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Is there any other Sims 3 world recreated in SIms 2 besides Sunset Valley?

ForgeronForgeron Posts: 236 Member
edited May 1 in The Sims 2
So, some time ago a simmer that I think is called Danie recreated Sunet Valley in Sims 2. You can find it in their tumblr:
I love it so much, but my favorite Sims 3 world was always Twinbrook, but gosh... I would love any of the other Sims 3 worlds in SIms 2. Does anyone know if I can find it somewhere?
I know there's a database for Sims 3 conversions to SIms 2, but it doesn't even have Danie's Sunset Valley, so i don't think I'll be able to find other worlds converted to there.]
Here's the database:
I have found Roaring Heights here, but its jsut the map with deco... no buildings:
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