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How long do you guys usually keep playing a save file for?



  • GamecubeLover26GamecubeLover26 Posts: 34 Member
    I’m playing first save since 2014. I have two other saves I tried playing, but have no internet in them.

    Woah, 2014?! That's crazy! You must have so many memories attached to that save file! 😮
  • GamecubeLover26GamecubeLover26 Posts: 34 Member
    DazedLlama wrote: »
    I'm still playing with my first save I created back in 2006-2007 (I even don't remember the year). The family has 5 generations. I know it's not too many but some periods of my life I didn't play at all. Also there are so many households in this save and I try to play with each of them. In my first two generations my sims had many children, now I allow them to have only one child per family :) Recently I created one more family for the legacy challenge and there are already the 4th generation, but I play only with one household so it's much faster to live a sims' life.

    Oh jeez, I think you might have the longest save file I've seen! 2006 - 2007?!? That's crazy! Are you playing in one of the premade neighborhoods or have you made your own? And, hey, 5 generations is pretty darn impressive on its own as well, regardless of when you started!
  • GamecubeLover26GamecubeLover26 Posts: 34 Member
    It... varies. I have experimental neighborhoods/saves, and others I continue on for generation after generation. Also some more personal story driven saves, as well. Depends my mood! :D

    Haha I'm the same way! No matter what Sims game I'm playing I always have multiple save files too! It just doesn't feel right to build in my gameplay world or to have gameplay in my building/testing world. :D Gotta keep them separate!
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,546 Member
    My longest running save was Desiderata with Downtown, Bluewater Ville, the family bin sims and my own sims, 2009 - 2015. However, I didn't play continuously, there were two long breaks and a couple of smaller ones. But even so, this game was something special that no other Desiderata playthrough I'll do after it can ever compare to.

    Normally my rotational saves last about two years, and I always have smaller side saves that last between a week and two months.
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  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 412 Member
    Perpetually...that's the goal! I have created an Uberhood where I've combined all of the neighborhoods into a giant world...basically I have pleasantview as the base and strangetown, veronaville, belladonna cove, desiderata valley, etc are all technically "shopping districts." I play rotationally.
  • IamJIamJ Posts: 43 Member
    I started my neighborhood with three families and I have played rotationally with all of their kids and their kids and so on, am now on generation six and have approximately 70 households by now. I’m aiming for ten generations at least, but I can’t see myself giving it up so I honestly don’t know what I’ll do at that point. I’ll likely play it until there are too many sims to run it. I have never intentionally quit a save file, I don’t get tired of them. The only way I’ve ever played sims is rotationally and generationally, so I really don’t know what else I would do.
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