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What factors are most likely to convince you to recommend someone else’s world?

I’ve created multiple worlds and posted them on the exchange, and even through many people have downloaded them, the last two, so far have gotten less than ten recommendations. What are the things that you look for when you down load a new world to try out? What is most likely to motivate you to press that recommend button? What factors are you looking for. Please give us some specific details, if at all possible. This could help me out as well as anyone else who is still creating worlds for the Sims 3, and perhaps help to improve the overall quality of worlds on the exchange.

Note: even through it’s the world I created right before Raycaster Falls, Nectary Hills is not on the exchange because it wouldn’t upload to that site for some strange reason. When I said my last two worlds on the exchange, I was specifically talking about Raycaster Falls, and the last I was able to get on the exchange before that, Mystic Stone Bay. I just wanted to clear up any possible confusion before hand. This only applies to the worlds I was able to get on the exchange.


  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 724 Member
    I like worlds that are not too flat. I also like a decent amount of scenery like trees and flowers. Pretty parks and beautiful houses, lakes and waterfalls.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,653 Member
    I usually run away from too much cluttered houses both in the interior as in the garden.
  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 724 Member
    Forgot to add that I don't want any EA rabbit holes in my worlds, either.
  • Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,862 Member
    Forgot to add that I don't want any EA rabbit holes in my worlds, either.

    That’s not really possible unless you don’t mind lacking all of the careers excluding the professions, or you don’t mind using mods. I personally don’t mind them too much, especially since my towns don’t look right without at least some of them, although not having to include them would significantly reduced the number of lots I would need.
  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 724 Member
    I prefer the mods over the ugly rabbit holes, but that's just me..
  • Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,862 Member
    I don't and personally I don't think they're that they're ugly. Some of them look really good actually.

    I don't trust mods through, especially if only one person created it. Than if the guy suddenly loses interest or worse passes away, any issues with the mod will not be fixed.

    Besides, even if you hate the rabbit holes, and would prefer to take your chances with the rabbit hole rugs, you can always replace the rabbit hole lots if you really don't want them. Personally I like to hide many of the rabbit holes inside a basement underneath another building since many of them don't fit certain themes, or I will sometimes just have a stadium rabbit hole and than put the bot arena under it, since that definitely doesn't look right outside of a future themed world. Its also a good way to cram multiple rabbitholes onto a single lot and make it look like they're really all one building.
  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 724 Member
    You can have these -





    Or these -





    I prefer the latter. I completely trust the rabbit hole rugs and doors - been using them for years and have had no issues. Sims 3 has not had any kind of update in like forever so I think most mods won't require any sort of updates as well. And the thing with mods are - if there is an issue - you just delete them from your mods folder. They are not permanent.

  • VincentTVincentT Posts: 80 Member
    You won't find THE answer to your questions - preferences are as divers as there are players out there. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do, and share if you feel like it. That the number of recommendations/likes/thanks never matches the number of downloads is common on all sites, so don't worry about it too much. I skimmed through some of your world threads here and you got nice comments there. That's worth a lot.

    Reasons for me to recommend worlds:
    For me, seeing a world "grow", seeing how the creator puts thought and effort into it, having lots of screenshots of different areas, different times of the day, different seasons is already the first step to a recommendation. You know, a bit like window shopping.
    Another aspect is if I find a world is well done and well tested. Routing works, no lot glitches, no stuck sims (i.e. not more than the usual EA routing failures). All required information given. Scenic views, a bit variation in terrain and vegetation without falling into the "all on one map" trap. A good amount of objects/decorations, not too many as not to cause lag. Good lighting. Detail.
    A world has a good theme - you can plop right into a vacation gameplay, a historic gameplay, a Midnight Sun challenge, a legacy.
    So overall a world to recommend in my eyes stands out a bit, is interesting, is one you can identify just by looking at the screenshots.

    Reasons for me not to recommend worlds:
    Lack of detail. Not necessarily as in number of decor objects on lot, but in general. Was the terrain painting done with autopaint? Is it mainly standard green, some mountains with that horribly tiling rock texture and a flat beach all done with the 4 default terrain textures and maybe a few extras? Boring. Not to recommend. What is the theme of the world? Is it just a different layout for the always same (usually North American) box-like looking houses, a hint of Victorian style, EA rabbitholes? Also nothing I would recommend. There are so many of these worlds out there, and they seem all very interchangeable.

    It doesn't have much to do with the use of CC. Good worlds can or cannot use CC.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,423 Member
    edited April 2021
    Hi :)

    I give recommendations when I see someone trying. It can encourage them to keep learning and pushing their ideas and CAW. No one starts off doing it perfect unless they never shared their work.

    I'm not looking for perfection, because it's not there. I'm not caring if their first world uses the basic paints or rabbit holes. I don't care if it looks like they started with SSV and edited to make their own, they started, they worked it and they are doing it.

    I also love the "trap" of having all the areas in one map. It's my favorite world and I enjoy playing in them and creating them. :lol:

    So, as long as they're learning, sharing on the boards, and taking advice, I will recommend. :cookie:
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