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Other Sims acting like my Sim is naked or something??

Alright so to preface this, I haven't played in months, so I'm not sure if the most recent patch triggered this issue, but I have never experienced it before.

I started a new game and made a new Sim. Every single Sim I have encountered has reacted very oddly to being near her: they all gasp, put their hands over their mouths in shock, etc. They also frequently have thought bubbles with her face in them and crowd close to her so that they can continue to gasp at her. She is not famous and has a neutral reputation. It's not game-breaking or anything, but it's weird, kind of immersion-breaking, and definitely annoying.

Not sure if this is related, but she also got the "privacy invaded" moodlet randomly in the middle of GeekCon, and the other Sims around her also became embarrassed, despite the fact that nothing had occurred to trigger those moodlets and emotions. The other Sims are basically reacting as though my Sim is parading around town in the nude, and I am not sure what to do. Anyone else experiencing this? *I have tried exiting the game and reloading it, and the issue continues.


  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,337 Member
    Is she wearing leggings under a long top with no official bottoms? Leggings are accessories not clothes so sims will react as if she's not wearing pants in that case.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,337 Member
    Also if that does turn out to be the problem, if you can find a really short skirt or shorts that are the same color as the top and don't show too much you can use them to solve the problem without ruining the look you were going for with the leggings.
  • amandanotfoundamandanotfound Posts: 1 New Member
    are you using cc? cause if so then thats probs whats wrong. some cc creators make their cc clothes a nude mesh. just change her clothes and see if thats the problem
  • kusurusukusurusu Posts: 843 Member
    Does the same also happen on a clothing optional lot?
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