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what is every players toughs on this?



  • jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 37 Member
    I honestly don't care about Sims 5 and I just wish they keep improving Sims 4 first
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,483 Member
    edited May 31
    What are they going to do about romance actions in an online game? This game fan base is a mix of minors and adults. They struggle to keep these forums appropriate. How are they going to keep adult simmers from intentionally or accidentally engaging in romance interactions with underage players? It’s a recipe for trouble.

    Ever remember The Sims Online? There was a big drama back then about people selling their woohoo to other people, people used to own lots just for the sole purpose of being play-in land, and I am sure some people who used to take advantage of that weren't adults in TSOs first years. Even the Facebook Sims game back then let people end up woohooing you without you having a say.

    I always have and will be on the idea of just having a toggle to decline whenever someone tries to do a romantic interaction.

  • LA_sports_girl87LA_sports_girl87 Posts: 24 Member
    Meh. Not really jazzed about it, but I've been pleasantly surprised by new games in past so I guess we'll see. If it's vastly different from the rest of the Sims, I hope they'll keep supporting Sims 4 and coming out with new content so people who want to keep playing that continue to have the option.
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