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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


  • Mstybl95Mstybl95 Posts: 5,782 Member
    Is there a way to add challenge to the game and make it more like a game with failure mechanics, but still keep it simple for players that use it as a storytelling app? Would it be possible to have different modes, say a storytelling mode where the characters are 100% under the control of the player and can be posed and nothing bad ever happens? Maybe another mode with more customizable options so that say, we can add on a requirement for getting a degree to get past certain levels in a career? Stuff like that?
  • PatrickClasterPatrickClaster Posts: 25 Member
    Do you know about the upcoming indie simulation game Paralives? Have your team already checked out the development of this game? If so, what is your opinion? Do you like it so far, is there anything that interested you? And do you think you might even take some inspiration from the game? Like round walls, that are really asked feature? And what do you say about features like pets or weather in base game?
  • CaktCakt Posts: 7 New Member
    > @Mika00 said:
    > Would the team consider adding additional life stages in the game like pre-teens?

    I AGREE WITH THIS ABSOLUTELY 100% and also editing and updating past packs
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,247 Member
    In all these years of TS4 I have been unable to come to terms with the flat and smudgy textures, and the chunky meshes (not the same complaint as the oversized objects). I am guessing that the chunky meshes were to give a dolls-house feel to the game. But people who play with physical dolls houses appreciate well-made in-proportion furniture more than the cheaper chunky stuff. Also why so few matching joinery sets (doors/windows/railings)? When people build houses they like them to have a consistent architectural style. Finally I'd prefer if simgurus taking part in live streams didn't treat the game so lightly and laugh at it all the time. It makes me feel as if they wish they were working on a proper serious game. It might be a game, but you'd at least expect the developers to take it seriously!
  • Niko_BellicNiko_Bellic Posts: 3 New Member
    Dear The Sims Team.

    What is your upcoming pack this month? Expansion Pack or Game Pack?

  • JekaPlayJekaPlay Posts: 2 New Member
    Sul-Sul, The Sims Team 🤗

    I am very glad that we have an opportunity to speak with you and share our questions!

    1. Is there any possibilities that we will get a new clothes for weddings and for sleeping in kits?
    2. Have you ever thought to return zodiac signs and tastes?
    3. In early 2020 you made a questionnaire about changing life stages: teenagers, older. Is it still possible?
    4. In TS2 and TS3 we have a possibility to repaint a ceiling. Will you return it?
    5. We have a ver big world Widenburg with big amount of lots. All simmers love it. And San Mushino with skyscrapers. Will we have the similar towns in game?

    Thank you one more for this availability to discover new information with you!

    Have a good day!
  • SnaveXsSnaveXs Posts: 4,271 Member
    edited May 2021
    Magnolia Promenade is considered a residential world but I was thinking shouldn't it be considered a destination world since it's just a downtown area with the career lots and retail business.

    Also, Why don't we have more destination worlds compared to the residential worlds? It would be nice to have more space for community lots.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a Used and Unused filter for the CAS clothing and accessories. The filter would help player's know what Sims are already wearing inside of the game and it would also prevent NPC's from wearing the same content. (Unless of course they are following celebrity fashion trends). I know there's a similar filter for the objects in household objects used.
    Post edited by SnaveXs on
  • CaktCakt Posts: 7 New Member
    > @sheepypu said:
    > Hi sims team ,imagine be able to see others sims from other houses doing their own things .Imagine a open neighboorhood !Or even be able to create our own neigborhood .People who be able to create their own climate , culture and folklore from their country.I know this is a wish ,but this is a wish :)
    > Anyways im just saying this because other people are already asking other types of things.Thanks for reading

    YES and I 100% agree
  • Amj1995Amj1995 Posts: 4,068 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hi Sims Team,

    I think a topic we should discuss in the Sims 411s is “updating CAS items”. Since the game has come out in ‘14 there’s a lack in customize with the items since there is no color wheel. Maybe adding more color swatches to the clothes and giving us the ability to choose different colors for the hair accessories through random updates. Updating/fixing the old masculine and feminine hairs as well as adding new ones especially for the masculine preferred.

    Are the animal (bear, raccoon, etc) and people costumes subs for occults, it feels like they are replacing the occults sims because we have way more of those than we do occults? Please bring back more occults (genies, fairies, werewolves, imaginary friends, etc.) for those who actually love them.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  • JaycemeSwainJaycemeSwain Posts: 8 New Member
    Dear The Sims Team, thank you so much for this opportunity to talk to you directly knowing that the concerns will be read. We love the fact that you listen to us and want The Sims 4 to be the best it can be. As for the feedback, these are some of my concerns:

    1. Is there any plans to overhaul plantsims? they are currently the most underutilized occult life state and haven't had much love since a permanent way to turn into them temporary was added in Seasons & Cool Kitchen stuff.
    I don't expect a fully fleshed out skill tree, just for them to feel like they did in previous main games.

    2. As we approach 2sLGBTQA+ Pride 2021, I'd love to know if there are plans for an upgrade to the gender panel. It would be pretty much expected that we see the ability to change our sims pronouns as well as have a more gender neutral frame.

    3. With the negative discourse surrounding Journey to Batuu, is there a chance that it gets a minor overhaul and get the added fine print that it is in fact a Galaxy's Edge pack.

    4. When Snowy Escape was announced and we were told that the climbing machine in Fitness would work with the climbing skill, I had hoped that the skill would have made it to Base game so that we could see more variety to the machine. Is there still plans for that to be a thing.

    5. Is there any plans for more aspirations to be added to older packs/upcoming packs that aren't just a tutorial for the pack? For many in the community, it feels pretty stale when the new aspirations are just a tutorial for the new skills/features of the pack and would like a challenge of sorts.

    Thanks again for creating an opportunity to see the positive and constructive feedback of the community!
  • AnnaMatavelliAnnaMatavelli Posts: 1 New Member
    We need better newborn babies :( I'm so sick of the same old crib, clothing, interactions, etc.. and I'd like to have that for free
  • GenderisdumbGenderisdumb Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey Sims Team! As a Genderfluid Bisexual Simmer I would love to have more in-depth options for the Gender.
    I know you already did lots of work for that, and that's amazing, but I would love to have a nonbinary option so that my sims don't get misgendered, if that's not possible, maybe a way to change a sims gender (ie having them transition) through cas!
    for example, say someone is playing a legacy challenge and after giving birth to a sim, decides that that sim is trans. So, after that sim eventually ages up to be a teenager and starts trying to socially transition, the Simmer opens up cas and lo and behold, there is no way to change that sims pronouns or toilet preferences.

    I feel like something like this would be easy since it's already available in cas.fulleditmode, and would add so much more depth to storytelling.

    thank you and have a great day!
  • Niko_BellicNiko_Bellic Posts: 3 New Member
    And Custom Colors too, like The Sims 3
  • TheodoreTheodore Posts: 9 New Member
    The ability to edit the style as in the sims 3, the ability to modify objects and save as your own. for example modify a door by making the door handle lower. add animation to sims opening the door with their hands. add a death career.
    make it possible to create quests like in the sims medieval and upload them to the gallery for other players to play.
  • FarahThFarahTh Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi there! My name is Farah and I’m playing The Sims for a while now. It al started with the Sims 1 till now the Sims 4. I love this game and all it’s features! You guys do a lot to improve the game and listen to our complaints and thoughts and I really do appreciate that! Now I want to talk with you about some things I’ve noticed in the game. These things are not bugs but things I’ve noticed and, if possible, I wouldn’t mind if that could be realized. So, I’ve summarized it down this list below (I thought it would be easier in a list form):

    - Pregnancy. If a sims gets pregnant, they are pregnant for about 3 days. That’s awesome! But this period is the same on all the different modes. You can play the game in the short modus, the normal modus or the long modus. I’m speaking of the life expectancy. For me I find it not realistic that a sim is pregnant for 3 days in the normal modus, but also in the long modus. I reckon it would be better if the sim was pregnant longer in the long modus.
    - Character traits. I love all the different character traits to chose from to create my sim. But! In the Sims 3 we could chose the character traits we fell in love with. So I could say my sim would like a partner who is a book worm and a romantic. Now we cannot do this. So in fact, my sim can fall in love with whoever I ask my sim to fall in love with and that’s some what unfortunate.
    - Furniture. I know this is not a wishlist. And with the new packs there are a lot of modern furniture (thank god!) but why are there no corner sofas? I would love to put a corner sofa in my house.
    - There isn't enough LGBTQ+ representation. Everyone is pansexual. You can only change clothing preferences, not pronouns. I wish you could come out to friends or family. I wish sims autonomously chose their sexuality and gender preference. I wish my sim rejected people they're not into.
    - On the topic of rejection: romance actions rarely ever get rejected. This needs to be changed, especially when a sim is happily married or in a relationship.
    - We need more colour swatches. It's easy for you to add a colour once an item is made, but we can't. I also don't just want saturated bright colors. How about some desaturated ones? Pastels? Darks?
    - Now we cannot place a parcel in the world and build a house on it. Now we just can use the parcels that are already in the game. We can just move a house from a parcel and build a new one. Is it possible to get this into the game again? We were able to do this in de Sims 3.
    - More playtime with babies would be awesome!
    - There seems to be a big gap between children and their limited skills, aspirations, and freedom and teens, which are almost the same as adults. However, a life stage in between could help to bridge this gap. Perhaps: preteens? Like the age of 13.
    - More pets would be wonderful! Now we only got a dog, a cat and some little pets. But what about a cow, a horse, sheep? So we could probably have a farm?
    - In the sims 3 we had an open world. I really do mis this in the sims 4. I’m thinking you are doing this because it asks a lot of the pc and game to create an open world. But it was so nice to have an open world! Maybe with time you could have this again launched?
    - And if you are looking to create an open world game, could you please give my poor simmers a car? Now I find it really sad my sims cannot have a car.
    - I think, in fact, it would be nice to have all the features that were in the sims 3 to have them in the sims 4, with the extra’s of the sims 4. For example: the universities in the sims 2 and 3 where awesome. There can be somewhat improved in the sims 4.
    - This seems kind of dark, but it was pretty awesome to have burglars in Sims 3 and it definitely was very useful for story building. It brought more realism. Natural disasters such
    - as tornadoes, earthquakes, etc could be really fun for story building and adding more ways for Sims to die (as dark as that sounds)!
    - In the past Sims games, we’ve been able to choose what Sims like and dislike, such as romantic preferences, food preferences, music preferences, color preferences, and the like. These have been taken out of Sims 4, but they could be useful in influencing Sims’ attraction levels and their enjoyment of their environment or food.
    - The only option for dancing together is more like casual dancing, but slow dancing would be very useful for dances and weddings and make things a whole lot more romantic!
    - The teens at the moment are indistinguishable from adults. It would be amazing to be able to tell by looking what stage of life a Sim is in. So just let teens looking like teens.
    - And last but no least. Please fix the bugs. There are so many bugs in the sims. It’s annoying and so sad. It’s a really expensive game if you sum up al the pack and stuff. So a little less bugs would be wonderful!

    Thanks for your attention and for the opportunity of expressing how I feel about it somewhere you promised it would be read.
  • JennaPotterSimJennaPotterSim Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, I was wondering if there could be a fix to the stairs? Since the platforms were introduced, my Sims won't go up some stairs now and I saw this was a problem amongst many Simmers and it's a bit of a pain having to go through all the buildings in the world to remove the stairs and create new ones.
  • MsMayMsMay Posts: 431 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hi Sims Team, I really appreaciate for your hard work for fixing bugs problems and sometimes listening to our feedbacks of what we want in the sims 4 game. I was wondering, I have a question concern about of not adding feature of colors wheel. Since we can’t had color wheel in the the sims 4 base game. Is it a possibility in the future that maybe consider adding color sliders feature in each swatches (to change colors like hairstyles, accessories, clothes, shoes, tattoos, & etc in CAS) as a replacement of color wheel, just like you had added makeup & skin tones sliders features in the sims 4 base game? And I think we need an update on more colors swatches (like primary, secondary and tertiary colors) put in this CAS.
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  • matheus_mar_1999matheus_mar_1999 Posts: 105 Member
    Can you update the worlds' oceans and lakes to make all of them swimmable? Also, I think build mode is lacking new features, the last one we got were the platforms.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member
    edited May 2021
    As the owner of a decent rig that can still play series 2/3 I would appreciate being able to patch my game or add a new pack to S4 without almost always experiencing further bugs one way or another as lately it is if we the purchasers of the game are the testers of this game too instead of the company taking responsibility for that quality control testing prior to release. I would also appreciate old longterm bugs fixing such as sims not being able to use the stairs in many builds regardless of workarounds that dont always work in my experience. I am sure other players will record their pet peeves so now I have mentioned mine could we have fairies and werewolves next with a very large world to play them in please :)

    EDIT: Also slow dancing as I think we have waited long enough to get that back now <3
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,685 Member
    I think we're supposed to be talking about the livestream in this thread.
  • readerbug2readerbug2 Posts: 31 Member
    Hello, Sims Team!

    I have a few questions for you, so thank you for taking the time to answer them.

    1. How often are kits supposed to be released? I know they were supposed to prevent "content droughts", so does that mean they will have a regular or irregular cadence? If regular, should players expect something monthly? Bi-monthly? Every other month?

    2. There was a survey a while back asking which game packs we would want revisited. What's happening with that? Can you share the results of which pack received the highest votes for this question?

    3. A few people have asked about occults, so I will add my own question: Are there plans on making any updates to existing occult sims? For example, will occult sims that don't have a skill tree be getting one? Can you expand on why certain sims (like mermaids and aliens) don't have skill trees already?

    Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to your answers!
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