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Sims Cheating

I understand this a very vanilla game. I was just wondering if there is a chance that cheating significant others will ever be fixed. It’s one of the few things that might provide some life into this game. Let me describe how it looks now. When my two married sim cheated there was very little to no reaction. That is issue number one, but there are so many interaction options and problems that compound. I literally had to do 3 different flirty interactions on both sims to see what will happen. I had to do 3 actions each in front of both sims being there to get a response at all. One sim is a romantic the other has the jealous trait. When the romantic was cheating the jealous sim finally had a reaction after 3 different interactions and all 3 happening right of them. So my jealous sim has more uncomfortable reaction from trait randomly then from actually witnessing cheating. Finally I got her to slap her spouse and get angry. Problem she was only angry at the spouse but totally cool with the other cheater. Can that be changed? Shouldn’t the sim be also angry with the other cheater? (which was the case with every other sim game. Even the very dated sim 1) another problem is that there was really no difference in angry from cheating spouse then from any other small issue and interactive options are exactly the same. At the very least there should be an interaction called ‘argue about cheating’. In my opinion the interactions should be more specific especially in a good marriage. The jealous sim got no sentiment. How is it possible that a jealous sim gets no sentiment from witnessing cheating? That would be a huge reason to assign a sentiment. So my sim gets festering grudge because they didn’t like a gift, but not from witnessing cheating or a marriage of their child even with a trait that should increase that chance (cheating or family oriented). So then I did the reverse and the romantic did actually get a negative sentiment (mild success), but once again the cheating did not have any impact on interactions with the other cheater. I am assuming that is game design and it seams like an omission that should be addressed. Children had no reaction about 70% of the time. Here what would improve this greatly: traits should impact the sentiments, which they don’t seam to right now, flirty and romantic are different traits so adding that trait would be nice, flirty sim should still get angry and jealous, I get the reward player is supposed to stop others from getting jealous but jealousy really is something that impacts the other sim not the one that is cheating, There should be a reaction not only to the significant other, but also to the other sim, children should also have a reaction when witnessing to both cheaters not just the parent, children should be given a option to tell the other parent, some interactions should be added to express the situation like argue about cheating, beg for forgiveness, argue about love life etc. I’m sure this is not the only area that needs interaction options that would be prompted depending on situation, but one that is noticeable immediately, one that was done in all previous sims versions with much better game and story telling visibility and cohesion. Maybe this is not an issue for some people, but if this is a simulation game having this improved would be a great addition or rather necessity. Sims have the same vanilla interaction available no matter the situation. It just doesn’t make fun game play.

Ps: please fix the actions assigned being canceled all the time. It is the biggest issue in the game. It is not free will. It’s just not working properly and frustrating. Every time I change sim all assigned tasks get canceled, often get canceled even when a priority like eating when hungry. They also get canceled when I am not changing to other sim, just take a bit longer. It should be at the top of the laundry list. It is far more important then moping.


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,640 Member
    All I know that they do is get either an angry or sad moodlet and the romance bar decreases. Maybe it’s more intense if they have the Family Oriented or Jealous traits.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,957 Member
    If or when a romance pack releases I'm sure this will change. EA will make them more jelouse and angrier. We also need a confess to cheating.

  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 28,161 Member
    If or when a romance pack releases I'm sure this will change. EA will make them more jelouse and angrier. We also need a confess to cheating.

    lumpino has a mod for cheating but its against the rules for me to post it. i sometimes find mods are more realistic than what the team comes up with but i only use a few. for story reasons not boredom.
  • FleurraFleurra Posts: 18 Member
    It's not just cheating, all event that are supposed to be traumatic are reduced to moodlets which makes it really hard to create interesing stories.
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