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Make your own baby clothes :)

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Hi there Simmers.

Firstly I do apologize if this is a big thread. I have been asked by several simmers how I make my little outfits. I am going to share everything with you all, even share my templates. Its a very long process to do it from scratch so I did this where you use an existing outfit and change it, I will post a media fire link to one outfit for those who don't like using TSR for downloading. I also want to remind you all that I am just an everyday person that enjoy making little outfits, in no way am I a super duper cc maker and these are the methods I use to make mine ;)

What you will need :)

Existing outfit package ... (place this in your mods folder)
Sims 4 Studio ...
Paint.Net ... (its in the windows store)
Paint program ... This is just the normal paint program that comes with all computers

There are 15 steps to make your outfits. I will include all my templates in a spoiler tag right in the end. They need to be saved as png images.

Step 1.
You need to pick a fabric, I have all these premade, but you can download your own and save them as png images 1024 by 1024.

Step 2.
Once you have picked your fabric then you open it with paint.

Step 3.
Once your fabric is open then you need to select the transparent selection then minimize it (not close it)

Step 4.
Now you need to open your template you are going to use in paint. I will post all of mine for you all in spoiler tags at the end of this tutorial

Step 5.
click on select all and then copy

Step 6.
Now open your fabric again and click on paste.

Step 7.
Now add whatever you want to your outfit, or if you have a fabric with patterns then you should be done. You can now exit and save from paint.

Step 8.
Please excuse my messy desktop. I save everything to there its easier to find. Now go to your completed outfit and open it with

Step 9.
Use the magic wand tool to delete the part that is not the outfit, in this case its all the black parts.

Step 10.
This is what your outfit should look like once all the black is deleted. You will have to repeat steps 1 to 10 so that you make three outfits total. One for your baby girls, one for baby boys and one for baby aliens.

Step 11.
Open up your sims 4 studio now. When you load it for the first time it will load up all your game files so will take a while, just wait until its done and then follow the next step.

Step 12.
click on My projects. A pop up will come up asking for the package file, just navigate to it. Mine is already in my mods folder and is named bats footsies because I premade a previous set already. Yours will be named babyoutfits if you used mine in the above link.

Step 13.
This is how sims4studio will look once your package opened. Well yours will have different outfits but you understand what I mean. I have shown you which outfits are for which baby. Look at the instance number that is what determines which outfit goes where. Mine is usually all in those order. When you click on each outfit where its highlighted blue then it will load, so you need to click on each outfit to be able to complete all three. Do one at a time ;)

Step 14.
Click on import, a pop up will come up. Navigate to where you saved your outfit you made earlier. Double click your outfit so it can import into sims4studio.

Step 15.
Your outfit will now show where the other one was. You need to import your other two outfits as well. Click on the save button after each outfit gets imported to make sure you make the changes to your package.

Once you are done with Step 15 then you can exit the sims4studio. Your package has now been made, and can be tested in game,

Step 16
Load up your game and see if your little outfit is working like you would want it.

These are all my templates :)

Longsleeve footsies

Longsleeve no feet


Short shirt

Short sleeve and pants with shoes

Summer onesie

Long pants only

Long shirt only

Dungaree shirt

I do hope this is an easy tutorial, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I am not an expert like I said, but I do know a teensy bit to try and help <3 I know there is probably other ways to do it, perhaps use paintnet for everything, but this is the way I do it and have done it since my sims 2 baby outfit days :)

edit to add: Hi guys if it will help I found that the maximum size in your logos would be 120 high and 150 in width. I never make mine higher than 120 because of the way the material stretches it distorts your little logo (picture). Also if its wider than 150 then it tends to curl around your babies waist. Also as mentioned in the tutorial the best position is usually if you place the mouse pointer exactly in the center of your image at 140 by 500. It does appear to be off center on your outfit when you make it, but the way the outfit stretches in game makes it appear in the center on the outfit in game.

I apologize if this is also not in the right section, I had no idea where to post this. Happy simming everyone :)
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