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  • HahcbeachwavesHahcbeachwaves Posts: 121 Member
    Mini worlds kits

    Since I doubt kits are going anywhere I think mini worlds would be great for those of us looking for more space for our sims to live or more places for them to go and visit that we can put more of our own touch on . I’m thinking 2-5 empty lots that have minimal / no set dressing and are based on countries outside of the United States .. examples being : France , Greece ,Kenya, Sweden , El Salvador, Iceland, Uganda, Portugal,Ireland etc.
    and just a few build buy items common to that country.. examples being: roofing, siding , plants/ trees, windows, rugs, curtains, doors, flooring, foods, signage etc.

    Think Newcrest but on a much smaller scale .
  • DarkJoey247DarkJoey247 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hotels. I've wanted to see hotels in Sims for so long. Ideally, it would be like a restaurant/shop scenario where your sims can buy and run a hotel. You could even 'star' them based on various features such as meeting item requirements or with unlocks like in shops.

    Define a hotel room as any room with a bed, or even make it a customised setting that applies room types similar to lot types. Then you could have a bar, restaurant, spa, gym, etc. as part of your hotel with defined requirements for each room.

    Rooms could be priced based on requirements, room size, items, or custom individual prices.

    A pack as detailed above would allow for hotels, inns, taverns, motels, B&Bs, etc.
  • Brooke_67634Brooke_67634 Posts: 4 New Member
    I was hoping with this pack we could finally get horses in The Sims 4 as sims 3 had. I feel a great pack idea could be a new expansion pack for just horses. It could be called Equestrian life or something.

    Equestrian life - I think for this pack you could either make it a gameplay pack that goes with cottage living (Kind of like Cats and Dogs and my first pets pack) or just its own expansion pack. We could get new furniture and maybe even a new world that could be a western cowboy theme or just a country world since not all horseback riding is cowboys. This would be great for sales as it would welcome a whole new community and they would all love to buy this. Especially if you made an addon to cottage living as you did to Cats and dogs and my first pets because then people would have to get both and then more money for the sims team. It could be like how cats and dogs are where you can train horses and bond with them. Also, you could add a new death from the horses as I know sims love to do that lol. They could also make it so that you could catch wild horses, kind of like the strays in Cats and Dogs but slightly different. Maybe they could add a new job for it too. Also, they could add foals like how there are puppies and kittens.
  • LadyHavikkLadyHavikk Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love a hair, makeup, and tattoo pack I think it would be so fun! I would also love more body piercings.
  • LucaslovesgamesLucaslovesgames Posts: 49 Member
    Definitely a hotel/resorts Mediterranean expansion pack is what I want next.
  • LavenderWoodLavenderWood Posts: 11 New Member
    I would like to see a expansion pack where sims can become a model and fashion designer and add it as an official career. You can another world similar to De Sol Valley. Sims can create their own clothing line and even walk down the runway. It could use the same celebrity ranking system from get famous.
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