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Next update should be...

Mak27Mak27 Posts: 310 Member

Next update should be... 87 votes

Body hair
ihavesorelegsnowncisGibbs02jcp011c2BabykittyjademrkingvDrago97232annaliese39CAPTAIN_NXR7kappowanFreezerBunnyCowplantcalipossHearts4uCrazyNinjaMondayPeralSERVERFRAFranko30PlanetSixamDaWaterRatjaasimmer12 28 votes
Spiral staircase
redrogue60AuroraBoreallisKennziKaigeashcrash19ZiafarPatriceGosetelemwillAzukiMochiHavenRose 10 votes
Base game sectional sofas
DoloresGreyMyriadSimsKaMarHa 3 votes
Natural ponds
SimburianZtitchSavorySagematheus_mar_1999ClassicalSimkristenleighwhitecomicsforlifeSimDestroyerMs_MikamingussssstemporalgodHauk150Yeti 13 votes
Yunafriendlysimmersg01denswanBluelledavina1221GracieO312bixterslovemy4stexxx78DeafSimmerChadSims283bienchenMasonGamerEnkiSchmidtJulianneALeeRedShoe7UndeadNinjabitTikaaniaFurAndYarnEliteGirl 33 votes


  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 978 Member
    Body hair
    Body hair please!!! 🥺
    It’s time for Snowy Escapes fun! ⛷🧗🏻⛰
  • dearie_blossomdearie_blossom Posts: 502 Member
    One-sided relationships
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,978 Member
    Atraction system and/or cars.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,379 Member
    Body hair
    Hopefully with a werewolves GP.

    I would also love free babies and cars.
  • Hauk150Hauk150 Posts: 167 Member
    Natural ponds
    Natural ponds please. Because each time I want to put something similar I have to put a pool and make it simulate a pond, lake, or river, or the ocean. I would like the option to add natural water that isn’t just pools B)
  • EliteGirlEliteGirl Posts: 182 Member
    edited May 29
    Werewolves and Werewolf/Vampire Mixes. I mean, it's NOT fair that only Vampires are included in the game and NOT werewolves and werewolf/vampire mixes.
  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 790 Member
    Multi-purpose lots.
  • LJKLJK Posts: 85 Member
    edited May 29
    An expansion on relationships. Crushes, a more detailed family tree, and more of a reason on why a Sim would be attracted to one Sim, but not another besides them just being flirty in the same room. Maybe this could be a pack too. It shouldn't be limited to just buffs and moodlets, it should also show in the Sim. Sims should swoon/show some degree of anxiety when their crush is nearby, depending on the personality of the Sim. A Sim who has a trait boosting how much they become confident, for example, shouldn't feel anxiety near their crush. Or the trait Outgoing too.

    When a Sim has a crush, they should have some kind of reaction on it, even if no other Sim is around. For example, waking up feeling flirty because they had a dream about their crush. Also, specialized buffs for a crush accepting or rejecting a confession as well as the interaction to confess. Confessions can be in-person or over text/call.
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 2,798 Member
    Body hair
  • KaMarHaKaMarHa Posts: 1 New Member
    Base game sectional sofas
    I have been DYING to have the options to built apartments again. It was one of my favorites. PLEEEASE!!!!!
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 894 Member
    Body hair

    I use luumia body hair. Adding it to the game will be good for everyone. :)
    Origin ID: littlebonnieblue
  • ElizaG2016ElizaG2016 Posts: 35 Member
    Story progression!
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 230 Member
    g01denswan wrote: »
    Multi-purpose lots.

    I wasn't sure what I wanted, then I saw your post @g01denswan
    I second this, multi-purpose lots please. :smile:
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,834 Member
    Body hair
    My poor male sims are so hairless, they desperately need body hair. And, my fake Werewolf Vampire needs body hair & claws.
  • TruthGamer96TruthGamer96 Posts: 123 Member
    Body hair
    For men AND women, please.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,598 Member
    Beard for female :p


  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 4,057 Member
    Various bug fixes, such as the mirror glitch (also applies to that Vintage Glamour nightstand and the fireplace from RoM. The glitch happens whenever the mirror faces windows, doors, and arches). The teeth glitch that came with the recent patch needs to be looked at.

    Toning down N.A.Ps that came with Eco Lifestyle, especially Sharing is Caring.

    Multi-purpose lots.
  • Firebird_22Firebird_22 Posts: 3 New Member
    I think it would be cool if there were more careers from the Get Famous pack. Some careers could be a director or a makeup artist or a producer, something besides an actor/actress.
  • TikaaniaTikaania Posts: 59 Member
    edited May 31
    More careers, aspirations, skills, holiday destinations, world adventures. Hair highlights and Low Lights.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,582 Member
    edited May 31
    Townie control
    •randomized townies on/off
    •choosing which occults game can randomize etc if you have randomizer on
    •choosing your own npc roles

    World tools
    • Open water for old worlds
    • creating/editing/copying worlds

    • sims romantic preference
    (do it for pride)

    Attraction system, memories, forgotten couple interactions etc.

    • well gal can dream but itd probably be pack content which i mean id still get it but yeah just mentioning that i want it asap

    Pack improvements
    • i mean you had the survey and ???

    Occult improvements
    • again gal can dream and its much needed but its unlikely

    then the list above perhaps
  • Gingasnap27Gingasnap27 Posts: 87 Member
    Multi-purpose lots please!!!
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 321 Member
  • JulianneALeeJulianneALee Posts: 109 Member
    Holiday calendars specific to each household. Making every Sim celebrate the same holidays is just wrong. My Sims' worlds are diverse.
    Julianne Lee
    Simmer since 2001
  • shadowfreakshadowfreak Posts: 3 New Member
    Imma just throw this out there bc it's been on my mind since I started playing this game.

    Please please [b]PLEASE[/b] could we get color sliders for the regular sims? (It's been bugging me that all the pets get sliders for their patterns and fur but the regular sims have pre set colors. Even the makeup settings have sliders now. I'd just love to see that for other things on the sims)

    To be more specific, I'd personally like to see sliders for the hair and eye colors of normal sims, maybe even the clothing as well? I dunno, I just haven't seen a lot of other people comment on this so I wanted to voice it in case there are qwq
  • shadowfreakshadowfreak Posts: 3 New Member
    (Sry I couldn't figure out how to edit my last suggestion)

    Might I also suggest a hairstyle flip? Being able to flip the hairstyles would also prove to be very useful.

    And on a related note, more core hairstyles for the sims (particularly the male sims) would be another nice touch.
    Having a wider variety of short hairstyles and long hairstyles for the men would be really cool to have. A lot of my male sims have either really long hair, or short hair but I have to look more at the female hairstyles for a suitable look and they end up having duplicate hairstyles to another sim uwu
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