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❤️Simeralla's Showcase| Builds with NOCC|NEW BUILDS!❤️

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Hi guys, I finally decided to do a showcase. I enjoying building it's like my therapy and it really makes me happy. I thought that someone who wants to focus on their sims or do stories would love to take a look at some of my builds here or on the gallery. I build with NOCC no custom content for easy download. I would love for you all to take a look. I appreciate all the kindness and love here in the forums. Thanks, Simeralla

*****UPDATE****** On pages 1 -3 all my builds are not showing the pictures anymore, because the builds are outdated. I did however leave the link for download. All newer builds with pictures and links can be found on page 3- newer page. thank you for coming to see my showcase.

Gallery: Simeralla
Youtube: Simerallacreations
Instagram : Simeralla_creations
Tumbler: Simerallacreations
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