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A mod that stops toddlers from getting in and out of bed on their own?

As the title says, is there a mod somewhere that stops toddlers from getting in and out of the toddler bed on their own? I'm a family player and I'm experiencing this frustrating event when the toddlers refuse to stay in bed and sleep, they go in and out and in and out and in and out.

I'd be relieved if there was a mod that stopped toddlers being able to get in and out of bed on their own - and that an adult sim has to put them in and take them out.

Super grateful for any answers


  • SaveirxSaveirx Posts: 22 Member
    I couldn't find any mods for that, but there are a few things you could try. Make sure that your toddler's sleep need isn't up too high because that won't keep the toddler asleep for too long, or make sure that your toddler doesn't have any needs it has to take care of. Also, make sure the toddler isn't in an angry or sad mood because that can also wake them up. If that's not the case try blocking the space around the toddler bed so that it can't get out of bed. If none of those things work, I read somewhere online that if you age up your toddler to a child, put the child to sleep, then age the child back down to a toddler it should fix the problem. If you use mods, try disabling them and see if that works. Hope these help!
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  • LainIwakuraLainIwakura Posts: 3 New Member
    "Disable Autonomy for Selected Sim" maybe?
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 292 Member
    "Disable Autonomy for Selected Sim" maybe?

    That doesn't work unfortunately, I've tried it ^^' I've also tried the autonomy tuner of MCCC's but that doesn't work either
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