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How would you rank the Sims 3 expansions?



  • georgia_simsxgeorgia_simsx Posts: 23 Member
    For me it is:

    1. Seasons - I just feel like the game is incomplete without it. I like my sims taking part in seasonal activities. I'm pretty into gameplay involving gardening, cottage life, self sufficiency etc, so I feel like this pack complements it nicely and allows my sims to live in tune with the seasons.

    2. Late Night - if I'm not playing out a cottagecore dream, then I'm playing as a young professional trying to make it in the city. Half my games take place in apartments. I feel like cities and apartments are generally missing from other sims worlds. Also love the different kinds of bars. Not a big fan of the careers, and I always opt out of the celebrity system.

    3. World Adventures - I like my sims getting to take honeymoons in France, or I send the more adventurous ones to Egypt. Also good for family vacations. To be honest, I mostly rate this so highly because it enables Twallan's Traveler mod, which is game changing for vacationing to any world. I also like that it adds a few more recipes to the sims 3 from around the world.

    4. Supernatural - I don't play with supernatural sims most of the time, but I do play with witches from time to time. I just feel like this pack is super full of content - we get 5 new life states and heaps of cool furniture, a nice world, some cool recipes (I like the ghost pepper recipes in particular), and alchemy is a pretty nice skill.

    5. University Life - this adds to the story for me. I also like that it gives my young adults a bit of extra time to become proficient in skills and get ahead in their careers. I also like the option to have roommates, particularly when I'm playing with broke young adult sims in the city - feels realistic. I do feel like the process of getting a degree - going to class, doing homework - can be a bit of a drag and formulaic.

    6. Generations - I love playing long generational storylines, so this pack just rounds that out and adds extra detail to their lives, but I don't feel like it's particularly special.

    7. Pets - I do love the option to have pets, but I usually don't play with them. As another commenter mentioned above, pets are needy in the Sims 3 and end up being a bit of a pain to take care of. But they do have a place for sure, and having horses (unlike Sims 4) is cool.

    8. Island Paradise - The world is so laggy and requires deletion of all houseboats to make it playable. I'm not interested in mermaids. But beach vacations can be fun from time to time, and also I like a lot of the build objects that come with the game.

    9. Ambitions - I know this is controversial, but I don't love ambitions. Most of the careers don't really speak to me. Laundry is cool but not game changing.

    10. Showtime - this pack was uninspiring. I very rarely feel called to play with acrobats and magicians.

    11. Into the Future (the only expansion pack I don't own, so take this with a grain of salt)
  • UaexepUaexep Posts: 56 Member
    edited September 2021
    Y'all I swear Seasons is the most natural answer.... every Sims feels just wrong without it. But anyway....
    1. Seasons (Because Autumn ♥)
    2. Ambitions
    3. Generations (What did it not add to the gameplay? ♥)
    4. Pets (Horses!)
    5. Supernatural (Werewolves ♥)
    6. Late Night(definitely thought it would've been my top, but meh)
    7. World Adventures (I still like it though)
    8. University Life (Boooo, school)
    9. Island Paradise (I can honestly say I didn't play it more than few mins, I even had to edit my comment because I forgot to add it.... was too distracted with other content... but #9 for mermaids)
    10. Showtime (Too much Katy Perry for my taste)
    11. Into the Future (I don't like futuristic stuff, so down it goes)
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 920 Member
    Top 3 I can't play without

    1. Generations
    2. Seasons
    3. Ambitions

    Packs I like but don't love

    4. University
    5. Supernatural
    6. World Adventures
    7. Pets

    Meh Packs
    8. Island Paradise
    9. Late Night
    10. Showtime

    Don't own
    11. Into the Future
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  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,628 Member
    I change my rating all the time, depending on which packs i'm playing with more recently and how my most recent experiences go. Anyway here is my ranking for now:

    Packs i can't imagine playing without:

    1 - Supernatural - i love having supernatural creatures roaming free in the world, with everyone's awareness, like in a True Blood kind of reality :smiley:

    2 - Seasons - i like the challenge of having to manage my sim's activities according to the weather.

    3 - World Adventures - there's so much in this one: the tombs, the amazing worlds where my sims sometimes just take a regular vacation, the photography skill, the nectar making...

    4 - Pets - love the horses and the small animals. Also like cats and dogs...

    5 - Generations - like the new interactions for all lifestages but the midlife crisis is my favourite.

    6 - Late night - i've played in Bridgeport more times than i can count. Love the vibe of the city and the instruments and bands...

    7 - University Life - i like to send my sim to the uni and the ability to get one more trait. Not a fan of the social groups though...

    8 - Ambitions - the consignement store and the self employment are my favourites but i also like the careers. Never used the laundromat or laundry at home...

    Packs i haven't played enough or at all but still want to give it a go:

    9 - Island Paradise
    10 - Into the future

    And then...
    11 - Showtime - i don't like the careers at all. I don't play online... i could uninstall this pack and wouldn't miss it at all.
  • nilaniusnilanius Posts: 1,984 Member
    1. The Sims 3: Generations
    2. The Sims 3: Seasons
    3. The Sims 3: Supernatural
    4. The Sims 3: University Life
    5. The Sims 3: Pets
    6. The Sims 3: Into the Future
    7. The Sims 3: Island Paradise
    8. The Sims 3: Ambitions
    9. The Sims 3: Late Night
    10. The Sims 3: World Adventures
    11. The Sims 3: Showtime

    This is my rankings
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  • HazellyHazelly Posts: 38 Member
    Late Night
    1. Late Night
    2. Generations
    3. Seasons
    4. Pets
    5, University Life
    6/ Ambitions
    7. Island Paradise
    8. Supernatural
    9. Showtime
    10. World adventures
    11. Into the future
  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 383 Member
    edited October 2021
    World Adventures
    1.) World Adventures - Still my favorite pack. I love sending my sims on vacation, the items, the fact that it's easy to get rich without cheating, and the skills. Especially Nectar making. I took it way too seriously for a while.

    2.) Supernatural - I bought this pack when it was on sale just because I wanted the plant potters and I thought alchemy sounded kinda interesting. I used to think I wanted my game to be more realistic but I really started having a lot more fun when I let it go crazy where anything could happen. Moonlight Falls is a good town for that type of play and have spent a lot of time there in my recent games. Synergizes well with some of the more fantastical items from WA. I got more than I expected with this pack and it turned into one of my favorites.

    3.) Ambitions - I've had this pack installed for a long time. It was the first expansion I bought (I bought a combo pack on Steam with the base game, so not counting those). I prefer self employment for my sims and Twinbrook is one of my favorite towns.

    4.) University Life
    - I still have never sent a Sim to Uni but I love the science skill, I use the traits, items, and lots all the time. Though, I do hate how playing video games all day means my sim berates other sims for their ignorance a little too frequently. I feel like I got my money's worth with this pack and I know there's a whole bunch of content here I haven't even gotten into.

    5.) Generations - I've been enjoying playing families lately and this pack fleshes that aspect of the game out. Seems necessary.

    6.) Showtime - I was absent for the whole Katy Perry tie in controversy when this first released so by the time I got a hold of it, I got a pack with great clothing, okay hair, awesome night life decor, and a really cool town. I also had a lot of fun with the magician career. This pack seems like a mix of Ambitions and Late Night.

    7.) Late Night
    - This one isn't higher on the list because some of its features don't work well on my machine. Bridgeport and any city I've downloaded just can't run up to my standards. I do get plenty of use out of the items, skills, and lots though. I always have it installed.

    8.) Seasons - I love the snow and all the festivals. It's just a good pack which is why it's number 8 without even being installed on my machine. That effect that happens where the camera lags, and items appear white while taking a bunch of time to load when zooming in or moving around on the map is caused by seasons on my machine. Even if I have it completely suppressed in every way, my game still runs like garbage. It's smooth without it installed so I decided I'd rather have the performance.

    9.) Pets - Appaloosa Plains has a special place in my heart because it was the first town I played in. Having a pet can be fun but not into it at the moment. This pack doesn't cause too many problems but it does cause some annoying routing issues so I decided I can live without it. I miss all the country western themed items though and I'd love to move pack to AP. thinking of re-installing it.

    10.) Into the Future
    - Low on the list because I don't know much about it. I've had it for a long time, bought it on sale. I just haven't had it installed. I recently installed it as I want to use it for my current game. So far, I like the items.

    11.) Island Paradise - Broken. I like some of the items though.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,632 Member
    Late Night
    I'm going to be a bit harsh on some expansions I think.

    1. Late Night. I love this one, Bridgeport might be laggy but it has all the Sims I know and love (or hate, I'm still looking at you Wayne...) but the sheer fun it is to finally have Sims in the City... And not Urbz, is just a nice experience on its own, plus vampires are easily my most played lifestate.

    2. Frankly, it's gotta be University Life. It's not something I always use, but Plantsims are one of my favourite lifestates as well. When I do actually play the University side to the expansion I also like the sheer mayhem thats going on. Streakers everywhere. Illegally tagging. Fun.

    3. Island Paridise. Lags a big issue even with fixes, but mermaids make it all worth it. Admittedly though it starts to feel a bit lacking when you've explored all there is to explore. But thats why I also like to kickstart a resort and just spend time treating it like TS2:OFB.

    4. Supernatural. I'm often an occult player over all, witches are probably my main reason to like this pack, even if I almost never have any other lifestate roaming around, plus I just like the clothes.

    5. Seasons. I didn't even know what to put here otherwise, but seasons just adds what should've been there from the start. I never did things like the holiday parties, but its good to see rain at least. Not good to have your male Sims getting 🐲🐲🐲🐲 into the sky though!

    6. Ambitions. Not going to lie, I almost forget I have this expansion pack sometimes, I seldom do some of the careers since they become completely impossible to manage if you have a household bigger than two people. Some features are cool and sometimes I just like blowing things up. Random strangers car? It's GONE. The cat bed? It's GONE. Your exes urn? Yup. That's a GONE.

    7. Generations. I'm not a family player, most features go overlooked, and there's just the case of having to remind myself to try the features. But if there's one thing I do use. It's the ability to record and play videos on the TV. I'd like to admit I've used that for some rather evil reasons like recording a certain hated Sim of mine burning to death. But that's the best part of generations for me! My inner-evil can get a quick laugh.

    8. World Adventures. Oh loadscreens. How I dread them. Some cool features, but I prefer the vacation experience of the Sims 1/2's respective expansions over the Tomb Raider Sims experience. And the loading screens are what tips the scale.

    8. Into the Future. Loadscreens alone make this a rarely used expansion pack, I also don't like the straight up future experience, but it does have a Futurama reference. I also don't like Plumbots, they're just there for me, I don't think they've got much going for them.

    10. Showtime. Oh if this expansion is one I've only used once. It's not my type of thing, I like having the diva trait, but thats about it. It's that expansion where if you don't do the careers much its added it feels like deadweight.

    11. Pets. I used to use pets in my neighbourhood, but now they're just... There. They cause lag, horses shouldn't even be in Bridgeport, they need to stop spawning in fountains! Also they're just lacking once you train them, it's nothing like the Sims One where there was a petshow to enter them into and using them to protect your garden. It's content I only haven't uninstalled because of the clothing.
  • CharlotteknCharlottekn Posts: 501 Member
    edited October 2021
    World Adventures
    I don't even know HOW to rank these. There's too much in Sims 3 and I will probably die never having done everything. Also I play with everything installed because I never want to miss out.

    1. Seasons (I put WA, but I realized it's Seasons.) SEASONS. There should be seasons in base game (optional of course)

    2. World Adventures I just love puzzles, tombs, mummies, all the cool decorative items.

    3. Pets I love raising these beasties. They are so cute and weird in game (other than the odd sounds they make).

    4. Island Paradise For scuba and houseboats. I love anything that adds weird explorations and rp stuff. I usually end up running and then abandoning a resort at some point.

    5. Supernatural Witches, alchemy, and a lot of little extra stuff I enjoy even though I don't play with most occults.

    6. Ambitions Sculpting, ghost hunting, inventing, all of which I love.

    7. Generations I don't play a lot with families, but there's a lot in this pack that I end up using anyway.

    8. Late Night I'm not big into the gameplay, but I love cities and high rises.

    9. University Life I love the idea of it more than the actual university experience. I love what it adds though.

    10. Into the Future However many years later and I admit I have barely played this. I like the idea though and I promise I will take a Sim into the future soon.

    11. Showtime Meh. I don't play any of the careers but it adds some fun bits of stuff. I have it installed, but it's kind of a silly pack.
  • sulfurstylesssulfurstyless Posts: 88 Member
    this is it for me right now based on my personal experience w them

    1) showtime
    2) university
    3) world adventures
    4) supernatural
    5) into the future
    6) pets
    7) late night
    8) seasons
    9) generations
    10) ambitions (im sure this sounds like a good pack but i havent played around with the core features and when i wanted to use it more, it didnt appear on the launcher so... yikes)
    11) island paradise (i dont have it so i cant judge)
    Ambitions > Island Paradise > World Adventures > Generations > Showtime > Seasons > Supernatural > University Life > Pets > Late Night > Into The Future
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 4,507 Member
    edited November 2021
    The Sims 3: Showtime
    The Sims 3: World Adventures
    The Sims 3: Generations
    The Sims 3: Seasons
    The Sims 3: Pets
    The Sims 3: Supernatural
    The Sims 3: Ambitions
    The Sims 3: Late Night
    The Sims 3: Island Paradise
    The Sims 3: Into the Future
    The Sims 3: University Life

    I guess :sweat_smile:

    I haven't played it in a while but I feel like I played showtime most and maybe its also cause we don't really have that stuff in ts4 so its more like oh i wish i had that

    and i had like 0 use for university when i added it last time playing mr glitch mustache like i was so meh about it already cause i just remember it being stressful to play but i guess thats just playstyle thing (also i think i remember build buy of that pack being sparse or repetitive as heck for me not quite sure tho)

    Island Paradise, meh. it just wasn't really paradise to me and like sure you could dive and summon kraken but that was like the only things that made it interesting to me tho and it was bugged to ends of the world

    into the future... just disappointing as whole tbh like i was so mad the descendants never shared anyting with my sims and i just let them perish

    tho meteors were kinda cool

    late night... probably has some cool things but also like its very hard to remember what parts is late night and what is supernatural+showtime like idk i kinda feel like i can't tell it apart

    ambitions i didn't really play much with so tbh i find it hard to place here cause it interests me some but also i do recall doing some of the careers and being bored

    supernatural tbh i was mega disappointed and emo when it came out and it wasn't the occult perfection for me but also like id still probably buy it if ts3 is all i knew cause well, occults. you can't play without occults man. thats just theme override right there tbh.

    and pets climbs above cause i was actually very much into making my sims own horses all the freaking time and other games pet expansions never did that to me so yeah. points for being most liked pets by me so far. also i loved spotting wild animals which i assume are related

    generations... is bit of a theme override too yeah but what adds to families adds to my game and theres no way over it

    seasons... yeah theme override. i just can't play without seasons and i remember the beautiful rain, snowy walks, fog and so forth

    World Adventures for i love travels in the sims and i miss it often in ts4
  • LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,031 Member
    edited January 7
    Island Paradise
    My top 3 are still

    1) Island Paradise (because I need my mermaids, island, hotels, swimming and exploring underwater, and the rest of the content; I use a fixed world sometimes when playing it, and mods)

    2) Seasons (for obvious reason: I need seasonal gameplay!)

    3) Supernatural (because I love fairies and supernatural stuff in general within my sim families)

    4) Generations would be tied with any of the above, but I couldn’t choose which to switch with, since I love all of the top ones, lol. 😄

    As for the rest of the packs, I don’t really have a particular ranking, and I don’t really play with the rest of the packs that much, even though I do have them.

    In summary: I’m an occult family player who loves seasons, and that’s my reasoning for my ranking. (Mermaids and fairies are my top two supernatural beings.)
    ~*~Occult Family Player~*~
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