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What small update would make a big difference for you?



  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,206 Member
    Separating all plants from the plant stands/holders and giving us more slots on all shelves and surfaces :)
  • ArarineArarine Posts: 72 Member
    Homey lot trait should boost knitting and cross strict. Science lair should boost robot skill and fabritor/ Child play need improve too. chef inckud baking. flower arrangment boost by Natural light or Home Studio.
    Wish more Recipe/harvestable/gametable/woodwork/craftable
    Wish live in business
    Wish more interactive between sims and activity
    Wish a lot of refresh and update
    Fix the bug please
  • PascaleJarjouraPascaleJarjoura Posts: 9 New Member
    I would like an update for the windows:
    - Glass transparency and Not slightly white (so we can see the view clearly)
    - One side mirrored or half mirrored glass, with reflections like water
    - Windows that open and close
    - Sims interaction with windows, like looking through the window, jumping from the window, closing them when it's cold, open them when it's hot..
    - Windows get dirty and sims have to clean them
    - Lock the windows like the doors
    I believe it will make a remarkable difference to the esthetics of the builds.
  • ItalStewItalStew Posts: 8 New Member
    Body hair most definitely!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,720 Member
    I want body hair to be in the base too. Also, I want everything that's locked for only males to be available for females as well.
  • PascaleJarjouraPascaleJarjoura Posts: 9 New Member
    I would love to make all the armchairs and sofas fit to the dining tables, like the ones with dine out
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