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WCIF good cc that won't completely corrupt my game

JemkatkJemkatk Posts: 199 Member
Hey all, I've been playing Sims 2 since 2004, but couldn't play for a long time as I couldn't figure out how to get the game to run on windows 10.
Well, I finally got it working and downloaded some CC skins and makeup etc.. and it completely crashed my game, even after removing the CC.
So, my question is.. can someone direct me to some safe CC that will not crash my game after an hour?
Also, I finally got past the Direct X 9.0 Sims 2 launch error if anyone needs help!


  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 81 Member
    edited May 8
    May I ask where the original CC is from? Was it actually a gameplay mod, or were they just usual CC like clothes and objects?

    I have had experience with incomplete mod downloads/removals causing frequent crashing (usually within the window of 10 minutes of playing though, so very obvious). However, plain old custom content should not cause crashing. I'm sure it can, but then again knowing where the CC you downloaded is from would be helpful.

    Also, it could be unrelated to the CC. The Sims 2 is not optimized to be played on Windows 10, and even a CC-free game can crash after 1+ hour of gameplay. Fortunately, there are a couple of methods to reduce the chances of this happening.
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