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No Eco Lifestyle Story Progression?

AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 531 Member
edited June 11 in Mods Bugs & Issues
I’ve had Eco Living for months and played at least 224 in-game days since I downloaded it, but I’ve never received any story progression phone calls. Bess Sterling has asked me for donations several times (nope, not gonna happen, go scam someone else), and I’ve also had the inheritance one, but no one’s ever asked my Sims for advice about relationships or nooboos.

I’m starting to think I might have downloaded a mod or changed a setting that disables them. I’m using Lotharihoe’s Phone Call Overhaul, SOL and Bienchen’s Invitations Overhaul (which I just realised is incompatible with Lotharihoe’s mod, ^^;) and Extended Invitations Overhaul. Could any of them be causing this?

EDIT: I *might* have heard the one where the Sim’s friend has a crush on them, but SOL adds a similar one, so I can’t be sure.
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