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New Patch Please

this may be the wrong section but there is none that sounds right. Does anyone know if or when there will be a new patch out? A lot of people in a group I admin at are having issues since the new pack.


  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 1,087 Member
    @CalebFillion I didn't know this section existed. You should've received the update on 7/20/2021. Tons of mods broke.

    Best to use Gen Pack discussion categories
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  • AmazingAllyAmazingAlly Posts: 1 New Member
    I agree with you I been having the same issues with the patch update
  • IlyIly Posts: 17 Member
    Hi! Here is a wish list for sim game development:
    1) When the sims get engaged, it would be nice when the sims around the siblings and parents would come to congratulate the fresh couple.

    2) When a sim mother gives birth it would be more credible when she would go to the maternity hospital and could give birth with the help of a midwife, could spend a couple of days in the hospital. The birth of a new sim is a big gift.

    3) i wish the sims could go to the theater and concerts. When going to the movies, other sims shouldn’t interfere with watching the show with a chat. Performances should be accompanied by a channel that tells you what performances are coming up in the coming period.

    4) Exercise and bowling activities should also be calmed out from the distracting conversation of other sims. I wish agility for dogs and volleyball to fitness time. And of course the other sims would respect the race for peace.

    positively on your Ily <3
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