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Looking for a Mod that will Allow Me to Move a Trophy

GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 17,950 Member
I have a young Global Superstar. He won a Gold Award for his Fan Meet & Greet via the Road to Fame mod, so that went directly into his personal inventory. However, his next Fan Meet & Greet was through GF system. He also won a Gold Award, however, it went into the family inventory and I could only place it. He's nearing the end of high school as in he's got thirteen days left. The it's off to Uni, but he won't be able to bring that second award with him. He'll have to purchase it when he gets his own place. How fair is that? It isn't. He does a great deal of work to hone his talent, and yes, his parents helped nurture it, too, but why should they get to keep his trophy? I'm crying foul, here. LOL

There was a small mod by LittleMsSam but it's not updated and doesn't appear to be on her list of things-to-do. In all fairness, she's taken on some mods when another modder decided to stop modding. But, if anyone knows of an updated mod, or some cheat I can use to get the trophy into his personal inventory, instead of his having to purchase it all over again, I would be grateful.

Please, and thank you, in advance.
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