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Can the Packs discussion page be broken up? Too many packs being discussed in one place.

There are like 40 dlc now and the packs discussion is all over the place. Can they be broken down? The search tool also doesnt work that great. In maybe one of these ways:
Expansion packs discussion
Gamepacks discussion
Stuff packs discussion
Kit packs discussion

2) Before posting a thread, the user gets to choose which pack the discussion is focused on. They will choose one or more of the dlc the discussion applies to (multiselect option). Then when a simmer visits the discussion page, they can filter by topic, choosing one of the packs or more (and a "all" button) and the page will sort the thread discussions by pack.

Cottage Living, City Living, Eco Life pack discussion
Seasons, Jungle Adventure, Get Famous discussion etc (multiple titles listed at the beginning of each
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