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Why are so many of the Interior Designer gigs glitchy or cursed?

When I have a gig to add a new level to a client's house they aren't allowed to do this. Apparently, this isn't caused by mods either. Or when I am supposed to add a walk-in closet in an existing room you can't do that either. You have to add a whole new room off the existing structure and you can't add doors or archways connnecting. I have to come back in Managing Worlds and go into build mode and fix up the renovations afterwards to get them the way I want them to look. On a positive note though the clients usually just love whatever you do as long as you follow their likes.


  • ChillGarboChillGarbo Posts: 22 Member
    wow I have not experienced that I could not put a door in a walk in when a customer wanted a walk in. i've heard of problems adding a new floor i should start my game up and see if i also floor the problem.
    i think its a bug or glitch with the career for now i am gonna test the add floor problem.
  • ChillGarboChillGarbo Posts: 22 Member
    i took a add level / floor gig and i could place a staircase, walls windows and doors on the new level / floor without any problems. the gig i took had a litlle green + on right side of level / floor icon.
    I do not have mods and cc in my game as I had a lot of problems that I could not re-install and repair my game it ended up I had to re-install windows and thereby I lost everything in my then game constructions that I had not uploaded to the gallery.
  • FlamingoKicker1FlamingoKicker1 Posts: 4,410 Member
    I will have to keep experimenting. I was looking at Carl's on-line guide and they were saying they had this same problem so it's probably something that isn't affecting everyone. But what would the Sims be without glitches?
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