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Why all the eating-off-plates for everything?

I just need to blow off some steam, lol. I was thinking about the vending machines, food truck etc. Right now I have the nraas cupcake mod in my game so I can make atleast a useable counter with greasy foods for my arcade halls. There's no one actually there to sell the food, etc but atleast it works.

I remember way back in Sims 1 we had TONS of NPCs serving food. Junk food, smoothies, ice cream, etc. Sims 3 somehow refused to use NPCs that never clocked off. (Why did it have to be real sims? ....that's the point with a NPC. Just look at those robots with the gambling cards....they are NPCs..) Anyway, I also like having the vending machines.

But I really really wish there was a way to have an "indoor food truck" - just some place to buy some greasy food to enjoy while wasting simoleans at the arcade hall.

Better yet - food they dont sit down to eat on a plate. It's just so stupid. They sit down and eat one single hot dog on a plate. Instead of just walking around wolfing it down. Like in Sims 1. And with the vending machines.

Same with the "Bowl of popcorn" lol EA didnt even try. Atleast they also made the popcorn machine etc (that you had to pay etxtra for in the Store but ok...)

Are there ANY foods they stand while eating / dont eat off plates in Sims 3 except the soda/candy bar, ice cream and popcorn from machines?

Did anyone ever make any mods or something to have them enjoy more junk from vending machines or similar?
What are your thoughts?

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