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Where can I play Sims 2 apart from my console?

BettyNewbie1BettyNewbie1 Posts: 261 Member
I.D.K. Where I can get it. Have it on PS2 but would like to play the P.C. Version. No illegal suggestions, please. Thank you.


  • candybootcandyboot Posts: 86 Member
    Try ebay.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 797 Member
    You could try thrift stores; I don't think I've ever come across The Sims, but I did stumble upon Age of Empires III (some sort of fancy edition) in a thrift store once. So there's definitely a chance of just finding old games in them (I've also found old toys and board games).

    Also used media stores that allow you to buy/sell/trade things like old cds, DVDs, and games.

    And also, if you happen to play on MacOS, the app store has the Super Collection.
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 230 Member
    A few years ago I had the Sims 2 and lots of packs all from thrift and second hand game stores.
    Good luck in finding it. :smile:
  • Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 1,074 Member
    I wish I knew! I know a few years ago they were selling it on Origin, but I missed out. I think they were even allowing people to get it for "free" if they could prove they still had the physical games.

    Amazon has a listing for the Double Deluxe, but it's $77. And I'm not even sure of the compatibility with newer computer systems.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,739 Member
    Ebay always has high priced discs of every pack etc.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 548 Member
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