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Show me your vampire Sims

YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
I wonder if there is anyone else who has as many vampires as I do XD Yesterday I made a compilation of all of my vampires from my main save game where I play rotationally.


and these are in game born kids of my vamps :) The first four are children of vampire+human that is why they inherited more lively skintone :)

I would love to see other simmers' vampires and their progeny.

And would love to know how do you handle aging of both game born and CAS created vampires.
I allow aging to YA only to vampires that are born in the game. I have a teen vampire girl who is not going to age as she was turned as a teenager.


  • pandie00pandie00 Posts: 516 Member
    I have only one save for occults.. The rest of the saves are for non occult.. This is Valéria Straud. She's Vladislaus Straud wife

    “Instead of putting players in the role of Luke Skywalker, or Frodo Baggins, I'd rather put them in the role of George Lucas.” - Will Wright.

    12-01-2017 <3
    Rebuilding Genetics Family Tree

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  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    I love her! Also because her name is my real name XD
    But she is beautiful and fits Vlad perfectly!
  • SamDennySamDenny Posts: 458 Member
    Here's Miranda showing off her fangs.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,582 Member
    edited June 11
    I don't really have many vampires yet because i aim to mainly play premades and make their spawn into my own sims and such

    but i do have:
    dude from my main legacy who usually hibernates a lot and always acts like weirdo happy when he is let out of his coffin
    he doesn't really have much lore yet though he just vibing as my main sims cute husband
    in my old save with awful graphics and weird sim proportions, lets call it problematic alternate reality
    I also had my main sim Catherine as vampire but i decided to make her spellcaster for this save cause i had to completely recreate her anyway lmaoooo
    she is wielding different powers this time

    very slightly edited Caleb and Lilith
    (i wanted to keep their vibe but make them look just a little better)
    Turned Judith Ward and ofc, Vlad.
    +their daughter Vladislava who is just discovering her true nature.

    I should probably start making some more intense and cool dark forms though
    but I don't yet have suitable sim...maybe one day
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  • ThriorThrior Posts: 136 Member
    @Yautjagirl I especially like the kind of Nosferatu clan type of look you got there (Vampire: The Masquerade).

    My vampires are probably boring in comparison but here goes.

    Axel is my very first TS4 sim actually and because I fail at letting go of sims I grow attached to, the logical step is to turn them into vampires who live forever. With his dark form I kind of wanted to pay homage to TS3, a.k.a not too drastic changes, just this glowy kind of look with a paler skin and eyes.

    And here's Trent (Axel's offspring actually). Tbh I was very lazy when creating Trent and just tried to base him on my avatar sim but failed miserably at it so in the end I just went like whatever. I really do enjoy his vampire form though and have been really enjoying his shenanigans after the transformation. (He actually ended up marrying Vlad.)
  • SamDennySamDenny Posts: 458 Member
    edited June 11
    Nah, I'd say that those are the two best looking male vampires I've ever seen period.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 136 Member
    @SamDenny Thanks a lot. If that was aimed at me lol but I assumed so with the "two male vampires".
  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    @SamDenny She is so pretty! Love her smile :heart:

    @Simmingal Your sim vamp hubby looks adorable! He gives me this vibe of the cute dude from What we do it the Shadows movie :) And yay for more grounded look for the Vatore siblings :heart:
  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    @Thrior OMG, you are absolutely right, all of my vampire characters are actually my official World of Darkness (VtM, VtR) characters, so yes all of the Nossies are really from Nosferatu clan ;) I even made them a Sewer rat club and they gather in the abandoned factory to do typical Nosferatu stuff :) I have to admit, it is funny to meet another WoD fan on the sim forum XD

    And I really like both of your vampires! The first one is very handsome and has awesome dark form, the second one gives me a lot of hot dad vibes and I love it! I don't really use dark forms for my vamps, they all look the same even in the dark form :)

  • haneulhaneul Posts: 751 Member
    edited June 11
    I love everyone's vampires and how much like vampires they look.

    My vampires look normal and don't have dark forms, but here's one of them with his money and own portrait symbolically giving Vlad the <3<3<3<3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,206 Member
    edited June 11
    I actually just gave a bunch of vampires some makeovers the other day so this topic is perfect.

    This is Vlad's daughter, Lydia, the main vampire I play (Vlad had a makeover in my game that makes him very boring and more visually appealing lol)

    In another save, I'm doing a 100 baby challenge, and my sim has had babies with both Vlad and Caleb.
    The blue hair for Vlad's kid was an age up glitch with some CC but I went with it

    And I downloaded most of the Maxis made vampires and gave them makeovers too :)
    The Noble Vampires

    The Rebellious Vampires
  • CelSimsCelSims Posts: 1,899 Member
    edited June 11
    This is Zion, a well dressed polite chap you'd be happy for your daughter to bring home. Just don't cross him, he's learnt to bide his time and get his revenge on the most trivial slight in horrific ways when you least expect it. Grandson of Bella Goth


    Next is Tobias. He's young and still playing at the single and loving it life. Son of Vlad


    Krysten, daughter of Zion and granddaughter of Vlad. My Mt Komorebi sims also play a part in her family. Again young and I haven't really done much with her yet.


    Maribel. I had completely forgotten about her. One of my first vampires. I really liked her and I think I'll play her again.

    Origin ID: 3989
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 873 Member
    This is Hecate and she's...very dangerous. She has usurped the title of Grand Master from Vlad and is setting in motion a plan to have vampirekind reign supreme over humans.


  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,206 Member
    I love seeing everyone's creations!

    Here are my makeovers of Caleb and Lilith
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,368 Member
    I have lots of them :)


    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 2,104 Member
    I only have one, and his name is Jericho Six. He is evil and sadistic--he loves using his powers to make other sims uncomfortable, and he will laugh, clap his hands and point at them while they are under his spell. He's definitely my most twisted, dark sim

  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    @haneul He blends into normal world perfectly :)
    @permanentrose I love Lydia, she is beautiful! Also Vlad with blue hair, very unexpected :D I really like the makeovers of the other vamps too, they look more creepy and I think it is great!
    @CelSims I really love all of your vampires, but especially Krysten - I have a soft spot for completely black eyes :heart:
    @InuMiroLover Wow, she is so cool! She looks like she could go straight into the Underworld franchise :D
    @Ellupelluellu Omg, all of your vampires are so beautiful and handsome, I can't even <3 I especially like the dude behind the fireplace-he gives me a lot of the protagonist from Vampyr game vibes :heart:
    @Nate_Whiplash1 Uhuh, I like him! He looks dangerous!
  • RySBIRySBI Posts: 137 Member
    edited June 12
    I love your Vampire sims! I used to play these a LOT, but on my most recent save, I haven't so much.

    All I've done so far is give Lilith and Caleb slight makeovers (I don't like their default hair). This thread actually inspired me to give Vlad a slight makeover too, because why not? In fact, I'm glad you guys inspired me to do this, because I had NO idea that Get Famous introduced new Vampire face markings! (AND I LOVE THEM!)

    I'm a bit OCD and like consistency in how they appear in their dark form, so I make sure they all have the same red eyes and as a general rule, their hair will stay the same, but skin tone might change to get lighter like in Sims 3. I've left Vlad's skin tone it's usual waxy white, because I figure he's so old, and hasn't seen sunlight in so many years, his human form probably looks more vampiric than most.

    (Dark Form)

    (Dark Form)

    (Dark Form)
  • SamDennySamDenny Posts: 458 Member
    edited June 12
    Thrior wrote: »
    @SamDenny Thanks a lot. If that was aimed at me lol but I assumed so with the "two male vampires".

    Indeed at was. First one also gave off some vibes of a main character(A vampire) from a show I watched as a kid called "Kindred: The Embraced"(the actor was Mark Frankel)
  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    @RySBI I especially love Vlad's make over! Very classy, yet new :)
    @SamDenny Kindred the Embrace is actually a vampire tv show from the World of Darkness universe ;) I watched it too, although the only character I liked there was the Nosferatu who helped the hospital children :)
  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,544 Member
    edited 5:25AM
    i've got... a lot of vampires... like seriously, a whole lot. according to show sim info, 41 of my (700ish) sims have 'vampire' in their hidden traits. though checking closer, 3 of those are actually human sims with the 'weakness to vampire powers' trait (it's a really rare one). so, 38 vampires in my game. funny enough, that's the same number of aliens i've got...

    going to mostly just doing images of the full households from household management just because of the numbers. and most everything's going to be under spoiler tags... again, just because of the numbers...

    first things first, this is my revamped (...ouch, just noticed that) forgotten hollow. every lot got a facelift and they're all occupied, though the vatores moved to the southern lot here instead of the one nearest vlad's manor

    vlad, of course, still lives in his manor at the top of the hill but he no longer lives alone. now he's got a rataghast (i know lief intended it to be a spellcaster's familiar but just look at vlad holding it there... he's also got the daughter of a powerful vampire leader from elsewhere staying with him sort of how nobles used to tutor each other's kids as a sort of cultural exchange, though the two rarely see eye to eye on anything. she goes by the name of draculara (and yes, is very much the draculara from 'monster high')
    vlad also runs 'the dark council', a group of powerful vampire leaders from around the world. a club that occasionally hangs out at his place

    the formerly empty lot is now a graveyard where a group of rebellious vampires have moved into a crypt together, pushing the previous occupants off to the side. three of these are the same 'rebel' vampires seen in the trailers for the vampire pack, though they've also included some new blood. these vampires are pretty much loosely based on both the group from the movie 'the lost boys' in attitude as well as the anarchs and sabbat from vampire: the masquerade. miss ❤️❤️❤️❤️, now named misery ❤️❤️❤️❤️, is its leader and a member of vlad's dark council

    the lot the vatores used to live in is now a haunted house that also has the night haunt from the spellcaster curse 'living' in it. no pictures of him since he's not a vampire

    the garliclauterplace actually has a pair of vampire hunters living in it, along with a vampire toddler one of them found while on a mission. the female sim is named mina harker just for fun. the male sim and toddler were a household i found on the gallery and loved. the toddler vampire is called chompy

    the southernmost house is where i moved caleb and lilith. haven't really done much with them though caleb has taken up the acting career (he was a criminal for a while before that). i always want to play them but, sadly, no real story ideas have ever popped up for them. since they're unchanged from the default looks, i won't put a picture of them here

    outside the hollow, i'll split my vampires into two different headers, played and unplayed. with spoilers for each

    the first unplayed household is sarah chauhan, a vampire butler. nothing really much to say about her. she really is just a butler who happens to be a vampire. i've also got an alien butler and a ghost butler, though the latter, sadly, doesn't really show up anywhere

    one of my townie households is the main characters from 'pretty little liars' (though aria montgomery is now in another household that'll show up later. they mostly get used as stall personnel, one got turned into a vampire by one of my vampires early on because i was curious what happened. another was made into a spellcaster by the game when that pack dropped. alison, the one on the left, is the vampire here

    the yuki-onna is a japanese spirit/demon of snow. to mimic this, here she's a death by freezing ghost who is also a grandmaster vampire

    next up is a temporary household that has been 'temporary' for years now. only half of them are vampires, but the vampires here are meant to be the leaders of four different branches in the empire run by a played vampire, the jade countess. each vampire is the head of a different club that is meant to symbolize the four branches, based on the four guardians of chinese (and japanese and korean) lore: white tiger, vermilion bird, black tortoise and azure dragon. 3 of these leaders are chinese vampires, the final one (black tortoise) is actually the former leader of a yakuza family who was convinced to take his family and branch into the jade countess's organizations in exchange for immortality. the other 4 sims are just regular sims who are part of the lowest of the four organizations (white tiger)... basically, low level thugs used to help keep the streets 'safe' and under their protection

    there are no actual vampires in this household most of the time, but i felt they deserve honorable mention just because of the reason for their existence. they are the vampire fan club. 5 are normal sims, 1 an alien... all six are vampire fans, as the household name states. the point of the household is to be able to do the 'vampire family' aspiration on multiple sims without having to keep creating new random vampires and filling your game with them. your sim turns the 5 normal sims into vampires, completes the aspiration, you hop over to the household, play the alien (who has maxed mixology and vampire lore), whip up cures and turn them back into normal sims...and then wait for the next vampire you play who wants to work on the aspiration. (thanks to lumiasta for making this household!)

    sirius is just a gallery find that i liked the look of. never done anything with him, though constantly consider making him an actor... i mean, just look at him

    niwa sugehara is just a japanese vampire created when snowy escape was released. she's a member of vlad's dark council

    aroush feleciano is a gym trainer who happens to be a vampire. nothing really special, i just liked that the game created him that way so have kept him around for years

    the first played household is dillon derito, a maxis-uploaded sim from get to work. turns out he was also the black vampire from the vampire pack trailers that we never saw uploaded anywhere (since he used a gtw hairstyle). so i turned him into a vampire, based his dark form off that trailer's version and uploaded him. he lives in a new orleans style house in willow creek, though i haven't really done much with him yet

    next up is one of what i consider my more interesting households. the second set of venaticis, whose founder, chianna, is the daughter of the family's matron. chianna is a half-alien vampire who is married to a more standard vampire. her kids are each from 3 different dads because i was testing what happened if a half-alien had kids with regular sims, full aliens and vampires. so only one of the kids (the one with a normal skin tone) is a vampire

    sybille stendor (yes, named after the vampire in skyrim) is a more down-to-earth member of the 'noble' vampire club that is loosely based on the camarilla from white wolf's vampire: the masquerade. she's also another played vampire that i haven't yet done much with since nothing's really clicked for her yet

    teuila fainu'u is an islander vampire from sulani who lives in the shipwreck there alongside a skeleton pirate (who is in the criminal career). her story is that she found something in a box in the shipwreck that attacked her when she was checking it out... that 'thing' was, of course, a vampire (who didn't survive their time on the islands). she turned and eventually figured out what was going and embraced her new lifestyle, though also eventually figured out how to survive under the sun again. she's taken up a role as a conservationist... after all, you've gotta keep your livestock pens clean, right?

    another 'interesting' household, in that it has so many occults under the same roof. originally, this was just barnabus skye, scientist and fishing baron based off the story told by the markers spread around san myshuno's park. i gave him an added story of having been turned into a vampire sometime after the founding of san myshuno and he had to run because people started noticing he didn't age after several decades. he now lives in willow creek, a kind of open secret along with other vampires there. he also funded and led an early expedition to selvadorada where his hired guide, who he became pretty good friends with, died to a trap in a ruin. said guide still haunts him to this day, though not maliciously.. they're still friends. barnabus has recently become an expert on cloning, having cloned the extinct thyalcine (tasmanian tiger) and keeps one as a pet. he married a former coworker of his (now a botanist) who is also a spellcaster. and has an alien daughter from being abducted once upon a time

    eulalie circe is a modern vampire, despite her name, and went to university to get a veterinarian degree. she has since opened up a vet clinic in windenberg (where she lives) and makes sure every pet she sees to is cured via surgery so she can extract tasty, tasty plasma while doing so (an actual thing vampires are able to do when manning a surgery station)
    one of her favorite haunts is a church-turned-nightclub in windenberg that is not only vampire-themed but secretly caters to the undead, as well

    the noble vampires household is another household from the vampire pack trailers. they've all been given different names, such as 'inna cents' becoming 'juliette camarilla'. she's also the group's leader and a member of the dark council.
    elle devampiro and vlad bloodvein became elle malaxa and mihail moruzov and are married with two kids (both batbabies). one teen, one toddler. rachid is the doctor who first helped elle give birth and in thanks she turned him into a vampire and invited him to the household

    sebastian lacroix is a business mogul who lives in del sol valley, where he's got his thumb in nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry. he's based on the character of the same name from the game 'vampire: the masquerade: bloodlines' and shares much of his personality. he's also a member of vlad's dark council

    the jade countess is one of the most powerful and most influential vampires in my game, though she refuses to believe she's actually a vampire. she's a chinese immigrant whose family moved to the states when the transcontinental railroad was being built. her father was a merchant who started out trying to sell to the railway workers but eventually he and his family were made to join them. they were part of a crew that blasted into a chamber deep within a mountain, accidentally releasing what could only be described as an evil spirit which attacked them all, leaving the future jade countess the only survivor... though she eventually began to change. the 'spirit' was actually a south american vampire (or maybe vampire spirit) based on mayan mythology, which could turn into snakes instead of bats. the jade countess views this as being cursed (or blessed) by the dragons of her ancestral homeland, so refuses to believe it's 'mere' vampirism, despite all the similarities. mostly because of her reptilian characteristics... slitted eyes, scales and such
    she moved to san myshuno shortly after her change and over the decades has solidified her grasp on much of the city, mostly sticking to the asian populations since she's very much still set in her ways... she's turned a set of influential asian sims into 'totally not vampires' as well, with each of them a lieutenant running one of the organizations that make up her empire (see 'fangs of the dragon' in unplayed above)
  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    @kalaksed Wow, and here I thought I am the only person who has so many vamps :lol: Amazing! I really love how different they all are <3 My favorite is the Yuki-onna ghost vampire :heart:
  • tatselktatselk Posts: 197 Member
    edited 8:44AM
    I like to keep my occult population small so that my game feels more realistic. So aside from the Maxis premade vampire Sims, I only have 1 vampire Sim.

    Meet Claudia Bathory, a model/fashion designer vampire who has big plans for developing Forgotten Hollow!

    Showcase | Gallery Link

  • blueyblueskyblueybluesky Posts: 779 Member
    My Vampire Family
    L-R is Talon, Deyja, Taos, Caleb, Lilith and Vlad.
    Nikolas, Alec, Zaros, Alessandra and Rhain.
  • YautjagirlYautjagirl Posts: 249 Member
    edited 12:30PM
    @tatselk oh nice, she looks very fancy! I have a very realistic gameplay even with vampires XD Only the old vampires live in gothic mansions and even fewer of them sleep in coffins. Most of them live pretty mundane lives with balancing work and families, I rarely even use their powers, so they mainly just differ from the other sims by not going out during the day and drinking blood :)

    @blueybluesky Wow, I love the pictures, they look like a fancy bunch! The photos look very royal :heart:
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