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The Amelia Crumplebottom Conspiracy

MyriadSimsMyriadSims Posts: 1,197 Member
Summer, Day 6
SimNation News presents: Celebrity Scoop Hour!
Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab have divorced! In all the legal trouble, Geoffrey and his two, yes, two sons were given all of the inheritance nad wealth, and Nancy was reported ot be living in her oldest son's old trailer. Johnny Landgraab, known to few as Johnny Zest, was disowned 10 years ago for his dream to be a comedian, and now his mom lives in his old trailer while he enjoys the lap and luxury of her wealth.

Autumn, Day 4
SimNation News Presents: 6:30 P.M. News!
Nancy Landgraab has been reported missing, 5 Days after her divorce from Geoffrey Landgraab. The search for her is funded by her kind-hearted ex husband Geoffrey, who, although dislikes her, doesn't want her to be in harm's way. In other news, Judith Ward was robbed of 30,000 Simoleons worth of furniture.

Autumn, Day 7
SimNation News Presents: Celebrity Scoop Hour!
A summer home belonging to the Landgraabs has been sold to a middle-aged, quirky socialite named Amelia Crumplebottom for the price of 20,000 simoleons. The family noted that Lady Crumplebottom shared many mannerisms with the still missing Nancy Landgraab, including personality, short hair, body, and face, although hr lips are small and more rounded, and her eyes are darker. Some leaked reports sent conspiracy into wildfire, and a quirky shop owner in StrangerVille was arrested for sneaking onto the Crumplebottom Chateau and looking through windows. He claimed to see her look at a picture of Nancy, Geoffrey and Malcolm Landgraab, but those claims both prove nothing and are unfounded anyway.

Winter, Day 4
SimNation News Presents: 6:30 P.M. News!
An FBI raid on the Crumplebottom Chateau has occured, which uncovered stolen items from Judith Ward's home, pictures of the Landgraabs, and much, much more. Amelia is now in SimNation Police Custody until trial, but DNA samples of her are being investigated to end the Amelia/Nancy Conspiracy.


  • MyriadSimsMyriadSims Posts: 1,197 Member
    Winter, Day 6
    SimNation News Presents: 6:30 P.M. News: Special Edition

    Amelia Crumplebottom disappeared from the Windenburg Penitentiary yesterday, leaving no trace whatsoever, and that includes her D.N.A. results, which also disappeared. This blew the conspiracies out of the water, And it was found that a woman named Amelia Crumplebottom had died in the 1920s and was buried under the property that was purchased from the Landgraabs. Conspiracy Theorists raided the property and uncovered 150 coffins, including one Amelia Crumplebottom. The property had been used as a cemetery until the 1930s, when the Landgraabs built the chateau. More on that as it comes.
  • L33tP33tNWL33tP33tNW Posts: 398 Member
    I suppose we will never know....
    .....or will we?
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