile with no shame!

    Josephine thinking revenge/betrayal and the freaking Teddy Bears are there!!! :o:# 🎵 Dun dun Dun!🎵

    OMG! How did Josephine do that!!! Wow! that light! That is Brilliant!

    Cursed Teddy Bears! (and all the while I can't help but think, Josephine has white or almost white wings ... but I might be confusing white=good=godly)

    Oh, so Bård did want to try to fix things... But now is haunted by a ghost. and that teddy bear is just (?) sitting there. It must be the catalyst...

    Then Josephine, takes marital advice from someone who has never been married, and does not speak about the grace of forgiveness. ;) But truly it is hard to see the poor girl so sad and upset. What a horrible thing to go through.

    She breaks up and he SHRUGS! :o:# and I think he might have a little smile, too, hard to see, no I stretched my screen, no smile but no unhappy mouth either! Ah, but he is acting like he doesn't understand and ''pretending not to care.''

    OhNO! That ghost looking out the window! How totally horrible and creepy! 😱 Bård is really having a horrifying haunting! and gee, affecting his sleep and career too. wow. What a gruesome punishment/revenge!

    Josephine is probably smart to find a guy not flirtatious! OH so Bård has that awful Heartbreaker LTW, I think that probably helped motivate him. does he also have commitment issues? that makes break ups not so hard to tolerate.

    Well, I think already a good ending after that tumultuous year, for Josephine and Bård, and now they can live a bit more happy lives.

    I note that Natalie's consequence is lasting her 18 years, but that's how it goes, and her 'consequence' is a very unique individual, well her whole little household is very unique!

    Such an interesting, great side story! I really enjoyed it! :)
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham I like this next update--the real update! :)

    Interesting conversation with Natalie and Billy. He is very polite, like Texan children of my childhood~ everyone older than you is addressed sir or mam.

    Wow! love the picture of the double Natalie! very good! :#

    Yes I hope the rituals and holy items and prayers worked! But I wonder why they are collecting dust and maybe not having the oils replenished?

    Nice Lobby of the theater! This should be a great experience for Billy, his first field trip! :)

    Looking forward to your next installment!

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 844 Member
    edited November 2021
    @DivaDoodle Hmm, well I guess the video maybe had some country restriction to it or something. Anyway, its not mandatory to listen to these songs, of course. Its just something I have decided to do for every update as far as I can, and sometimes they might not fit so well with the update, because it can be a bit tricky to find something good. :P
    OMG! How did Josephine do that!!! Wow! that light! That is Brilliant!

    Rage. ;) She was mad, really mad!
    But in all seriousness, I used the NRAAS mod (don't know which one does it now, because I have to many of them) to max out her formula/magic skill, and experimented with it to see what she could do.

    Yeah, it would probably have been better for Bård if had shown a little more care when she broke up.. not really any sign of guilt, just.. that shrugging... but then again, it might not have done much of a difference...

    Haha, I didn't think about that part about nuns not getting married! Yeah, maybe she should have spoken words about forgiveness, but sometimes you have to cut things out of your life, and maybe even a nun could understand that...

    And Natalies consequece, well a new life was created, so I mean.. calling it a consequence doesn't seem right, though I can see what you mean.. however, Bård should also have some responsibility with that... just to bad Natalie never told him....

    And thanks for enjoying this side story! I enjoyed it too! :P

    *edit: Oh, and about the wing colours.. ah, angels with white wings are considered pure angels, but in this world, that does not mean they are incapable of bad things, they are not necessarily 100 % good. That depends on personality traits, emotional state, etc....

    Josefines wings also has a little bit of yellow in them, but not as much as Bårds wings. An angel gets yellow wings if one of their parents is a magician (or witch, wizard etc.) So Bårds wings are yellow, because he is 50% angel and 50% magician. Josefines wings are a little more white, because she is 75% angel, 25% magician. Josefines mom has more yellow wings (50/50), but both Josefine and her sister Ina has more white in their wings, so their father (an unknown) must be a white winged angel.

    This place that they live in, isn't excactly heaven and so not everyone is good, even though my first idea for this town went more along those lines... So maybe all these angels are living some kind of afterlife...?

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham Oh shame about the video restrictions! I like to see what you choose.

    Ohhhh! Rage! yes indeed! I never develop my witches properly, I need to. They annoy me with their constant playing with magic, even if I take away their wands, they will have found another the next time I open the game! Sneaky sims!

    haha yes Bård shrugging seems like maybe a disrespectful thing to do, but it's in the game, maybe to incite rage? 'What do you mean you don't care one way or the other?!' Rawrrr! But I think no matter what the person does, shrug or cry, it won't have any effect on the outcome.

    You're right, calling it a consequence doesn't seem right at all. But I don't think Natalie was looking to have another child? I might be wrong... For certain he can't be a dead beat Dad if he doesn't even know about Billy!

    Thank you for more clarification abut the wing colors.

    Ah yes the place seems more of an after or alternate life, at first look. At least I hope Heaven doesn't have monsters under the beds, talking teddy bears and scary ghosts peering out at you from windows! :D
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