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Questions about MCCC Pregnancy module - Can it do longer or adjustable pregnancies?

I am looking for a mod that allows me to set longer pregnancies for sims (specifically pregnancies that last several sims weeks). Or, even better, a mod that allows me to keep a sim in each trimester as long as I want them to stay in that trimester and then manually move them to the next trimester when I'm ready. This is for screenshooting scenes in a scripted SimLit story, so it would be ideal to have the ability to adjust things manually on the fly. But simply having the longer pregnancies would be workable.

The catch is, I specifically need it to be usable for male sims who get pregnant by alien abduction.

In my search for something that could work for what I need, I keep coming across people suggesting either Scumbumbo's Pregnancy Mega Mod (which appears now to have been folded into Deaderpool's MCCC Pregnancy module since Scumbumbo passed away) or suggesting the MCCC Pregnancy module itself.

But when I looked through the documentation provided for the MCCC Pregnancy module, I can't find anything about changing the length of pregnancies. All the documentation appears to be about townie and NPC sims getting pregnant and getting married, which is definitely something that I don't want happening in my game.

I'm hoping some players who use this module and are familiar with what it can and can't do can help me out. Would the MCCC pregnancy module work for lengthening pregnancies? Can it be used on male sims with alien abduction pregnancies? And if yes to both those questions, is there a way to make it so the townie and NPC pregnancies and marriage feature is completely turned off?

Or, can anyone recommend a different mod that would be better for what I'm trying to do?


  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 3,624 Member
    MCCC > MC Pregnancy > Other Pregnancy > Pregnancy Duration

    Determines the number of days a pregnant Sim will be carrying their baby before delivery. A value between 1 and 120 days is allowed. Note that if a longer duration is chosen for pregnancy than the life span of a Sim and they are an elder and the Pregnancy_AgeWhenPregnant setting is true, then a Sim could die before delivering their baby.

    Found the info here:
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 777 Member
    edited April 19
    Thanks @Pamtastic72 ! Somehow I missed the "search" option and only looked at the documentation tab even though "search" is the tab that is highlighted and open by default when the page loads. Not sure how I missed that. :lol:

    The pregnancy_duration and possibly the pregnancy_pause sims pregnancy settings look like they are what I want.

    But looking down the rest of the list of settings and descriptions, I'm still having trouble understanding how to completely turn off pregnancies for townie and npc sims. It looks like there are settings to control various aspects of it, but nothing that gives me confidence it will be turned off entirely.

    Do you use this module? What is your experience with it?


    EDIT: I just spotted a line in the Pregnancy_Age Percentage setting that says setting the percentage to 0 for each age will prevent random pregnancies in npc sims of that age. So I think that means if I set it to 0 for all the ages, it should keep sims in households I'm not currently playing from getting pregnant. Is that how you understand it?

    Even though "npc" technically means "not player controlled", a lot of players don't use that term for their own in-active rotational households, so I'm never sure if "npc" in a mod description refers to all the sims I'm not currently playing (including the ones that I made myself) or just the specific sub-set of sims who were randomly generated to fill roles like bartender or street vendor.
  • gettpsgettps Posts: 327 Member
    "NPC" (Non-Player Character) refers to ANY sim that the player isn't currently controlling. This is ANY sim in the game that you don't currently have in Live mode.

    Your concern is why MCCC has special settings for "Bypass played households" for bypassing households you have played in the past, IE. Any household in the household manager with the green plumbob. This would allow you to turn on random pregnancies for all sims except ones marked as "Played".
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 777 Member
    edited April 20
    @gettps Thanks. Actually, I don't want any sims getting pregnant without my directing them too.

    All I want is a way to make a specific sim's pregnancy longer. Or if possible, a way to pause the pregnancy in each trimester until I'm ready to manually move him to the next trimester. The reason is to allow time for a lot of story development in a scripted SimLIt, and allow time to sometimes re-shoot scenes if I need to.

    The reason I'm struggling with whether or not to use MCCC is because it is so complex and does so many things with so many settings. I don't want to use it (for my one purpose of making this sim's pregnancy longer) and accidentally misunderstand all those other complex settings and end up with other sims getting pregnant out of my control.

    What I really want is a mod that only does the one thing I want, but none seem to be available.
  • gettpsgettps Posts: 327 Member
    Well, you had the right setting. If you use the pregnancy percentage settings for each age group and set them all to 0, NPC sims will never randomly get pregnant and the "Bypass played households" setting will be ignored.

    However, this will not effect sims in LIVE mode.

    Oh, with the pregnancy percentages set to "0", sims in LIVE mode won't randomly get pregnant either... but if you manually get one pregnant, they'll have the normal gestation period. I don't think there's a way to "pause" pregnancy.

    I think the best option is to set the pregnancy percentages all to 0, and set what @Pamtastic72 mentioned. Set the pregnancy duration to whatever you want. You won't be able to pause it... but at least it'll be the length you want.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 777 Member
    @ gettps and @Pamtastic72 Thanks for your help. That does help clear up the settings. You're probably right that there is no way to "pause" a pregnancy, and I'll just have to do my best to get all the screen shots taken during whatever time frame I set. Not ideal, but I can work with that if I have to.

    I'm going to check on the writer's corner first to see if any of the writers who do scripted simlit have any other ideas how I could work around this issue.

    Thanks for your help! :smile:
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