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In Sims Mobile, Please have 8 Sims Per Household

EliteGirlEliteGirl Posts: 537 Member
I noticed that the Sims Freeplay allows more sims in their houses than "The Sims Mobile". This needs to get fixed. The Sims Freeplay has 4 sims per house, extra with VIP. It's only fair that "The Sims Mobile" have the same amount of sims as "The Sims Freeplay". After all, "The Sims Mobile" is a simulation game like "The Sims Freeplay", but with better graphics.


  • RueBeeRedRueBeeRed Posts: 7 New Member
    How do you guys time manage? LOL, I'm starving for three sims, didn't let one retire and I'm trying to get him married to the other one and I'm swamped.
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