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The “Non-DHD” Interior Designer Challenge


The “Non-DHD” Interior Designer Challenge


These challenges are just something for fun to challenge yourself when you need a light and easy, no time-investment decorating challenge.

This is for anybody who doesn’t own the newest Dream Home Decorator pack, for those that love the new Interior Designer career and want more challenges, or for those of you who are like me …. And are “build” challenged, don’t really care for actual building and prefer to just decorate instead, or maybe you just need a break from building an entire house, or just to try and see how creative you can be.

The challenge is to really think like an Interior Designer by putting the client’s wants and desires foremost in your design and more importantly to make a profit!

You will be given a set budget amount to work with for each design challenge.
  • You can just keep a tally in your head
  • Note it down somewhere or create a spreadsheet for ongoing design challenges to see how you’re doing
  • Actually cheat the money into your account


Only the designated room in the challenge is required (if doing this challenge encourages you to build more, then that’s awesome! But, please try to keep your pics mainly about the actual room design.
  • CC is Not Allowed.
  • No Debug or Show Hidden Objects cheat items Allowed. You may only use items that are easily available in the Build/Buy catalog.
  • You may use content from any packs you own.
  • Windows, Doors, and Walls do not count towards your budget. So create your basic room shape and window/door placement first so you know how much money you’re starting with.
  • Flooring and Wallpapers DO count towards your budget cost.

*~*~*~ MOST IMPORTANTLY ……… HAVE FUN! *~*~*~

There is no time limit for the challenges, you can do them at your leisure whenever you are bored.

I will be adding NEW CHALLENGES about every 2 weeks if something doesn’t appeal to you. Or if you have a design challenge idea, feel free to DM me the details!

  • Please put the Design Challenge Title on your post, so we all know which challenge you did.
  • Please put down your starting budget, final cost, and profit amount.


I calculated the renovation cost per room by taking the average costs of the items typically found in that type of room. I did not factor in any type of decor objects such as rugs, curtains, clutter, fireplaces, etc. I only calculated the cost of the furniture and lighting needed to make the rooms functional. How and what you choose to spend your budget on is your decision.

***NOTE: Bedrooms will have different budgets depending on if you are using a double or single bed.

Single Bedrooms (Includes Toddler Rooms and Nurseries):
Average Cost to Furnish $4,500
Budget: $6,000
Potential Profit: $1,500

Double Bedrooms:
Average Cost to Furnish $6,500
Budget: $8,000
Potential Profit: $1,500

Living Rooms:
Average Cost to Furnish $8,000
Budget: $10,000
Potential Profit: $2,000

Dining Rooms:
Average Cost to Furnish $4,000
Budget: $5,500
Potential Profit: $1,500

Average Cost to Furnish: $10,000
Budget: $13,000
Potential Profit: $3,000

Average Cost to Furnish: $5,500
Budget: $7,000
Potential Profit: $1,500

Average Cost to Furnish: $7,000
Budget: $6,500
Potential Profit: $1,500

Outdoor Living Spaces:
Pool Installation with Seating Area Average Cost: $9,000
Budget: $11,000
Potential Profit: $2,000

Seating Area Only Average Cost: $3,000
Budget: $3,800
Potential Profit: $800

Bonus Rooms (Game Rooms, Media Rooms, Crafting Areas):
Average Cost to Furnish: $6,500
Budget: $8,000
Potential Profit: $1,500




Your Challenge: Design a bedroom for a soon-to-be female teen.


Carissa and Amir Hakim have just put their daughter, Sonora, on the bus for a two week summer camp vacation.

Sonora will be turning 13 the weekend she returns home. Mom and Dad have contacted you to transfer her babyish bedroom into the ultimate “almost grown-up” room while she is away. This is a total surprise for her and something she talks about all the time.

The Hakim’s have seen your portfolio on your website and were extremely impressed with the design transformations you have done in the past so they have complete trust in your design abilities.

Sonora’s Likes & Dislikes

Loves Sports
Loves to draw
Tomboy but still likes girly stuff, she has secretly been experimenting with make-up!
Loves all colors …. Except PINK!
Hates any type of Farmhouse/Rustic Decor

***Can be either a single bed or double bed, whichever you prefer ***

Single Bedroom:
Budget: $4,500

Double Bedroom:
Budget: $6,500

The Hakim’s have a budget of $4,500. If you decide that a double bed would be the better design choice so the room can grow with her, they are willing to spend another $2,000.

The potential average profit is $1,500 for the renovation.

If you go over the budget, you will cut into your own profits. If you are below your budget, consider it a bonus for a job well done.

~*~*~*~ Good Luck!! ~*~*~*~
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