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Chingyu Mods Help Thread

Vicky_chingyu1023Vicky_chingyu1023 Posts: 54 Member

My info links:
Reddit r/vickysims
Open Community to chat about my mods and to share anything related to Sims 4!
How to install mod
Terms of Use
Help with Mods Installation and Bug Report on Discord
Support me through Patreon
Support me through Paypal
I don't do patron-only mods coz it's against EA's rules. 
I'm regularly adding new features to existing mods and create new mods and patrons would get Early Access to the newest version before the public releases! 
Supporting me on Patreon is completely voluntary and I'm very thankful to every one of my patrons!
My Official Website
Check my Mod Compatibility
Creators and Traits supported by my Traits Picker mod

As someone noticed that you can now no longer comment on Patreon if you aren't creator or subscriber, I open this thread so you may also find help here. :)


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