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Friday Highlights July 9 - A week on The Sims Forums

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 15 EA Community Manager
July 9th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

Are you ready for the weekend and another highlight? Let's take a look at what happened this week:
  • July Laundry List was released on the 6th, and you can find details here.
  • Anyone else had fun during Sims Sessions event? Since all good things come to an end, July 7th was the last day, but in case you've missed, you can still follow up here. :smile:
  • We also had The Sims 4 Cottage Living Livestream which happened on July 8th, and you guys can check it out on both Twitch and Youtube.

I love this picture because it gives me such a great vibe - a screenshot by @akaniki0 that brings me back to my childhood and you can find it in the topic 'Post the last screenshot you took in The Sims 4', by @catloverplayer !

Now, let's get ready because I'm about to give it a boost with some great discussions waiting for you!
  • Sim Sessions was such a blast! I'd recommend checking "Sims Sessions: The Sims event of the summer" thread created by @simgirl1010 when you get a moment. The event might be over but you can still find screenshots and a great discussion about what happened during the festival over in this thread! <3
  • Our next stop is a poll created by @waterywatermelon : 'Which one describes you as a simmer?'. I'm definitely the type that 'experiments with build features and different floorplans, designs and architectural style' simply because I love building and creating. How about you, guys? I'd love to see the results! :)
  • Moving on to the creative corner, I have stumbled across some amazing gems in our famous 'Share your newest the sims 4 creations here!' thread, like @luckyheather's 'Henford Picnic Park', for example (well done, it's amazing). This topic has revealed many talented creators and I totally recommend checking all the new creations in there ;)
  • And last but not least, What's your "Favorite townie in each game?" asks @Onverser and I think that is a great question. I must agree that Vlad is probably the most interesting townie in TS4, but there are many others. ... Can't wait to see your choices! :blush:

I hope you enjoyed today's highlights! I'm looking forward to reading about/seeing more from your gameplay - and if you have a thread in mind that you think would be great for next week's highlights, please send it my way!

Have a fantastic weekend and take care! :heart:


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