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How Do I Install The Sims Base Game on a Windows 10 laptop with a disc?

LuckySimmer10LuckySimmer10 Posts: 115 Member
edited July 2021 in The Sims (2000)
Hi there! I was just shopping at my local resale/thrift store and I found the original Sims (2000) for $2.25. I have never played it in my life because I wasn't even born in 2000, lol. I have a Windows 10 laptop and I knew I was taking a risk, seeing that it probably won't work. Although when I insert the game into my laptop's CD drive, it gives me the option to set up the setup.exe file and my computer is asking me if I want to install the file from an unknown publisher and make changes to my device. Seeing as this is how you install anything else on a laptop, I should tentatively press 'yes', right? But, something in my gut is saying not to (my computer has already crashed twice in the past and I lost almost everything the second time, so I'm very cautious about things like this now.) I'm worried that if I press yes, something will go wrong because the game wasn't originally designed for Windows 10. I've tried looking up YouTube and website tutorials on this, but they're all pretty much about how to download the game from the web or about expansions. I just have the base game on a disc. That is all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what else I could do except press yes on the popup, so I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation, has gone through with it, what exactly happens, and if I should do the same. Thank you in advance for any help and for reading this long thing. Have a nice day!

Update: I contacted EA and Microsoft Support and I ended up pressing yes (after their advice). Long story short, I did a lot of different things and ended up going through the set-up process and everything, but I cannot get past the main menu. Apparently, I have to have administrator privileges to go any further, and from what I've looked up that is something quite complicated that I do not have the time, skills, or knowledge to deal with right now. I ended up just taking a photo of the game menu on my screen (for a fun nostalgic photo) and then deleted the game file folder and put the game box on my shelf as just a collector's item, and I'm accepting it won't work for me right now (if ever). Even though I haven't gotten any replies yet, thank you to those that were possibly trying to help me and just didn't get around to answering yet. I truly appreciate it. Dag dag!
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