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  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,335 Member
    Farmer's corner


  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 18,159 Member
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    @illusie Farmer's corner is such a wonderful area for a club meeting place for Gardeners and I I adore the Barn its so pretty :) it would also be nice for a romantic Date I can see a couple sitting at the fire and one serenading the other with the guitar ;)<3 Gorgeous and so realistic.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 809 Member
    Hey everybody!

    I was playing the base game of the Desert Bloom park in Oasis Springs…and I realized its a really boring and rather ugly lot. Even so, I love this area of Oasis Springs. It looks really cool, I just wish there was more nature related things for my sims to do, like camping or hiking. A place for them to learn more about the nature
    So I decided to do some major renovations! This has all the build elements required for a park/museum/national park/pool so you can switch between all lot types.
    Welcome to Desert Bloom National Park
    The rest under the spoilers!
    Your sims can enter the Desert Bloom Visitor’s Center. I used a lot of Ecoliving windows and doors designed to allow more ventilation indoors. The building’s stucco exterior helps it fit into the environment as well. UbYN73V.png
    Entering the front door, there is a children’s play area and reading room that's toddler and child friendly. Its decorated with a dinosaur theme. Perfect place for your kiddos to do their homework! CvHlsmN.png
    To the left is a library area with bookshelves and computers. n1EhPtY.png
    The rest of the building consists of am exhibit depicting local fossils your sim might discover in the area (plus an archeology table) osZmt6o.png
    And an exhibit depicting some of the local flora and fauna your sim might find. rdjjjm0.png
    Going through the door, your sim will come out on a large lattice covered patio. yeEJkif.png
    There are 2 research rooms, perfect for a science inclined sim. I did partially build this lot for a botanist sim of mine. She could do all of her work-at-home duties at here instead (sort of like a park ranger). There’s an office ZLdOe2w.png
    And a microscope 7zoQLhx.png
    Going back out the research rooms, your sim will find themselves in a community garden. lzOeaUA.png
    Here’s a view from above (with rooftop observation telescope) Rh8CZqs.png
    Walking around to the front of the building, there is a play area for children yosS7A7.png
    Walking down the path, your sim will find themselves back at the covered patio. There’s a grill, benches, and chess tables TlT2tBe.png
    And a public restroom uaY27kg.png

    Now on to the park itself!
    There is an entrance area with a map and park info uUIyrwJ.png
    Your sim can hike down the landscaped path. They will come to a fork in the path
    To the right, there’s a natural spring so typical of Oasis Springs, bubbling up from the rocky mesa in front, that’s stocked with fish native to Oasis Springs. Your sims will be able to fish here, or dive into the deeper area for a quick swim. Its overshadowed by a waterfall xruuVvF.png
    To the left of the fork, is a camping area perfect for a larger group of sims. xnm2mzU.png
    Turning around, your sim will see a switchback trail extending up the top of the rockY4nvm66.pngy mesa.
    Be prepared for a challenging hike! But its well with it. qfrJu4c.png
    At the top of the mesa, your sim will find an isolated, but romantic camp site. There’s a telescope, burn pit, and shower stall. Handier sims just might be able to break into the abandoned mine entrance! 0aA1bEI.png
    There's fruiting trees everywhere. Its fully landscaped. There's bird trees intermixed in between (for a wildlife effect). Lots of bugs to look at, and the wild fox trait will ensure that the local wildlife visits.
    Anyway this lot took me forever, but was so fun to build! It has been playtested. Definitely move objects on!
    And a download link. Enjoy!! I am sarabeth6701d on the lot Gallery. I had to upload it on the Affluista Buttes lot because it photographs better there.
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 18,159 Member
    Great National Park @sarabeth2984 and I love the special walks to little camping areas and the indoor interesting rooms that sims can learn new things about the desert areas ;) I bet it did take ages as its so detailed with so much for sims to enjoy, I love your desert park with all those great areas including harvestables :)<3 brilliant work.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 809 Member
    Thank you @luckyheather !!
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