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Cosmo Legacy Challenge - Colors/Elements/Planets!

A Cosmo Legacy
Welcome to the Cosmo legacy~ where you start with the sun and name each heir after the next planet. If you’re into elements and colors and was ever a fan of Sailor Moon… or you like planets and goal-oriented challenges in general - here’s my take on the Sims 4 Pinstar Legacy Challenge!

Basic Rules:
1. Each heir must be named after the next planet. Spares can have any other name. But once you decide which child is the heir, you cannot change it
2. No money cheats
3. Normal lifespan
4. With the exception of the founder, all traits must be rolled using Random Trait Generator
5. If you feel like playing this challenge too, I'd be thrilled if you join me at #cosmolegacy

Founder / Generation One: The Sun

Generation Two: Mercury

Generation Three: Venus

Generation Four: Earth

Generation Five: Mars

Generation Six: Jupiter

Generation Seven: Saturn

Generation Eight: Uranus

Generation Nine: Neptune

Generation Ten: Pluto
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    Here's a summary of all the gens without the pics -

    Founder / Generation One: The Sun
    “Here Comes the Sun, and I say it’s alright” - Founder Sim, build everything from ground up.
    * Color: Red - Outfitted in red / hair / makeup
    * Element: Light - Sim is a ray of sunshine with the good / cheerful trait (you may choose the remaining two traits) and makes people around them happy by entering the entertainer/actor or actress/politician career tracks and completing at least ONE popularity aspiration.

    Generation Two: Mercury
    “But Mercury is in Retrograde” - When Mercury is in Retrograde, technology/communication/travel/logic/information and all things in life gets disrupted. Sim must have a difficult love life by completing the Serial Romantic aspiration.
    * Color: Blue - Outfit / hair / makeup OR be a blue-skinned alien
    * Element: Water - Sim must also complete an additional water-related aspiration in adulthood (Angling Ace/Beach Life/Master Mixologist/Purveyor of Potions) and have water-related careers/jobs (Mixologist/Barista/Fisherman).

    Generation Three: Venus
    “That's Venus, She was the goddess of love.” - Because their parent (Mercury) will have led a challenging love life, Venus wants to complete the Soulmate aspiration early in life (Teenager/Young Adult) and will only have children with their soulmate.
    * Color: Pink - Outfit / hair / makeup or be a mermaid with pink scales. Note: If Mercury is blue-skinned alien, have baby with mermaid until non-blue skin baby mermaid is born.
    * Element: Love - Sim must also complete an additional love-giving Animal / Family related aspiration in adulthood. Sim can have any career/jobs.

    Generation Four: Earth
    “The Earth has music for those who listen” - Your sim wants to be a PlantSim at least once in life and/or have babies with Father Winter.
    * Color: Blue AND Green - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Earth - Sim must also complete Freelance Botanist aspiration in adulthood and have an Environment-related career (Conservationist/Gardener).

    Generation Five: Mars
    “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.” - Enough of this gardening poop, your sim wants out. Your sim wants to complete the Academic aspiration, attend University and build Servo. If you do not have this expansion pack, any other Knowledge aspiration will suffice.
    * Color: Orange - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Fire - Because the fiery passion for knowledge burns in your Sim. Sim will have a career as an Astronaut/Scientist/Engineer.

    Generation Six: Jupiter
    “Jupiter has no leisure to attend to littler things” - Your Sim wants to be the biggest. Literally. Complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration.
    * Color: Brown - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Energy - Your Sim is always energized and wants to be an Athlete or join the Military to release all those pent up energy.

    Generation Seven: Saturn
    “Saturn doesn’t ask us to give up our dreams, only to make them real.” - Under Jupiter’s strict parenthood, Saturn’s days can seem a little monotonous. Your sim craves a fancier lifestyle and the attention from being in the limelight by completing the World Famous Celebrity Aspiration.
    * Color: Lime - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Electricity - Your Sim has an electrifying personality that influences and shocks the world. Your Sim wants a Creative Career of some sort and complete an additional Creativity Aspiration.

    Generation Eight: Uranus
    “Uranus: Of Chaos and Disruption” - Your sim is likely to break conventions, and pave their own path. Saturn was never available emotionally for Uranus, instead, Uranus was showered with objects and things to replace Saturn’s lack of time and love. In other words, Uranus is spoiled rotten and if they can’t get love, no one should get it either. Plus, who could forgive your parent for naming you Uranus. Your sim wants to complete a Deviance Aspiration (Chief of Mischief/Public Enemy).
    * Color: White - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Ice - Your Sim’s heart is cold as ice. They want to be at the top of their Criminal/Secret Agent Career and laugh at the misery of others.

    Generation Nine: Neptune
    “He who is shipwrecked the second time cannot lay the blame on Neptune” - Seeing all the pain that their parent has caused the world, your Sim secretly vows to bring their parent down by becoming a Lawyer/Detective.
    * Color: Blue Cobalt/Midnight Blue and Indigo - Outfit / hair / makeup OR be a purple-skinned alien dressed in blue
    * Element: Shadow - You Sim has laid low their entire lives because of their parent but they’ve been secretly making friends and connections all their lives by completing the Friend of the World Aspiration to put an end to all evil and bring justice to the world.

    Generation Ten: Pluto
    “Pluto rules over Supernatural Events, Mysterious Meetings, Chance Encounters and Fate” - Your Sim wants to live forever by becoming a Vampire or an old Spellcaster with the potion of immortality.
    * Color: Grey - Outfit / hair / makeup
    * Element: Void - After achieving immortality, your Sim is void of all desires.
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