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WCIF an Intelligent Door Lock Mod?

I have two main points of frustration in Sims 4 with regards to how locking doors work.

First, real life, before I enter the bathroom, I knock if I'm unsure whether or not it's in use and then make a decision on if I should open the door based on the response (or lack of) that I get. I would love for Sims to be able to work out if someone is in the bathroom without just barging in.

Second, NCPs coming over...again, thinking about how having guests round works in real life. They knock on the door, I invite them in. If we're doing some outdoor activity, like a barbecue, and they need to pop in the house for whatever reason, we don't need to repeat that procedure, they just let themselves in. Once they leave for the day, if they come back again, they knock again. They don't just show up while I'm asleep and start making cake (Flower Bunny, I'm looking at you).

Are there any mods out there that would allow Sims to approach doors in the game the same way humans approach doors in real life? Bonus cool points if this would also work with refrigerators. Who goes to their friend's house and thinks, I should make a full meal without anyone prompting it?!


  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 777 Member
    I find those same things frustrating myself, and I wish there was a way to make sims behave like real people with regards to doors, just like you are asking for. I'd sure be interested in a mod (or game settings!) like that.

    Unfortunately, I have never found anything that does what you're asking for. But if you don't already have these mods by LittleMsSam you may want to take a look. Neither one does exactly what you're hoping for, but they may be able to alleviate some types of frustrating situations:

    Unlock/Lock doors for chosen sims This mod gives you a lot more options and fine tuning for exactly who can and can't go through a specific door than the settings provided in the official game. It allows you to set it so that multiple sims can use the door, but only the ones you chose.

    Personal Objects This mod lets you set who is allowed to use a specific object (and fridges are on the list!) for way more objects than the game lets you personalize, and it also lets you choose more than one sim who can use that object (so for example, you should be able to let all the household members use your stove and fridge, while banning any outsiders from using them).

    I use both of these mods and I love them. LittleMsSam is also lightning fast about getting mods updated after EA patches come out and has a really well organized mod website. I highly recommend both these mods and this modder.
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