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Default replacement eyelashes?

s33mans33man Posts: 982 Member
Hi All,

I'm just now getting back into Sims 2 and absolutely loving it -- brings back so many memories! What's different this time is I've learned how to download and properly install cc. My sims are looking pretty good so far but I was wondering if any of you had recommendations for default replacement eyelashes?

Now, I'm not talking eyeliner -- but the *actual* squared off maxis lashes. I've tried to search the internet, and so far all I can really find are replacements for the eyeliner. Much appreciated!

Happy Simming :)


  • OugonmusouOugonmusou Posts: 33 Member
    I'm afraid it's not there yet but with how impressive the modern TS2 modding community is, maybe we could even see an upscaling on the overall Sims 2 model too. This is something I personally want to see myself. :D
    I am just a simple Sims 2 lore addict
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